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Re: [CanuckInNJ] Forcing her Hand

Post by CanuckInNJ » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:32 pm

The strap-on arrived!

She's all about vanilla, so I took the initiative one day and bought it. Nothing fancy, just a $20 cheapie on Ebay.

The previous one was more of a hollow gelatine dong that fastened behind the testicles. It was too wide for her, and she rejected it. This new one is a real strap-on, and quite narrow, but perfectly angled for her G-Spot. It's also hollow, so I can lube myself up and slide inside it. The testicles hang through a space in the harness.

I introduced it during a passionate session several weeks ago, and can't believe how much she liked it.

We started with some oral, continued with several vibrators, and carried on to the strap-on.
I'd been thrusting for a minute or two when she stopped suddenly.

"You'd better not come in that thing!"

"I promise I won't."

Several more minutes of thrusting. Now she's arching her back, angling herself, groaning, writhing. Suddenly she stops again.

"Can you feel anything?"

"Not a thing."


We finished up with some magnificent house-shaking PIV.

She's mentioned it several times since, particularly how she's never come so hard and so long before, but she insists that the real thing is still better.

Now I know, however, that I have competition.
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