MM Mature Metal Jailbird (with choice of base ring)

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MM Mature Metal Jailbird (with choice of base ring)

Post by Betterthansmith »

Jail Bird (with extra cage ring (see photos)
Base Ring Inside Diameter: 1 3/4" OR approx 2 1/4"
Cage Inside Diameter: 1 1/4"
Cage Length: 2"
Shape: Oval
Gap: 3/8"
Lock Option: Security Screw

Bought from a user on CM. Rings are too small and too big!!

Please make a sensible offer (excluding delivery)!

I'm in UK, I can book tracked, insured delivery and can confirm cost when I have buyer's address.

Have bought and sold on here before, so buy with confidence! :)
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Re: MM Mature Metal Jailbird (with choice of base ring)

Post by Fastredcar »

Price with shipping to the US?
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Re: MM Mature Metal Jailbird (with choice of base ring)

Post by Scott »

I'm interested in this with US shipping as well
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