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We have been in a rut lately and it is mostly my fault. I have been argumentative, neglected my chores and just generally rebellious. On Sunday we had a long discussion about my behavior and where we were at. I was told that this would no longer be tolerated. Two failures on my part stand out.

I am generally up before my wife and will go into the computer room, across the hall from our bedroom, to nebulize while I check mail. When she gets up, unless I am nebulizing, I am to immediately stop what I am doing to get her morning protein drink then brew and serve her coffee. I have slipped into a habit of procrastinating so I could finish writing a post to a forum or finish looking up something. If she is up before me I am to immediately check on her and take care of her needs.

I am also to kneel and recite a mantra each morning. It had gotten to where I would only do this every 3 or 4 days. When asked why I told her it just seemed like I was just repeating words from memory and not from my heart. M'Lady said that as homework I was to revise my mantra. I didn't have to write a complete new one, just modify it to describe more of how I fell about her and our life together.

Monday morning she was on the porch so I served her drink, brewed her coffee, served it and knelt for my mantra. After I was finished she remarked that it didn't sound any different and I responded that I hadn't revised it yet because I wasn't sure how to change it. I was informed me that when it was to be done was NOT up to me and it should have been done and ready to at least be read to her this morning. My Mistress then surprised me by pointing behind me and telling me to "hand that to me". What she was pointing at was her hand mirror shaped paddle. As I handed it to her and asked how she wanted me she slid her chair back and told me to get across her lap. The paddle struck almost immediately and with full force. By the time she finished I was ready to do anything to get her to stop. Needless to say, the mantra was revised, and the changes nearly committed to memory, before I went to bed Monday evening. M'lady listened very carefully Tuesday morning gave the new mantra her approval.

Things were different about this spanking/paddling. In the past I have either been on the bed with pillows under me to elevate my ass or bent over a piece of furniture such as the end of the bed or a chair/sofa arm. This time it was over her knees and being held in place with her her free hand on my back. Previous spankings were given with me knowing how many swats I was to get and I was reminded ahead of time the reason for the spanking. Then it was delivered in near silence until I was told I could get up. This time the paddle landed mostly a few seconds apart but a few times in short flurries, all while I was being chastised for failing to do as I was told. It almost seems my Mistress may have been studying spanking methods. In the past she always apologized for having to spank me. This time there was no apology or signs of remorse. In fact, got the impression that she even enjoyed it just a little. If that is the case, I'm in trouble. Even so....

God, I love that woman!
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