[Dharma Project] It Started with Quarantine

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Re: [Dharma Project] It Started with Quarantine

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Last night, I was talking to my wife about how stressed and anxious I was about work. She listened to me and said that she knew what I needed. At the moment, I’d been unchanged for 4-5 days and had been allowed to cum in her the last time we had sex so I was hoping this was taking a sexy turn, which it did, just not how I expected. She said that I needed to be back in my cage. I was hoping for a blowjob or sex but found myself standing before her a few minutes later so she could snap the lock closed.

She has really grown into her role and has now denied me on our anniversary, Christmas, and my birthday. She’s also now into only allowing me to cum inside her on rare occasions. She admits that she likes me better caged and thinks that I’m happier caged. She knows that when I’m caged, I’m constantly thinking about her. Every move,ent, I feel the cage. Sitting to pee. Moments when I need to adjust but can’t due to social situations. She loves knowing that I feel owned and that I also know that the majority of the time, she doesn’t think about it. I love the frustration and imbalance.

Today, I don’t feel as stressed or anxious. She was right. I needed to be back in my cage.
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Re: [Dharma Project] It Started with Quarantine

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Our women know what's best for us! I am now sitting here, frustated at work, looking at beautiful women while caged, but I do feel less stressed due to the high of being controlled and denied...
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