Cb2000 parts

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Cb2000 parts

Post by PeturKitty »

I'm looking for the medium size solid base ring.
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Re: Cb2000 parts

Post by Tom Allen »

You may be able to get these from the site

They used to carry replacement inventory.
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Re: Cb2000 parts

Post by MeatLocker »

Sorry this reply took so long, I just joined the forum.

I have a box full of old 2000 parts, both the A and B prototypes - I was one of the beta testers 20 years ago and got to try a lot of different versions. Do you need the version with pins or 3 holes? Cross-version parts can cause alignment problems, as the stress of misaligned pins will eventually crack or break something (usually an important part of one of the resin rings).

Drop me a PM if you're still looking.
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Re: Cb2000 parts

Post by Eveanne »

Just buy from the company at cb-x.com. They have a one year warranty so if something breaks they will replace it.
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Re: Cb2000 parts

Post by TwistedMister »

Eveanne wrote: Sun Dec 06, 2020 4:11 pm Just buy from the company at cb-x.com. They have a one year warranty so if something breaks they will replace it.
Designs have changed. Older parts are not always available and newer parts may not fit older products. You can't necessarily 'just buy from the company' if you want parts for an older model.
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