Three Devices for Sale

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Three Devices for Sale

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Three devices for sale within the US, only. Prices are firm as indicated below. Postage is included - shipped USPS Priority Mail. Payment by PayPal. Sales are final, so be absolutely sure of your size measurements and device fit - best if you are not a chastity newbie. I’ll give you the Lori if I still have it if you purchase the other two.
  • $100 - Lori #145 Spiral (2011) - similar to the Model #15
  • $400 - Gerecke-KG Titanium Desire (2015)
  • $600 - Lancelot Deluxe (Small) from Madame Dura (2013)
Details of each of the chastity devices will be posted separately.

My partner says that chastity has been fun, but it is time to stop. I am crushed - I am not the Dom, so I will let it go and sell my chastity devices. The three devices are quite different from each other, and the dimensions are slightly different particularly for the cages. To my body, they all fit properly and quite similarly, but to my mind, they have quite different “personalities”. I do not think that my device makers are in business today - maybe they are just “hunkering down” for now, but the cheap Chinese devices must have crippled their businesses. The devices that I have for sale are all hand-built for comfort and long term wear with bioinert metals, thicker base rings and light-weight cages.

A few mm here and there can make quite a difference to your comfort (especially with the base ring for me) and security (the widest gap at the bottom between the base ring and the cock ring for me), so please be absolutely sure of your own dimensions and device fit peculiarities before you purchase one of my devices. If you are new to chastity, you are very likely to need to try different sizes and spacings in different combinations with different kinds of designs before you figure out what fits and what doesn’t and why, and I suggest that newbies pass on my devices. I want them to fit you properly “right out of the box”, and sales are final.

Just for grins, you can search for “bcc” and read a story I posted in 2010. I sold a fine SteelWorxx device here in June 2015 that was just a little too big for me in almost every dimension. A few mm here and there…

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