Buyer Beware

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Buyer Beware

Post by creampieeatin »

Recently purchased a couple of devices from 'lockthecock'. One of them was stainless, their 'put a ring on it' style. Started off great. Fit well and was comfortable. Then a couple weeks into Locktober during some cleaning I noticed a couple spots of rust on the bottom along the seem.

Firgured as their own web site mentions being rust-proof, they would be able to take care of it. After contacting them their response was that it is nothing that should happen with one of theirs. But if I wanted to order another one, they would be glad to give me a discount.

So, not only do they not sell quality products, but they don't stand behind them as well.

Se as my KH says, looks like we'll be saving up for a custom made one. In the meantime, we can live with other options.
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Re: Buyer Beware

Post by TwistedMister »

Good to know.
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Re: Buyer Beware

Post by Tom Allen »

Then a couple weeks into Locktober during some cleaning I noticed a couple spots of rust on the bottom along the seem.
First off, that's pretty poor customer service.

Second, the cage materials probably are stainless (302/304, which are common), but the weld material, even though it's "stainless," may be subject to surface corrosion. It's a not uncommon issue, even though it's not exactly rust.

The problem is that with those multiple ring welds, it's difficult to clean and polish out. You might try a fine toothbrush and some abrasive polishing compound, or just buy a different design (the Undelivered Package looks similar).
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Re: Buyer Beware

Post by Shoeslave88 »

It also depends on what type of welding process they used. As it is difficult to find quality stainless welding materials for stick welders or flux welders they would have to use a gas system and if the surface wasn't cleaned properly before the welding process it can screw up the weld and allow rust. I'm not a professional welder but I mess around in my garage and these are some of the issues I've come across.
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Re: Buyer Beware

Post by conorg »

The weld probably needs cleaning with pickling paste.
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