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Post by Loxx » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:41 am

Two weeks ago we traveled to my wife's sister, so there was no play time, because we had to behave. But it didn't stop us last week when we came back to our own home...

On Monday my wife removed my cage after eight days of lockup. She started a lovely handjob and I fondled her breast as she sat next to me on the bed. Her hand felt really good around my cock and it didn’t take long for me to release my load. My wife locked me back up and when I suggested that I made her cum too, she didn't want it, so we continued kissing and caressing each other.

On Wednesday we had a little wilder session. This time my wife locked my hands to the headboard of our bed with two handcuffs and started a great teasing session. She twisted and bit my nipples and caressed my chest with her beautiful long hair. Her hair felt so good on my chest when she moved! Then she unlocked me and inserted my hard cock in herself.

My wife started riding wildly and once again I couldn't hold my orgasm long enough. She was really close to coming by herself, but I exploded just before her. When my cock had softened, she locked the cage back and opened the cuffs. Again she didn't want me to made her to orgasm, so we continued caressing and kissing on the bed.

On Friday we cuddled for an hour and because she had been so unselfish the last two times, I offered my services again to her. Like twice before, she refused again. We moved on with our daily tasks, but soon my wife approached me. She had changed her mind!

My wife was lying on the bed on her back and I was by her side. I inserted my finger into her and began to move it gently. I wasn’t in hurry and I let her enjoy the situation properly. We also kissed a lot and I caressed her neck with my other hand. Soon her breathing accelerated and she orgasmed with her eyes closed.

When my wife's breathing became normal, she took the key from her neck and removed my Looker. I entered her from behind and she responded well. She wished a little while ago that I would pull her hair when we were making love. The last time I did it, she loved it, so I decided to do it again.

I gathered all her hair together and pulled gently. She groaned and as I was still inside her, I took my other hand and stroked her clit with my finger. My wife came almost immediately and she got several orgasms from hair pulling and my finger on her clitoris. In the end, I couldn't hold anymore and I came inside her. When I pulled out, she was laying on the bed on her stomach exhausted.

After kissing, my wife locked me up again, as always. I was really glad she let me give her an orgasm and that she enjoyed our play session.

Today we have reached another milestone. I've been locked for exactly six months! I never would have guessed in February that I’m still locked in August…
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