easiest for wife to install.

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Re: easiest for wife to install.

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We’ve had the same problem. We have a MM Jailbird and she’s not comfortable with putting the ring on so I put he base ring on and she attaches the cage and locks it.

We mostly use the security screw which can be frustrating for her at times as she has to fiddle with it. When we use a lock it’s wham bam and I’m locked tight. I don’t really like the padlock as it’s bulky, clunks around and I haven’t found a lock that has a shackle the right size so it fits tight and doesn’t allowed the cage to rotate.

We used to have a CB 3000 and she hated that thing (so did I). It was like doing a jig saw puzzle.

I have to say, a solid base ring with a cage that slips on like the MM models has worked best.

Whew! That was the long way around the barn!
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Re: easiest for wife to install.

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My wife has found the simplest way to put the device on. She just says "Put it on". Then inspects it and takes the key when I am done.
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This is just my experience, yours can.... and probably will.... vary!

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Re: easiest for wife to install.

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I agree with most everyone here. I can literally lock myself up in less than 30 seconds. My spouse just says do it. She occasionally watches and I hand her the key afterwards. It's much simpler for her and what she prefers. Then, again, if she had her preference, it would probably never come off to begin with. Seeing me locked brings a smile to her face. :?
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Re: easiest for wife to install.

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95% of the job is done by me. She only puts in the lock, turns the key and stores it in her safe case.
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Re: easiest for wife to install.

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Never tried one, but these always seemed like they'd be pretty easy for another to put on.

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