The Little Red Devil back on eBay!

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The Little Red Devil back on eBay!

Post by Boeingboy »

Little Red Devil is back on eBay!

You may have noticed that the Little Red Devil has not been available on eBay for a few months. During this time it has still been available at and several of you have used that option to buy a Little Red Devil.

Some of you may be interested why the listing has been missing.

Like most houses in the UK our loft space is used for storage and, as it is only accessible by a ladder, I am usually the only person who goes up there, if my wife needs anything then she will ask me to go and get it.

Earlier this year I returned home from a trip away to find several boxes had been brought down from the loft including one for a pair of speakers. That may not mean much to you but it actually contained my collection of ‘glamour magazines’ from the 90’s! They had been up there since we moved into this house 11 years ago, and had been left untouched since even before then. I had always intended to dispose of them at some time or other but never got around to it. My interest in ‘glamour magazines’ had always caused some friction in our relationship, if my wife discovered a magazine our sex life for the next few weeks was restricted to me licking her pussy and she would just tell me to masturbate if I needed relief. Only when she was happy that I had served my ‘sentence’ would she involve my cock is our sex life, and even then she wouldn’t make me cum for several more days.

We had always had an interest in a very mild form of domination (my wife even now doesn’t like to be considered dominant due to the stereotypes) which stemmed from reading a book called The Sex Life Letters which is a collection of letter from Forum Magazine.

This developed into orgasm denial and then to using chastity as part of our sex life, but without it being too serious. You may have seen photographs of us on various Tumblr websites showing me locked while licking my wife’s pussy.

So, back to the box of magazines.

I knew that I would be in ‘trouble’ but thought it would actually be more fun rather than proper trouble. Obviously, my wife wanted to know why the magazines were still in the house. I explained that at some point I planned to sell them and use the money to buy something nice for ‘us both’. She seemed happy with the explanation but I wasn’t going to get away that easy.

She told me that I had to sell every magazine and I could not accept less than face value after all eBay and PayPal and postage fees were taken into account. I explained that may take a while, she said that she wasn’t bothered because I would be locked in chastity until the last magazine was sold!

We had experimented with 24/7 chastity before, I think the longest I had been in chastity for was five or six days, this was obviously going to be much longer.

Well, I managed to sell several magazines well over face value which allowed me to reduce the price others but it was still a slow process, there were 115 magazines in total! The first sale was in May and I had four collections each of four magazines listed until last week when I received a message from eBay to say that my listings contravened their listing policy and had been removed!

My wife wasn’t very sympathetic but she suggested that I start listing the Little Red Devil again and find another way of advertising the magazines.

This may be a long shot but does anyone want to buy 16 glamour magazines for £80, please?
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