[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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New years eve morning.
I walked some mud into the house, a simple mistake.

All C said was "come here. Undo your pants"

I was instantly terrified.

C didn't actually do anything other than enjoy the look of fear on my face.

C wanted to sit on top of me, C likes being on top.

"Right Mr P, upstairs, I'm going to ride you for a bit"

"omg yes" I am proper horny today, so I'm so relieved at hearing this.

And we got into bed mid day.

C " I just want to try something"

C held my balls, it was nice.
Then squeezed, then squeezed more, then gentle, then painful. Pain, pleasure, excruciating pain, then relief. All the time C was keeping eye contact with me.
My eyes must have been bulging at times from the pain and occasionally I was almost bent double.

C "I'm enjoying this, watching you go from bliss to pain, this is pure control"

After making me yelp a few times more C said

" That'll do. Get it out and put a condom on it."

C then lowered herself on to me and started playing.

"I'll let you look at my breast, you watch me play with them while I sit here, but you can't touch them"

"Thank you C, they are beautiful"

"I know." followed by a big pleased smile.

C then started riding me slowly, even with super thick condoms and painful balls I was struggling to hold back.

"I'm going to send you down to sort me out in the morning, you're going to make me come really hard,"

"Oh god. Of course."

"you can't come though, I'm locking it back up"

"Oh god"

C lifted off and asked me to remove the condom. She then very carefully and slowly eased herself back on to me.

"I thought you'd like to remember what it feels like skin on skin."

"Oh god this is heaven"

"don't even think about moving it, You can't come. Say it "

"I'm not allowed to cum "

"Yup. Right, but God your going to want to. that's your lot"

2 minutes, if that? I wanted more, so much more.

C climbed off and left me with an incredibly swollen erection.

C "wow, that's so impressive, shame to waste it really but. Well you know, surplus to requirement and all that"

"oh and you bought me a new bag"


C waited until I was able to wrestle the cage back on and left to get changed for our evening out."

C "It's too hot for underwear tonight. I won't be wearing any.. Neither will you.
Wear your light coloured chinos, I like them" .

The smile I got then was both playful and mischievous, followed by "Mwahaha"

And so we went out, No underwear, C in a snug fit top that showed her amazing shape, nipples, it was crooed short so each time she lifted and arm it would show her trim waist and stomach.
A shortish skirt showing her well toned legs. It was bliss and torment and for some reason I was really fucking jealous that I couldn't have her?

and then C deliberately bent to play with a shoe. Did I just see her pussy lips? , Her butt is incredible, it would be impossible for any full blooded male not to look at C's butt, I'm used to that.. But I swear I could make out swollen lips just then. Or was that just in my head?
Oh. And C also had a new bag.

"erm.. C, you look amazing but when you bend erm.. I think I could see"

C cut me off. "did you see something that if no one could see. You also couldn't see? Maybe something I should cover up? "

"No. No, everything is fine"

"good, let's do this"

I was wearing chinos that show the least spec of moisture, a pre cum damp patch had formed before we even left the house.

I was horny and jealous before we left.

And I thought. This is going to be a long long night.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C behaved very well while we were out, she did bend a few times and gave me a glimps, took the odd opertunity to let me know how much better the new year will be if I don't come as often and she came a lot more.

I was chafing when we got home and my chinos were soaked.

C had pointed out to family and friends that I'd had a little accident. I didnt find it as embaresing as I found it erotic?

C did of course make use of me when got home even though we were both exhausted.
Her words were "oh my god we're both so tired, you'll have to lick me while I fall asleep, ill finish off in the morning.

C fell asleep, I just kept on licking until my kneck hurt.

In the morning sure enough, C had me finish her off and came hard with tongue and toy, then dismissed me and went back to sleep.

At this point I was literally shaking with pent up sexual frustration.

For C the rest of the day was just a normal day, no looks, hints anything. However I did at one point try to bring up the topic of sex/us/how I felt but was shut down instantly with "is that all you think about? Don't Talk about it again please"

It still blows my mind that C can do all this and not consider that I might be beyond desperate. Or does she and she's on top of it?

For some reason on sunday the surge in hormones has passed and I feel quiye normally horny again and able to enjoy it.

C rode me again Sunday and will be sending me down tomorrow.

I'm on a permanent agreement not to cum unless told to, that includes not asking. If I get too close I stop or pull out.

Today is the 5th Jan.
C has had me (made me) go down and make her come every day.

C asked "when did you come last"

"Boxing day I think?, maybe the day after?"

"And I've come almost every day?, I feel like I'm being a little selfish, so tell you what.. Later"


"later I might give you an oily edge and milk a bit of come onto my breast, No orgasm though, just a leak you'll have to clean up"

" OK, but No orgasm for me"

"No, and you're not supposed to ask, We're both much happier if you don't have one, and I want to come more when I'm just using you for sex. No point in spoiling it is there"

"No honey, am i just a tongue and orgasm machine to you now then? "

"No silly, you're also very good at fixing things, taking me out and making breakfast"

C raised her eyes as she emphasised the word 'breakfast'

So off I went. Now I'm getting ready to take C for lunch.

Things happen constantly to make this easier and fun for me, C plays with my balls often and every day, she also teases me, let sme look not touch, or touch and let me watch and there's lots of innuendos, used, locked, owned, her tongue bit, man slave etc..

She's right you know. We are much happier, and I'm very Very excited.

Happy New year 😍
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I worked hard, worshipped and treated C all day, driven by the chance of the oily edge. It easy to worship C when I'm like this, driven by a primal urge and need.

The oily edge over C's boobs didn't happen :(
C flashed lots, teased lots and really made me want it all the more, but come bedtime C lifted her top, showed me both of her incredible breast and said "I'm going to milk some cum over this one, and then this one. Then I'm going to make you lick it up.

" Oh god, thank you, thank you so much"

"Tomorrow tea time maybe, if I have time and I'm not too tired"


"Oh, but C you mentioned earlier today that it might be later.. Like in today, I've been so horny and frustrated just thinking about it"

"I know :) you've earned a lot of good boy points, it's been noted. and now you'll get even more points, more frustrated and horny"

I put my head in my hands "Noooo."

"awe poor baby, ill give you a few strokes if you promise to cheer up and accept that 'you will ' have to wait"

"Oh thank you C, your so kind"

Honestly, I thought I was going to lose it. That offer made all the difference. But how does she do that?

C made me promise to cage up as soon as she had done. Or at least as soon as physically possible,

C "let's say.. Two minutes stroking then. Not up for debate. I'll set the timer.. Go"

The keys dropped into my lap. I rushed to unlock, my haste made me clumsy, precious seconds lost. Then it took some time to recover from the cage and get fully hard.

C started edging while checking her phone, didn't even glance at it. A thought crossed my mind while watching C's hand slide up and down 'That is indeed an amazingly good example of a rock hard cock, but this week it's been replaced by a rubber monster. The image of that huge phallus destroying C's pussy, and her gaping hole I long to ram this cock into sent me straight to the boil.

"stop! " I had to buck C's hand off and took deep breaths while my brain melted and the edges orgasmic sensations ripped through me. Wow! and C started again. smI quickly approached another mind bender. But before this happened and without a drop spilled.

"enough, two minutes up" .

I didn't argued, but it felt more like one minute. It was rock solid hard, bobbing about trying to get more attention, I was literally humping air.

C studied it for a while, close up, was she going to kiss it? Hioe hope hope.. No, she was smiling. C found it very amusing.

"ahhhh. night then"

C turned over and said "You have two minutes to cage up or you forfeit tomorrow"

It was so hard, and the preasure of trying push it into my body makes it harder. I panicked, jumped out of bed ran to the loo tried to pee, ran it under the cold tap.. It was just enough to force it on, and just in time, although I had pinched a bit in my efforts and in fact only my helmet was in the actual cage, the rest of it was literally trying to rupture my stomach and ass hole at the same time.
But it was on, phew! It was still painful but I I was delighted I'd made it.

"you can stroke my butt now"

And that was it. Here's looking forward to Thursday.

I really believe that unless you have been in this situation you just wouldn't understand how much pleasure there is in this for me.
I don't orgasm, but those edges, oh my.. They are much more powerful than any orgasm I have ever had, longer lasting and more plentyful (usually) .
I used to envy C having such powerful orgasm she would nearly pass out with sheer bliss, and then just be able to have another. This happens to me now except I have another if C wants me to. The best bit is.. The longer we play, the more powerful they become.

I admit there are some down times, but not often. Because even the denials and headfucks are good on hindsight.

Mostly I'm the kitten who gets all the cream, the dog with the juicy bone. my heart leaps when I'm called and I feel like a giddy excited child every day. Best and most important of all. C is absolutely loving it.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I finally got to suck C's breasts clean, although very little was allowed out. C had me by the balls and was putting her ball squeezing practice to good use so any reluctance was quickly subdued.

That evening C did something different. Instead of playing with my balls as usual, C asked "Would you like to stroke mine for a change?"

"Yes please!"

"thought so, I know you ask to sometimes"

So C lay reading with her legs apart while I stroked her pussy lips for the evening. Nice one.

Friday teatime and Saturday morning I was sent down to give C her due attention, but Saturday morning she didn't get there. This was in part due to the phone ringing and putting her off and then the vibe battery died. So after a 15 minute vibe and big dildo fuck resulting in no orgasm, I was sent to make breakfast.

C said she might send me back down after dinner to finish off what I started, but things got busy and there was no time.

Sunday morning. This is the day I've been waiting for my O day

C "suck day today. You're a lucky boy, coming again so soon? I'm far too good to you. But first you can finish what you started yesterday, I went a whole day with no orgasm at all"

It was actually two weeks ago that I came, C had come at least 14 times since, but I said nothing because the way I see it, we are having more orgasms and sex between us that we have ever had. Why argue such a trivial point when things are so good.

This time all went well with C, she came hard and soon after the key arrived.

I was actually quite nervous about coming, wasn't sure I would even be able to now I'm more used to sex without.

But when C said "I'm going to make you swallow this", I went straight to the boil and had an incredibly big O. Of course I had to swallow the lot.

This week work calls, a big job for me so I'm away most of the day and evening. C is happy to have a break, so nothing to add for now.

While I lay in bed exhausted C said she would edge me a little to give me a boost.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So, after a quiet week. C wanted it all. Tongue, toy, vibe. Followed by, and I quote "I want you to fuck me so hard I scream or pass out"

I literally fucked C's brains out, I was grunting away and C was coming bucket loads, then eventually went still during a massive orgasm. Out cold for a few seconds.
It was exhausting and I had to keep reeling it in to stop myself from coming. When C did pass out, I had to stop and force myself not to cum, I bit down on bed covers and growled like I was in pain for what felt like an absolute age until it started to ease off, then C came round and said "Come. Just a little bit".

Cumming on aural demand isn't usually possible, but just hearing this caused me to start to spasm and shake, and cum started pumping out? A half ruined just because C had said to?
This is a very fucked up head space to be in. I was a bit stunned.

C "Now that'll tide me over very nicely thank you. I probably won't need any until Wednesday now. I'm cancelling your cumday Sunday seem as you came just now"

"No complaints from me"

Although I hadn't actually Cum cum. C doesn't acknowledge there being a difference.

On Sunday, C decided to edge me for the length of time it took to watch her soap, 45 minutes of incredible orgasmic ecstasy for me. Each time I got too close she would let go and say "Don't!.. Don't!". That really makes it harder not to.

C didn't want any attention, she was enjoying my struggling and how easily she could control me. C: "I'm holding out till Wednesday, I have much bigger orgasms if I put them off"

Monday morning C had a change of mind
C "I was going to hold off but I thought 'fuck it, no point having you if I don't make use of you'"

she then sent me down to sort her out, C came in a matter of minutes and it was a biggie.

I am horny as hell, half a cum load did nothing to ease this, and I've a while to go before C allows any more out I think.

Just a note. We had a chat Saturday night while out for a drink. The wine had loosened our tongues a bit. C said something along the lines of "You thought this was all about you, and you letting me have control ya de yah. That was never the case, oh no, I always had the control anyway, you just needed this to realise it and I have you right here"
C made an under the thumb action".

"erm.. I have no idea how to reply to that?"

C "How about 'good job I like being locked up then', because that's how it always going to be like it or lump it."

The smile C gave me was beautiful, exciting, loving and also quite terrifying.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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we're in unknown territory.
For years C has had problems with unusually long periods, lasting two weeks or more.
This puts C in a position where she's prevented from having sex for weeks, so when the time comes she goes on a rampage.
This month. No period. The rampage happened, the next week was still full on but less. Then the next week less still.

This week is the forth week period free and C has lost that need to "get it in while she can"
So C is taking it easy. Still teasing but not needing so many orgasms and not as deviously naughty.
I was edged Sunday, tongue and toy fucked C on Monday, edged again Tuesday.
The edge was different in that C took me to the edge a few times and then said "you take over, I'll watch, you're not allowed to cum". During which C gave a running commentary on the colour of my balls.
Each time I got close C said things like "no cum" or "don't let any out or i'll make you swallow it"
Me "not helping"

Another nightly thing happens now where C has me kiss each nipple before sleep, before I Stoke her butt. Sometimes I'm given permision to go down and kiss her shaved lips as well. Just one kiss, no more.

My orgasms are few and far between, but C often forgets when it was or believes it was only a few days ago, she doesn't keep track.

Again, on Wednesday C said "Ill not bother today, I don't need an orgasm, I just don't need as much this week, I'll wait till weekend" .

And then on Thursday after dinner, as I was passing the bedroom C lent out and did a come hither motion.

"In here. I'm stressed. sort me out"

C had a rather big orgasm, stress levels resolved.

I lay under the covers looking at her freshly fucked pussy. Incredible.

Whilst lying there C said "In case your wondering. This is all about me, nothing else is going in there."

By the end of thursday day I was So horny. I risked asking "If I begged for two minutes.."

A very firm" No".

I Kissed C's breasts. She turned over and went to sleep.

I lay thinking.
It is training, and it is working. It took a lot of self discipline initially to eat pussy and walk away horny, but I've gotten used to it. C has definitely gotten used to it. My penis doesn't react the same when eating C's pussy these days, like it knows it won't be used so it stays semi rather than painfully swollen.
But my head is dizzy, intoxicated lust filled.. Hungry.
Yes, C uses me, and I feel used in a good way.. I feel useful. My self worth is very healthy.

Statement of the week.

On Friday I hit my limit. I became very desperate and needy. A really bad place to be. Weak, falling apart.
It's unattractive to C. I assume to any woman it would result in a step backwards.
I desperately asked C if she would "please, please let me out later, if only for a few minutes?"
C replied "Probably not, maybe tomorrow if you can pull yourself together. If it helps I'll definitely be making use of you tomorrow and we'll.. You never know"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Life is settled and routine at the moment. I've taken a few big jobs on so working more hours and the kids keep us busy after school.
So things have slowed down a bit.
I am still caged of course, C really wouldn't have it any other way.
I am still sent down to sort C's orgasms out and still earn edges with my good boy points.
So it's settled into a steady routine for the time being and there is little to add.
Ill update if anything notable happens.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Quick catch up for the week.
Last Wednesday morning tongue and toy. C had her orgasm and sent me on my way.
In the evening C edged me just once leaving me rock hard and desperate for more.

Friday morning just as I was getting up.
C "where are you going?"

"Getting up, I want to make get an early start so I can finish the job today"
"your not going anywhere until I've had my orgasm, get down there and sort me out"

And so I went down and ate C's amazing pussy, then toy fucked her with a vibe pressed to her clit.

C changed position so that the head of the dildo was heading up towards her public bone and was stroking her G spot. The squelching started almost instantly, and each stroke caused a small amount of love fluid to squirt out.
C came incredibly hard and despite having a towel, the bed was quite soaked.

C "wow that orgasm was completely different. The same, but more"

"phew. Yes that was quite a mind blower.. "

Followed by
"OK, you can go now, bring me a coffee before you leave"

I was bulging like crazy, I hesitated, looked at my bulge and then at C's incredibly wet pussy and then at C.

C "Did you want something?"

"Oh god yes please, I didn't think I could ask, it'd be the first time I've had you after a squirting orgasm, I want that so much. "

C looked at me as if I had grown another head.

"What? No silly, I meant it in a 'why are you still here' kind of way. I'm all right thank you, so I don't care what you want."

"Oh. Ah.. Right, yes of course"

I literally had to tear myself away, my urge to pounce was so powerful. But what could I do?

When I returned with the coffee, C looked at me in that way that makes me think "oh no, what have I done?"

C "Why.. Is there a big wet patch on the bed?"

"unless you had an accident while I was making coffee ha ha, it's likley because you came so hard?"

"OK. And who made me come so hard?"

I already know where this is going, so I might as well play it out.. "I did"

"You did. And while you were down there you just let this mess happen?"

"Yes, sorry, I didn't realise"

"But you do realise I'll have give you a lesson on how to clean your own mess up? "

Now this was unexpected. It usually means I get to cum.
I tried not to smile while saying
"Yes honey, sorry honey"

Later that day I was quite frisky. It must have showed and C wasn't too amused.

"you're so frustrated today, I'll help you with that. Pants down"

"ah! OK"

"Hold your cage up towards your belly, I hurt my hand last time"

At this point my blood ran cold and I held back.

"No edges or anything until you do, so it's Now or in weeks and weeks and weeks. Makes no difference to me."

So I lifted the cage upwards. The base Ring automatically follows pushing my balls so they stick straight out ready for a side swipe. All the hang has gone due to my balls trying to retreat to Saftey. Breath. Breath..

Wham! "Calm. Down"

"Oooof.. [email protected]"

Slap! "And stop making a mess and arguing"

I crumpled, no air in my lungs to yell.

C "well done, you can have cream buns in the morning"

Cream buns, means sucking (edged) cum off breasts. The slaps drove any thoughts of horny away. Eating my cum own isn't something I want to do now.

By Saturday morning the ache of ball slaps was replaced with aching blue balls.

"Time for cream buns" C said.

C edged me for a while then had me get into position while she very easily edged me almost to orgasm, but not quite.
Just enough for a small blob on each nipple.

I felt relieved but still wasn't keep on eating it.

"Do I 'have' to clean it up?

"Did you make it?"

"well.. Yes"

"Yes you did. I'm not the one who swallow cum any more. Clean it up" .

C had hold of my balls and was slowly tightening the grip.

And so I cleaned it up.

C "Yuck! That really is disgusting, but it's got to be done. Sometimes you need reminding who it is in control"
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Posting is weekly at the moment due a slowdown on C's part. Not a complaint, things are still fabulous.

Sunday morning
C "OK, I've had enough adoring lingering man, I'm going to empty them out, but you're not allowed to get cranky"

Great! I thought. Wasn't expecting that?

C started to suck me, and then edge me.

"Im deciding if I should sit on it, or carry on and make you swallow the lot. Hmm? Which would I enjoy the most?"

C decided to sit on it.

"As soon as you start to cum, pull out"

"Yes baby"

C had an orgasm, and so that triggered my orgasm. I pulled out just as it started effectively ruining it, so Not a big one for me but it took the preasure off.

C came on her period on Tuesday, I'm hoping this will be like hitting the reset button.

On Wednesday C decided to milk my prostate by edging me over and over.
C managed to get me to cum five times, each producing a good lot until it belched up an almost solid gunk, all without triggering an orgasm. pretty impressive.

I was left with that weird prostate/perenium ache, like my prostate had had a good workout.

"You can leave it out for an hour, No touching it"
I had an awful lot of erections in that hour just from being sat naked next to C.

Friday night I was one stopped. Edged slowly as long as I could hold out before saying stop and eventually re locked.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C emptied my prostate (balls) again on Sunday, more edged out. But this time it took only two edges before the last of it came out thick and lumpy, not pleasant to cum the lumpy stuff.
I was done in minutes. Still horny in my head and eager to please but the urges for sex and erection attempts have gone, replaced with aching/mild burning prostate.

C is quite happy with the result. No orgasm means I'm less cranky, and edged empty balls means I'm also not a needy pain in the but.

Monday C's period finished so I was sent down to sort her out.

"OK Mr, down you go, make me come hard and then I'll send you on your way"

I gave C her orgasm, a big one to start off with. After C had relaxed and enjoyed the afterglow she said "Ahhh, that's better. OK, you can fuck off now"

She smiled as she said this so no offense taken and off I went, along with my still virtually empty balls.

Tuesday C fancied another orgasm.
"seem as I've had to go without, I'm sure you won't mind doing the same, So I'm going to treat you to a very tight cage over the next few days"

And that was it, my hunger and attempts at hard came back immediately.

C came hard again, very hard.
Afterwards as she lay recovering and I stroked her breast, C held onto my balls and cage tight.

"God it is good knowing your locked while I'm coming like that. And staying locked. Don't you think"

"I love it, yes"

"good, there will be more to come then"

C teases me discreetly while we're out, for example if we are in a queue she will twist slightly to an fro so her butt cheeks brush against my cage. I cant help but moan with the pleasure of it.

Later in the day. C reminded me we had a trip coming up, 5 nights away.

"Yes, I know honey. I have booked time off. "

"just so you know. The restrictions won't be the same as last time"

"I can actually be unlocked for this holiday? "

"No silly. the kids have there own room this time, So I don't have to be frustrated the whole week. you can make me cum, I'll just have to stifle it"

"erm, oh, OK? And me? "

"That is for you. No key required"

"are you sure you don't want to take the key just in case"

"I am now.. I'm getting quite horny thinking about it.. No time to use you now though"

"OK, Maybe later? Tomorrow we have to get out early"

"Hmm. True. But there'll be enough time for at least one of us to cum".

That was last week.
This week has been unusual.
C came on another period at weekend so things screeched to a halt again. So nothing this week apart from an unexpected release for me.
I've been uncaged for two days. C thinks it needs time to stretch out. I'll be Locked again later today.
C should be making use of me again. We go on our trip next week.
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