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Less public journal forum

Post by Schnoff »

There is a sub-forum in "The Journey" now, called "A little less public". That sub-forum is only visible to members of CF, and can't be accessed by search engine bots.

If you currently have a journal and would like it to be moved, please let us know.
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Re: Less public journal forum

Post by JamesandLucy »

Great idea, thanks Schnoff - could you pop mine in there please?

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Re: Less public journal forum

Post by slave d »

Schnoff that's a great idea. i’ve been thinking for some time of writing in there, more specifics of what we do after 5 plus years of the journey, but have been a little concerned about who might see it and put two and two together so to speak. This would overcome that concern so I might just see if I can get something together for there. Thanks for a great idea !!

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Re: Less public journal forum

Post by Skip »

Yeah, I like the idea myself. @Schnoff, would you kindly move my journal there too?
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Re: Less public journal forum

Post by danj »

Thanks Schnoff, please move mine there, too.

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Re: Less public journal forum

Post by Naljeans »

Great idea, please move mine as well. Thanks!
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Re: Less public journal forum

Post by jfenoffti »


Please move jfenoffti's Mmm Mmm Good journey into the private section.

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