[Garysmall] A new journey with my wife

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[Garysmall] A new journey with my wife

Post by garysmall » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:42 am

I'm Gary and I wanted to share the journey of my wife and I. I'll call her Sally(not real name).
I've been intrigued by chastity for a while now, read lots about it, followed sites like this. On Valentine's Day this year, I introduced Sally to it.
I posted our experience on the Hello World thread. (http://www.chastityforums.com/viewtopic ... start=3380).

I had no idea Sally would take it so well or so seriously. I thought, at best, it might be a bit of fun on the evening together.

Since then the following:
- we went away for a couple of days, no mention of it, not locked.
- when we came back we slept overnight and I thought perhaps it was done with.
- then on Saturday morning it was put back on at 8am. We have a CB6000s.
- A lot of fiddling with the sizes and adjustments, settling the second biggest ring and the second smallest spacer. Seems comfortable.

Sally has embraced it all with enthusiasm so far. I am trying to curtail mine and play it cool. I have been very attentive.
We had a quiet day and evening on Saturday, then we went to bed. There was no talk of taking it off! We had cuddled a bit in bed but Sally was tired and we went to sleep.
On Sunday morning - this morning - I got up early and was quite frustrated. I took her tea in bed. She explained that she'd considered taking it off last night, but decided that she wanted a lie in, and didn't trust me to be downstairs on my own without it being on!! As if...

She took it off (about 8am), and we had some fun in bed which I prefer to keep to ourselves. Suffice to say it was good.
Then we set about the day and I thought even then, naïvely, that the game was over.

Then about an hour ago, just after lunch, Sally called me upstairs and put it back on me. So now I'm locked up again.

It's bliss and torture all in one.

The fit seems fine so far - Any suggestions for sore spots? - vaseline? It's only minor though. Have used plenty of lube and been washing regularly. Showered in it and it seems fine.

I'm very open to suggestions and practical advice on this journey - hopefully a long one but we'll see. I'm trying to take it very slow and be very attentive to her as per advice I've already read here.

Will keep you posted!
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Re: [Garysmall] A new journey with my wife

Post by garysmall » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:43 pm

I've now been locked for 24 hours, such a small length of time compared to many on this site, I know, but so amazing for me.

Last night Sally brought the subject of chasity management up over dinner, not me. We talked about the impact it is having on our sex life and she was very enthusiastic about it all, and became very amorous after dinner. We sat together to watch tv and she played with my balls and drove me wild, but would not unlock me. Then she disappeared to the toilet and when she came back she had taken her bra off and insisted I play with her breasts (always a favourite of hers). It was like we were first dating all over again.

I remained locked all night.

Sally has obviously been thinking a lot about it, including the practicalities. She has thought ahead to Thursday, when we are going out with some friends for lunch and the afternoon. She asked how I might cope with that. I hadn't even thought that far ahead. She said she would take it off for that outing, the implication being that it won't be off before then.

It's early days. I'm already wondering whether to 'graduate' to a better device than the CB6000s and will read this forum carefully to consider that. So far, it's been pretty comfortable. I'm finding that my foreskin pushes through the slot at the end of the CB and rubs against pants. Any suggestions to solve that would be very welcome.
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