[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So. Saturday night we had sex again. So soon after Friday sex :D
I was caged when I went down and was there quite a while.
My wife wanted what she had missed out on on Friday.
This time my wife asked me to use the vibrator as well as the toy. She still names them "the toys" never "my toys" as she insists they are mine and she could do without. But we have had both for quite some time and my wife will always ask for the big one, which has more girth than me but is similar length.
Only recently has she started asking for the vibrator and now it seems almost every time.

After she had her orgasm I straightened up and asked if I was allowed to get in there. I know she was expecting me to, but felt I should at let her know she had a choice.

"You flipping well better get in there" she replied.

Again she teased me to a quick orgasm using forced creampie threats. I comented that I was hoping to go longer but her dirty talk just makes me cum"

My wife replied "I like knowing I can make you cum in me so fast by talking that way"
So I replied "I'm almost certain you could make me come in my pants if you talked to me that way"

"Yes. But where would be the fun in that?"

"Oh. I'm sure it would be funny to someone" :lol:
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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:cry: Thurs 19 Dec.
This week I thought I would see if I could wing it to go similar to last week, so on Tuesday when asked if I wanted to do something I said "yes. but I'm locked and the keys in the van, but I would love to give you an orgasm".
my wife replied. "nah! not up for that tonight. would've liked a shag though"

Wednesday it kinda got too late. I didn't think for a minute there would be a chance but my wife said, through strained tired eyes "if you're going to do anything. Do it now cos I'm fighting to keep my eyes open".

I didn't have the heart so said she should sleep.

These days. Maybe due to caging myself. I seem to want to wait for better stuff. The idea of a quick shag doesn't excite me.

Thursday my wife mentioned being stressed and I'd pointed out having offered to help with that. She reminded me I was caged. So I pointed out (once again) that I have more than just a penis to offer.

Does this penny ever drop? after sorting her out a few times now while caged and wanting nothing in return. following up with praise and how good it was for me.
Does it drop? ever? how?

My wife wants me uncaged in the morning.
I have a feeling I'll cum in seconds. Is this how it is now. I get two minutes of pleasure a week and the rest is just fantasy and hope?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Ok. The fantasy and hope became in part, a reality today.
I also got the opportunity to mention my fantasy still being that my wife hold the key.

Thursday night, once in bed my wife told me was it was her time of the month. I'd missed my chance earlier that week because I hadn't got the key.
I assumed in that case I had been instructed to be un-caged so I could sort myself out. Posibly over her bobs or if real lucky might get a hand job.

And then to my amazement my wife handed me the Golden ticket.
I couldn't speak I was so emotional. It had been two months since the last and I had tried everything I could think of to earn one.
My wife said "because you have been a good husband and father this month you have earned this. I had thought to give it to you a few times in the past but you've always put your foot in in it and I decided No. fuck you".

This golden ticket was exceptional in that I didn't have to keep it for weeks while I earned the right to present it. it was to be presented tomorrow morning.

I could hardly contain myself that night. The thought of this "golden suck" in the morning meant I kept waking painfully swollen inside the cage or with ball burn while my grower tried to rip my balls of in spite of the shoelace straining to hold it back.
My wife was taking great delight in nuzzling her arse cheeks against my cage.
I couldn't do my emergency pee to reduce swelling. I wasn't risking waking her mid sleep and ruining my chances.
Absolute frustrating painful wonderful bliss.

In the morning we got the kids off to school and I was told it was time to be "sorted out"
and I was remind why the golden ticket is "Golden" and not just a normal BJ.
"Because you're going feed it to me"?

my wife replied "I'm going to force feed you"

it's similar to creampies. I love the threat of it. Ok. I know she won't follow through but it's the head-ology of it that makes me blow.

I was so excited. nervous. apprehensive Couldn't get hard.. .. Shit!. just breath. dont panic. I didn't take a pill. I dont need them as often now. never after a week? Shit!

My wife said. "oh dear. I'm not sure I can work with this. try to think of a fantasy"

So I replied " Im fantasising about you being my key holder instead of the van".

"that's doing the job, keep going"

so I described me a situation where she had the key. and wanted tongue and toys but I wasn't allowed out of my cage. And of her telling me to lock it up.. and...
That did the trick. I came massively. near passed out. when I opened my eyes my wife was hovering over me. face to face. finger on my chin.

She actually did it! Gave me the whole lot, honestly it was all over with in the blink of an eye. I was too stunned to think about what had just happened.

Then she looked at me and said "yuck!"

"did you really have to say that?" I said, to the sound of my wifes laughter.

And then we were done. Many things to do.

A step forward maybe?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Xmas week I didnt have my cage on. Sometimes i wonder what the point is.
My wife felt me up out of the blue and said I was naughty for not wearing it.

So I replied I would put on and keep on until I had given

 after camping were tired. I offered to vibe her while caged. And if I could make her cum I'd allow myself to cum on tits.

She seemed to be agreeable to this but was too tired. But didn't want to let me down.

I said I was fine. I was caged now. It helps me, helps me with control.
Wife said "yes. Your more moody without it.
"But don't you miss me being my old self?"
"No.  you should Just put that fucking cage on and behave".

I explained that being caged and waiting for sex is as good to me as the sex.  So instead of treating me to sex she was treating me to no sex until later. And that makes me just as happy if not more.

I was dying to ask her to tell me to keep it caged and not to cum. But figured that might be pushing it. Ive made that mistake before.

My Wife went to sleep while I read.

Another tiny step forward. I think the transition from my wearing it. To my wife actually wanting me to wear it is really important.
This maybe some time yet and I feel I can't broach the subject of her holding the key again until this comes full circle.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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On Friday
Not sure why? Posibly due to my not wearing my cage when checked. After a morning session  my wife mentioned the key. That she didn't mind keeping it in her draw rather than me keeping it.

Ill try to take her up on the offer tonight.

Fingers crossed.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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This evening my Wife became my keyholder once again.

In the brief conversation yesterday the topic popped up after my wife had mentioned noticing my behavior. I.e. she could tell if I had a my cage on or not due to slight changes in my behaviour. Specifically when talking about things she was interested in such as shopping or going out. I took more intrest when I was caged. She felt I heard her more and she got a better deal out of me.
My reply was that it was nonsense. Everything I have done or would do for her was for her. The cage has no effect as far as I was concerned and I was quite happy as things stood. I wear it when I feel like it.
I did say "funny thing is.. because I keep my key in the van, I feel more inclined to be nice to the van. Like wash it more or take it out for a spin. How odd is that?"

This is when my wife offered to keep it in her drawer.

I didn't accept. Didn't want to blow it again by being too keen so I said nothing.

I did however mention how I had been such a dick about last time. I had gotten over excited and carried away, and I apologised for that.

Nothing was mentioned today. I didn't drop hints or ask for anything.
My wife browsed online shopping. Suggested going shopping tomorrow and also checked out some properties I had seen with potential for renovation or splitting.
She likes big old buildings. Likes to view them just to be nosey but has no intrest in the building plots or ruins.

One in particular. She kept coming back to. A huge Edwardian building with turreted corner, grand staircase and a bit of woodland. I had earmarked it as a posible "split" into two seperate houses.

My wife quite fancied me going to view that one. Then go shopping for kids clothes after.

Anyway. I'm sure this has no connection to the following.

When I climbed into bed. I reached for the key and said "I think I might take you up on your offer"

My Wife damn near took my finger off when snatching it. Told me to hide under the cover and promptly hid it.
Then said. "No point putting it somewhere you know about"

She squeezed my balls.

"Busy day tomorrow, get some sleep"

So I finally go to sleep once again as a key held. This time a bit wiser and a bit more cautious.

Lets see how it goes.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Sunday was quiet at home. I sat with my Wife (dare I say Kh yet?, no. Too soon) and stroked her legs. The last time I did this I was Keyheld so three month has passed.
I have made a "note to self" say nothing, ask for nothing, just act as though nothing is different.
I think my wife has also made this note to self.
That evening she had me attend to her with tongue,toys and vibe. After this she looked at me in a way that said "well. Come on!" And I looked down at my painfully swollen caged up mass of flesh.
I said "it's completely up to you what happens now, I've already had the best bit"
"Oh!" She looked surprised "forgot about that, don't look"
And out came the keys.
My wife had three or four more orgasms from me. Its very unlikely she would give this up.
This always the way. One big one from t&t then many from me.
I will at some point broach the topic of posibly giving all this but not coming myself. But for now I think it is best to let the latest small step forward become the norm.. so a few months to wait.

I was told I could put the cage back on in the morning.
Due to being tired after restless sleep and to be honest i didnt feel like it? I didn't put it back on. So Monday evening I was told to put it on.
I said "thanks for taking the key"
She said "don't push it, "I dont want you getting wierd"

Oops! Note to self.. Read note to self.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Still locked up and staying quiet about it.
My feeling on the whole is this is a hide and forget thing for my wife. One the key is hidden she forgets all about it.
But I feel things will evolve in their own time and I still enjoy this simply because I know I'm locked by her.

On Wednesday my wife surprised me with a new term
"SFL tonight" she said.
"What's that"?
"Suck. Feed. Lock"
My brain melted instantly.
To be honest. I hadn't asked for this feed fantasy again or mentioned it since. I was still getting my head around it.
"Maybe just SL" I asked.
"And miss that look on your face? It's just made sucking youff entertaining for me. No. Its All or nothing. Its up to you"
Obviously went with it. Still not sure but it seems thsee are my two choices from now on.

The following night my wife held my balls and asked if I had been good?

So it seems shutting up works. It is evolvong. But not necessarily in a direction I thought it might.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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5 months locked and 10 days since my wife became keyholder again. Still lock and forget. But its better than not at all.
Without any form of teasing it isn't so much fun.
However. Things are going well, My wife is happy. I am horny.
On sunday my wife offered to treat me for being good and said i could come on her breasts and also offered to finish me off her self.
I had been expecting the offer so was prepared.
I asked if she would treat me in a different way. "By keeping me locked and horney for longer"
My wife was confused so replied "you consider that a treat? I thought keeping you locked would be a punishment. The treat is suposed to be getting to come?"
Honestly. I didn't know how to explain. It really didn't make sense to me either now I'd had such a nice offer. So I replied "Turned on by you, locked and horney with you as my keyholder is the treat. So if you don't mind I would like to tuck my caged cock between your ass cheeks tonight"
"Ok?" she replied.
"If you could Just keep me locked for a day or two more?"
My wife replied "I won't let you prompt me. Its up to me if and when you come out"
Three days now, five since I last came and I'm wondering "what am I doing?"
It is quite surprising how long 5 days seems.
This morning I must have looked at my wife in a hungry way and out of the blue mife wife lifted her top. Gave them a jiggle. Turned around and wiggled her ass at me.
I moaned and said "is it nice knowing I want you so much I could pin you down"
My wife replied "Yes, but you can't"
Then turned and left the room"
So I am both pissed and delighted.
Pissesdat not being able to come "right now"
Delighted because this is what I had really hoped for when I turned the offer down.
But how. How do I deal with these overpowering urges and go wierd again?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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So. It was my usual scheduled day for relief.
 I asked if my wife she might keep me locked a bit longer As an alternative  treat to coming on her breasts.
 This was risky. If it felt wierd to my wife she might give the keys up again.
After a very brief conversation where I said one day, two at most I think"
 she said "Ok. But you don't get to dictate the terms or prompt me. You come out when I say so"

No problem with me. My wife tends to feel guilty about my not coming after a few days and always asks if I want to do something.

This lockup has now turned into three more days so far five in total. With no mention of a posible release latter.

Ok. To you guys it's no time at all. But our normal pattern is 3 times a week.
I have gone six days (only once) but we still has a big tongue toy seshion half way and I'd been proper emptied out prior to this.

Yesterday my wife Mentioned me dry humping in my sleep , how entertaining it was and how desperate I must be.
Then said she would treat me by letting me give her a breast massage.

Today my wife has been relentless.  Teasing me like hell.
Mentioned erections after I mentioned going to erect scaffold at my next job. 
How "you have an amazing great big erection.... Well.  Only If I allows them".

Also "throbbing things" and how tight my throbbing caged thing must be by now.
She has been Muff grinding my cage. Pressing her boobs into me. Lifting her top.

I'm leaking pre cum like a tap.

Feel dizzy with it.

I mentioned getting into bed for ten minutes and she didn't even consider it. Just No. I have things to do. You go work. I can go for a lie down while your out?

I needed to move the van so asked for the keys.

"Your not getting the keys back sorry".

I got the van keys. Went to work frustrated.

Got back home and asked how her day has been.
"Lovely" she replied. I got all my chores done and got to go for a nice rest in bed for half an hour" she said in (you know what I mean" sort of way.

So. In ten days my wife goes from not sure if she wants the key to snatching it off me denying me with what appears to be no concern what so ever and teasing me to the point where I can hardly think.

What is going on.? I don't think she has read anything about male chastity. She hasn't seemed all that interested.

Is it normal to accelerate at this pace?

I hadn't planned for this. What's next?

I will thank her. Tell her I have had an amazing day and haven't been this turned on since we first met.

But I feel like begging already. Hand job. An edge (although I don't think she knows what this is).. anything.

Or would this fuck things up?

I'll have to wait and see how things go later or how I feel.
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