Is there good belt and ball capture combined?

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Is there good belt and ball capture combined?

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I have an issue with full belt style chastity because I don't have hips (and let's be honest that I'm a bit overweight). This means that any belt style chastity can be slipped off over my hips. With ball capture devices I can pull the flacid penis out. I was wondering if anyone has a positive recommendation for a full belt style that also does ball capture? I assume this would help prevent me from slipping the device down over my hips (because of ball capture) and would keep from slipping out when flacid because of belt.

Or am I just overthinking this?
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Re: Is there good belt and ball capture combined?

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I think you just might be !! overthinking that is. I think many of us love the concept of a totally escape proof device that stops the ability to orgasm 100% BUT no such thing exists. Chastity and orgasm control is 99% between the ears and the device is just a reminder of your situation and promises to your keyholder. All I can suggest is work towards as well fitting a ball capture device as possible and if you really want to go further look at a PA to stop you pulling out the back.

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