For sale - Custom Chastity Ghost PA

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Albert Steel
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For sale - Custom Chastity Ghost PA

Post by Albert Steel »

I'm looking to sell the following Custom Chastity Ghost PA model device;
I ordered this one for safe travel use (non-metallic and all!) but got a clearly too small fit, so this one has never been used, not once.

The device is black and has a total length of 65-90mm, depending on how you measure it (top of cock ring to tip or bottom of ring to tip).
The cock ring diameter is 48mm.
The cage is somewhat oval; width is 34mm, height 26mm.
The cage has a PA hook in 2g (6mm) size that goes into a track and allows a bit of move forward and backward. Sounds like an ingenious design if you can fit in.
Also included is a ring to replace the hook, in which you can insert your own PA ring.
But wait, there's more! Namely, an Assa Abloy 20mm brass Padlock, two plastic seals and a small unopened bottle of "Wet Platinum Silicone Based Lubricant".
All wrapped in a nice ready-to-travel blue zipper bag.
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I paid something close to 400€ with all the shipping and VAT costs that were added to the purchase price.

Asking for 200€ plus shipping.
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