GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Search is fixed - we've moved

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Re: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Search is fixed - we've moved

Post by jfenoffti »

cuyahoga, I immediately noticed the the use of "the troubles" and was glad and amused to read your disclaimer at the end of the post.
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Re: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Search is fixed - we've moved

Post by Joroincharge »

Schnoff wrote:
Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:20 am
Hello everyone!

You've stuck with the forum for two years since Search broke and tried to sell you Viagra. I'm amazed. You had every right to vote with your feet, and many of you did. But not all! We have a core of users who post daily, and for you, we're making this right. Also, we love you. :P

So, first things: Search is fixed! You can safely search.

What's this about a move?

Thumper has stepped away from the forum. He got it started, and once he did, you all piled in and made it the amazing place it is.

To be able to maintain the forum, have it be secure, and add features, we've moved it, kit and kaboodle. All your posts will be there, all your logins will work. Your avatars and file attachments will still be there. The old forum name will be kept.

We're fixing Search (done), enabling https -ermagerd our forum now has a lock icon, how apropos! (done, apologies for the resulting extended outage) and adding a Like button (done).

Question for you! What else would you like? What do you need from your forum?

We're up and running. If you find any issues, please respond here. There were a couple errors during import. Hopefully nothing major.

The old theme is coming back. I've got Bear insisting I do housework, so it will be until later today before I get around to doing more forum work.
Great news! Had been driving me bananas! :D :D
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Re: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Search is fixed - we've moved

Post by Loxx »

I still have a lot of problems with search. It doesn't redirect to the sketchy sites anymore, but almost every time it produces a blank page or message about trying later after X seconds even if it was first try to search.

First I thought it was the searched word being even remotely sexual, but then there's words like "flower" that never works and "role" or "mark" that works every time.

I have tried with Firefox and Chrome and both give the same results. Strange!
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Re: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Search is fixed - we've moved

Post by Schnoff »

Thanks for letting me know! This is server-side. I'll need to dig a little to see what's causing it.

Edit: Goshdarnit. This is a CPU performance limit. I had pondered moving us again, just hadn't pulled the trigger on it. I may have to. In a nutshell, the reason the search doesn't work is that our hoster, AWS Lightsail, throttles CPU to where the search takes too long to carry out and times out. That's likely also why some words work and some don't.
Reviews suggest that other hosters have better performance. It's a bit of a trial-and-error game, move the forum, see how it performs. It'll also test our backup, so that's a good thing, I suppose? Forum would need to be down during the move.

Edit2: You can now search for words like "flower". It'll take a full minute-and-a-half on our current host. It'll take me a while to test different hosting and see whether that improves performance, and by how much.

Edit3: Rebuilding search index. Hang loose please.

Edit4: Reindexing complete. That didn't change anything. Still takes 1.5 minutes for "Flower". Consider the advanced search, the gear icon next to search, and limit search results to, for example, "previous 1 year". This speeds search up considerably.

Edit5: Tried this with sphinxsearch, no noticeable difference in performance. I think without a hosting change, it's not getting faster.
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Re: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Search is fixed - we've moved

Post by Tom Allen »

Oddly, I was doing some searching last week, and didn't have a single issue. OTOH, if I'm doing a bigger search, then I usually just default to Google or DDG, and append because the search engines are just a lot faster than the site search.
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