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Post by NewbieMC » Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:55 am

It's approximately 29 months since we started experimenting with Chastity.
Superior Mistress has kept my penis locked away for 364 of the last 365 days.

During that time, Superior Mistress and I got wed. We've had our first cuckolding experience. And we have gradually moved toward a D/s, FLR, CFNM lifestyle.

Overall, I'm very happy witht his arrangement, serving Mistress day in/day out and having her at the centre of all my thinking.

That's not to say it's been easy, but it has without a doubt been worthwhile. Singularly, the best part about our relationship is the sustained love and affection we show each other.

We entered into this arrangement as a step toward resolving difficulties in our relationship - I had been unfaithful and once I'd come to my senses and realised what I was screwing up, suggested chastity as a step in regaining Her trust, not knowing anything back then about tease and denial, ruined orgasms, cuckolding etc.

We experimented with numerous devices, starting with a CB6000 which proved to be very problematic after ~10 days of wear. We graduated from there through two Holy Trainers. The first was too large and an erection one morning caused the casing to split. The second wore loose such there was a lot of play between the base ring and the plastic sheath, making nocturnal erections horrendous. Shortly after we married, a Mature Metal Jailbird was ordered and that, in 17 months hasn't presented any real problems.

Once the first Holy Trainer arrived, we started on a path that's probably familiar to a few of you. Lockups and time between orgasms got longer. Tease and denial became a thing and Superior Mistress found it to be very empowering. I soon realised the longer I was locked up and the more frustrated I became, the better my connection was with Superior Mistress and the better Her mood was, given that my attentiveness grew. We started to discuss FLR and D/s - and established a routine around it. I would always start the day by being the first to get up and make Superior Mistress her morning coffee, I'd do more chores around the house and take more interest generally in running the household. After 6 months, by which time I was very seldomly unlocked and Mistress was receiving her orgasms by other means, I suggested to Superior Mistress one morning, that rather than occasionally having penetrative sex with me, She might like to have her fun with other people.

I'm not what ran through Mistress's mind at that suggestion, but visibly She wasn't comfortable with the idea. Another couple of months later, marriage was on the cards - and we agreed that our marriage, for me, would be sexless. In fact, Superior Mistress's suggestion that she would cuckold me came almost out of the blue. I'm still not sure at that stage whether Superior Mistress was doing that to please me - or whether she was genuinely interested in the idea. My suspicion is a bit of both, given that Superior Mistress enjoys talking about her past sexploits and how much she enjoyed dating.

I knew it was going to be a test - I'd never shared a partner before and in suggesting it, I had to accept the possibility I could end up competing for Superior Mistress' affection. Now I'm content for Superior Mistress to see whom she wants to see, do whom she wants to do and enjoy her freedom on her terms. I'm very content being constantly frustrated, attentive and subservient. With the denial of sex, serving Mistress's needs requires far less effort - like I'm more naturally predisposed to pleasing her.

Unfortunately we still have a live-in lodger which is quite an impediment to our lifestyle ... however, they should be moving out in the next 6 to 8 weeks, fingers crossed. Superior Mistress is most frustrated that it means our times for having fun are effectively dictated by our lodger and has intimated many times that as soon as they move out, She will be enjoying Her freedom and I will be cleaning Her up on a regular basis. Superior Mistress is already planning to redecorate the lodger's bedroom as Her 'sex room'. That's to say the bed will always be prepared and that room ready for Superior Mistress to receive her lovers.

As I mentioned, we've had one cuckolding experience so far - which I've written about in some detail previously. Superior Mistress still remarks at how much fun it was - and even jokes about becoming a total 'slut' when we get the house to ourselves, and by extension my being her 'cum slut' with all the cleaning up. Even my sex dreams these days centre on Superior Mistress enjoying the company of other well endowed men.

Surprisingly, with the constant lockup my sex drive hasn't abated - if anything it's gone the other way. I still get nocturnal swellings and I'm woken up most mornings by a 'denied erection'. I have pretty much forgotten what a full erection feels like. The things I lust for have changed too - just kissing Mistress is far sexier than it ever was. Touching her breasts will make me tremble with frustation. And I'm always craving to go down on her - I literally can't get enough of her taste/scent. I enjoy rimming Superior Mistress on the occasions that is allowed. And I long for the day Mistress has a bi-sexual lover who insists on having me, should Mistress permit it of course - something pre-chastity I'd never contemplated.

I find myself wondering if Superior Mistress's view of me has changed. I know when She dreams about sex, it's not me that She is dreaming of - and I'm fairly certain that her mind no longer drifts to 'us' having conventional sex. Back in February, I was unlocked one evening and allowed an erection. I asked if she thought my erection had shrunk - I knew it had - I used to barely be able to get my thumb and first finger around it and now I could with a considerable amount to spare. Mistress straddled me and slid my cock inside her - I recall being almost immediately overwhelmed at how good that felt. And despite my diminished size, so was Mistress. We had sex three times in quick succession - sadly I didn't last very long despite my best efforts - and Mistress although somewhat satiated, wanted more. I'd never known her so greedy for my cock and the only time I'd seen her that cock hungry was during our cuckolding experience where she literally couldn't wait to get her lover inside Her. Mistress has since said the night we had sex was a mistake, that she actually regrets it and it won't happen again. I have not been uncaged since - and unless there's a problem I don't think I ever will be.

I've just been away at a conference for five days. I was given my key in a taped sealed envelope - just in case there were metal detectors and I had gained entry. It was weird carrying my key around like that, knowing I could unlock myself and indulge - but I didn't want too. I was frustrated the entire time and I knew that abusing the situation would be a huge backwards step in our relationship.

The time apart, I think, gave us both some time to reflect. On the fourth day of the conference I think Mistress was quite upset at the amount of time I've spent dedicated to other things. And I was realising I wanted to be more subservient. The lodger hasn't helped, so we've discussed the situation and come up with a few new rules to help see us through the next few weeks.

I suggested full time CFNM but Superior Mistress wasn't comfortable with that idea. Mistress expressed that she she liked having something of our lives that we kept private from our lodger - they know something of our relationship - but we both suspect they think it was maybe a fad and it's gone away. Sometime later, Superior Mistress said that each time the lodger goes out, I will be naked and I will kneel when I'm not tasked with doing anything. And yesterday, when I arrived home from the conference Mistress made me mow the rear lawn, naked. Superior Mistress and our lodger both tend to arrive home from work at the same time, so it was going to be anyone's guess as to who would arrive home from work first. In this instance it was Mistress, and she was very amused to come home and find me kneeling naked along side the mower - well naked except for socks, gardening shoes and a pair of disposable latex gloves.

Back to the rules - Superior Mistress has come up with a slew of them, in order to refocus our relationship:

1) Occasionally we had dinner at the table instead of on our laps
2) No phones at dinner
3) I'm to clear up straight after dinner
4) Permission is required to vape when Superior Mistress is at home - bed time vape will be naked nomatter the weather
5) Permission is required to touch Superior Mistress's breasts and/or other intimate areas
6) I'm to be Naked whenever the lodger isn't here
7) During naked time, I'm to kneel and await instruction when I'm not otherwise busy
8) Chores to be completed before any other tasks, at the weekend
9) No computer time without prior permission
10) I shall keep a tally of transgressions and add to it when instructed
11) Transgressions to be punished by method Superior Mistress deems appropriate

So far the new rules are playing out well - I've already done a lot of kneeling and clocked up 11 minor transgressions. I have the day off work today to write up conference reports, but Superior Mistress instructed me to post here first. I'm not allowed to dress - Superior Mistress says that being cold will make me work harder. It certainly keeps me more focussed on my duties.

I've gone from being a 'cock sure' happy go lucky alpa-ish male to a more content chaste slave willing to do anything for my Superior Mistress - wanting to be used in almost every way imaginable. And with that, I've repeatedly fallen deeper in love with my Wife and Superior Mistress - putting her comfort and pleasure before everything else. Superior Mistress has gone from strength to strength on this journey - every time I seek her reassurances that she is happy with the arrangement she says so with absolute confidence. And I'll be totally honest - I can't wait until the next time I'm called upon to lap her cunt clean, whilst She lies back in Her post orgasmic bliss. Or sent to work the next day in Superior Mistress's cum soaked underwear on the occasion she's enjoyed a lunchtime quicky with one of her lovers. I don't think it will be long until things get much more exciting (and frustrating) around these parts.

Once again, I'm a very lucky slave/huscuck and I have a beautiful, adorable and sexy hotwife.
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