A happy accident

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A happy accident

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Jeff was away from the coffee shop and so on a quiet week between Christmas and New Years in that part of town, the college part of town, it didn’t seem odd that I was the only one in the shop with Julie. She was making my second cappuccino and I had moved from my customary seat at the table in the corner to a stool at the short bar just at the end of the espresso machine so I could talk with her. We were discussing family and all of the dynamics that go along with holiday visits when she completely stopped what she was doing and looked me straight in the eyes.

“You seem a bit down. Is it just the holiday blues? Or something else?

I paused and considered my answer. It was true I was down about something—well maybe not down, but definitely troubled. Over the summer I had rekindled my interest in chastity and had I pursued it with great enthusiasm. I had locked myself in a custom chastity device and since I didn’t have a girlfriend I was comfortable with being self-locked. Lately though I had decided to ramp things up a bit and I got into a habit of mailing both keys to myself. That way, I would be locked against my will for at least a few days at a time. I had even gone so far as to find a mailbox in town that was only picked up twice a week. If I dropped the keys in the box on Thursday afternoon I sometimes wouldn’t get them until the following Friday. The last time I had mailed the keys was three Thursdays ago. Even factoring in all of the Christmas mail it was clear that they were lost.

The cage on my cock wasn’t for the faint of heart, it had an urethral insert that penetrated the inside of the penis and extended past the base ring around my balls. A locking pin went through the underside of my cock at my PA piercing and was secured to the tube inside. Once in, there was no getting out short of breaking the device or using the key. Breaking the device was going to be my last resort since I upgraded the metal to titanium and the whole thing cost me nearly a grand. Even then I’d still have to figure out how to get the locking pin out of the urethral tube. I had been working up the courage to go to a locksmith but it was a small town in many ways and I knew that my story was titillating enough that it would be the source of much gossip.

“Uh, yeah. There’s something that’s bothering me. Just the holidays I guess.

Julie tilted her head in the disarming way that she had and her lips pulled back in a smile. She reached up to a chain around her neck and pulled it away from her as if to readjust it. “Are you sure it’s not something else? Like maybe something you lost?

I felt like time froze and I was waiting for it to start again. I tried to swallow and was aware that the coffee taste in my mouth had taken on a much stronger if not unpleasant taste. My brain was trying to piece things together but the logic was so flawed my thoughts just swam in circles.

“What do you mean?

“You know what I’m talking about. And with that she pulled on the chain further and two keys appeared at the base of her long thin beautiful neck—a neck that I wanted to ring because the keys weren’t just any keys, but my keys.


Just as I was about to reach out and grab the chain I heard the bell of the door behind me chime. Julie took a half a step back and was wearing an even bigger smile. She was quite pleased with herself. It hit me, the bigger question might be how she knew I was locked up.

“How did you know?

The smile on her face seemed permanent. I hadn’t turned around but I assumed that the other person in the shop was within earshot. Julie leaned towards me but not close enough for me to grab her. She lowered her voice just a bit. Her delivery was off the cuff but I could tell that she had been thinking about what she might say when this situation presented itself.

“My, so many questions. Well... we’re able to do a fair amount of people watching here in the shop and let’s just say that Jeff and I both noticed that for a couple of weeks over the summer you were fussing with the bulge in your shorts. Since you don’t have a girlfriend we figured it probably wasn’t a chastity device, but we weren’t sure—and really had no plans to get involved. But when Tom delivered our mail a couple of weeks ago there was a letter addressed to you, with your return address. The outline of the keys was visible through the envelope. We knew right away what they were. We were just going to make you sweat it out a few days but then we got to talking—

You got to talking? About my cock?!

Her smile faded slightly and her hand went protectively up to the chain around her neck. Fucking Tom our mailman, he was a great guy but sometimes minor details, like addresses, escaped him. I lived across the street and two houses down from Jeff and Julie. How he confused our addresses was beyond me.

Julie’s faded smile twisted into a smirk, “Well that attitude isn’t going to help your situation.


I heard the back door slam and Jeff walked in from the supply room. He looked at me and then turned to Julie and asked, “So you told him?” The smile returned to Julie’s face. She nodded. Jeff smiled and gave a small chuckle. He then looked back at me and seeing the desperation on my face asked Julie for the keys. She quickly handed them to Jeff who tucked them away in his front pocket. He spoke to Julie as if I wasn’t even there.

“Well, you know what we talked about. I’ll leave it to you. I’ve gotta run to the bank and do a few other things. Not sure when I’ll be back.

Julie turned to me with a smirk on her face and just shrugged her shoulders. Two people walked up to the counter. She took their orders and came by where I was sitting, reached over the counter and whisked away my half finished cappuccino. She looked at me intently, smirked and winked. “We’ll see you tonight then at 8:30.”

I waited until after 9:00 before I walked over to Jeff and Julie’s. It was a desperate attempt to establish some sort of control over things. Julie opened the door with kind of a miffed look on her face.

“Come in. You’re late.

“Yeah, well, it’s not like I have a choice right?

“You have a choice. Go ahead, leave.” Julie gave me a twisted frown and did a funny bounce­—almost childlike in a way, like she was just daring me to disappoint her.

Julie stepped aside when I pushed in past her. Jeff came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He smiled when he saw me. Julie closed the door, walked around me and stood next to Jeff. She put her hand around Jeff’s waist.

My heart was hammering. Jeff and Julie had weeks to think about what they wanted and neither one of them was lacking in the imagination department. I’m sure my locked cock must have been the subject of hours of discussion. They were waiting for me to make the first move. I caved.

“So, what is it that you guys want?

Julie smiled. “Well, we’d like to give you a gift. We did a lot of research on chastity and there’s a big part of you—probably the part that thought not being able to orgasm would be fun—that wants this to be difficult. So, you’re going to have to earn your release. We’ll try not to make it too easy for you.

When I walked over I was aware that my cock was turtled as much as it could be with the PA pin fixed to the device. But when Julie started talking about me having to earn my release my cock started to strain against the device. I could feel it being pulled away from my body.

Julie looked at my crotch and smiled. “Seems you like this idea. You’ll need to service us both to get your key back. We flipped a coin and Jeff gets you first.

Jeff gets you first. It rang in my head like a bad echo.

Before I could even gulp, Julie pulled the towel from around Jeff’s waist. I’m curious to know what the look on my face was because they both started giggling. Jeff’s cock was the largest I’d ever seen and he wasn’t even fully erect yet. He had to be 2 inches in diameter and well over 8 inches in length. He was slowly rising and I was reminded of a war movie I had seen about the massive shore batteries of the Third Reich. The sheer volume of his meat was enhanced by the fact that his shaft and balls were shaved completely smooth.

I could only feebly protest. “I’m not gay though.”

Julie shot back callously. “Whatever. Call it gay for pay if you need to. You’ve never sucked a cock?


Julie giggled and reached over and grabbed Jeff’s cock. His cock was bigger around than her wrist.“Well you’re definitely going to be starting at the advanced level.

I’ve always been a fan of oral service—I just like putting things in my mouth—but still I was pretty surprised when I found myself relieved that Jeff just wanted head. My relief only lasted a moment though because Julie went onto explain that I would need to deep throat him.

“Are you kidding me? I don’t know how to do that. Besides he’s huge.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.

With that Julie grabbed each of us by the hand and led us into the bedroom. Jeff laid down on his back, with his massive erection flopping over on one side of his belly. Julie laid down next to him propped up on her elbow. Her feet stretched past his head. It seemed like an odd position to me. She motioned for me to lay down on the other side. I paused. Julie flipped Jeff’s cock up off his body with her free hand and tilted her chin up in the direction of Jeff’s feet. She slid down and without pausing took at least 6 inches of cock into her mouth. She pulled off with a smacking noise and looked at Jeff.

“I’m not sure he’s ever going to see those keys.

Reluctantly I laid down and mirrored Julie’s position next to Jeff. Over what was probably an hour or so she coached and showed me how to take all of Jeff’s cock. No matter how much I tried to relax and no matter how much lube Julie slathered on the cock I was only able to get within 3 inches of taking it down my throat. Eventually Jeff got so worked up that he started swinging and then bucking his hips. His hand came down on the back of my head and he blew his load deep into my mouth and down my throat. I didn’t try to stop him or pull off. Maybe at that point I had given into my predicament. Maybe I wanted it to be over. Maybe I liked what I was doing. Maybe nearly 4 weeks without an orgasm had something to do with it.

Jeff’s cock reminded me of the some of the huge ones I had seen in porn films from the 70s and 80s. He never got super stiff, his cock was pliable and bendable and filled whatever space it was shoved into. I remember hearing a porn actress cooing about Ron Jeremy’s cock, about how it conformed to her instead of her having to conform to it. Now I understood what she meant. As for his cum, most of it went down my throat but what I tasted was not bad at all. Still it was a bit humiliating not only to suck cock but to be thoroughly outdone by Julie who had a much smaller mouth. She repeatedly took in Jeff’s whole cock. I considered it showing off when on one stroke she took his balls into her mouth as well. Maybe enthusiasm had something to do with it.

I rolled off of the bed and stood up and wiped the saliva off of my face. I waited.

“You’re not leaving yet. You gotta do me.

I looked down at Julie on the bed. I had no idea where this was going but I had always had a thing for Julie. She was a small thin girl and had a nerdish quality about her which was sometimes a big turn on for me. Thick rim glasses sat on her small featured face and her skin while perfect, was a little too white for my liking. She had great eyes and eyebrows, long auburn hair and she was small breasted—all big pluses in my book. I blinked. I had just sucked her boyfriends cock. Whatever she wanted to do with me wasn’t going to be any worse.

Before it was Julie’s turn though both of them wanted to see my locked cock. I wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed when I dropped my pants. My cock was so thoroughly captured that I didn’t even consider it being naked. Both of them marveled at the detailed construction of my cage and asked plenty of questions. I think Jeff got pretty squicked out when I told him how far the tube was up my cock.

Once they were finished I sat down on the bed. Julie stood in front of me and started undressing. Jeff played things cool and went into the kitchen and then turned on the TV. The bedroom door was open but we were left to ourselves. Julie’s tits were beautiful A-cups with long nipples. She had the left one pierced with a barbell. Once again I was reminded of the 70s and 80s porn scene when Julie lifted her skirt. She had a pair of while lace panties that were too small to contain her bush. When she kicked her leg out to the side and put it on the bed frame so she could take her long socks off I could see from my vantage point that her bush even crawled out a little bit to the inside of her thigh. I was relieved to see that when she hooked her thumbs inside her panties and pulled them down, that while the expanse of her bush was vast, everything was trimmed short. Her ample lips poked through and were already wet with expectation.

She told me to lay on my back and then she mounted me in a 69. She started sucking my balls before I could even start in on her. Julie’s lips were fanned out and her pussy was already open a bit as if it had just been fucked. I guess that was the drawback of having a boyfriend with a monster cock. I tongued her for a few minutes and when I went to plant a kiss on her clit she moved her hips up and met my puckered lips. Her cunt enveloped my mouth. When she pulled up I pushed my head back into the mattress to give myself a breather. Instinctively I reached up with my hand and wasn’t too surprised when her pussy greedily swallowed three of my fingers. I finger fucked her for a while but her smell made my mouth water. I returned to licking and finished her off with long tongue strokes over her lips and clit. My cock was raging so hard it felt like it had a chance at that moment to break its metal prison. Before Julie climbed off she put her lips on the metal cap at the end of my cage. I could feel the pre cum being sucked out of the tube in my cock. When Julie got up she looked at me with a big smile and wiped her mouth. She laughed and before I could lift myself off of the bed she climbed on top of me and tenderly kissed and licked the mess she had deposited on my face.

“Hang in there with this. I promise it will be worth it.

I dressed and before I left they told me to come back on Saturday for another chance to satisfy Jeff. Just as I walked out the front door I heard Julie yell. “Wait!

I turned and she tossed something at me underhand. It hit the door frame and flipped out on the porch. I reached down and grabbed the big fleshy dildo and quickly tucked it underneath my shirt.

“You should try practicing on that. It’s only 8 inches, so you’ll have another inch and a half or so before you can get Jeff down. It will help though. Make sure you bring it back. That one’s not cheap.

Julie gave me that sweet smile and her wonderful head tilt before she shut the door. I think when I fell asleep that night the last thought that went through my mind was that I had just sucked on a 9.5 inch cock.

Over the next three weeks I was given a handful of opportunities to swallow Jeff to his satisfaction. Finally it was over when after nights of working on the practice cock, I used some throat numbing spray to get myself over the last piece of his manhood. I almost started to well up with tears when I felt his trimmed pubic hair hit my nose. Once I knew I could do it I took Jeff all of the way in and then out, over and over. He finally came when I held him deep in my throat and clenched his cock several times by using a swallowing motion.

In less than a month under Jeff and Julie’s thumb I had broken a lot of new personal sexual ground. The biggest had to be the night Jeff got bored with my failed attempt at oral service and fucked me. I wasn’t going to let him but Julie pegged me first with the practice cock. The open minded version of myself thinks that Jeff’s cock felt better not because it was bigger, but because it was, well, just better. I guess it didn’t hurt that the feeling of his massive member twitching and shooting in my ass was intensely pleasurable. And it probably didn’t hurt either that when it was all over Julie cleaned me up back there with a few deft tongue strokes.

As for servicing Julie, by the time I had mastered Jeff’s request we had done just about everything you can do while having a locked cock—I had rimmed her, sucked her tits, and twice I cleaned up her cream pie—both of which I had a ringside seat for—once when Jeff was seated in a chair and Julie was riding him in reverse cowgirl position with me kneeling between her legs, and a second time with Julie astride my face in 69 position with Jeff taking her from behind. Watching his bloated cock slide in and out of her hairy hole was remarkable. Easily better than the best porn I’ve ever seen simply because I was living it.

Twice Julie had me come over just to fluff Jeff. Once he was up, which took all of about two minutes, I was told to leave. Clearly on those nights Julie was into the humiliation angle. Then there was the weekend her sister visited. Jen was a semi-butch lesbian. She had the same body as Julie but with a bit more tone and her hair was cropped very short. Julie had me come over so Jen could witness my kept state. They sat on the couch and drank wine and watched me at their command slowly undress. Julie was visibly aroused while Jen was visibly amused. I thought that was the end of it but then I was summoned over again that night. Jeff and Julie were watching TV and I was told to go into the guest bedroom where Jen was waiting for me. I entered meekly unsure what to expect.

Jen greeted me in her underwear with a devious smile on her face and strap-on jutting out from her crotch. In her words she wanted to “experience the man being the object”. She fucked me repeatedly in 20 minute sessions throughout the night. Each time after she finished Jen insisted on spooning me and keeping the first couple of inches of her cock in my ass. I barely slept. At 7:00 the next morning she fucked me for the last time but with a new twist. I was told that she was going to be working on me until she came from the friction at the base of the dildo. Jen finally came in a scream when I clamped down on the dildo and held it in place for her to buck against. When I looked at the clock it read 7:50. I’m not really sure if she thought it was a peace offering but before I left, Jen made me go down on her for a second orgasm. Unlike her sister’s pussy Jen’s was nicely coiffed—shaved into a tight block with both labia pierced with a silver hoop. I sucked and licked her to orgasm in less than 15 minutes but as I was dressing Jen couldn’t pass up one last chance to humiliate me. I was told that my oral skills were lacking for even the most inexperienced lesbian. I just smiled and said thank you.

On the last night Jeff again retreated to the living room. Julie sat me in a chair and cuffed my hands behind my back. She unlocked my cock and with great care washed and shaved me explaining that she liked all of her men that way. Julie freed me from the chair and gave me two massive, body shaking orgasms—one in her beautiful mouth and another in her deliciously tight ass. When I left that night I smiled at Jeff knowing that I had something he wasn’t allowed to have. Julie loved anal but Jeff was just too big for her.

Before I left though Julie wanted to put the device back on me—”I want to return you to your locked state. It’s the way I like you.” Even though I had just blown two loads it was a intensely sexual experience for me and my cock wouldn’t cooperate. Julie tried to talk me through it but finally she decided on a different tactic. She put me on all fours and stuck her finger in my ass. After she milked a huge wad out of my cock I had shrunk enough for her to fit the cage on. She put the chain with both keys over my neck and I kissed her and left.

I still went to the coffee shop every day and for the most part we all got on like nothing ever happened. A week later I got back into the habit of mailing the keys. The first couple of times I only sent one. Knowing that I could get out any time I wanted just ruined the game. So, one morning against my better judgment I took both keys out of my nightstand drawer and dropped them into an envelope. I paused when I made out the address to make sure I had it right. Yup, 2815 Elm—Jeff and Julie’s place. I dropped the envelope at the post office right before I went into work.
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