[Mayhew] - Back at the start again...

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[Mayhew] - Back at the start again...

Post by Mayhew » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:25 am


I'm back after several years, during which we (my wife and me) placed enormous stress on our relationship by moving to a really hard developing country, and then back again. Chastity and any hint of a dominance style relationship was totally off the radar for a long while.

Just lately, it's back on the table. Almost without me trying at all. I just started to not come, either with her or on my own, and she just seemed to naturally get what I was doing.

Previously, my relationship with my wife has gone through numerous phases / cycles of chastity play, sometimes quite serious, other times pretty minor. But we have always talked about it. A lot. Mostly because I needed to talk about it, I think.

I know good communication is supposed to be the cornerstone of every great relationship but in this case we have hardly talked about it at all and I think that is for the best. Generally, I think my wife does not like to talk too much about sex - she just likes having it. And she likes things to develop naturally and organically rather than feeling scripted. That's just her.

So this time, I'm hoping previous lessons are learned (for me, anyway). Don't over talk. Don't over think. Don't rush. Just allow things to happen. Which so far, they are.

I know this is a journal area, but I'm curious if anyone else has found their relationships moving in and out of chastity phases like this? And, how much do you talk about the initiation of any new phase or idea?

Maybe I will start up an actual conversation thread for that. In the meantime, good to see this place is still going.
Steve Mayhew
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Re: [Mayhew] - Back at the start again...

Post by Tom Allen » Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:11 am

Nice to see you back.
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Re: [Mayhew] - Back at the start again...

Post by Gloofer » Thu Apr 07, 2016 4:30 am

Actually i recon myself in this when i read it.
My gf and i have had some issues with my job, i work shifts often 10h-12h´s starting 03 at night or 15:00.
We have 3 wonderful kids 10, 8 and 5 years old. so she is doing the most at the house.

I´m the one with the kinky mind and she is vanilla but she sometimes gives me a surprise.

Our relationship has had many turns in 16 years, the last thing that happened was that she was cheating on me...with my former friend, and his wife was my best friend, i´ve lost my best friend cause of this and she wasn't even part of it.
But that is now history, My gf and i have sorted that out and we are in a new phase in our relationship.
so chastity play is coming and going in our relationship.
We talk more openly and whenever or whatever we need to say something we do. so communication is very important!

So i have explained to her about chastity, at first she despised it.
Now we "play" sometimes, she has understand why and how she could use it, the way i like it.
my biggest fantasy is close, in chastity and getting pegged by her ;)

sorry for my lousy spelling
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