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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Additional Rules.

Last week Miss R added a few extra lines.
I can't say my ass and my balls anymore.
But you also have to use the words pussy and udders yourself. In addition, fixed milking times have been introduced.
On weekdays it is at 20.00 and if it falls on the weekend it is in the morning at 9.00.
There is also a permanent milking place that I have to maintain myself.
I also have to make sure that everything is ready to be milked. After milking I tidy up and clean things up.
If the milking time is not feasible due to circumstances,
I will pass this on to Miss R .
She then schedules another milking time.
Sitting on the dildo in the morning and evening remains in effect during the week.
I don't need it on weekends in the spring and summer months. During the holidays I wear a thicker butt plug at night so that my cunt remains usable.
And I also wear my cage at night.
When we leave I also just wear the cage and a prostate plug.
I also stay away from my penis during the entire holiday, except for cleaning it.
If I get a hard-on, neither I nor Miss R pays any attention to it.
Milking continues during the holidays.
This is because the fresh milk is used to maintain the production of the milk.

Currently I am 10.5 ml and she is very satisfied with it.
She now wants to see if she starts milking me every two days, whether the production will stay on track or will weaken a bit and then increase again.
I have noticed that milking is becoming smoother,
Miss R has got a knack for it. And I've also gotten used to the feeling of my prostate being milked and making it flow more easily too.
In addition, I have also noticed that she loves to treat me like her milk slut, she is becoming more and more dominant and I am becoming more and more submissive.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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In addition, I have also noticed that she loves to treat me like her milk slut, she is becoming more and more dominant and I am becoming more and more submissive

Can you expand on this??
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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avid fan...

In my opinion it is a natural process that it will continue to expand for both Miss R and me .
And we will continue to grow in that together.
And that without having real expectations of each other.
Miss R finds her own way in it and I find my way in it .
But the most important thing is that we do it together.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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New book .

Miss R received a new book from Sandra on her birthday. When she got it she laughed really hard .
She showed me the book and wasn't even that surprised.
And really said something about her to give that book I said . Semenology - The Semen Bartender's Handbook.
Miss R leafed through the book and in the front was a note from Sandra.
I wish you many more years and hope we can have a cocktail together.
Miss R answer was right we are going to try them together against Miss R. we make it a fun evening together with our bartender who takes care of the special fresh ingredient.
And who knows, we might come up with even more ideas, said Miss R.
I then looked in the book and counted 21 cocktails with freshly milked milk in it.
I looked at Miss R from are you serious .
She laughed and said prepare yourself .
Miss R had already milked me while Sandra was there .
But didn't think she would do it more often.
Let alone that they would use the milked milk together.

Later that night she said, now you have extra use.
She grabbed my udders and massaged them .
Which immediately turned me on and filled my cage.
You can choose which cocktail we will have first.
It must be a surprise to us every time .
I have agreed with Sandra that we will meet on the first day of that new week when your milk is due.
I said that's the day after tomorrow.
Yes, Miss R laughed, so let's choose which one we get.
I looked in the book and they say what won't work.
Why not asked Miss R .
Well I don't produce 1oz let alone 2 oz.
And some ask me for 2 teaspoons of fresh milk.
And I don't make enough for two drinks.
Miss R laughed of course you do.
I milk you about twice a week so more than enough.
You can store it in the refrigerator for about three days.
And otherwise you take it out of the freezer beforehand.

To make it complete, wear a black bow on your cage.
You make the cocktail while we watch it.
And of course the cocktail also includes an accompanying snack.
During the cocktail evening you will not be milked in the usual milk place.
But you bend over the coffee table.
And asks us if we fancy a cocktail.
When we say yes, you say first the special ingredient must be milked.
And offer your cunt to us.
You show it to us after you have been milked.
And we may then taste with our finger .
You then ask if it is of good quality.
And when we say yes you are going to make it.
Then you go to your place
The snacks are made by you and John.
He brings it when you've made the cocktails.
I told Miss R I'm not going to disappoint her.
And will do my very best to give her and Sandra an unforgettable cocktail evening.
She said when I'm satisfied you can spoil me the way you want.

For me it will be the second time that I am milked in front of Sandra.
The extra attention she also gives me is nice to mention.
I hope for John that he will also be milked sometime.
He would like to experience that one day.
I think he has it harder than me.
Although I sometimes yearn for PIV .
John has that again. Sandra has to give him a hard-on and keep it up longer and longer.
And when he has PIV he is not allowed to cum.
That seems very difficult not to do.

Tomorrow night is cocktail night.
And decided to make Orgasm on the Beach.
Summer cocktail snacks are served.

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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Cocktail party

The day the cocktail party was to be held, I was quite nervous. Miss R noticed that the morning was already upon me .
She teased me about it, she grabbed my udders, well they aren't completely full of milk, she laughed.
That made me even more nervous because what if I really didn't have enough.
When I wanted to sit on the dildo during breakfast, that didn't go well either.
Doesn't your cunt feel like it, she laughed. I asked if we could postpone it to another time.
So that I could prepare myself more for it.
There is nothing to prepare, she said.
Or maybe you don't have everything yet.
I said I do need to get some things.
You can do that nicely after work.
Sandra and John come right after dinner, then you still have enough time to prepare the snacks.

Miss R hadn't taken me to work, but was now allowed to drive herself.
Normally she brings me and I walk back to get my condition up too.
After work I went to Germany to do some shopping.
We live near the border and the booze is much cheaper there. When I got home I first did my work and then I started cooking. Miss R came home and she asked do you have everything for tonight.
Yes I said I have everything in the house.
We ate afterwards, and I cleaned up everything.
Went to shower and rinsed myself.
As a shower oil I used passion flower scent, a nice combination for the cocktail I was going to make.
Meanwhile, John and Sandra had also arrived.
Sandra wore a long dress that was deeply cut in both the front and the back.
A beautiful long cocktail dress that showed everything well. Miss R also went upstairs and I had already laid out her long dress .
I thought they take it very seriously the cocktail night.
Sandra took the dildo out of her bag for John and gave it to me . I put it next to the fireplace , and walked back .
I had found black ribbon in the closet and gave it to John.
He tied it around his cage and made a bow out of it .
I did the same myself and took John to the kitchen.

We prepared the snacks together, and John told me he had to do something too.
I asked if he knew what, he said no, but if I don't do it right, I will be punished.
Then I can't leave my cage for a month.
I said it's not that bad, I'll never get out.
You get milked and get extra attention I don't, said John. I can't cum not even a little. And get viagra to walk around with a boner and to spoil Sandra.
Then you're lucky I'm never allowed to do that with my own cock.
We are used in a different way by our key holders.
We finished making the snacks and put them in the fridge.
I said to John here you have a white tea towel, you can put around your arm when you serve the snacks.
We walked into the living room together and the ladies were chatting together.
They looked very nice and challenging.
I asked if she wanted a drink.
And they said a cup of coffee to start with.
John walked over to his spot and sat on his dildo.
I got the coffee with a filled bonbons.
Sandra asked right away with the special ingredient in it.
Miss R I don't know you have to ask the waiter.
No I said with Rum in it , the special ingredient was out of stock .
Pity said Miss R might have been nice with the coffee .
I thought hopefully they don't expect that with the snacks either, because they are just small snacks without my milk.
I then walked to my place and also sat on the dildo.

The ladies enjoyed the coffee and chocolates.
After about an hour Miss R waiter said we would like something the house specialty I got up pretty nervous and walked over to them.
And they I can recommend Orgasm on the Beach to you.
It's vodka with melon liqueur and cranberry and orange juice with a special fresh ingredient in it.
The ladies consulted together and said we would like to have it.
That is possible, but then the special ingredient must first be milked.
That 's no problem Sandra said .
I leaned over and said I hereby offer my milk cunt and udders. They left me like that for a while and Sandra opened my buttocks, you have a nice milk cunt.
Thank you I said I'll take good care of it too.
Suddenly I felt a tongue, and heard Miss R say tastes good and smells good.
Let me try said Sandra and felt how she pushed her tongue in . It felt great, and enjoyed it.
Yes she said it tastes and smells good.
Then she played with my udders, they are full, they said enough will come out.
Miss R put three fingers in my cunt and started massaging my prostate.
In the meantime Sandra played with my udders and kept an eye on whether it would run out.
At one point she said the milk is coming and held a shot glass under it.
At one point Sandra said he's almost full pack another one.
I ended up almost filling two shot glasses. I had never given so much.
I put my milked milk in another glass . And asked them if she wanted to taste whether it was of good quality.
Yes they said, and said dip a finger in it and then lick it off.
She tasted each one and discussed the taste and quality. Sandra said it has a nice taste, and is of good quality.
Miss R indeed said the best yet.
I prepare the cocktail for them and said enjoy.
The other waiter will soon bring the accompanying snacks.

I walked back to my seat and sat down.
John got up and went to the kitchen to get the snacks.
We had made avocado spread on a whole wheat toast.
Brie with a strawberry and a leaf of mint, and a piece of cucumber with brie, and a. piece of apple.
We made 6 of each.
John brought it to them and set it down.
Sandra beckoned to him and he walked over.
She took the key that hung around her neck and opened his cage.
She said to Miss R there should also be an extra snack , and took John's now hard in the mouth.
Then she offered it to Miss R , and she also took it in the mouth .
A delicious extra snack, she said.
She sipped their glass , and Miss R said a delicious cocktail the special ingredient makes it complete .
Indeed Sandra said and also the snacks are delicious.
John had to stay and his cock was eagerly used. I was quite jealous of John.
And longed to get a nice blowjob too.
They kept teasing and teasing him and saw that he was getting more and more difficult with it.
Sandra said dare to cum, and started to jerk him. John started to moan , suddenly Sandra stopped .
Now you Miss R better tease his cock .
Suddenly John withdrew his cock, and said stop otherwise. Otherwise what did Sandra say, otherwise I will come.
Just go to your seat and remember you know what we want to see .
Miss R laughed yes keep him straight .
John sat down and some cum dripped out.
Sandra walked over to him and slapped his balls.
No we're not going to do that, that's not what he's for.
The ladies also enjoyed their cocktail and snacks. When I looked back at John he still had a boner.
Pretty, I thought, or would he be on Viagra.
The ladies chat on and on and we just sat there.

When they finally finished everything,
Sandra said it was a wonderful evening.
Indeed Miss R said, and our caged men have been useful.
But have they earned their reward Miss R added.
I thought of course we deserved that.
Miss Rit it was a pity that no special ingredient was used in the snacks, Sandra said. Yes, that was indeed a pity had it completely finished.
The waiter with the appetizers should have held out longer until we finished in my opinion.
Yes Sandra said that was indeed a pity that we were not able to enjoy his sausage for so long.
They still have to work on that to give us a good cocktail evening.
They have to do it perfectly, said Sandra, only then have they earned it.
I thought it's not that hard for me, but for John it's extra hard to keep it up for so long.

Then Sandra and John went .
I told Miss R afterwards that I should also use it in the snacks. Then I would have done it.
You could have made that up yourself, said Miss R.
So no indulgence from me I said.
No, maybe next time when you and John try harder.
The next one is just before we go on vacation, so if you want to receive extra credit for the vacation, you know what to do.
That depends on John I said he has to last longer.
Do you do anything extra besides the snacks,
I will overlook that for once.
That evening Miss R spoiled her own . And I was just thinking what else can I do to make her happy.

For me, the only reward is to spoil Miss R. Milking is not a reward because I am obliged to do it, and production is expected to remain good.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Nudist beach.

Last Saturday it was finally nice weather to be able to be naked outside.
That day it was also my milk time.
In the morning I had already prepared everything to be milked.
I offered my milk pussy to Miss R for breakfast.
And she said I have a better idea, we won't do it until after breakfast and then nice outside.
And then we can go to the nudist beach this afternoon. Although I don't have to wear a butt plug on the weekends and I don't have to go on the dildo either.
I decided to go on the dildo during breakfast anyway.
This to please Miss R. Miss R said you know you don't have to, and I said I'll do it for you, I know you like that.
She said she loved it and appreciated it.
When we finished breakfast and I cleaned up everything.
Miss R was already sitting outside on the terrace in the sun. She was naked just like me.
I brought her coffee and sat down with her and we drank coffee together and enjoyed the sun.
I asked her what she thought would be the ideal outdoor milking spot.
She looked around for a moment and she at that part where the vegetable garden starts.
I said that is indeed a nice part and the sun is shining brightly there.

I got up after coffee and prepared the place and then walked over to her.
And said to her, I hereby offer my cunt and udders to be milked.
I bent over and pushed my cunt towards her .
She inspected everything and said go to your milking place.
I went over and sat down ready to be milked.
I was sitting right next to the mint plant and while milking I got an idea.
What if I use my milked milk to make filled bonbons with mint . So that during the cocktail party that is Friday, I have something to go with coffee.
We already have everything for one house. W
hen I was milked I said to Miss R I'm going to use the milked milk nice and fresh.
She said it's only allowed if it's for the cocktail party.
I said that's what it's for, I'm going to make delicious filled chocolates with mint.
At least we can just keep those until then.
I went in and started making the filling for the bonbons.
Little by little I added the filling to my milk.
It had to be the right proportion so that Miss R and Sandra could taste that the special ingredient was in it.
I also make a filling that didn't have it in it.
So that it would be a complete surprise.
In the meantime, the chocolate had also melted and made the bonbons, and let the chocolate set nicely.
After which I put them in the freezer and they would become little ice creams.

The rest of the morning I worked in the garden and during lunch we decided to go to the nearby nudist beach.
We thought it would be busy because the weather was good, but there was hardly anyone there.
We undressed ourselves,
Miss R gave me the key so that the cage could be finished. Turned the base ring so it looked like I had a cock ring on .
The nudist beach is not an official nude beach, so it is also possible there. It was also a wonderful and liberating feeling, nothing to do and nothing in it, I felt really naked.
We had a wonderful afternoon together and enjoyed the lovely weather.
It was still busy when we wanted to go home.
And Miss R said at home we will lock your clit again .
At first I thought I had not heard correctly.
But when we got home Miss R took the Nub and the key she wore around her neck .
And said so your clit goes under lock and key again.
She saw my surprised face and laughed.
You can't have a penis when you have a cunt and udders.
That is not part of a clit against it is part of it.
The next time you have to offer yourself, say I also offer my cunt, udders and clit.
Last Tuesday when it was my milk time again.
I offered Miss R my milk cunt, udders and also my clit.
When the milk dripped out she said it's coming out of your clit. The milked milk is in the fridge and will be used for snacks with the cocktail that I make during the cocktail party.
It's the last one before we go on vacation.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Finally Vacation.

Last time we had a cocktail party. In addition to the bonbons with extra filling, I also made some tasty snacks Italian style. With accompanying Italian cocktail Classic Cum Italian Negroni cocktail.
It was on a Saturday evening and the weather was beautiful. I had prepared the terrace and created two nice places for me and John.
The first time I was nervous but this time I was even looking forward to it.
And wanted to make it a nice perfect evening.
The terrace is decorated with lighting and candles.
And placed two garden torches at the dildo spots.
The coffee with special bonbons were found to be good.
When it was cocktail time , I offered my milk cunt and udders and clit .
Instead of Miss R going to milk, it was Sandra who did it.
It didn't feel very nice at first.
Doesn't think being milked is something I like to undergo either.
It's a different feeling though.
But in the end, with some guidance of my own, it worked. In the meantime,
Miss R turned me on by massaging my udders and playing with my nipples.
It wasn't as much this time as usual.
Miss R said that will make up for it.
Luckily it was enough for the cocktail I'm making. I
asked how can I make it right.
They discussed together and came to the decision.
I had to remove John's cage and make his cock hard.
I did as asked removed John's cage.
Took him to the ladies and gave Sandra back the cage and key. I grabbed his half flaccid cock and pulled him hard .
And asked so well and showed him.
No, said Sandra, he can go much harder and more shiny, said Miss R.
For extra credits blow him hard said Miss R.
Yes on the knees and do your best said Sandra.
I looked at John and he nodded. A
lthough John is on viagra, it took a while before he was good stif.
When I was done and showed it, the ladies said yes we can use that.
He went to get the snacks and I had to go back to my place.
John came back with the snacks and said, my sausage is for the extra goodness.
Can be used as desired.
His cock was well used, played with, pulled and sucked.
And this time too, at some point it was enough for him.
And at one point he said stop otherwise it will go wrong.

Sandra said what good is it if you can't keep it down.
Yes said Miss R again, he is so useless.
Useless that sausage indeed, it shouldn't be that hard to keep that useless seed down.
John said sorry about that I'll have to try harder.
Yes Sandra said there is still a long way to go.
He is for being used and not for getting off .
Just go back to your place.
He sat on the dildo very slowly. T
he ladies even said he can't do that anymore, afraid he won't keep it down.
And she laughed at him.

I thought poor John would be humiliated and not allowed to come.
And then taking Viagra again because Sandra likes a boner The ladies also enjoyed their cocktail and snacks.
And I got compliments from them.
Afterwards we were judged by the ladies again. I got extra credits they agreed .
John finally got it after a discussion too.
This because he became stiff because of me and did not come while sitting on the dildo.
But just because we now had extra credits, it didn't mean we had the right to spoil them.
I was able to use my credit for the holiday.
Should choose no milking during the holidays and no cage and plug.
Or save the credits for the next time and save them.
This I did not expect so hoped to spoil Miss R. I had to think about it.
And said I'll use it for the holiday.
Miss R asked are you sure. Yes said I'm sure. It's nice not to have to do anything during the holidays.
No cage or plug when we leave.
Don't have to be milked.
Lovely to let everything go freely and just enjoy naked without obligations.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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It takes getting used to.

We have now arrived at our holiday destination in the South of France.
We are on a nice naturist campsite with a river.
Nearby is another naturist campsite .
Due to the location of another campsite, it is quite normal that people walk naked outside the campsite.
I myself was caged and plugged until we reached our destination.
At the gate of the campsite, Miss R unlocked me.
And the cage is now in the glove box.
After three days my cage started to miss.

It started to feel like something was missing from me.
The feeling that when one was aroused, and the erection that is then held back.
The acorn that pressed against the cage.
The feeling of the basic ring that made sure your balls stayed in place.
And I started to miss the feeling of that excitement.
Also the experience of sex with Miss R didn't feel so exciting anymore.
Even though Miss R teased me and forbade her to cum.
And sometimes takes me to the edge.
I find the feeling of being locked up much nicer and also exciting.
But I also sometimes missed the plug.
Though I thought sometimes I wasn't aware I had a plugin .
I now noticed that is actually not the case.
You get used to that feeling. That when it's gone you find yourself missing it.
I asked Miss R if I could put the cage and plug back in while sleeping, or during outings.
She said no you wanted to use your credits for that yourself.
It stays that way for the rest of the vacation.
I never thought that when you were no longer caged, you would want to go back.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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I didn't see that coming.

Last Saturday we came home from our wonderful vacation. Although it took some getting used to not being locked up and plugged in 24/7.
In the end it was wonderful despite I was not allowed to cum and play with it independently.
All stock of milk was also used up during the holidays, on some recipes and a cocktail.
I must say that it does benefit some recipes.
When we got in the car to go home,
I expected Miss R to cage me right away.
But she didn't, she said I have a surprise for you later during a break.
I asked what a surprise it was, and she said it will be even better than before.
Put in your prostate plug, she laughed, and you'll see for yourself.
After driving for a few hours we stopped at a rest area.
We drank some coffee together and eat a sandwich.
At one point she walked to the car and came back with a box. She opened it and took out a ring and a small circle with a rod and a ball attached to it.
Also included was a urethra tube. And another similar one but without a urethral tube, the front looked like a spade. they were without a lock but with some kind of bolts.
This makes everything even more beautiful, she said. Is there no cage, I asked her.
No, everything is pushed in and it has completely disappeared. She put everything back in the box and saw my surprised face. You got to enjoy your cock and because you did well this is the reward she laughed .
Enjoy it even more, because when we get home I will store it properly.
We then got back in the car and drove on.
At one point she lifted my kilt and grabbed my penis.
Bye bye she said to it as it grew,
I'm going to hide you and she laughed.
So that your udders will look even better.
When we finally got home quite late the first thing she did was put the device on .
First the urethra tube went in, which she then screwed onto the circle, after which she screwed it onto the ring.
It felt strange on my glans, and I knew right away that I really have to get used to it.
Miss R looked after it and said yes this looks 10 times better. She grabbed my udders and played with them, I felt the pressure of the ball pressing directly against my head of the penis .

In order to prevent the erection as much as possible. Contrary to what I thought, that turned me on even more like a cage filling.
Miss R said this one is to be milked.
The other is completely closed and you wear it when you are not being milked.
In between she played with my udders and said what she thinks they are so nice and nice and full.
The erection was now completely in my lower abdomen and it felt overwhelming .
When I looked in the mirror afterwards I only lowered my udders and sat in a very small circle , he had indeed completely disappeared .

The Sunday morning when I had prepared everything in the morning and then helped Miss R. Miss R said I will exchange it for the other one.
She untied it and screwed the other one on .
She looked at it and said this one looks better with the silver spades picture.
I think I'm going to look for a nice sparkling stone for that.
This week you will have time to get used to the device.
And to learn to keep everything clean.
Next week we will start milking your pussy again .
Because you haven't sat with your pussy on the dildo for two weeks, we're going to do it again in the weekend for now.
So this morning just eat on the dildo during breakfast, afternoon and evening.
So that your cunt is in tip-top shape again.
When it's milk time, you also put the other device ready so I can change it.
After milking you say that your milk clit needs to be closed again.
After which I remove the other device and mount the other . You then clean it and hand it over to me.
Once every 14 days we hold a cocktail party instead of every week. Half of all your milked milk may then be used. Only freshly milked milk can be used for the cocktail.
When naturist friends come to visit or we go there .
Then an ordinary cage is worn so as not to shock them with the other device. You can then choose which one you want to wear.

It took some getting used to after 14 days.
The dildo no longer felt as comfortable as before.
But also the view of only being able to see my balls is something I have to get used to.
While peeing I noticed that I now have a lot more work to keep it clean and it also drips longer.
But on the other hand, it is also nice not to be milked so often anymore. And the strap-on dildo will now also fit much better, I expect because the cage is no longer there.
Which might make it feel much better for me. Because with every punch it presses on the front of the device. which then presses against my glans.
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Re: [waki86] the new journey .

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Would you please post a picture or two of the new devices? I'm having a difficult time imagining them but they sound very intriguing. (Pardon the pun)
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