[Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

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Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Post by Tullyboy » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:43 am

BLUF. It was lovely and I felt loved.

My hands were tied to the bed posts. It was clear that the evening was going to be about me. There was a good amount of turn on and then I was allowed to cum.

Had I been the planner for the evening it's true that I would have focused on different aspects. Maybe that's worth saying - maybe not. I probably would have been more conscious of the ambiance. I might have been more concerned with costuming. Maybe I would have had a bit more variability. I would likely have reached for more toys. Yet, even as I recognize these things I'm really doing my level best to ignore them because what I got was a fully invested and love focused wife. And that's more important.

Tullygirl was there in that moment and chose to make me the center of it. Rather than being bored with the idea of making love, she chose to engage and to speak my love language. I was blessed.


Following our love making, we continued a chastity discussion that we had been having all afternoon. What do we do after a month of denial? We had identified 3 ways of moving forward from this day.

1. We can stay as we are; me a chaste husband and her the keyholder.

2. We can exchange rolls.

3. We can go back.

In the afterglow of our coupling, we laid against the pillows and continued the discussion.

Number one was definitely an option. But one of the things that I crave is variety. And Tullygirl gets tired carrying the whole load after a while.

Number two, we decided, isn't really viable. I can play both top and bottom rolls with alacrity. Tullygirl, on the other hand, really bristles at being sub. We tried T&D with her on bottom a few years back and it was a disaster. She ended up angry at me, intentionally breaking rules while pretending to be playing. It wasn't a good thing for either of us.

Number three. We're pretty good at number three. Been practicing for over 30 years. Maybe through chastity she has learned more about speaking love to me. Maybe I have learned to be more content - reducing my need to manipulate our sexuality.

In the end we went with door number three. Tullygirl was quick to point out that we can go back to chastity at any time, to which I responded in true Braveheart fashion, "FREEDOM!"

The next morning I rolled over as we woke up and grabbed her breast - because I could. We both laughed.
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Re: [Tullyboy] Acknowledging reality

Post by Tullyboy » Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:50 pm

"Have you put yourself into chastity?" Tullygirl after a week-long lack of intimacy. She had relinquished her orgasm authority and it was now allowable for me to initiate sex - but I hadn't.

The answer was "No, not exactly." I wasn't caged and I wasn't intentionally avoiding sex. But I also wasn't trying to shoe-horn sex into our daily lives. It was a busy week with a lot of traveling and children's activities and so the week had flown by and days ended by falling asleep exhausted. We could have had sex, and I was cleared to suggest it, but it would have been 'just-to-cum' sex. Chastity has taught me that not cumming can be a lot more fulfilling than 'just-to-cum' sex.

So I hadn't put myself into chastity, but I have also learned things from the experience that look a lot like it.
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