Before you begin... (please read this before posting here)

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Before you begin... (please read this before posting here)

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We are all familiar with the metaphor of chastity / denial as a "journey;" and because "journey" and "journal" share the same etymology, then it's no surprise that so many of us want to write about our experiences. Sometimes it's just to clear our own minds, and sometimes it's to leave a trail for those who may be following. This forum is a place for members to create a journal of their own.

If you are starting a journal, please observe some basic conventions:

Please have your name in the title set in [brackets], followed by the title of your journal; this will make it easier for you (and others) to locate. For example:

[ChasteDude] Well, I got what I wished for!

The threads in this forum are meant for journaling (blogging, a diary, etc.). While other members may respond in the thread, please keep comments to a minimum. This will keep the important conversations in the discussion forums.

Please stick to the thread that you have created; that is, one thread per member. If you think that you have a compelling reason to do otherwise, please drop a message to the mods explaining why.

Edit by Schnoff: Journals in "The Journey" are visible to guests and search engines. Journals in "A little less public" are visible to CF members only, and not to search engines.

Please Note: These forums are for blogging, or keeping a journal. Your first post should be in the Hello World thread, or at least in the General area so we know who you are.
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