[CagedThoughts] My (our) Journey

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[CagedThoughts] My (our) Journey

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This is the start of my Journey.  I intruced the idea of chastity to my wife a few days ago (that was my Hello World post).   Tonight we had a long discussion about it.  I am so thankful for post in this forum about how an open an honest discussion should take place.  I told her the reasons why I want to be locked.  I am not doing this for the kink. I want to do this for us.  My wife does not like me to mastubate (accept with her).   I have tried to obstain, but I lack the self control. Which leads to guilt for disappointing her. I discussed what I have read about chastity cages (both here and other non-kink sources).  I told her I wanted her approval before I ordered a device. She thought about it, and we discussed other things as well.   I showed her the device I had chosen (after lots of research) and discussed why that one (size, material, shape, etc). She is not excited about it (didn't expect her to). But said yes and to order one. Tonight I ordered a hinged stainless steel Zhcage. Should be here in about a month. I want to thank those who post and give advice here.  As I continue on this journey, I plan to pay it forward.
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Re: [CagedThoughts] My (our) Journey

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Great! Respect to you and your wife for having the conversation and trying out a chastity lifestyle. Your journey may not be easy, but could lead to a better relationship (and more fun!).
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