[CanuckInNJ] Forcing her Hand

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Re: [CanuckInNJ] Forcing her Hand

Post by CanuckInNJ » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:32 pm

The strap-on arrived!

She's all about vanilla, so I took the initiative one day and bought it. Nothing fancy, just a $20 cheapie on Ebay.

The previous one was more of a hollow gelatine dong that fastened behind the testicles. It was too wide for her, and she rejected it. This new one is a real strap-on, and quite narrow, but perfectly angled for her G-Spot. It's also hollow, so I can lube myself up and slide inside it. The testicles hang through a space in the harness.

I introduced it during a passionate session several weeks ago, and can't believe how much she liked it.

We started with some oral, continued with several vibrators, and carried on to the strap-on.
I'd been thrusting for a minute or two when she stopped suddenly.

"You'd better not come in that thing!"

"I promise I won't."

Several more minutes of thrusting. Now she's arching her back, angling herself, groaning, writhing. Suddenly she stops again.

"Can you feel anything?"

"Not a thing."


We finished up with some magnificent house-shaking PIV.

She's mentioned it several times since, particularly how she's never come so hard and so long before, but she insists that the real thing is still better.

Now I know, however, that I have competition.
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Re: [CanuckInNJ] Forcing her Hand

Post by CanuckInNJ » Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:06 pm

I've been a little grumpy over the past week, mostly because she's been stressed with kids and work and therefore not interested in anything sexual.

Yesterday she kind-of announced that I hadn't got any action over the weekend because of my attitude. This didn't surprise me, but I'm happy to see that she's thinking about denying me when my behavior is less than perfect.

Last night we got frisky, and she stroked me to a huge erection before putting me inside her. I thrusted gently for several minutes, but I could see that her mind was elsewhere. Finally she pushed me off.

"Let's finish this in the morning, baby," she said gently, and rolled over.

I lay there for a minute, digesting what had just happened.

Then she murmured "Poor baby. You're going to have trouble sleeping tonight." Within another minute she was breathing regularly.

I lay on my back for another thirty minutes, wondering what I should do with the flagpole that had grown between my legs. It remained that way for most of the night.

This morning she woke up too late for any action. She groped me again, and said.

"Maybe we'll do something tonight, honey. How about 10pm?"

Sigh. I know her. That means nothing for me tonight either, and that's OK.

This morning I texted her how deliriously happy I was with the session, and asking for more denial. No response, but a call mid-morning.

"Are you wearing the device?"

"Erm, no."



"Just wondering."
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Re: [CanuckInNJ] Forcing her Hand

Post by CanuckInNJ » Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:59 am

We had an amazing session last night that started sluggishly and with a small argument. Men in chastity, however, know when and why to apologize. Things got torrid pretty soon after that, and we pulled out the box-of-tricks. The session eventually involved tongues, strap-ons, vibrators, and PIV. Whoo, doggie!

This morning I'm horny again, and I tell her.

"That's because you're a big ole horn dog who doesn't masturbate anymore!"

I tell her I might have to lock up (only she has the key).

She responds with a giggle. "You're such a hound!"

I'm going to take that as "go ahead!"

So now I'm in a potential ten day lock-up, as I *know* her period is just around the corner.

She's been a bit frisky lately, and tonight she's out with the girls. Who knows what she'll say??
[she comes back, and admits there's been some talk of sex, but denies spilling any secrets. Off she goes to prepare for bed, and returns in nothing but her underwear. I practically faint. She merely giggles. "Any interest in some oral?" I ask, desperately.

"Nope!" she laughs. "Did you do your chores?" But before I can answer she does. "Of course you did," and with another laugh she heads back up the stairs again.]
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