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Post by Onlyhers4ever » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:51 am

This past weekend did not go as I had originally thought it would. Friday we were supposed to have appeared in court on a civil matter which would have been reason to unlock my cage or risk explaining to a local sheriff deputy why I set off the metal detector. Our hearing got postponed so no release for me on Friday. Then, Saturday we had some opportunity to enjoy a relaxing morning which led to some cuddling, followed by my starting to finger her pussy. My wife then asked to try out some of our new toys so I ended up inserting a small plug in her ass and then proceeded to fuck her with the strap-on dildo. Needless to see she had a very good time and I got so excited myself that I actually came while still wearing my cage. I was a bit disappointed but still enjoyed the overall scene. Of course, I was hoping that it would continue with her perhaps letting me out of my cage and maybe even use the strap-on on me but neither happened. I have now been continuously locked for 42 days with no expectation of being released for at least another week. My wife is certainly getting used to the idea of denial. Just wish there was a bit more teasing to go along with it.
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