She learns fast - Part 1

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She learns fast - Part 1

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She learns fast.
Part 1.
John was quite an intelligent sort of man. His job was technical and often he could be seen discussing deep philosophic questions with others in the office. In his mid-thirties and still quite trim he made a good figure of a man. A stable worker and steady saver John was hardly the centre of attention or indeed much of an attention seeker.
Still a single man though and never having dated much he was just a little lonesome and in the quiet hours of the night he would often fantasize about a stunning dome, dressed in leather and being her slave.
Often he’d look at YouTube clips of sexy women in lingerie and leather. Previous relationships were okay, middle of the road and John never plucked up the courage to ask a girlfriend to be his Dominatrix. Nor did any previous girlfriend really make him think of marriage. However time was moving on and he was starting to worry about leaving life too late.
At the office was a 30 year old sultry brunette called Sylvia. She was quite a confident lady and liked the company of men in conversation as many women often do. She was quite an intelligent woman and her choice in men had since disappointed her. Sylvia also was starting to think in a more mature manner about relationships and how to find a more settled man.
Over coffee one morning John and Sylvia were discussing relationships and how a friend of hers was going through a hard time with a cheating boyfriend.
John mused to Sylvia that the male sex drive was a bit of a curse on all accounts and all men will cheat given a chance.
‘’All men will cheat?’’ Sylvia said, ‘’would you cheat on me if we dated?’’
John replied, ‘’Well at the start of a relationship love is easy and a man is satisfied with his new beau. However as time passes the man inevitably gets bored with her and so will either cheat or start to view porn. To be quite frank with you Sylvia his sex-drive makes him masturbate to porn rather than concentrate on being a passionate lover to his Wife.’’
Sylvia smiled thinking that that was a typical John answer, such a deep and sensitive thinker. She was starting to think of John as boyfriend material and that perhaps the type of man such as John would make for a real husband.
‘’hah yes,’’ Sylvia retorted quite sharply, ‘’the male drive it’s a pity it couldn’t be switched off or controlled.’’
That caused John think of the domme in his mind all those years. He smiled back at Sylvia and said ‘’probably a good idea Sylvia, you know during WW1 the soldiers in the trenches were given bromine to reduce their drive and so concentrate on the job.’’
‘’What sort of soldier are you John? What are you like with taking orders?’’ Sylvia slyly said.
Sylvia was no fool and the five relationships she previously had taught her one thing about men. They just love a woman in sexy lingerie and get a little thrill when a woman is dominant with her sexuality, but sometimes it got her taken for granted. Seeing what her friend Rose was going through made her determined that the next man she dated would behave himself and treat her with respect.
‘’John, let’s go for drinks tonight,’’ Sylvia looked him square in the face, she could see Johns pupils dilate and she knew it was a while since John had a girlfriend.
‘’Yeh sure thing Sylvia, hey I’ll not cheat on you though!’’
‘’Damn right you won’t John, I’d get mad,’’ John could feel his pants tighten. Sylvia was quite an elegant woman too and this started his mind racing.
After the work was over John could think of nothing but Sylvia. How sexy and confident she is. How she looks, those womanly hips swaying in that smart skirt she was wearing. Sylvia always seemed to be composed and confident this really made John think.
The date was set for 9pm and John thought it would be better to masturbate before the date so he wouldn’t be too much of a leer with Sylvia. Started up the computer and thought of the control thing.
Instead of typing in ‘hot mistress in leather’ he typed ‘controlled cock’ and up came Chastity Training.
He sat back, relaxed and started one of the clips.
One minute later he was bolt upright in the chair with a raging hard-on that he had never seen since he was eighteen!
The suggestions! ‘’You will only come when I allow it…I love you being caged and frustrated just for me…If you are a good chastity slut I will give you a monthly milking..’’
John had never thought of this! Wow! That’s so fucking hot he thought as he stroked that rock hard ten inch cock. He came and his cock still stayed hard, oh man, he thought, wonder how to get one of those things. A male chastity device. The power and speed of the internet had John soon looking at the creations of Ms Lori and Mature Metal. He debated the sanity of this idea to himself, it’s crazy! He thought, probably dangerous to one’s health as well and just how could a man cope with a long time kept in such a way. Then he just told himself it would be serious foreplay fun and that id he and Sylvia were going to be an item enforced chastity would be a part of their relationship.
With his head spinning John got undressed and jumped into the shower. All he could think of was Sylvia snapping his penis into a cage and her owning his sexuality.
Ohh I wish! John heard himself shout out loud.

Sylvia was just out of the shower and wondering what to wear. She liked John and while he was not so masculine to have attracted her before but now she was seeing a depth in him that was interesting her in him. She knew she was a pretty woman and was thinking how to make herself most attractive to Johns eye.
What sort of man is he really she wondered. Sure he likes sex; he is fairly brainy so he would fantasize a lot she guessed.
Just as she thought of that an old black leather skirt she had forgotten about fell out from a pile of clothes. Mmmm she thought, soft leather does feel so sexy, this reminded her of David, her last boyfriend and how he used to like spanking her wearing that skirt.
Sylvia’s heartbeat sped up. Yes she thought. Stocking and suspenders with that skirt and a tight top. She then thought, I bet John is a bit kinky, I know the knee high boots, yes matches this skirt exactly.
So 9pm came, John was at the bar first and ordered a straight whiskey, then another.
Must get that chastity thing out of my head he thought. A third whiskey and his mind began to settle.
All of a sudden he felt Sylvia’s hand on his arm.
‘’How are you feeling John’’ Sylvia said softly, ‘’are you relaxed because I want to talk seriously to you honey.’’
Honey! John thought, wow this is going fast!
So they sat down at a quiet far corner table and Sylvia felt she would lead the conversation. ‘’You know what John, let’s not waste time. I never thought of you as a boyfriend but to be very truthful I want to start a strong relationship with you.’’
She went on to say, ‘’Now John honey, we are grown adults and you are a deep enough guy to know that we all have a sex drive and a smart guy like you will fantasize. Let’s talk about your drive six months after we have slept together, as you say a man will get bored with his lady eventually. How can I dress or play to keep you and your crazy male drive satisfied?’’
Sylvia crossed her legs, the tip of the black quality leather boot touched Johns leg.
Johns head was spinning, he gulped the fourth whiskey down and stammered, ‘’lock it Sylvia, please honey, lock it.’’
‘’Lock what?’’ Sylvia said and she could sense that John was about to reveal some sort of fantasy.
‘’My cock,’’ John said, now quite calmly. ‘’There is a woman who specializes in making a device called a male chastity cage.’’
Sylvia reeled; shocked she thought John was insane. ‘’J..JJ John that’s bizarre.’’
Again calmly John said, ‘’It means I have to give you as much oral as you like before you allow me to make love to you, if that is you decide to even let me.’’
Sylvia’s mind spun back on the level, wow that’s interesting she thought.
John said then, ‘’and no cheating is even possible.’’
Sylvia immediately thought of Rose, ‘’Okay John, do it. Get that lock thing made.’’
A silence came between them for about a minute then John said, ‘’Sylvia, I need a bit of fresh air this is heavy.’’
John stood outside the bar and leaned against the wall. I can’t believe I said that to Sylvia he thought, surely this is blown as she must think I’m totally twisted.’’
Sylvia began to smile at the thought of being in control of her new boyfriends cock. Thinking that actually it would be quite funny she thought about all the times she could tease him as well. This quite appealed to Sylvia’s confident nature and it should mean he doesn’t just take her for granted. Can you really ‘own’ a man’s cock she thought, is that possible?
Okay she decided, I’ll get John a bit drunk and get every fantasy out of him before we start this relationship.
So Sylvia realised that John must be feeling embarrassed about this revelation. She got up and ordered double vodka neat and took it out to him.
‘’Hey babe,’’ John said as he seen Sylvia very confidently walk towards him, it looked like she was on the march her steps were very strident and there was quite a serious look on her face.
‘’Come on over to the park John, here take the vodka, c’mon honey I want to speak to you over there, let’s sit under that tree on the park bench.’’
It was a warm night and John relaxed again. ‘’The damn male sex-drive Sylvia, it’s crazy you know.’’
‘’Just be honest with me Sylvia do you think I’m weird or creepy at all?’’ John said as he sipped the vodka, the taste of the whiskey burned his mouth a little as the vodka slipped over his tongue.
Sylvia smiled and said, ‘’John honey, if you weren’t a bit kinky I’d really be worried.’’
John kissed Sylvia on the cheek, Sylvia blushed and she put her hand on John’s leg. ‘’Okay buster tell me the truth, when you get horny tell me what goes through that mind of yours,’’ Sylvia said as John laughed.
‘’A stunning Dominatrix,’’ John said quite matter of factly.
‘’Aha so you like this skirt,’’ Sylvia said as she grabbed Johns wrist and placed his hand on the soft leather, John could feel a suspender clip, ‘’I sure do,’’ said John, this time a little exasperated.
They kissed and held each other for what seemed hours until the bartender came out and called for the glass back.
‘’Okay John we are going to do this right, you get that cock lock made and give me the keys. We are not going to have sex until you are locked.’’ Sylvia said quite assertively. ‘’Yes ma’am,’’ John replied without hesitation.
Next day Sylvia woke up and was thinking of this whole fantasy. The more she thought of it the more normal and indeed wise it seemed to her.
She went to ebay and while munching on a bit of toast she searched for leather corsets and thigh high boots. Wow she thought some of these look really good. She smiled to herself and thought of how horny she was going to make John.
At work again over mid-morning coffee she asked John for $500 for, ‘’you know what for John,’’ ‘’cash or check,’’ replied John with a big grin on his face.
So while John contacted Mistress Lori and gave her his measurements Sylvia ordered the most wicked horny Dominatrix outfit she could think of. John told her to get good handcuffs, collar and a whip too, Sylvia giggled, ‘’I should have thought of that honey.’’
Sylvia and John continued to date time passed and love took root. They both wanted to just jump in the sack together but they both just about managed to hold back. The most difficult time was when John suggested they go swimming and the sight of Sylvia in her swimming costume made John as horny as hell while of course Sylvia had her fund winding John up, teasing him, leading him on while in the pool, whispering hot phrases in his ear while John tried to break her spell by swimming another length of the pool.
After a few weeks the device arrived. John took a shower and fitted the cage. Very smooth it felt and the dimensioning seemed perfect, click.
John took his hands off it and just sat down and relaxed.
He phoned Sylvia, ‘’Honey it’s arrived. I’m wearing it right now, seems fine.’’
Sylvia replied sharply, ‘’you are not to take it off, is that clear?’’ Johns cock immediately swelled, but of course couldn’t grow as it wanted. John felt a bit high and his head began to spin.
‘’Come over to my place at 9pm,’’ and with that Sylvia just hung up.
John laughed to himself, oh boy what have I created he thought.
He got dressed and was impressed just how light the Loris tube was. Walked out on to the street and hailed a cab, then he thought no. I’ll walk instead. Got to get used to this thing, let’s see how I walk in it.
The half hour walk to Sylvia’s flat was a dreamy daze for John, he was thinking of all the fun they were going to have.
Got to her flat and the door was ajar, he tapped the door.
‘’Come in and close the door,’’ he heard Sylvia say. Closed the door and went through to the kitchen sitting room combo. The lights were dim and the curtains drawn.
‘’Strip and kneel on the floor facing the kitchen bar.’’ John did so and knelt naked save for the secure chastity device, the only two keys in his hand.
He heard the click of high heels over the floor, slowly, one by one until he could sense Sylvia right behind him.
‘’Don’t turn around.’’ Said Sylvia in a clear and authorative voice, ‘’be silent my slave.’’
‘’Beg me to take the keys slave.’’
‘’Get your head down on the floor and tell me you want me to keep your cock under my control forever.’’
John did so and he felt electric. With his forehead on the floor he said, ‘’Please Mistress please take the keys. Please I want you to own my sex.’’
He felt a steel collar go around his neck, a sharp click and a slight strain on the leash.
Sylvia walked around to Johns head and placed a heel on his head. ‘’Tell me how much you want me to own that cock, who owns that cock?’’
‘’With all my heart and soul mistress please please take ownership of what was my cock. You own that cock it is yours to do with as you please.’’
‘’Good slave, good,’’ and with that Mistress Sylvia lashed Johns backside and said, ‘’I will never allow you to be free again in your life, on the rare occasion when I may decide to unlock my cock you will be wearing this secure collar and be handcuffed.
‘’Yes thank you mistress please be as strict as you wish with your cock.’’
Sylvia walked to the front of John and leaned against the kitchen counter. She flicked up the leash and John seen the absolutely stunning Dominatrix he was dreaming of since his puberty.
‘’Give me the keys now,’’ John duly obliged and Sylvia handcuffed Johns hands.
Mistress Sylvia looked at the keys in her hand and said to John, ‘’If you ever ask me when I’m going to unlock you I will leave you and tell everyone we know about this.’’
‘’Yes ma’am that is understood.’’ Something inside John was finally at peace.
Sylvia smiled.
A dark and wicked smile. She had, unknown to John, bought a couple of books about chastity. She was going to give him the first three months without even a milking and after that unlock only five times a year.
‘’I seriously mean it slave,’’ Mistress Sylvia said as she leant over the counter to get her camera showing John the leather thong she was wearing with the corset thigh-highs and peak cap, ‘’If you ever ever ask me when I am going to unlock my cock,’’ Sylvia said as she took three photos of John handcuffed, collared and his cock trying to swell inside the cage.
‘’Your life would be over.’’ Said Mistress Sylvia, she then took a document and dropped it on the floor beside John and told him,
‘’This is it John, if you sign this, and yes it is an affidavit giving me everything you own, you have one last chance to go back on this and I warn you right now. If you sign there is no going back.’’
John signed and Mistress Sylvia took off the leather panties.
‘’Get busy slave.’’
Two hours of John licking Mistress Sylvia to orgasm followed. First with Sylvia leaning up against the kitchen counter and then on the couch, dispersed with only ten lashes where John was told again and again, ‘’You are now my slave, I own you and your life is mine.’’
Sylvia felt ecstatic never before did she feel so alive, here was this man, her man giving her all pleasure while he received none. John even after only a few hours in the lock was ever keen to please his new Mistress.
At around midnight Sylvia told her ever keen slave to stop. ‘’You are sleeping on the couch tonight and I am not going to take your collar and cuffs off. Tomorrow you are going to clean my flat out, collared, while I go to work. I will call you at an unknown time in the afternoon when you had better have finished your duties as you will be told to handcuff yourself again before I return.’’
John could only think of one answer, ‘’Yes Ma’am, thank you Ma’am.’’
Sylvia went into her bedroom and shut the door, she lay down on her bed and fell asleep. The keys to John’s chastity device on her bedside table. Before she fell asleep she thought of where to leave the keys for the next three months. With Rose she thought as there were times she wanted his hard cock inside her. She knew she had to leave those keys somewhere safe and secure from both of themselves.
John was wide awake, a curious feeling was inside his sack, the pipes felt swelled and further back from his sack in between his legs he could feel some sort of pressure he never felt before. Normally when he got horny he’d have masturbated hours ago or with a girlfriend have satisfied his desires.
Now though he was feeling new sensations. Slowly John tried to rub his penis by moving the chastity tube. While there was a little movement, not enough to cause the sperm to move. After ten minutes or so of rubbing his balls which just made the pressure he could feel between his legs get greater.
After half an hour of dozing John fell asleep while dozing no sexual fantasies came to him, rather just Sylvia, all about Sylvia.
Sylvia was dreaming. Her dreams were about John, he looked so handsome and happy and then Sylvia went into the deep sleep.

Next morning came, Sylvia had woken up first. She undressed out of her Dominatrix outfit she had slept in and was feeling very satisfied. Ran the shower and got in. Her body felt hot, her breasts seemed to be a little harder and more shaped than before, must be the corset she guessed.
Wearing her night gown with the long brunette hair wrapped up in a towel she crept into the sitting room. She almost laughed out loud as the sight that presented her. John was lying on his face with his body sideways. His legs were bent to lift his groin off the couch and the handcuffed hands were around his balls.
Did he manage to masturbate wondered Sylvia, she quietly looked at John’s groin, no sign of spunk anywhere and his balls looked quite plump. She gave John a nudge. He slowly woke grunting and dazed. Then he got a shock to find his hands were restricted, sat up on the couch and then he saw Sylvia, ‘’good morning honey how are you feeling?’’ Sylvia then tartly replied, ‘’Feeling very good John, you learned well last night how to properly give oral. So guess what, you are staying locked.’’
Immediately Johns penis tried to swell and of course couldn’t. ‘’Can you uncuff me please Sylvia,’’ John said. Sylvia slowly walked over to John and looked him square in the eye.
‘’Not yet.’’
John wanted to complain, his mouth moved but no words came. His penis was straining.
‘’As you wish honey,’’ John replied and he settled back on the couch.
Sylvia proceeded to make the coffee while doing so she told John to call in sick to work and he would stay the day at her flat.
She told him what to do and in what order, where the soap and the hoover were to be found.
Then John remembered the document he had signed, ‘’Sylvia was that a real affidavit?’’ Sylvia’s head moved a sharp jerk sideways to John and she said, ‘’It is and it’s going to a Lawyer’s office to be processed.’’
‘’Sexual fantasies are one thing,’’ John said, ‘’but surely you can’t just take everything I have.’’
Sylvia sat down beside John and handed him the coffee. ‘’The thing is John; I’ve done a little research on male enforced chastity. It’s a bit more than just sexual and it will take a while to reach a certain level that I want you to reach.’’
John got a little bit angry and said, ‘’Oh so I’m fucked then?’’
Sylvia just looked at him and said, ‘’Well, not yet.’’
She then stood in front of John and opened her night gown. Her body was stunning, the years of careful eating and running had kept Sylvia’s figure in great shape.
‘’What do you think John? Do you for the rest of your life?’’
John mumbled, ‘’errr, I’d say so.’’
‘’Right then John,’’ said Sylvia, ‘’consider yourself married and in about three months from now we will do the ceremony.’’
John just stayed quiet. Sylvia fished the handcuff keys out of her gown pocket and unlocked John’s chafed wrists. ‘’need better cuffs,’’ Sylvia said, quite naturally.
John was feeling a bit beaten, he was no unquestioning submissive and while last night was fun it felt different now in the morning. His balls ached a bit as he stood up to go to the shower. Sylvia told him where a towel was and that she’d have cereal ready for him when he was finished.
While John showered Sylvia went back to the bedside table and took both the keys. Returned to her cereal in the kitchen and stared at the keys while she thought of what to do with them, Rose she thought. What if Rose lost the key? I know, she thought I’ll leave the other in with the Lawyers office. Finished her cereal and put one of the keys in a small envelope. The other key she put in her purse.
While showering Johns mind was on marriage, sure it’s about time he thought and Sylvia would make a good wife. For some reason the collar became very apparent which made John laugh a little, oh well he thought a Dominatrix Wife, why not?
Sylvia got dressed and upon seeing John she just said, ‘’you remember where everything is, I told you where the hoover can be found?’’ John replied slightly impatiently, ‘’yes yes I remember and I’ll call in with my mobile in about half an hour.
Sylvia left. John sat back down on the couch and looks at the open handcuffs, no sign of the keys to the cuffs, collar or indeed the Loris device. He sat and just thought about marriage to Sylvia for a while. He wanted her as his Wife and was a bit worried about the whole affidavit thing. Then he realized that when a marriage breaks up the woman gets everything anyway. He shrugged his shoulders and got dressed. Phoned the office and feigned a horse throat saying he’ll not be in today.
When John opened the curtains and windows of Sylvia’s flat everything seemed good. John felt happy, carefree. He started to forget about the secure chastity device locked around his penis and apart from his balls feeling a little uncomfortable he was otherwise completely at peace with the idea.
He hovered up the flat, washed the kitchen floor, got down on his hands and knees and scrubbed the bathroom floor. Next he changed Sylvia’s bed linen where he seen her Dominatrix outfit lying over a chair in the bedroom. Seeing the corset and cap made him freeze. He just stood there mesmerized and the memories of him eagerly using his tongue on Sylvia’s pussy flooded back to him, his penis slightly swelling against its well-made prison.
For what seemed like an half an hour the spell finally broke and John then went to find the wash basket.
Sylvia’s underwear, a bra, pantyhose and a couple of panties caught his attention. He wanted to touch them, something inside him really wanted him to hold them but he shook himself up and started the wash.
There was ironing to do so he got on with that. Half way through ironing Sylvia’s blouses and skirts he found in the dryer his balls really started to ache, as if he was kicked in the groin. They throbbed and all John could try to do was pull his scrotum as far away from the base ring as he could. The pain passed but he noticed that strange pressure between his legs got greater.
Finished his chores and John went to the fridge, fixed himself a sandwich and cleaned up the knives before sitting down on the couch to eat it. He flicked on the TV and flipped through the channels. News, sport, old movies and then on to MTV there Rihanna was strutting her stuff to an R&B beat. Without his penis trying to swell his balls gave a dull ache. John flipped back to an old Movie.
Just then the phone rang. ‘’Hi honey how are you,’’ John said. ‘’All good on my side John, put the cuffs on I want to hear them ratchet closed,’’ John did so, leaving the mouthpiece of the phone upwards. Locked both hands and feeling again a bit excited he eagerly put the phone back to his ear, his hands felt hot.
‘’I have a few things to do and I’ll not be back until 8pm or so, see you then honey.’’ Sylvia ended the call. The flat returned to silence apart from the noise from the TV.
John could not think of anything else apart from Sylvia. He wanted her to be beside him, to hold him and to kiss him. He wanted to hear what she had done and how he could help her.
John burst into tears, he wept like a child.
Sylvia then phoned Rose and arranged to meet her at around six that evening. Spoke to her boss and got the rest of the day off. Went straight to the Lawyers office and handed over the document. The junior Lawyer studied it and seemed a bit surprised.
‘’Why is this man giving you everything? His home, his car and there is a section in here about immediate access to his bank account.’’
Sylvia just said, ‘’well we are engaged you see and I have an inheritance which is quite substantial so my fiancé John said he would feel better about marrying a soon to be rich woman if he trusted me with everything he has.’’
‘’Hmmm, quite romantic I suppose,’’ replied the Lawyer. ‘’Oh he is a real sweetie, ’’replied Sylvia and that wicked smile returned to her face. ‘’Also can you keep this envelope in your safe along with my documents.’’
‘’No problem.’’
Next Sylvia went to the jewellers and chose herself a modest but pretty engagement ring, it still came to neat $4,000 but John will be paying. Her Credit Card was good for the value and she left the jewellers with a spring in her step.
Met Rose who was still feeling down and Sylvia told Rose her good news. This gave rose a little cheer and she replied to Sylvia, ‘’just don’t let him wander,’’ Sylvia laughed, ‘’Oh John is not the sort.’’
‘’By the way Rose,’’ Sylvia said with a playful look on her face, ‘’is your charm bracelet strong, have you ever lost a charm?’’ ‘’No its quality silver my Grandmother was a Gypsy you see. They made jewellery and the best pits of old jewellery they bought or stole she made this herself.’’
Sylvia took the remaining key from her purse. ‘’Can you add this to the bracelet for me, we have been friends a long time Rose and I know we are going to be lifelong in each other’s company one way or another.’’
Rose took the key, it was in a cross shape with a heart embossed in the middle. The lock fitting part looked like some sort of high security pattern. ‘’This must be for one heck of a secure jewellery box,’’ said Rose. Sylvia laughed, ‘’Well, well you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I will after me and John get married. Rose I want you as my bridesmaid.’’
‘’I don’t know what to say, I’m heartbroken at the moment, nothing seems right in my life.’’
Sylvia took Roses hand and closed her fingers over the key, ‘’Get this added to your bracelet Rose and in three months’ time all will be different.’’
‘’Oh time is moving on!’’ Said Sylvia, ‘’Come over to my flat on Saturday.’’
They parted and Sylvia mad her way to a sex-shop nearby. She bought a jelly vibrator and a slutty red PVC maid’s outfit.
John was feeling some strange way he never felt before. His handcuffed hands were hot and he just could not settle. The collar felt warm and he could not open its lock. He wanted out of all the devices he was wearing – but – somehow a deeper part of him wanted them to stay on his body, the device that was restraining his cock just seemed somehow very right to be wearing.
Sylvia returned home. John stood up and asked how she was. ‘’All good by all means, I did everything I wanted to do today.’’ She placed a black bag on the couch and told John to sit down and relax.
‘’Oh!’’ She suddenly retorted as she was half way towards the kitchen. ‘’John go into my bedroom and lie down, okay.’’ ‘’Can I have the ‘cuffs off please Sylvia?’’ Sylvia laughed and said ‘’No!’’ She shooed John off to the bedroom and closed the door behind him.
Closed the curtains and got undressed, completely naked and put the maids outfit on, she looked sexy and she felt sexy. Started to put together a casserole and put it in the oven.
She sat down and flicked through her phone book she kept in her handbag. Dialled the number, ‘’Hi Aunt Sara, how is Grandfather this week? Oh, no better, what do the Doctors say? Yes I will come up to see you all soon.’’ The conversation about the old widowers illness went on a while until Sylvia broke the conversation with the news of her engagement.
Aunt Sara was shocked; Sylvia had boyfriends before but never got too serious with them and hated taking them to the estate. Now however she was asking Sara to get the remains of the family together to meet John the weekend after next.
‘’Okay Aunt Sara I’ll call you on Sunday, I guess the Doctors will have a better idea by then of how much longer Grandfather has got.’’
Sylvia, sat thinking for a while, wondering what John was like with horses, oh I’ll teach him she thought.
Straightened herself up and felt the PVC dress, a good fit but could be better she thought.
Strode into the bedroom where John was half dozing. John then suddenly seen the horny sight of Sylvia in another of his old fantasies. ‘’Oh myyy…’’ John said, again mesmerized. ‘’Thought you’d like this, you kinky devil! Oh I am going to have my fun with you tonight.’’
‘’You wanted the cuffs off, well I suppose you have been a good Butler.’’ Sylvia removed the cuffs and pulled the ring on Johns collar. He put his hands around Sylvia’s waist which made Sylvia want his cock. ‘’Half an hour yet before the casserole is ready, you know what to do.’’
She strode his face and John’s tongue eagerly worked her pussy.
The time passed and Sylvia came to orgasm twice. The oven went ding so Sylvia told John to set the table. ‘’Your Butler is on the job ma’am,’’ John said with a smile.
After eating the heavy meal they were cuddling on the couch. Sylvia suddenly remembered the last thing she needed to do today and got John to remove his pants. She studied John’s scrotum and pressed her fingers around the base ring. He gave a little yelp as she tried to push a finger under the bottom of the ring.
‘’Hmmm,’’ she murmured, ‘’You are creating a lot of sperm it would seem John. I’m going to have to ease off the sexy clothes and routines.’’
John looked so sad! Sylvia kissed him on the lips and softly said, ‘’I love you John, I want you and this couple of months is going to be a trial for you and I promise you it will all be worth it, just remember that honey.’’
Sylvia told John to leave and go home. As he left she handed him the bag with the vibrator and told him not to look inside until he got home. She removed his collar and also told him there were papers that will need signed by himself with his bank. John looked concerned, Sylvia told him to just do it, or else.
John left feeling like a very different man than the 24hours previous. He didn’t even ask where the keys were.
Sylvia took one of the enforced chastity books out of her handbag and began to go over the chapters at the end again.
About 10pm Sylvia’s phone rang. It was Rose who and her voice was weak and thin. Rose explained how her old boyfriend Alan had been harassing her making claim top the furniture in the flat they rented. Sylvia’s fertile mind was thinking hard as she stroked the PVC maid’s dress she was still wearing.
Finally as Rose trailed off Sylvia said to her, ‘’Rose you and me have been best friends for a long time, right?’’ ‘’Y-yes’’ sniffed Rose. ‘’Do you trust me Rose? Do you want Alan back?’’ Roses voice got sharp and replied, ‘’I do not want that using bastard back I want him out of my life and I do trust you Sylvia.’’
‘’Okay Rose, tell Alan to come over to your flat on Saturday about 3pm, I’ll be there first at 10am or so.’’ Sarah told Rose to also have the key fixed to her charm bracelet by that time too.
Back at his home John opened the bag, what was staring back at him was a vibrator. Oh I see he thought, as I’m not allowed to penetrate Sylvia until she unlocks my or rather her cock so I use this to complete her satisfaction.
John smiled and thought how fast Sylvia can learn. He went to bed with his balls still aching slightly.

Next day at work just was an ordinary normal day. John and Sylvia had coffee as thy always did and nothing was said or inclined about Johns enforced chastity. ‘’Come round my place on Saturday evening John.’’
John just thought duties to perform and left it at that.
Sylvia was thinking of Rose and Alan she was thinking if Rose was strong enough to do what Sylvia thought was a very good way to make Alan disappear out of Rose’s life for good.
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Re: She learns fast - Part 1

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This is a fantastic story, and i really hope you will keep this going as i really love this type of lifestyle
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Re: She learns fast - Part 1

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Never was a Part 2 though!
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