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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by locked4her55 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:53 pm

I would say you are off to a good "second chance" outing with your girlfriend. You just need to continue to show her how important she is (worship might be better) and I believe your relationship will reap the benefits.

Looks like she treated you to a very nice RO. 8-)

Remember, take it slow, communicate often and as much as this sometimes is all you can think about, life still goes on for her.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by TwistedMister » Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:44 am

it's also the first time Mistress has ever been a domme, so I think a little encouragement would be very welcome.
Sounds like she's well on her way. :twisted:
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by Jolie » Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:14 pm

Thank you, boys!

Feedback very welcomed as we are both new to these roles, having always thought we were opposite!!

Slave is currently in the shop buying ingredients for dinner, he also has some lawns to mow and windows to clean...stay tuned for a post about his reward :)

.....although he has picked up on my hints about it being a while before release!
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:22 pm

locked4her55 wrote: Remember, take it slow, communicate often and as much as this sometimes is all you can think about, life still goes on for her.
This I am mindful of, although perhaps struggling a little. When I decide to do something, it's seldom half-heartedly. Today was possibly the most difficult so far - I was overwhelmingly horny and frustrated where as Mistress had plenty of real life to contend with.

Without doubt, it's been another 'interesting' weekend.

On Saturday morning, Mistress was generous and allowed me a slight lie-in. She got up making herself a coffee and feeding the hound. I awoke when she came back to bed. We kissed and cuddled for a while. That's one thing I love about being 'confined'. Although I may still get aroused and even try and initiate sex/play, Mistress is ultimately in control and that means she generally permits me to show her much more affection. The position I'm in means that I'm easily 'reigned in'. In our previous vanilla life, sometimes (very rarely) Mistress would understandably brush me off when I've been a little over-amorous. Later I made some breakfast and we discussed our plans for the day. Mistress suggested we leave the menial tasks for Sunday as she fancied going out. Before long we were on our way out to a food festival inside one of the UKs great stately homes ... but first we get ready!

Having showered, blow dried, moisturised and lubed, I asked Mistress if I could speak freely and make a suggestion. Kindly Mistress agreed. I suggested she picked some of her underwear for me to wear so that I would feel 'owned' walking around the food festival. After a few minutes pondering, she took the suggestion on board and picked a pink pair with frilly black lace around the edges. As I got dressed, Mistress got dressed. A short denim skirt, a black and white printed top, a cardigan and no underwear. As already mentioned in another thread, Mistress Jolie's words were "If you are wearing my underwear, then I'm not wearing any". A short while later, we departed.

I pick the story up again en-route home from the food festival. Mistress said she had an errand to run popping to a certain local shop. We wondered around the underwear sections in a couple of shops. Mistress picked up a black thong... thankfully in her own size. It crossed my mind for a short while whilst browsing that Mistress might be wanting to purchase underwear for me. I was relieved because, as much as I don't mind some humiliation, having my own 'knickers/panties' would be a little close to sissification to me*.

We arrived home. I walked through the hallway into the kitchen to remove my jacket and turned to ask Mistress if she would like a drink. Mistress asked for a cup of Earl Gray tea - I could tell by her expression she was about to do something. She took a step back and discareded her scarf, letting it fall to the floor in front of her. I knelt down in front of her and then sunk down to the kitchen floor as low as I could to retrieve it. I got up slowly, sharply inhaling. I let my face almost brush against her short skirt on my way up. Just as I'd rose to my feet, Mistress discarded her cardigan the exact same way. I repeated the process, this time lingering for slightly longer on the floor. I hung Mistress's discarded garments on the back of a chair and by the time I had the kettle was on, Mistress had settled herself on the worktop, her legs slightly apart, leaving very little to my imagination. I went in for a cuddle and we started kissing. She put an arm around me and pulled me nearer... I felt Mistress' dick instantly swelling and bursting out of it's cage. In a timely fashion, the kettle boiled and clicked off. I made Mistresses tea and set the mug down beside her. Resting my hands on her thighs I went in for another kiss. Mistress reached down and started unfastening my belt.. before long I was standing on my tiptoes as Mistress wrapped her thighs firmly around me, pulling my cage against her clit. I knelt down and Mistress placed her hands around my head, pulling my face into her. I lapped her clit, pausing to slip two and then three fingers inside her so that I could simultaneously apply pressure to her G-spot. It wasn't long before Mistress climaxed quite nicely. I was already frustrated and I knew Mistress had much more teasing planned...

*with no disrespect to anyone who does enjoy that kink
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:55 pm


Content after our morning at the food festival, Mistress took her self off for an afternoon nap. I popped into bed beside her. We cuddled and kissed. I popped a film on the TV and spooned her until she fell asleep. Near the end of the film I had to get up for a wee. Mistress was fast asleep when I left her and wide awake when I returned to the bedroom. I think a particularly loud scene in the film I was watching must have woken her up. I offered to make Mistress another drink and she took me up on that offer. I wondered off to the kitchen and made Mistress another mug of tea. When I set it down on the bedside table for her. I was then ordered to don an apron and cook dinner.

With that I removed my T-shirt, which left me in just my cage and the pink knickers I'd been made to put on that morning, and took myself off back downstairs, dug the apron out and set to work preparing a starter and a main course. Ten minutes later, Mistress stepped into the kitchen. She was wearing the black thong she'd bought earlier, with black hold ups, shiny black heels and her 'not dress'. This is a garment with a plunging back and neck line. It does not even reach down as far as her pelvic area at the front. It's lower at the back but with a large section cut away. The plunging neck line/back and bottom area are crossed with thin horizontal slashes of material helping just to cover Mistress's nipples and keep the dress in shape, but leaving very little to the imagination. Mistress had my key hung around her neck, she was gently fumbling with it. Mistress Jolie stood directly infront of me and assertively told me she was "here to supervise". Just seeing her dressed in such a way found new levels of frustration in me. Mr. Dribble was actively pulsating and throbbing against his enclosure. I went to kiss Mistress but she just turned away from me and held up the key. This was immense, it's almost as if her body language was 'hands off' or 'you can look but you can't touch'. That was exhilerating. I had no control at all, not even the satisfaction of touching her or touching myself where I really ached to feel something other than the hard confines of a chastity device. I bit my lip in sheer frustration and turned my attention back to preparing dinner, looking over my shoulder and taking another glance at Mistress over my shoulder each time I could.

A short but very frustrating time later, our starter was ready. I sat opposite Mistress at the table and watched her tuck into her food, almost as if she was normally clothed. That frustrated me even more, I was going out of my mind in my state of arousal but there was absolutely nothing I could do but discuss the food we were eating - some farmers market Scotch Duck Eggs, cut into quarters and served up with salad and dips. The main course was pretty much the same. And so was desert. I caught Mistress smiling to herself a few times, I can only speculate that she was enjoying that she was in full control of the situation.

At the end of the meal, Mistress moved the conversation along to getting changed and walking the hound. There wasn't going to be any play time. I took a deep breath and then sighed softly to myself, trying to garner just an ingot of self control.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:13 pm

again, continued...

With the hound walked, it was time to turn my attention to some serious pampering. I'd promised Mistress a nice bath, for which I'd purchased a turkish delight scented fizzy fizzer bath bomb, and then a sensual massage. Whilst the bath was filling I dug out the bath pillow, lit some candles, set down a drink beside the bath and chose an appropriate playlist. I retrieved a fresh towel for Mistress and then informed her when her bath was ready. I helped Mistress undress, depositing her clothes into the washing basket and then stepped aside for her. I followed Mistress into bathroom, I admired her body with it's full breasts and very soft skin whilst she dipped slenderly into the warm water and lay back making herself comfortable. Then loyally I knelt alongside the bath, Mistress' cock twitching in it's cage as the bath water gently lapped skin where her body protruded out of the water.

I stayed with Mistress Jolie, until she was ready for me to slowly lather up and scrub her back. When Mistress' skin started to prune, I pulled the plug and standing ready with the towel, I gently help her out of the bath and patted her dry, leaving her only when she was ready to finish off with the towel. I made my way to the bedroom with pre-warmed massage lotion and waited for Mistress to make herself comfortable. I softly kissed her feet, and then her ankles. I slowly planted soft kisses along the length of her entire body, savouring her soft and fragrant skin.

I knelt straddling her thighs so my cage rested in the crack of her bum and then kneeling forward, I drizzled warm lotion on the top of her back and her shoulders. I rubbed it into her neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and her spine. I caressed, knurled and kneaded her skin. Mistress was groaning responsively and I took that as a guide on to which areas I should concentrate on. I worked my way slowly down her body, finding the knots and easing them out. Periodically I ran the flat of my hand vertically up her back, firmly. I pleased Mistress for over an hour, massaging her full body but remaining on my best behaviour. Inside I was craving to honour Mistress Jolie's body by seducing her and bringing her to a full climax. However, in my caged and subservient state I knew I had better not unless Mistress specifically asked for it.

When my hands and forearms were exhausted, I asked Mistress if she was satisfied, to which she said yes. I helped her up off the bed and then back into bed. We spoke for a short while. Mistress grew sleepy very quickly. I watch her give in to her heavy eye lids and start to sleep peacefully. Mistress was so content she was still asleep in that position until I had to get up and go to the loo with a nocturnal erection straining the confines of my cage.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:49 pm

By the time Sunday morning rolled around, I was incredibly uncomfortable in my (Mistresses) device. I'm not sure why as I'd not experienced too many nocturnal erections. I think it was largely owing to expert teasing I received during the day Saturday and the frustrated longing. After a fairly routine morning tending to the hound and my Mistress, I had to be asked to be released from my cage before mowing the lawns. Mistress insisted that I wasn't allowed to feel the soft cotton of my underwear against her penis, so I had to go commando!

Once we had done a satisfactory amount to the garden, we got showered and dressed. I noted Mistress opted (again) to wear her short denim skirt sans underwear. We popped out to a local hostelry and ordered up some pub grub. We both indulged in some slutty pub grub - American Style beef burgers which were the size of a plate. The entire time I was conscious of Mistress sat opposite me in her short skirt, sans underwear. I was subtly aroused throughout the whole meal, yet we were discussing all sorts of things.

When we returned home, my next task was fitting a spice rack inside a kitchen cupboard. Mistress supervised and gave very strict instructions from her perch upon the work top. She positioning herself so that I was in close proximity to her open legs. Uncaged, working in these conditions it was a challenge to maintain self control and stay flaccid. Although the job in hand was very simple, the conditions made it that much harder to concentrate. With the spice rack fitted, Mistress made her way upstairs. Shortly after, I popped upstairs as I needed to visit that bathroom anyway. I heard Mistress call out to me 'There's an invitation waiting for you here, Slave'. Mistress was sprawled out across the double bed with her knees bent and her legs wide open. "An invitation to do what", I asked, running my eyes up and down her body, allowing them to settle on her open and bare thighs for a second longer than I should have.
"Anything you want, Slave" came the reply. "So long as you don't cum", she added.

I immediately felt Mistress' cock standing to attention and throbbing in my jeans. I leant over Mistress and kissed her fully on the lips, my tongue exploring her mouth. Mistress kissed me back reciprocating my passion. I felt a current running through my body and drew away from her lips - it was almost too much. I kissed her neck and allowed my hands to stroke the inside of her thigh.

I slipped out of my clothes with Mistress' watchful gaze on me. I knelt between her legs and gently kissed her clit. Immediately Mistress groaned, but then reach down and pulled my chin up, gesturing for me to position myself so I could slip her cock inside her. I kissed Mistress, pinning her arms down above her head and immediately felt her body writhe underneath me from her waist upwards. I wanted to be inside her and I couldn't quite believe that she was allowing me this quite so easily. I couldn't help but close my eyes as I gently guided her cock to it's target, first just slipping the head inside and then pinning her arms back down, arching my back and slipping her length all the way inside, arching my back further still so my full length was enveloped by her tight wet cunt. Mistress was writhing and gyrating around me, I felt like I was in heaven - there was so much sensation.

I started thrusting gently, and gradually more firmly as Mistress became more vocal. I felt my climax nearing, very quickly. Far too soon. Slowly I let my thrusting grind to almost a halt, but Mistress was having so much fun she continued writhing. I couldn't stifle my climax and I exploded inside my Mistress' cunt. Without permission. Quickly I apologised, disappointed with myself.

Mistress didn't even bat an eyelid. She ordered me to clean up my mess. Which I did, diligently .. lapping up every drop that my tongue would reach from inside her. Mistress then ordered me to fuck her, fast and hard. Fortunately Mr. Dribble remained adequately erect and I was able (thankfully) to conform to Mistress' request. Still, even after I'd came she felt delightful. I enjoyed every second inside her, watching her intently as her eyes rolled back, feeling her writhe uncontrollably and then pulsate around her cock, shuddering repeatedly as she climaxed and for a short while afterwards.

Shortly after, I kissed Mistress and apologised again. I asked to be punished when she felt appropriate. For now though, she ordered me to go and wash myself and then present myself back to her with her cage.

Once I was re-caged, I dressed. Mistress and I took ourselves off downstairs. We talked. Cuddled. And teased each other. Before long it was time for me to leave. I was very sad about leaving. And still disappointed with myself. I didn't want to lose any of the attentiveness of subservience I felt toward Mistress. I was somehow reassured that Mistress had told me it would be a very long time before I was permitted to do that again.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:44 pm

The next episode in a wee little adventure occurred on Tuesday night. But before I get to that, I should share a couple of practicalities.

I have been almost permanently caged for over a week now, save for a short period uncaged on Sunday. In almost two weeks, I've been out for on the whole, around a day and a half. I'm using the HT2, which despite some initial concerns, is proving more comfortable day by day. It seems to suit me better than the CB6000, which after a shorter length of time was proving seriously uncomfortable.

The CB6000 does seem to be slightly better made in that the product somehow seems more finished. But the HT2 is definitely a better ergonomic fit.

Keeping in mind that we haven't built up to this, I've been wearing a device almost permanently since the CB6000 arrived with only some healing time in between.

Nocturnal erections do continue to be an issue, but they are improving. They are becoming less frequent and less painful. The HT2 is definitely better than the CB6000 in that respect, but it's still possible for a considerable amount of stinging to build up around the back of the scrotum if remaining erect for a period of time.

I have been, at Mistress' will, allowed to remove the device for a thorough clean. In general though, hygiene hasn't been an issue. I have been quite meticulous in that regard and it definitely does add a bit of time to the daily routine. This extra time has become an important ritual and I see it as part of my servitude to my Mistress, maintaining her property.

On the emotional front, I've found the experience to be very fulfilling. Mistress has been far less stressed and in many respects, I think much happier than ever. She has expressed that it's because she feels like I'm a partner. I'm much more involved in organising things and taking on domestic tasks. It does feel like a burden has been lifted off her shoulders. Seeing Mistress so much happier has been a real boon to me. Coupled with the chastity, it makes me want to do more that pleases her. I'm probably still far from perfect, there's still definitely some adjustments to be made but giving up my sexuality to my Mistress has certainly increased my focus on contributing to the relationship.

There have been times where I've probably got a little carried away. When I get an idea that I like my mind often races ahead and I think that sometimes can be very overwhelming for Mistress. I believe I am starting to reign that in as I continually try and see things from her perspective. During the last week too, a real shift has started to happen in the relationship, moving slowly into a D/s and FLR type arrangement. I am certainly thinking more in terms of pleasing Mistress and more in terms of being a good submissive.

Mistress seems happy with that too. She is taking on dominance very comfortably. Seeing her confidence grow is like watching her bloom. I feel very privileged. At the same time though, I'm not taking anything for granted. I'm trying to slow down and let things happen naturally.

I'm enjoying being the submissive partner in the relationship. It helps keep me fixated on what is good for the relationship and not just what is good for me. It's enouraging me to trust and commit to Mistress in ways I've not felt comfortable doing so, mainly because of the way my willingness to graft has been abused in the past.

I feel like I could commit to Mistress indefinitely. In fact I want that more than anything. In the past I've taken her for granted - she's been far more committed to me than I have to her. It's nice that our relationship now feels much more balanced. It's not solely down to the chastity - some of it is realising my foolishness on my own, prior to entering into the chastity lifestyle. But the chastity is certainly helping.

I just hope that 'we' don't run out of steam. It might sound complacent, but I don't think we will. Particularly if I keep disciplining my thoughts into considering what is good for the relationship.

I'm hoping to sit down with Mistress this weekend and actually go through some of the things we individually wrote down a few weeks ago, in terms of what we both wanted from the relationship. The plan is that we can actually write that up into a clear goal which can then be used to help analyse the decisions we make. Anything that clearly doesn't assist us in reaching our goal is clearly not a good thing. Where as anything that does, is.

I think it's important we do try sitting down to do that soon.

So, our next 'fun evening' was Tuesday night. Mistress and I had a mini BBQ, working together to prepare food and then sit down and enjoy it at the garden table. Mistress had prepared Strawberries for desert! The plan had been to go through some of our 'home brew relationship counselling' as discussed above, but Mistress Jolie suggested that sex would be more fun. That of course peaqued my interest, even though I know by now not to take such things literally! After dinner we settled on the Sofa with some mellow music playing. Mistress snuggled up to me under a blanket. I read to her and fed her strawberries, as instructed.

The reading material? Grey, the latest in the Fifty Shades series. It tells the story of the first novel from Christian's perspective. I know a lot of you might be coughing at that, but surprisingly it has been an enjoyable read. We caught the story somewhere about the time Christian took Ana home for the first time, you know, the part where he gets her to sign the NDA, shows her the playroom and then makes love to her.

I stroked and played with Mistress' hair, tugging on it at the appropriate points. I was concentrating on reading well, doing justice to the characters. Mistress though, had at some point started discretely pleasuring her self. The first I knew about it was when she slipped a wet finger into my mouth. I continued reading, Mistress' cock twitching periodically in it's cage. I don't' want to spoil too much of the book, but Mistress brought herself to Climax just as I was reading aloud how Christian brought Ana to her first climax. Her shuddering lasted at least until the point that Christian ejaculated. The whole experience of reading to Mistress whilst she pleasured herself was extremely hot. And it set the tone for the remainder of the evening ...
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:43 pm

Mistress Jolie had earlier in the evening, unbeknown to me, arranged the bed so that the restraint cuffs were placed on each corner and a crop laid across the centre. I was instructed to get ready for bed, so off I went to brush my teeth. When I wondered into the bedroom Mistress Jolie picked up the riding crop and ordered me to lie down on the bed face up. I was duly restrained and then blindfolded. A few moments later I felt a toy getting slowly inserted into my bum, which gave me high hopes for the remainder of the session. That was followed by a long pause, after which I felt Mistress Jolie straddling my midriff. I felt her gyrating and grinding against me. Quickly Mistress' moaning became audible and from the sensation it became evident that she had inserted her girthy nine inch dildo and was riding my body with it. I felt myself groaning, writhing and almost squirming underneath her, my (her) cock swelling to it's limits within it's 'cell'. It wasn't long before I could feel Mistress Jolie's body shuddering as she climaxed.

Mistress asked me if I enjoyed that. I, of course, answered yes. I did enjoy being used like that. "Good", Misress replied. I felt her lie down next to me, I tried to edge closer but the restraints prevented me from getting close enough to touch her. There was another pause in which I started anticipating what would happened next. My thoughts were interrupted by Mistress's soft moaning which again gradually grew louder. This time I felt a bit isolated, I wasn't even a participant as I couldn't reach and/or touch due to the restraints and deprived of my vision I couldn't see anything. It was a little bit of a head-fuck!

Mistress brought herself off to what sounded like a nice climax. She then removed my blindfold - by the time my eyes adjusted she was stood with her back to me slipping her dressing gown back on. Mistress Jolie unfastened my restraints and suggested I go for my bedtime cigarette. That was it, play time was over.

I felt very fustrated and deprived by the experience. I will admit I did at the time feel a little negative, but soon it dawned on me that in some respects, having my Mistress almost completely ignore me like that was incredibly hot. More than that, it's the first time I think Mistress has truly but her own wishes first in teasing me to that extent and not giving in to pleasuring me. By the morning I was enjoying flash backs to the experience.
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Re: [NewbieMC] Pushing the Envelope

Post by NewbieMC » Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:03 pm

It's a lovely Friday afternoon. Mistress Jolie and I are sat overlooking the garden enjoying a glass of pimms as the sun shines. Mistress is reading so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post an update.

Last Friday we had the house to ourselves, so we took the time to go through some post-it notes we had written up over a month ago. As previously mentioned, they are our individual thoughts on what we both wanted from the relationship. We had written about twenty or thirty post-it notes between us - we started sticking them to a wall and then started trying to group them together - there were some fairly obvious groups with thoughts centred on the emotional stuff, the practical stuff and also sex.

Looking at all the post-it notes on the wall again, the thoughts fell into three distinct types. These were desires, actions and outcomes. I wanted us to write down a single all-encompassing goal that we could work as a framework to evaluate future decisions against. Anything that helps achieve our goal we should do. Anything that doesn't help us toward the goal is an undesirable effect that needs further analysis and discussion. Writing the goal was fairly easy using the thoughts that were desires. I can't remember it off hand, but it's includes words and phrases such as "lasting commitment", "enjoyment", "contentment", "well being" and "feeling loved".

We took a book and wrote the goal on the first page. Then we took all of the things that were either actions and /or outcomes and wrote them down as headings on the pages that followed. The theory is that the actions are necessary to help reach our goal and they relate to things that have caused tension in the past, for examply my "taking more domestic responsibility" or "spending time doing things together rather than just next to each other". The outcomes are things like "feeling loved" or "more enjoyable sex".

Mistress Jolie suggested we should re-visit the book in about a month and go through the headings together, both giving each a rating or writing a brief sentence. I'm optimistic that it will help really keep us focused on building the relationship.

This exercise did lead to some more honest and open conversation which culminated in Mistress Jolie asking why I had cheated. I must admit, I wish there was a simple answer. Or at least an answer that I could give her. I think in hind sight there were different reasons at different times. Sometimes it was sexual boredom. Other times I think it was a control thing - at times I was under an incredible amount of pressure with my work and it was just something I could take control with. Additonally, I was frightened of commitment and I suppose knowing that other women wanted me was comforting. I felt so ashamed recalling what I had done, it was a difficult conversation to have. But none the less, an important and necessary conversation in honouring our commitment to having full openness. I think it's also harder to discuss now because I'm in such a different place psychology. It's very hard to relate to the person I was just a short time ago.

On an entirely different note, Mistress Jolie has just interrupted my writing. She summoned me into the kitchen and instructed me to bend over with my arms resting on the worktop. Needless to say, I'm now plugged.

On Saturday a present I'd ordered for Mistress arrived. A Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator. I was nervous as to how Mistress would receive the gift, but thankfully she seemed excited by it. The first time we used it, I first slipped Mistress' largest dildo insider her and then applied the head of the want to her clit, on the lowest setting. I watched enchanted - the Wand had an instant effect. I could feel it's vibrations through my hands and it was hard to arrange myself whilst servicing Mistress so that my cage was not also getting vibrated. Holding the wand firmly in place, Mistress writhed down against it. I leant over her now pulsating body and kissed her neck, before taking a wide mouthful of nipple, making a seal and sucking firmly. Mistress let out a cry of agony and I stopped. I knelt back up, still taking care to hold the wand in place and watched Mistress - it's the first time she's ever appeared as if she was in her own world just enjoying pleasure. It wasn't long until she came.

Mistress, speaking about the toy, said she "was looking forward to getting used to it". She went on to explain that the sensation was a bit overwhelming - using the dildo with the want the first time probably didn't help.

It wasn't long before we had a couple of follow up sessions with the wand, which seemed better. At least Mistress came multiple times in each - losing count after about five during the last session. I was privileged she used the wand, but with my (her) uncaged penis during the short period I was unlocked. With just shy of two weeks continuous lock-up under my belt, Mistress feeling so wet and so tight, not only pulsating but also feeling the vibration of the wand on the base of my (her penis) and also through her, it took all my concentration not to cum. But mistress did so. Several times. I don't think I've ever felt her cum so hard. When Mistress felt satisfied, she pushed me away and told me "you have two minutes to wash my penis and put it back in it's cage". Needless to say, it too more than two minutes to regain control after that!

On Wednesday night after I'd rubbed moisturiser into Mistresses feet and massaged them, Mistress lay on the bed with her legs apart, bent and the knee and told me she was ready for her orgasm now. I asked Mistress how she would like her orgasm administered and she suggested fisting! Being a diligent slave I complied. I started by kissing my way up her legs, soft kisses alternated with much firmer ones, occasionally sucking and ni bbling in places. I teased Mistress a little, blowing softly on her clit and then pressing my tongue against it just long enough to hear her start to moan. I didn't persist with this for very long and I knew Mistress would soon get annoyed with me. I openend my mouth and sealed it around Mistress' clit, once I made a seal I sucked softly and then started to lap Mistress' clit with the tip of my tongue. Mistress let me continue this for a short while - I felt her writhing and grinding into my face - I also felt her cock becoming aroused and swelling, at least as much as it could. Mistress pushed my head away - I knew what to do. I lubricated my hand and held it in a fist. I held it inplace and pushed gently against Mistress' cunt. Mistress was so wet and willing, I gently edged my fist inside her - it wasn't long before Mistress has completely enveloped it. Feeling her wetness stretched over my entire hand had me groaning and gyrating, her cock throbbing within it's enclosure. I can't express how much at this point I really felt I wanted, needed to fuck Mistress. But that's not for me unless Mistress expressly sanctions it. With my free hand I rubbed Mistress clit - her moaning got louder and her gyrating more frequent as she pushed her self down further over my hand. Mistress started rubbing her own clit and although her orgasm arrived slowly, it seemed to last an age and the aftershocks were still ocurring a minute later. I ached.

Once Mistress was satisfied, I slowly and carefully withdrew my hand. I was then ordered to spoon her. I still ached.

More generally, whilst I've been staying with Mistress, I've been developing a routine which seems to be slowly expanding. Mistress seems far more comfortable in just telling me to do things. And I love complying with her every wish. As this week has progressed I've really suffered with hayfever and that has made me slightly lacklustre. I'm slightly infuriated with myself as mentally I really want to serve. My body just needs to keep up! :)

In terms of cage time, it's been nearly two weeks with only a few short (<30 minute) outings. Mistress is certainly enjoying my servitude. And I am too. I'm privileged and proud to be Mistress Jolie's submissive. And when I reflect on that, still a little surprised too.
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