[LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

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Re: [LockedByBD] Locked in a Cage Again

Post by LockedByBD » Tue May 28, 2019 4:51 pm

Performance Anxiety?

Since the last time I wrote we've talked in bed a couple of times. Usually it's in the morning when I'm snuggled up against her and I say something like "I really want to make love to you. This is driving me crazy!" And then she asks me "And whose idea was this anyway?" I tell the truth and answer that it was my idea. So then she asks "And why did you do this?" And again I tell the truth and say it's because I like her teasing me, but even more because I want her to be happy. And I ask her "Does it make you happy being in total control of our sex life?" And she says "Yes." So I tell her the truth again: that it makes me happy if she is happy. And I thank her for keeping me chaste and preventing me from playing with myself.

She has a rule that I cannot directly ask to be unlocked, unless it's for TSA, doctor's appointment, or something similar. Earlier this week I ventured a question that almost breaks her rule. I asked "Hypothetically, if I were released sometime in the future so I could make love to you, would you have me lock up again immediately afterward?"

She replied "It depends on your performance."

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No means no, as in "I have no plans to unlock you." :o

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