[krybrn] First week

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[krybrn] First week

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I just finished my first two weeks of chastity, of which the last few days have been 24 hr lock ups. I also experienced my first ruined orgasm. Gee, what fun...it was something she did when she released me and said she thought I needed some "cleansing". I had no idea she knew how to do this. Apparently she reads various forums too! When she asked how I "enjoyed" it I said it wasn't the greatest thing to happen to me. She told me "that it didn't really matter, I wanted you to have some release and you got it, as far as a real orgasm, I will decide when that happens from now on". I had to give her several orgasms first. I am now back in my CB6Ks and going about my daily life. She and I really enjoy this new aspect of our lives. I wish I had discovered this a long time ago. I think in a year or so we will look at a metal device. they look more secure and of course, long lasting. I have a chrome 6000s now and it looks like it will break if I just will it to.
Any suggestions on how we go on for from here?
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Re: First week

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Sounds like you're off to a rip-roaring start and she already has the attitude that some here have waited months or years for their wives/SOs to arrive at.

What to do now? Read the various forums and threads here for a multitude of ideas. Your Keyholder can even sign up for her own account and have access to a private forum for Keyholders only (that those of us who are locked cannot even see, let alone read) and get ideas, suggestions, tips and advice from other Keyholders without interference from the peanut gallery...if you dare.
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