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Re: [Yeldarb] Our "New Permanent"

Post by yeldarb » Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:59 am

Apart from one long (3 am to 11 pm) oversees business day trip which involved security scanners, I have been locked ever since my last post, and am locked currently.
I have to say that the HT V3 continues to exceed expectations - so comfortable, barely know it is there most of the time.
While I have read reports from V2 users that, compared to the CB series, it can be uncomfortable with night time erection, I have found the opposite - way better ... and I'm loving the permanent background erotic buz it gives me - my little penis is in a near constant state of semi arousal and (mostly) being sufficiently turned on most of the time to fill most of the tube.
I'm using a small ring, the smallest (# 1 of 4), with a 'standard' (#3 of 4) tube - the third largest. I started out with a # 2 ring and tube, but then figured I'd repeat a past trick with the CB of going a ring but up a tube size and it is nicely secure and snug with the extra space in the tube probably being why I am not finding attempted erections (night time or other wise) pleasurable rather than painful.
We are using the 0 - 20 punishment scale for infractions now and so far I have incurred a three and a five; I still have a Tenner hanging over me from last weekend - I guess a straight ten is like a straight red card in some sports ... it bypasses the regular spanking punishment scale and is an automatic 10 big ones; which no doubt will be administered just as soon as S feels like it - during the week she said she thinks I should be blindfolded when being spanked and that she'd like to try a flogger to whip my back ... one I used to use on her 'back in the day'.
Oh, I should have added that it is now two weeks since my last orgasm and last night she announced that it would be at least a week more and that the night before she said again how much she likes me in panties now and how she loves the idea of me having to wear matching ones to hers!
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After initial uncertainty my partner decided that she liked this; started locking me in July 2015; "permanently" locked from Sept 30, 2017 - shared decision; currently wearing CB6ks

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Re: [Yeldarb] Our "New Permanent"

Post by Nevermore » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:28 am

EDAS wrote:I like how your wife lies naked beside you, has orgasms while you do not even get to touch her.

I have now been three months and two weeks without an orgasm. I do not wear a cage. And I do fuck my wife. It is just that I do no come when I do fuck her. I keep myself from coming. I also masturbate, but never to completion.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.
Thank you for relating your story of chastity. Like you, I do not wear a cage, but refrain from masturbation and pornography. But like you, I have difficulty ejaculating inside my wife, something I attribute to conditioning myself to masturbation. Recently I read 's Renee Lanes story, Finding Love Through Female Domination, and the intensity of her life inspired me to quit tilting at windmills. So it's been 20 days now and I've only cum inside my wife once. I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey leads us and invite you to read the book.
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