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[gregstep427] Finally Out

Post by gregstep427 » Thu May 05, 2016 8:07 pm

For just over 1year i place my self in chastity for a of lot reason not going into a long story but on Monday the 2nd of this month I confess to wife that i was in chastity because we had not been sexual since getting back together (part of that long story) :D over the last couple days beening open to wife(now my KH ) she has made to 2 choices for me the colour of my HT2 small soon to be ordered and agree that i can be marked (tattoo) and like the design and ask were would it be place she has choose for it to be place on my butt.
Last couple days it has been so different no more need to hide she knows that like to be nude for years we were nudist early in our marriage .( my chastity in full view i will take slow)
Yesterday i found a key that i had found last year church key shape but a heart at the top and engrave
To my Heart ask for the keys (KH) ask why told her that i would like the keys to be place on this KEY she got keys and place the keys on the other key (KH) but ask about the third key that had been sitting on the table.
So i open my dressing grown showing my lock which shows wolfdog and HER keys has WD on them because there a small key the same size that our granddaughter had left.
Finally OUT it changes our minds takes the pressure away and allows as to be true. My door has now been open with (KH/wife) looking forward to enter thought this door . I now both of us will have hesitation going to the other side and whats holds behind this chastity door.

gregstep427@yahoo.com.au and Tumblr.com (Tumblr is for followers or others to see who I am)
Chastity device Black Tiger Ridem from Chain Gang
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Re: (gregstep427) Finally Out

Post by Tom Allen » Fri May 06, 2016 8:02 am

greg, is this the start of your blog on this group? If so, please read the link in red

And remember to edit your header to match the others.

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