What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

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What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

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Jim heaved a banana box of juice bottles onto the plywood shelf with a grunt. Time to quit. He made his way to the office where the manager, Dave, was busy with a woman client. Jim couldn’t help but admire her spectacularly narrow waist hugged by a tight red sweater and her beautifully rounded posterior encased in black pants that must have been painted on. She had short straight blond hair that had a soft, almost fluffy, newly washed look.

“Hi Dave,” Jim said, “Sorry to interrupt. I’m on my way. Do you need me Wednesday?”

When the woman turned to glance at him, Jim was startled to see that she was much older than he had expected. Maybe mid-late forties, but definitely good looking; she obviously worked out. The tight sweater emphasised her bust and an impish grin lit her face as she spotted Jim’s appreciative glance.

“Yes. If you can spare the time, we’ve a big shipment coming in and I could use the help. Could you take a moment before you go to help Kathy out? It’s just a small order. You can get it all on one of the steel trolleys.” Dave passed him a clipboard.

Dave turned to the woman. “Jim’ll take you round the warehouse. If you spot anything extra you need just let him know.”

Jim grabbed a spare trolley. “This way, if you please.” They walked down the long aisles. Steel frames with plywood shelves laden down with dry and canned food towered twelve feet over them on both sides. They gathered cereal, oatmeal bars, large bottles and cans of juice and from the walk-in refrigerator, cases of yoghourt.

“Is this for a school breakfast program?” Jim guessed.

“Yes, I volunteer up at Central High,” Kathy replied.

They finished the paperwork, Kathy drew her station wagon up to the bay doors and Jim loaded the boxes into the back.

“Do you have someone to help you unload at the school?” he asked.

“No, but I can manage.”

“Well, I’m just heading home and Central’s on my way. I’d be happy to give you a hand.”

Kathy looked at him considering for a moment. “Would you offer, if I was, say, a sixtyish man?” she teased.

Jim stiffened. “The boxes of juice weigh about sixty pounds and they’re an awkward size for carrying. I’d offer to help anyone I thought might appreciate it,” he said coldly.

“Now I’ve got your back up. I’m sorry. If you’re still offering, I’d be grateful for your help.”

“I’m still offering,” Jim said, thawing a little.” Which door will we unload at?”

“The receiving doors at the southwest corner will be open. See you there.”

With the supplies stacked neatly in the small kitchen and the yoghourt safely in the fridge, Kathy and Jim made their way to their cars. At the receiving door, she turned to him.

“I do appreciate your help, Jim. I hope I didn’t take you too far out of your way?”

“No, no! As I said, it’s on my way home. It was no trouble at all.”

“Can I buy you a coffee… If you’re not in a hurry?” she said.

Jim smiled. “I’m retired so I’m working hard at never being in a hurry. I’d enjoy a coffee.”

“There’s a nice little coffee shop just at the end of this block. We could walk down there. Would that be O.K.?”

They walked a few hundred meters and settled down at a quiet corner table with their drinks.

“So how come you’re retired? You look kinda young to be kicking your heels?” Kathy said.

Jim laughed. “Actually, I’m 59. I taught high school for 36 years. I loved the work, but I was eligible for a full pension and I was ready for new challenges.”

“Like volunteering at the food bank depot?”

“That’s part of it. I volunteer there a few days each month. It’s physical work; keeps me healthy and the volunteers are a great bunch of people. How about yourself?”

“I’m a writer, a novelist. I’ve had a couple of books published, but neither was a great success. I’m working on my third and I think it’s more promising.”

“What genre?”

“Erotica!” Again she flashed her impish grin, her blue eyes sparkling mischievously. “Are you shocked?”

“Um, no. Surprised maybe, but not shocked. I don’t think I’m a prude and I enjoy a stimulating story.”

“Do you now?” Kathy looked at Jim’s hand speculatively. “So you have a wife? Children?”

“I have a daughter, Sandy. She’s married and lives in Burlington. She has two children. My wife passed away 5 years ago; cancer.” Kathy strained to hear him murmur. “I miss her terribly.”

“I am sorry,” she said. “You were very close?”

“She was my best friend and only lover. She was always there for me,” he said simply.

“I envy you. I’ve had several long term relationships, but they never worked out. I guess I’m not so easy to live with.”

“I doubt if that’s true. You’re very easy to talk to. Perhaps you just never met the right man.”

Kathy shrugged. “Tell me what else you do when you’re not carting boxes of juice around.”

“Oh, I try to keep in shape; weights at the gym and swimming. I read and I volunteer quite a few days a month at the down-town food bank. That way I get to see the folks that we help out as well as helping out at the central depot.”

Jim drained his cup and stretched. “Thanks for the coffee. I really enjoyed a little female companionship. I’ll be honest with you. I would have offered to help anyone with those cases of food, but it was a nice bonus that you’re such an attractive woman.” He stood up. “I’d love to read one of your books sometime. See you around,” he said


“So tell me what you thought of my book?” Kathy said as the waiter poured the wine and withdrew discreetly.

“I enjoyed it a lot. It was definitely arousing, which is what I’m sure you intended. It was well written, with a solid plot, interesting relationships and of course, lots of steamy oral sex. It’s the sort of fantasy that a lot of men would enjoy, but I doubt whether the reality would measure up.”

“I’m not so sure you’re right about that,” Kathy said thoughtfully.

“Look how frustrated your protagonist was, trapped in a chastity cage, never allowed out except to be teased. His orgasms were as rare as hen’s teeth and designed to humiliate him. He was miserable.”

“But he transcended that misery. He channelled all that sexual energy into better serving his Mistress. The agony of frustration was transformed into the ecstasy of serving his beloved. She benefited from his loving service and in return she lovingly provided him with the opportunity to develop his submissive side, to become the fuller person he was intended to be.”

They paused while the waiter served his soup and her salad.

“Well, as I said it’s an enjoyable fantasy, but I can’t see how love has much to do with it. My experience is limited to one relationship. But it was a wonderful one. It was based on equality and respect. It seems to me they’re the prerequisites of a loving relationship.”

“Respect certainly, but not equality. Some men, perhaps most, long to be dominated by strong women even though they may not realize it. Left to themselves, they’re self-centred and lazy. Nurtured and controlled by strong women, they can learn to become caring, loving, and considerate. They’ll take pride in doing their paid work, sharing in the chores and working hard to enhance their relationship with their beloved. Since men are governed by their sex drive, the obvious way to modify their behaviour is to take charge of it. Equality isn’t necessary for a loving relationship.”

“Those are pretty sweeping generalizations. None of us is perfect, but a great many men are no more selfish than women.”

“Oh come on! The male stereotype is well earned. How many wives do double duty holding down a job and running a home? Most men come home from work and assume they’re entitled to put their feet up while the wives run around picking up their shoes and coats, cooking dinner and doing laundry; all of this after mothering boorish male bosses at work, soothing their egos and doing all the real work.”

“That’s not fair,” Jim said, stung by the note of scorn in Kathy’s voice. I suppose some older men, who grew in a time when the man provided and the woman looked after the home, may not have changed with the times. But now that women are breadwinners too, most men I know do their share of cooking, cleaning and laundry. Why, my son-in-law gets his wife breakfast in bed every day. Sure there’s still some catch-up to do, but things are getting fairer all the time.”

“Did your wife work? Can you honestly say you did your share?”

“It took years of negotiation and struggle to make it work. We started out with an old-fashioned relationship. I worked and she looked after the house and raised our daughter – equal but different roles.”

Kathy curled her lip. “Would she agree, I wonder?”

“It worked for a while, but after our daughter started school, my wife wanted more. She began working, but I was slow to pick up the slack. There was conflict and things deteriorated. Our sex life was always the barometer of our relationship and it started to fall apart. It took a while for my wife to get it though my thick skull that if I wanted an energetic, playful lover, I’d have to pick up some of the slack around the house. Working full-time and running the household were wearing her down. She was chronically exhausted. More than that, by assuming she could do the housework as well as her job, I was implying that her work was less taxing and less important than mine. Once I took on my share of child-raising and housework, our relationship improved dramatically.”

“You see!” said Kathy triumphantly. “Your wife had to take charge of your cock to make you do your share.”

“If you were cynical I suppose you could say that my wife used my sexual needs to modify my behaviour, but it wasn’t by denial as in your story. It was by promising a richer, more exciting sex life if I pulled my weight. To put it bluntly, when I did my share, she had the energy to fuck the living daylights out of me, lovingly and frequently.”

Jim paused as the waiter removed the plates and refilled the wine glasses.

Kathy leaned forward. “You had a very special marriage with a very special woman. I’d argue that you are a better person as a result of her training you. It’s just a case of finding the right control strategy. A man is only truly happy when he becomes comfortable in his submission and serves his beloved. He can only be trusted when his woman keeps him hungry and on a short leash. My mother gave herself completely and without reservation to my dad and for a while they were so much in love. But something that’s comes too easily is quickly undervalued and dad took off with a woman who presented more of a challenge. He destroyed all the joy in my mother for the rest of her life and left me with an important life lesson about men. Men need to be controlled, challenged and kept hungry if they’re to be the best they can be. They need to be dominated by a strong woman.”

“What proof do you have of that?” Jim scoffed.

Kathy smiled. “I could prove to you that it works, but are you man enough to accept the challenge? Let me put you in a chastity cage for a month. Submit yourself to my will. I guarantee that by the end of the month, you’ll beg me to let you be my caged servant.”

“Kathy! We’ve been going out for three months and I like to think we have a real friendship developing here. However, you’ve consistently blocked even the most tentative moves on my part to move us into a sexual relationship. Then you drop a bomb on me like this. I’d be crazy to even think about it. I enjoy your company a lot, but I have no intention of letting you turn me into that poor sap in your book. As I said, the book is fun, but it’s no prescription for real life. The relationship dynamic is all one way. Your male character really doesn’t contribute to the female character’s growth at all. At the start of the novel, she’s a self-serving, self centred, selfish egomaniac. She does nothing of a socially redeeming nature whatsoever. No volunteer work, no contributions to the community, no political involvement. At the end of the book she’s just the same. No change. In my marriage, I believe there were many ways in which I helped my wife grow. I supported and valued her career. I was always available to help in her volunteer activities; I learned to really listen and I understood and responded to her need for cuddling and affection.”

“Are you suggesting I’m a self-serving, self centred, selfish egomaniac then?”

“No, of course not. You contribute to society through your writing and you volunteer at the school in many ways besides your breakfast program. You’re not the woman in your story, and I have no intention of being that unfortunate wretch of a man.”

The waiter placed the main courses on the table and again refilled out glasses.
Kathy smiled. “Jim. I really like you. I think it’s just possible we could have a wonderful, mutually loving, life together. I know we can make each other very happy if you can just keep an open mind and give me a chance to show you the way.”

Jim shook his head. “We’re like two people speaking different languages. Some of the words have shared meaning but most of them make no sense. Can we agree to differ? I enjoyed the book, but as far as I’m concerned it’s no way to live.”

Kathy reached over and held his hand. “Please don’t dismiss this out of hand. It’s a bit of a shocker for you, I agree. Take a little time, perhaps a week or two, to think about it. I guarantee that your genitals will get more attention every day than they’ve ever had before. If you enjoy giving oral sex, you’ll be doing lots of that. All you have to give up are your orgasms. You know how all the excitement and arousal disappear when you ejaculate leaving you drained and flat. I’ll make sure you stay on a high that you didn’t think was possible.”

“I’m sorry Kathy. The answer is no.”

“I won’t accept that until you’ve thought about it for two weeks. Let’s meet here for dinner, same time in two weeks, then I‘ll accept your ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Now let’s drop the subject and enjoy our dinner. I rather think I chose better than you!”

Kathy tucked into her Chicken Marsala with gusto, but Jim choked abruptly on his first mouthful as he felt her foot massage his crotch.

“Lamb not suit you Jim?” she asked innocently as he grabbed his water glass. After a bout of coughing that left him red-faced and teary, he tried to push the foot away. “Oh come on now Jim.” Kathy pushed back determinedly. “Not ten minutes ago you were complaining that I wasn’t ready to move to the next level. Well, now I am. You just relax and enjoy.”

As she experimented with different movements, she could feel him hardening under her foot. Under cover of his napkin Jim adjusted himself and so she could rub his full length.

“You certainly are a stimulating dining companion,” he remarked as he fought for composure.


When they left the restaurant, Jim discretely carried his coat over his arm to conceal his arousal. At the car, he opened Kathy’s door and helped her in before settling into the driving seat. As he fumbled for his key, Kathy reached over and unzipped him.

“I think I’ll just have a little dessert,” she said.

Jim gasped as her lips closed over him. He groaned with ecstasy as she swirled her tongue and sucked him in deeply. She could feel his excitement building, his thigh muscles tensing. She waited until the last moment as the contractions in his shaft strengthened and the head flared before she released him.

Jim groaned in disappointment. “Why did you stop? I was almost there?”

“If I hadn’t stopped, our evening would be over. You’d be finished and wanting to head home to your bed. As it is, I can give you that ecstasy all over again,” she said as started winding him up. After three rounds, Jim’s was shaking so much they had to wait a few minutes until he was fit to drive.

“I’d like you to take me home now,” Kathy said. “I’m quite tense and I need you to put that tongue of yours to work.”

Once they were inside her apartment, Kathy poured them both soft drinks and pulled Jim by his tie to the bedroom. She pressed herself to him, her hard nipples against his ribs, her belly against his crotch.

“Would you like to undress me?” she whispered in his ear.

Hands shaking, Jim carefully unbuttoned her shirt and slid her skirt down over her hips. He peeled her black pantyhose down to her feet and stepped back to admire her. A black lace bra and tiny panties adorned her perfect lightly tanned body. Solid muscles were evident, but not obtrusively, in her upper arms and thighs. Her belly was rounded but well toned and her waist seemed tiny in contrast to her fulsome bust and hips. She smiled with satisfaction at his awestruck expression. Deftly releasing her bra and wriggling out of her panties, she lay back on the bed and beckoned him between her legs. He reached for his belt buckle but her stern voice froze him.

“Naughty, naughty! It’s my turn now! You keep those pants on until I get that little prick of yours safely caged.”

Jim set to work with enthusiasm. He’s always loved giving oral sex and Kathy was very responsive. He brought her rapidly to her first orgasm, and then after gently stroking and petting for a while he brought her to a second even larger one.

Kathy was glowing. “That was wonderful Jim. You’re very talented.” She pulled on a gown and led him unceremoniously to the front door. “You should go now. I need a nice relaxing bath and some peace and quiet. We’ll meet at the restaurant in two weeks. Take care. Bye now.”

Confused, Jim found himself staring at the outside of her front door. As he made his way down the stairs, he felt exhilarated and it wasn’t until the cool night air brought him to his senses that his insistent erection reminded him that he hadn’t had any relief.


The two weeks passed in a blur. Looking back on that evening, Jim had to admit that it was one of the most exciting times in his life. The woman fascinated him, invaded his dreams. The very thought of her aroused him unbearably. Could she be right? Would he really turn out to have a submissive side that would be fulfilled by serving her as he had that night? Was it worth a month of chastity to find out? Would a month be so hard to take? By the end of the second week, he had convinced himself that sacrificing a month of orgasms was a small price to find out whether his future was with Kathy. As he walked into the restaurant, his heart was pounding.

They arrived almost at the same time. The waiter led them to their quiet table. As he sat there, nervously playing with his tonic water, it comforted him to see that Kathy was anxiously twisting her hair. She was wearing one of those “little black dresses” that drive men wild. Low-cut to show just enough of her plump breasts, tailored to emphasise her perfect waist and derriere and of course short enough to highlight her gorgeous legs. She looked absolutely stunning.

“When you got home after our date did you masturbate?” Kathy asked.

Jim was taken aback for a moment by her bluntness.. “Of course,” he admitted. “You’d driven me wild all evening and had a couple of orgasms yourself, but you left me high and dry.”

“High and dry is the way you’ll be for a month if you say yes to my proposition, but I guarantee it’ll be worth it. What’s your decision?” she said with an anxious tremor in her voice.

Jim took a deep breath. “I think it’s worth a month of chastity to find out whether you’re right or wrong about me.”

Kathy’s whole demeanour changed. Jim felt bathed in the warmth of her smile. You’re in for a very tough month, but you won’t regret it, I promise. I’m sure you’re the man for me and I’ll be the Mistress who will fulfill you.”

Jim expected a rerun of their last stimulating dinner and was a little disappointed when no mischief occurred. They enjoyed a delightful meal and talked about what they’d been up to since they’d last met. Jim found himself being mesmerised by Kathy’s vivacity. His decision seemed to have energised her. Her eyes sparkled, she smiled and giggled at the least provocation and Jim thought she looked beautiful. He drove her to her apartment and as he parked to car, she kissed him deeply.

“Do you think you’d ready to start in a week’s time?” she said, trembling with excitement.

“Of course,” Jim replied. “I told you I’d made my decision.”

“I’d like you to stay the night. Then tomorrow you can go home and make whatever arrangements are needed before you move back here next Saturday for our month together. Is that O.K?”

Jim chuckled but only inside. Kathy wasn’t the assured dominatrix of her novel. That nasty piece of work would never have asked ‘Is that O.K?’”

“Sure. No problem,” he said.

Jim helped Kathy with her coat and hung it, along with his own in the closet. Kathy emerged from the kitchen with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, two flutes and a gift-wrapped box.

“Strip off, Jim,” she said “and come and join me in the bathroom.”

Feeling a little awkward, Jim undressed and made a tidy pile of his clothes on the coffee table. Following the sound of soothing music and running water, he found Kathy ensconced in a huge tub.

“Come on in Jim,” she urged. “There’s lots of room.”

He sat facing her, enjoying the view of her breasts seeming to float on the water. Kathy trapped his swollen cock between her feet and began gently rubbing.

“Can you reach the champagne beside you and pour us both a glass?” she said. Jim was pleased that he managed the task with a steady hand despite his growing arousal.

“A toast!” Kathy said. “A toast to our relationship.”

“Our relationship,” Jim echoed as they clinked glasses. Kathy scooted closer and kissed Jim deeply, their tongues discovering each other, sparking lust amidst the crisp after-taste of the champagne. She gently massaged his balls and throbbing shaft as he tentatively stroked her soap-slick breasts. She moaned appreciatively and tweaked his nipples encouraging him to boldness. He reached down to gently tug and pet her swollen labia. They parted easily and he teased around her swollen clit, never quite touching it. She began rocking against his hand, her breath coming in gasps until climaxing when she grabbed his hand and held it flat against her pussy.

“Oh Jim! That was so intense. It was huge. How do you feel now.”

“Excited, aroused, needy, desperate for your touch,” he said.

“Do you feel happy or sad?”

“Euphoric. I suppose. Confused. I’m really happy that I gave you such pleasure, but it’s not really lovemaking if I’m left out.”

Kathy leaned forward again and resumed stroking his shaft. “But you’re not left out. You’re desperate for my touch so I’ll pet you. I’ll bring you up to edge again and it’ll feel wonderful. The more I pet you, the more you’ll need to be petted, and the more wonderful it will feel. Now sit up on the side of the bath and let me shave you. It’ll be more comfortable when you’re wearing your cage.”

“I thought you said we’d start in a week.”

“I did and we will. You’ll need this week to get use to wearing my little present.” She pointed to the gift-wrapped box beside the champagne bottle. “Open it. See what I’ve bought for you.”

Jim opened the box and held up a clear perforated plastic tube, some rings, pins a padlock with keys and a bottle of baby oil.

“You should wear it for a few hours the first day and gradually increase the time so you’re comfortable in it by the end of the week. Use the baby oil as a lube to stop chafing. I’ll keep the padlock and keys for now. I wouldn’t want you making duplicate keys would I?”

Jim looked annoyed. “I promised you a month of chastity; I assure you I’ll keep my word with or without your cock cage.”

Kathy laughed. “I’m sorry Jim. I didn’t mean to offend you, but I don’t think you have any idea just how much I plan to tease you. I don’t think you’d manage very well without it.”

As Jim sat on the edge of the bath, Kathy shaved the area around his cock and then carefully denuded his scrotum. She made sure he enjoyed the process, rinsed him clean and looked critically at her handiwork.

“I rather like the smooth look on you, what do you think?”

“I think I’m going to feel pretty itchy when the hair grows back in.”

“Well it’s only a temporary expedient. I can shave you again when it’s necessary. If you decide to continue after the month is up, I’ll take you for electrolysis. Now bring your present to the bedroom. I’ll bring the champagne.”

As Jim sat on the bed finishing his last glass, Kathy rubbed baby oil into his burgeoning cock. Taking his empty glass from him, she pushed him onto his back and tied his hands and feet to the corners of the bed. Once he was secured, Kathy resumed teasing his cock. She watched closely as the throbbing grew more intense and Jim began to thrust against her hand. She noted the change in his breathing as his testicles moved up towards his abdomen. Squeezing the base of his penis firmly, she gave two more strokes. Jim groaned, teetering on the edge. She gripped harder and the contractions subsided. Jim panted in frustration, but didn’t say a word. He knew that begging would get him nowhere. Kathy was panting with excitement too. She had never been so turned on as when she watched Jim tensing all his muscles as his whole body reached desperately for the orgasm she would not permit. As soon as he calmed down, she did it again until after half a dozen cycles Jim was bathed in sweat, babbling incoherently, the veins on his cock looking like they might burst and the tip dribbling clear fluid. She straddled his face. Jim didn’t need to be told what to do. His lips tugged gently at her swollen labia, but she was too hot to waste time on preliminaries.

“My clit!” she gasped.
He stroked her nub with his tongue, but he was too gentle and she rode his face hard in frustration, screaming as she came. She lay full-length on him for a few moments feeling his slick cock pulsing against her. Then she climbed off him and unwrapped the tea towel from the neck of the champagne bottle.

“I’m never going to get the cage on you when you’re in that condition,” she giggled. She filled the towel with ice-cubes from the bucket and deposited it gently on Jim’s genitals.

He yelped and swore. “What the hell are you doing?’ he snarled as he tugged at his restraints.

“I’m just helping you fit into your present,” she said. “I thought you’d be grateful.”

He glared at her, but maintained a stoic silence as she tucked a bath towel under his buttocks to catch the melt water. It took longer than she expected, but eventually his once rampant cock was reduced to little more than a shrimp. She tried different sized locking rings to fit behind his cock and balls. It was a bit awkward to find the smallest comfortable size because Jim’s balls were busy trying to climb back in into his abdomen in a vain effort to escape the ice. Eventually she was satisfied and fitted the cage to the ring. She released Jim from his restraints and handed him the remaining rings.

“Try it like this. You may need a bigger size when your cock warms up to body temperature. You can experiment during the week. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, but it can’t be so loose that you can pull out. Now let’s turn in.”

Naked, she snuggled up behind him, her hand on his cock cage. Despite his frustrated state, Jim couldn’t remember being happier. He could feel Kathy’s nipples, hard little points pressing into his back, her pussy pressed to his buttocks… He was in heaven.

It must have been several hours later that he awoke in considerable discomfort. He needed to pee and his genitals had swollen as much as the cage would allow. The ring pinched his scrotum. He eased himself out of bed and headed to the bathroom. For a moment he was nonplussed, but then he squatted. Kathy shuffled into the bathroom, bleary eyed.

“It’s pretty uncomfortable,” Jim said.

Kathy yawned. “Try the next larger ring. If you want to sleep with me, you’ll have to wear the cage. If you’d rather take it off, you can use the spare bedroom.”

She took her turn at the toilet while Jim dismantled the cage. He applied a bit more oil and taking the next larger ring, he reassembled it.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, but Jim woke early, again in some discomfort. This time he removed the cage, packed it away and got dressed. After a quiet exploration of Kathy’s kitchen, he prepared a breakfast of bacon omelette, toast and honey, coffee. As he brought it to the bedroom, Kathy, her hair all in disarray, sat up with a delighted smile on her face. Jim thought she looked even more beautiful. She made no attempt to cover her breasts, but tucked into her food with gusto. Jim sat down on the corner armchair with his own breakfast.

“This is marvellous,” she said. “You sure know the way to a girl’s heart.”


Kathy felt like a young girl again. The same tingle of expectation flowed through her as it had Christmas Eve, before her Dad had left. She must have been five or six years old and her parents were still in love. She remembered the blinking tree lights and her father teasing her about getting to sleep on time in case Santa found her awake and passed her by. What had she been hoping for? Was it that huge doll’s house she’d loved so much? She looked across the table at Jim watching her with a half smile on his face. She knew exactly what she wanted now. Looking around to see that the waiter wasn’t approaching, she opened her purse and discretely handed Jim the small brass padlock. She could feel a flush of excitement on her face.

“Go to the washroom and lock it up,” she whispered.

Jim’s smile broadened and he looked at his watch. “7:37 p.m. one month from now you surrender the keys to me, right?”

“Either that or you ask me to keep them forever,” Kathy replied.

When he returned Kathy couldn’t resist teasing him. “I’ll bet you relieved yourself a couple times this week in preparation for the drought.”

Jim laughed. “Oh at least a couple of couple of times!”

“Well for the next thirty one days, that cock belongs to me and by the end of the month I’m betting you will too,” she said.

For Jim, the weekend passed delightfully. They played house. Jim dusted, vacuumed and did a few small repairs. Kathy cooked magnificent meals and they worked in the yard together, weeding, deadheading the flowers and cutting the grass. Every few hours, they’d both strip and Kathy would handcuff Jim’s hands behind his back or sometimes tie him to the bed before removing the cock cage. She teased him mercilessly, bringing him to the edge of orgasm over and over again, choking it off if she thought she’d gone too far. Jim would then put his talented tongue to work to repay her for the agony and ecstasy she’d inflicted upon him. Despite the discomfort and intense frustration, Jim was having a wonderful time. He felt energised and all his senses seemed enhanced. Things seemed brighter wherever he looked and most of all when his glance fell on Kathy. He knew he was falling more and more deeply in love.

Kathy was thrilled that Jim was enjoying the weekend as much as she was. She felt a dizzying rush of empowerment when Jim trembled and moaned in response to her ministrations. She felt the warmth of need and desire surging in her loins and in calmer moments she felt an overwhelming sense of affection and gratitude towards him.

It was Sunday night. Jim was secured to the bed and Kathy was soothing his throbbing cock between her well oiled breasts.

“That was a wonderful orgasm,” she sighed with contentment. “How are you handling it?”

Jim sighed. “I’m all confused. What you’re doing right now is heavenly, but I’m dreading the moment you stop. All that pent-up frustration will flood over me. It’s so hard, Kathy.”

“I know dear. It’s supposed to be. It’s the lows that make your highs so high! Seeing you so desperately aroused turns me on incredibly. I love you for it.”


They were apart most of Monday, each involved with their own work. On Monday evening, Jim volunteered to cook dinner and in the evening they watched an erotic movie together. It wasn’t long before only Kathy watched while Jim, kneeling on the floor, teased her pussy with his tongue. He gently sucked and licked her labia, all the while avoiding her clit. Kathy enjoyed the sensations enveloping her at first, but as her frustration built, she wriggled on the sofa trying to manoeuver her clit to Jims tongue. He chuckled and kept up his teasing strokes. Kathy grabbed his hair and pulled him towards her. Abruptly he pulled away and looked up at her; a wide grin on his face.

“What do you think you’re up to?” demanded Kathy.

“I thought you’d enjoy a little tease. After all you’ve been selling me on the advantages of orgasm denial for the last week. I thought you’d appreciate perhaps an hour or two of the same treatment. What was it you said? ‘It’s the lows that make your highs so high!’”

“Now look here smart-ass.” Kathy growled. “I’m the dominant in this relationship and I do the teasing.”

Jim nodded and grinned. He dove back between her thighs and gently sucked her protuberant clit between his lips. Kathy bucked and hissed with pleasure as she grabbed his head and pressed it to her. Far from feeling submissive, Jim relished the sense of power he felt from giving Kathy so much pleasure, even as his cock struggled painfully in the confines of its cage. As she thrust against him; he began long strokes with his tongue and they settled into a steady rhythm. Within moments, Kathy was thrashing around, pushing his head away and groaning with delight. Jim sat back on his heels enjoying her flushed countenance until she pulled him up and kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing against his. Jim sat beside her and held her close as she calmed down. His balls ached savagely as his sore cock gradually shrank in disappointment. As she snuggled in his arms, he felt nothing but tenderness for her.

As the week progressed, Kathy gradually extended Jim’s tease sessions. She always began by tying him to the bed or securing him with handcuffs before removing his cage. By gradually increasing the intensity and duration of the experience she hoped to give Jim the tools to control his cock sufficiently well that she could allow him into her pussy. She longed for the day when they could fuck to their heart’s content and she could be sure he wouldn’t have an accident. Kathy’s appetite for oral sex grew by the day and under her tutelage, Jim became more and more proficient at meeting her needs.

It wasn’t until the end of the second week that a small cloud appeared on the horizon. Kathy noticed that Jim seemed just a little withdrawn. Their sex session that night was like the previous ones, yet Jim seemed somehow distracted; as though his mind had somehow dissociated itself from his body’s reactions to Kathy’s touch. She had expected something like this to happen and knew that things would get more difficult before they got better. She redoubled her efforts to be encouraging, affirming and grateful over the next few days as Jim became increasingly taciturn.

In the middle of the third week, Kathy cooked a special dinner, curry, and she bought some of Jim’s favourite pilsner. He was politely appreciative but showed little genuine enthusiasm. After the meal she led him to the bedroom.

“Is there anything special you’d like me to do to you tonight? I could suck you or use the big vibrator on you. You need cheering up. What’s it to be?”

“I can choose anything?” Jim asked in surprise.

“Anything that doesn’t cause you to ejaculate,” Kathy replied.

“Then honestly Kathy, I’d like a break. Could I spend just one night at my home doing my own thing?”

Kathy was shocked and disappointed, but reasoned that Jim was going through a difficult adjustment and that a break would do him good.

In the days that followed, Kathy noticed him distancing more and more. Even when he was pleasuring her orally, Jim’s mind seemed to be elsewhere as though his body was on autopilot. When she asked him how he was feeling, he’d say “Fine” and yet when she teased him it was more difficult to get him properly aroused. She badly wanted him to enjoy himself as much as she, but somehow the sense of fun seemed lost. By the need of the week, Kathy realised that things had gone wrong. He should be over the hump by now and comfortable with his submission. True, he was helping with the chores and was quick to follow any suggestion she made, but that was the way he’d behaved before they’d started on the orgasm denial. After dinner that day, at Kathy’s request, they both stripped and sat on the couch. She unlocked the cock cage and relished Jim’s first emotional expression for several days.

“My hands are free,” he said puzzled. “What’s going on?”

Kathy snuggled up to him, her breast pressing his arm. “Jim, this isn’t working the way I wanted it to. I want us both to have fun with this. It was great at first. I’m sure you were having fun, but now everything’s going downhill. What’s wrong?”

Jim’s face reddened and a flash of real anger crossed his face.

“What the hell do you think is wrong? I’m frustrated to the point that my genitals are very congested and uncomfortable. I’m angry and resentful that you can have orgasms whenever you like and I can’t have any. I’m angry at myself for being so stupid as to allow myself to be sucked in” Jim paused for breath, “and for what it’s worth, I don’t feel the least bit submissive. I’d have been out of here days ago if I hadn’t given you my word. But I don’t break promises.”

Jim glared at her, but his expression softened as her face crumpled and the tears began to flow. The anger drained out of him as he drew her close. She sobbed into his shoulder, her body shaking, as he stroked her back.

“It really was nice at first,” he admitted awkwardly, “but for the last few days the frustration has been just too much for it to be fun any more.”

“I was so sure it would work out for us both, but it didn’t,” she sniffled. “I just have to be in control, it’s who I am, but I realise now that it’s not what you need or want. It was so much fun that first weekend enjoying each other’s company, arousing each other and puttering away at chores. We were both so turned on. I wanted to bind you to me. I wanted both of us to enjoy the romance and excitement. I really didn’t mean to hurt you and of course I release you from your promise.”

Jim took a deep breath. “I did have a lot of fun Kathy. You took me places I’ve never dreamt of. I’ve experienced total ecstasy and terrible frustration. I’ve loved the time we’ve spent together. I appreciate your offer to release me from my promise but I’d like to finish out the last ten days of my commitment if you’ll agree to some changes.”

Kathy looked up at him puzzled as he dabbed at her tears.

“I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’d like to cool the sex; not totally, but at least a little. Could we spend more time just doing stuff together, hanging out, walking, talking and being friends? I think we both need to think about, and talk about how we can make this relationship work.”

Kathy gave him a wan smile. “I’d love to do that. I really wanted to convince you and I assumed that the lots of sex play would give me the best chance of success. I feel really badly that I haven’t thought to relieve your congestion. I’ve been so focussed on teaching you to control your orgasm so that we can fuck and it just never occurred to me. I could give you an orgasm now if you like.”

Jim looked surprised. “You mean you were planning to let me fuck you? I assumed from your book that fucking wasn’t part of a dominant-submissive relationship.”

Kathy smiled ruefully. “You’ve made it quite clear you’ve no intention of being the man in my story and I‘ve come to realise I wouldn’t want you to be. Everyone needs emotional closeness and what better way than by making love? It’s just that controlling your orgasm is an essential part of dominant-submissive relationship and a way for me to give you both the ecstasy and the agony of subspace.”

“Do you want to give me an orgasm now?” Jim asked.

“I’ll do whatever you want, but if you cum then our month long experiment is over and I’ll give you the key to your cage and we’ll talk about where we go from here. On the other hand, there is something I can do to make you more physically comfortable, though it will involve just a little more sex play. I can work you up barely to the point of no return, and then if I stop stimulation at just the right moment, you’ll release some semen without having an orgasm. We can repeat this until the congestion is gone. But I should warn you that while it will relieve the physical symptoms it’ll leave you feeling even more frustrated.”

Jim thought for a moment or two and said, “If I accept the second option, you’ll continue my training and we’ll make some time to talk about where we’re headed with this relationship?”

“Yes”, Kathy said. “If you’re willing, I’d like that very much.”


It was dusk on a warm summer night as Jim and Kathy meandered hand in hand through the local park. It had been a good day. They’d worked together on the breakfast program in the morning, had a late brunch and then put in afternoon shift at the food depot. Before supper, Kathy had ruthlessly teased Jim’s cock until almost every muscle in his body ached from the strain of holding on. He had teetered on the edge of orgasm for at least twenty minutes and loved every second of it. The desperation he felt when Kathy called a halt was tempered by sucking and licking her labia and clit through several orgasms until she begged him to stop. They had snuggled together on the bed for a while, perfectly at peace until dinner time when they had strolled to a nearby restaurant. There, as they enjoyed a fine meal with wine, they both spoke from the heart about their situation.

“You’ve been wonderful putting up with my controlling ways Jim”, Kathy said. “Do you think you could get enough from our relationship to willingly submit?”

Jim took her hand and looked intently at her. “I understand you feel you have an absolute need to control, but it’s really only in the bedroom that you’ve exercised it. Outside of sex, our relationship has been pretty much vanilla and equal. True, I do things I think will please you, but equally you do things to please me After the first week you stopped giving orders when you realised that asking produced the same result. Increasingly you’ve been pampering me too. You’ve cooked me wonderful meals, helped me with clothes shopping, hiked and biked and argued and laughed with me. You’ve made most of the decisions and I’ve deferred to them because they made sense or because I wanted to please you. You’ve deferred to my decisions when I have particular expertise that applies. I’m comfortable with that. On the other hand, your month of training has shown me quite clearly that I’m not submissive.
Kathy sipped her wine and pondered his words in silence for a while. “I’ve always believed that if you control the cock, you control the man”, she said. “I think you’ve been comfortable going along with my decisions because orgasm denial has made you more susceptible to my influence. All those pent up hormones help you to go with the flow when it comes to my wishes. And of course, I’d be silly to discount your expertise when it comes to making any decision. So I think controlling your cock makes unnecessary for me to come across as controlling in the rest of the relationship.”

“Which brings us to the crunch issue”, Jim continued. “To what extent am I willing be the submissive in our sexual relationship? For me it would be playing a part. Oh, I’d really get into it and thoroughly enjoy it, but at some point the role-play would end and for a while I’d have to assert my dominant side. I would insist upon some balance in our sexual relationship. I don’t believe you have to control my cock for me to be a loving and considerate partner, but I know it’s important to you, so I’ll play your game if you’ll play mine. I wouldn’t require your submission during “my time” but I’d want equal time when I could have orgasms freely and you’d be joyfully receptive to reasonable sexual advances.”

Kathy looked troubled. “I do love you Jim, but I have this powerful need to be in charge. I could promise to try but I have to be honest and say that I’m not sure I could be joyfully receptive to your sexual advances. My experience with men; my father and several failed adult relationships have taught me that men, even you, cannot be trusted. Once they have what they want, men quickly move on leaving a trail of destruction behind them.”

Jim looked at her sadly. “I’ve told you about my marriage”, he said. It wasn’t that way. I have lots of friends with solid, loving and durable marriages. It can work. It’s a risk, perhaps for you a terrible risk, but I believe it’s worth it. If you have faith in me, I promise I will never let you down.”

They sat in silence for a long while. Eventually the waiter brought the bill and they wandered arm-in-arm towards the park. The sun dropped below the horizon and the light faded. Jim could barely see Kathy’s features as she turned towards him.

“OK! Your way”, she said. “I love you and I promise I’ll give it my very best shot. Now take me home and fuck me silly… but you don’t get to come Mister. I still have three more days until we switch.”
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Re: What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

Post by Caged ray » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:12 am

Great, I loved it, very real and captured the emotions of the couple.
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Re: What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

Post by storywriter23 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:35 pm

Thank you Caged Ray. Someone told me that stories should always have some tension between the characters. I suppose you could call it fiction with friction!
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Re: What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

Post by Locked by LRC » Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:06 am

A good story that shows the need for communication when starting chastity, thanks.
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Re: What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

Post by Nat » Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:38 am

Great story, loved every word. More please!
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Re: What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

Post by happilylockedman » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:26 am

Hi Storywriter,

I really enjoyed this story. I appreciate how they are both multi-dimensional, especially her. You wrote this a while ago. I hope you have some more writing ready to emerge.
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Re: What if she's into male chastity but he isn't?

Post by storywriter24 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:55 pm

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad you liked the story. Looking back at your posts, I see you write fluently. Why not try your hand at fiction yourself?
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