How to block users’ posts

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How to block users’ posts

Post by Schnoff »

So, for reasons of … reasons … I’ll put the way you can block a particular user’s posts here.

Click on their name.
Click on “Add Foe”
That’s it. You won’t see any of their posts any more.

The mod group is erring on the side of freedom of expression. You have to go pretty far to get banned around here.

That doesn’t mean individual users have to “put up” with everything that gets posted.
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Re: How to block users’ posts

Post by Tom Allen »

I should note that the above works on a PC, or on mobile in Desktop View. If you're on your phone you need to go to your user profile, then click the Friends & Foes tab (it might be the 3 line menu on a small screen next to Board Preferences). Then add that name in the box and click Submit.
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Re: How to block users’ posts

Post by slave d »

And it’s BLISS !!!!!

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