[Ontario Chastity] Head Rush to Chastity

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Ontario Chastity
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[Ontario Chastity] Head Rush to Chastity

Post by Ontario Chastity » Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:18 am

Hi All!
I just joined this forum and am looking forward to sharing my experiences, trials and triumphs with everyone and maybe learning some things about Chastity form everyone else. I intend to make a routine blog of my experiences with this thing we call chastity. I am going to post under the name in the subject line and will provide regular updates as to what is happening with me. I am happy to see that this forum seems to have a high number of regular people like me. By that I mean when I began this process and got into this kink my internet search naturally turned up a plethora of Man-hating, cuckolded submissive, Femdom porn that was all very confusing and clearly the source of male porn fantasy. It took a fair bit of digging before I found anything that was decent and respectful or that was good info for how to begin chastiy play. Remarkably there is very little on Chastity for loving couples. Reading some of the comments on this forum is very refreshing.
Please check back here often for updates on my post. I will bve sharing this with my fiancee and maybe she will also contribute.
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Tom Allen
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Re: Ontario Chastity (Head Rush to Chastity)

Post by Tom Allen » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:56 pm

Hi OC - if this is the start of your blog on this forum, please read the rules up at the top in the Red area, and follow the link that says "please read this."
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