WTB: CB 2000

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WTB: CB 2000

Post by Bunny »

I’m on the hunt for the original one in my previous collection. Any color, all the rings and pins please.

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Re: WTB: CB 2000

Post by hvypainpuppy »

I have a cb2000 clear that comes with 2 cages and full set of rings, pins. One of the cages has never been used and 1 barely used . I have had them for about 20 years.
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Re: WTB: CB 2000

Post by fill »

You WANT I cb2000!
That was my first cage and I hated it I could never get comfortble in it.. I never had an unbroken night's sleep and erection attempts were really painful as it was far too small. Plus ..It felt like someone had got hold of my cock and was using it to pull out my kidneys. Can't tell you how much housework etc I got done and how many cigarettes I got through whilst I should have been asleep just trying to distract myself so the erection attempt would ease and let me get some sleep.

My then wife bought me a Curve because I was driving to work tired and the options looked like discontinue chastity wear overnight or my health. A bigger cage provided a third solution. Which had its own problems but nowhere near as bad as the cb2K but did at least allow us to start longer term wear.
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