The Four-some Part 1

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The Four-some Part 1

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Steve was a powerfully built man, about 5’8”, in his early 40’s. He was at the gym using a bicep curl machine when a man walked by. Steve, with a sheen of sweat on his face, glanced at him and noticed the “necklace” he was wearing. Except it wasn’t a necklace; it was a short length of chain, the kind of chain you might buy at a hardware store, joined with a small padlock. This definitely piqued Steve’s interest!

“HI,” he said. I’ll be done with this machine in a minute if you want it. I’m Steve, by the way.”

Alan, wearing the “necklace,” was slender, about 5’11”, and moved with a graceful ease. When Steve was finished with his set he commented that he hadn’t seen Alan at the gym before. Steve wasn’t normally this outgoing but he really wanted to engage Alan to learn about his “necklace” and whatever else he could. Alan replied that he was a regular, but that he and his wife usually came at a different time. That day they had changed their routine and come before work instead.
Steve casually mentioned the chain, saying it was an unusual necklace. Alan unconsciously raised a hand to touch it and looked a little uncomfortable as he acknowledged that it was. Steve knew it was rude but felt he had to know, and asked who had the key. Before Alan could respond a woman came up and put her arm around his waist possessively. To Steve’s great surprise it was Susan, his supervisor at work!

Susan was a tall, trim woman, somewhat Nordic looking, with beautiful curves who appeared to be in her late 30’s. At work she was always very cordial and efficient. Steve enjoyed working with her, but had never actually had a personal conversation with her. As he looked at her now in gym clothes she looked even better than usual! He felt the stirrings of an erection but knew it wasn’t going to show, because as usual he was locked into a chastity cage. Then he noticed that Susan was wearing a delicate gold chain with a key hanging on it and began to stare. He didn’t mean to, but he just could not stop staring at that key hanging between her breasts. Susan noticed his gaze and began to feel uncomfortable.

“Uh, Steve, you’re staring,” she said.

Alan, surprised, asked “You know each other?”

“Yes, we’re co-workers,” replied Susan.

“I’m sorry Susan,” Steve said. “It’s just that… uh, I couldn’t help but notice the key that you’re wearing. It… Well it looks similar to one that my wife has.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Really?”

Steve looked down, embarrassed. This was happening way too fast.

“No, actually, I’m sure I’m mistaken.”

Susan reached over and grabbed his arm. She was strong!

“Steve, tell me about your wife’s key.” It wasn’t a request; it was an order.

As she looked into his eyes Steve surrendered and blurted out that his wife’s key was to the lock on
his chastity cage, which he was wearing right then. She smiled broadly as her hand casually brushed against his crotch to confirm what he had said.

Steve was shocked and excited by where things had gone in just a few short moments.

“I’d like to meet your wife,” Susan said. “What’s her name?”

Steve had introduced chastity into his marriage three years prior. His wife, Marie, who had a Mediterranean appearance, hadn’t been keen on it at first but over the course of several months had come to appreciate how such a simple device had improved their marriage. Now she was enthusiastic about his being caged and enjoyed talking with him about the characteristics of different devices. They had six in total, and Marie liked picking different ones for Steve to wear on any particular day. It was their secret, of course, but Steve sometimes wondered what it would be like to share that secret with someone else.

That evening Marie was horrified when Steve told her what had happened at the gym.

“No,” she said. “I’m not going to meet her. She and I don’t have anything to talk about.”

Steve replied “Honey, do you remember how opposed you were to chastity at first? And see how you’ve changed your mind? I think this is a similar situation.”

Marie hesitated, then agreed. “OK, you can invite them over for drinks.”

The next Saturday afternoon at 3 PM Alan and Susan rang their doorbell. They chatted over wine and cheese until Marie asked Susan if she could talk to her in the kitchen. Once the kitchen door was closed Marie said that Steve had told her about their encounter at the gym and that her private life with Steve was just that… private. Susan smiled and agreed that was not a problem but she would still like to talk about her life with Alan, if that was OK. And that she would like that conversation to take place with the guys, if that was also OK. Marie took a deep breath and agreed.

Back in the living room Alan and Steve were chatting about the football season when Susan and Marie returned. Susan told Alan that they were going to talk about themselves now and that most likely Steve and Marie would only listen. Alan’s demeanor changed drastically as he listened to Susan; he seemed … obedient.

“We’ve been married for ten years,” Susan began. “It’s always been important to me to be in charge, and Alan doesn’t mind. In fact he seems to prefer me making the decisions and telling him what to do. I’m always nice about it, never mean. Well, usually not mean. Sometimes Alan gets a contrary idea in his head and I have to discipline him to bring him back in line.”

“What kind of ideas?” Marie asked, intrigued.

“Well, for example, he might not want to do the yardwork. Or he might say that he will do it but then it doesn’t get done. In that case I might spank him a little.”

Marie was shocked. “Spank him?”

“Well sure, don’t you sometimes use domestic discipline on Steve?”

“No, I don’t,” replied Marie. Her mind was a blur of confusion.

Susan continued, “When I say spank him you have to understand that there are different kinds of spanking. Mine hurt, I’m sure, but I know that Alan appreciates how much I care about him. I know that he wants to please me, so the spankings are motivational. When I spank him he understands that I want him to improve his behavior and that I care enough about him to go to the trouble to spank him.”

“Couldn’t you just tell him?” Marie asked.

“I’m sure I could but spanking is so much more immediate and difficult to forget!” “Also,” Susan said with a smile, “I happen to like spanking him. I like having him over my knee and being in control!”

As Susan was talking Alan was looking carefully at Steve and Marie. He wanted to see how they would react, with shock or with interest. He saw interest on Steve’s face but wasn’t quite sure how to interpret Marie.

Marie had heard about all she could take in at one time. She offered her guests more wine and cheese. Susan understood that Marie felt overwhelmed and thanked her for her hospitality, but said it really was time to go.

After their guests left Steve and Marie turned to each other.

“That was intense,” said Steve. “Can you imagine actually spanking me?”

“Well, sometimes you frustrate me when I don’t seem to be able to get you to see how right I am. I wouldn’t want to hurt you but I wonder if a spanking would help convince you”. Marie was smiling as she said that.

Steve felt sure she was kidding. But he was intrigued …would she? His penis stirred in its cage. He had always wanted Marie to take a firm hand to him to satisfy his submissive streak but up until now she wouldn’t consider acting in such a ‘dominant’ way. Steve was excited by the possibility that Marie might act in a more ‘assertive’ manner than just participating in his chastity. Hearing that Susan, who he knew from work, actively spanked her husband was tremendously exciting.

Marie was smiling as she said that and Steve felt sure she was kidding. But he was intrigued… would she? His penis stirred in its cage.

The next Monday at work Steve greeted Susan as usual, but not surprisingly there was an extra something going on between them.

In a low voice Susan asked “Are you wearing?”

“Of course,” said Steve, blushing. “I always am.”

Susan smiled and walked away, leaving Steve to wonder how this was going to affect their work life together from then on.

Susan invited Steve and Marie to their house the following weekend. They exchanged some awkward small talk until Susan, being the take charge woman that she was, turned to Marie and asked her what kind of device Steve was wearing right then. Marie blushed a little but responded that he was wearing a nylon custom chastity device. Susan asked Marie if she could see it. Steve was a little shocked as Marie hesitated but then turned to him saying

“Please show Susan your device.”

“Honey…” he said. His heart was pounding; was this really happening?

“No, pull down your pants and show her” Marie said more forcefully. Reluctantly he undid his belt, lowered his pants and briefs, and stood in front of Susan. Susan, who was his boss at work!

Susan looked at Marie to ask permission and then smiled as she cupped his balls in her hand and poked her finger into the holes. She was enjoying making him feel so vulnerable!

“It’s so light,” she said.

Steve tried not to get excited but couldn’t help himself. His penis strained against the sides of his cage, pulling the base ring tight against his balls. Susan enjoyed his reaction and continued teasing him until clear fluid began oozing from the tip of his penis.

Susan giggled and turned to Alan.

“Alan”, she said in a relaxed tone of voice. “Please show Marie what you’re wearing today.”
Alan obediently lowered his pants and briefs and stood before Marie in his steel cage. His face was red with embarrassment.

“Marie dear, go ahead and examine it,” said Susan.

Hesitantly Marie reached out and lifted Alan’s enclosed penis. It felt heavy in its steel cage but it too started to show signs of life. Marie was a little shy and didn’t play with Alan nearly as much as Susan had played with Steve.

Susan thanked the men and asked Marie to come with her into another room.

When the women had gone Steve and Alan pulled up their pants and looked at each other.

“That was intense. Have you ever experienced anything like that before?” asked Steve.
Alan shook his head. “I’ve often wondered about other men who are in chastity but I never met anybody else until now. I participate in some on-line forums but of course everyone there is anonymous. This is extraordinary! I feel like my secret is out, and I like that!”

“What do you like most about wearing a device?” asked Steve.

“I like a lot about it,” Alan responded. “I like the reminder that Susan is in control. I like that I couldn’t masturbate even if I wanted to. I like the feeling of it as I walk around. I’m always aware of my cock and balls in a way that I wasn’t before I was locked.”

Steve agreed that he liked the same things and added that he loved how it kept his focus on Marie and how he loved to keep her happy.

“How about the spanking? What’s up with that?”

Alan looked uncomfortable, like he was struggling within himself. But he replied,

“Well, I hope you won’t judge me but I am very comfortable having Susan in charge. Her spanking me reinforces that she’s in control and that’s fine with me. Actually I appreciate it. To me it means that she cares enough about me to go to the effort!”

Steve said “I understand. Thanks for being so open. I can see how it might be hard for you to talk about being spanked with another man. And no, I don’t judge you at all. I understand. I’m jealous! I wish Marie had some of what Susan has. But is spanking as far as it goes? Spanking is a turn on for me but the thought of being tied up and used sexually gets me hard very quickly. I’ve mentioned that to Marie but she doesn’t seem to want to go there. She always says ‘that BDSM stuff isn’t for me.’ I haven’t pushed it; our relationship is great already and I don’t want to upset her.”

Steve asked Alan if Susan ever put him into bondage.

Alan smiled and said “Sure, you remember the chain I was wearing when we first met? That was just a reminder for me. Susan and I love to play that game. I’m pretty handy and I enjoy fabricating things for her to use on me. Would you like to see some?”

“You bet,” said Steve. His heart was pounding in anticipation.

Alan led him to a room at the end of the hall and opened a large, beautifully made wooden chest. It had an assortment of finely made bondage equipment as well as paddles of wood and leather.
Steve’s eyes popped out! He had never seen such a collection. Just then Susan and Marie came in.

Marie’s jaw dropped when she saw what was in the chest.

“You made all this?” Steve exclaimed.

“Sure did!” Alan proudly replied.

Steve was getting hard just looking at the equipment and hesitantly asked if he could touch anything.

“Of course,” Alan replied.

teve reached into the Box and pulled out a collar. It was wide, about 1 ½ inches, made of supple, smooth leather with a sturdy buckle and five D rings set into the leather. Steve stroked it, momentarily in a world of his own.

Susan said to Alan “Let’s show them how some of this works!”

She took the collar from Steve and fastened it around Alan’s neck, securing it with a padlock. Then she buckled a pair of well used wrist cuffs tightly onto each of his wrists and fastened them to the collar’s D rings with steel snaps. As an afterthought she used a short piece of rope to tie his elbows together in front of himself. It was very simple and it only took a moment but he was completely bound and helpless. Steve felt a swelling in his cage as he imagined himself in that same situation.

Susan must have seen it on his face because she said “How about you Steve, want to try?”

He tried to sound casual when he said “Sure, why not?” but he felt flushed with excitement.

Susan said to Marie “How about giving me a hand?” Marie hesitated but agreed.

Susan selected another collar from the box and handed it to Marie. Marie’s hands were trembling a bit as she buckled it around Steve’s neck. Susan saw that Marie was nervous and touched Marie’s hand gently to give her encouragement and support. Susan then pulled out a pair of cuffs. She gave one to Marie and, standing next to each other, they each fastened one to each of Steve’s wrists. Susan let their shoulders touch as they worked on Steve’s cuffs; Marie didn’t break the contact until she had to.

“Marie, let me show you something else we can do.”

Susan took a long, wide leather belt and passed it through Steve’s arms behind his back. When she tightened it his arms were pulled back snuggly, his hands pulled helplessly apart against the shackle that joined them. Susan and Marie smiled broadly as they looked at their two men.

“Wow,” said Marie. “This is kind of fun!”

She stood in front of Steve and stroked his chest and nipples. She scratched his back hard, and played with his cock in its cage. Steve loved the attention and her caresses. He arched his back in pleasure and rubbed against Marie who kissed him possessively.

“It can get even better,” said Susan. “Let me show you something else!”

She went back to the Toy Box and pulled out a delicate chain leash with a narrow collar on the end. She undid Alan’s pants and briefs which fell to the floor. His penis was bulging in its cage as she fastened the leash collar around his cock and balls, just above the cock ring of his cage. She proceeded to pull on the leash and… no surprise, he followed. Apparently he didn’t follow well enough because she took a black riding crop from the box and playfully hit his butt, urging him to follow her a little better. She didn’t seem to hit him hard but each stroke of the crop left a red mark where it landed. Alan was grinning as Susan led him around.

Marie turned from them and looked at Steve hungrily. She seized his caged cock and balls with one hand and pulled them, drawing him towards her. Her other hand grabbed his hair, making sure his mouth was available to her. She kissed him again, passionately.

Steve returned her kiss, thinking “This must be heaven!”

As Susan and Marie were removing the collars and cuffs from their men Susan brushed against Marie several times, letting her breasts linger for a moment against Marie’s back and shoulder. Marie felt a stirring within. She liked the warm softness of Susan’s breasts and wished they stayed against her longer. She was aware that Susan wasn’t wearing a bra and that excited her. She felt conflicted; she wasn’t used to feeling about a woman this way but mmmm, it felt both exciting and comforting at the same time.

When Steve and Marie returned home late that night, she turned to him and said

“I think we’re moving too fast. I don’t know where this is going and I don’t know if I want to go there!”

She didn’t speak about the touches that she and Susan had shared. She thought about Susan and her warm, soft breasts and how she would like to feel them with her hands. She had never done that with a woman, had never had those feelings towards a woman and needed to sort that out in her own mind.

Steve looked at her and replied “I love you and I know you love me. As long as what we do comes from love we’ll be fine. To me, what we did today feels good. Even better than good, it feels great! Everyone has many parts, and we’ve been exploring parts today that usually aren’t let out to play!”
He reached out his arm and Marie snuggled into it. He was still the strong, protective man she knew and loved.

Chapter 2

Over the next several months Susan, Alan, Steve, and Marie began to see much more of each other. They comfortably relaxed in each other’s homes, helping themselves to food from the refrigerator and to intimate touches of each other. The two women, especially, came to feel that Steve and Alan were ‘community property.’

One evening Susan thought out loud, saying to Marie,

“What would you think if we were to use identical locks on Alan and Steve? Each of our keys would work on both locks. What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine!” She grinned.

Marie had come a long way since their earlier encounters. Earlier, their “kinky” activities were confined to Steve being in chastity but now she was far more assertive about what she wanted, both with her husband as well as Alan. She even had intimate encounters with Susan. She had never imagined herself in a sexual relationship with a woman but she just slid into one with Susan. When she stopped to think about it she was amazed at herself, but it felt right. And her relationship with Steve felt stronger than ever! When they were home alone they confided in each other and enjoyed each other like before, but amazingly when they were with Susan and Alan they spoke and acted just as freely. It was as though their marriage had expanded to include the other two.

Marie smiled broadly and said “Absolutely!”

Alan was in the room as this conversation was going on and said

“Hey, don’t you think Steve and I should be included in this decision?”

Marie looked at him affectionately and replied

“I don’t think there’s any question that you and Steve will be happy with the new arrangement. Whenever I put my hands on you, you seem… very responsive!”

As she said this, Marie held Alan’s hands behind his back with her right hand. Alan was far stronger than Marie but he was held firmly by the force of her will as well as his desire to submit. She kissed him on his mouth and explored his caged cock and balls with her left hand. She could feel him swelling with excitement in his cage.

“That feels like consent to me” she said.

Alan grinned sheepishly and nodded in agreement.

Steve returned from working in the kitchen and asked what was going on. Alan filled him in and asked him how he felt about being in a “shared key” situation. Steve thought about it for a moment and said that he and Marie had been speaking about how their two marriages seemed to be merging into one, so it made sense to him. He was OK with it. More than OK! He looked at the three of them, smiled broadly and said he thought they should have some kind of a ceremony.

“Well that’s taking it to a new level,” said Susan. “I’m not saying no, but let’s definitely talk about this more.”

Steve explained his thinking. He felt that the four of them had already achieved something amazing, that the level of comfort he felt with his wife Marie and with Susan & Alan was beyond what he could ever have imagined. His idea of a ceremony was to celebrate what they already had and to welcome whatever was coming. As he spoke, the others understood and agreed with him.

“You’re right,” Susan said. “But there’s something I’ve been thinking about. Marie and I do whatever we want with you and Alan, and of course she and I sometimes pleasure each other. But you and Alan have this no–touch–male thing going on. I understand that’s a big hurdle for both of you but I’d really like to see you two guys to feel free to enjoy each other as well! I mean, if we have a ceremony to celebrate our relationships together it seems incomplete if you two are… separate.”

Alan and Steve looked at each other “Gulp.”

Alan muttered “Well, uh, …”

Steve began to talk slowly. “I recently had a homoerotic dream for the first time in my life.” I was holding a man’s penis. I don’t know who he was. It was limp at first. Then it started growing, swelling, getting harder and harder until it was fully erect. It wasn’t mine but I was playing with it. I seemed to know just what to do. Finally it came, spurting cum all over. I woke up then, really disturbed. The dream was very exciting, but my doing that with a man just seemed wrong…”

Steve looked at the others, who were listening with rapt attention. He didn’t know how they would react. He hadn’t even shared this with Marie until then!

Marie spoke first. “Steve, thank you for sharing your dream. That was pretty intense!” She laughed, saying “You just described the enjoyment that Susan and I get from playing with Alan and your penises.”

Susan looked at Alan “Honey, how would you feel about that?”

“Feel about what?” Alan asked evasively.

“You know… doing it with Steve” Susan replied.

Alan took a deep breath and said he was open to giving it a try. “What would you want to do?” he asked Steve.

Steve didn’t respond immediately. Sensing his hesitation, Marie went over to him and asked him to lower his pants, then unlocked his cage. She asked him to take all his clothes off. Susan followed her lead and had Alan do the same.

She said to Marie “Let’s help the guys out” as she proceeded to take her clothes off. Marie followed, stripping down until they were all nude.

Marie nudged Steve to where he was facing Alan as she stood directly behind him, her breasts brushing against his back. She gently, sensuously stroked his back, arms, thighs, and between the cheeks of his ass. Susan did the same with Alan.

Steve reached out tentatively, and touched Alan’s penis with one finger. Alan reached out and gently grasped Steve’s penis with his thumb and index finger. It responded, moving a little! Steve gave a little gasp and took Alan’s penis in his whole hand. Susan reached behind her and produced a tube of lube that she squirted onto each of their hands, smiling broadly.

“This is amazing,” Alan said to Steve in an intimate voice. “I haven’t masturbated since being in chastity but I sure remember how. This is so different though... Your hand seems to know exactly what to do. It’s not my hand on my dick--it’s yours!”

Steve agreed. “You’re doing to me what I would do to myself if given the chance. This is great!”
Alan remembered his agreement with Susan about his orgasms and asked

“Honey, is it OK if we cum?”

Susan and Marie looked at each other and agreed “Absolutely!”

Looking into each other’s eyes, Steve and Alan continued stroking and playing with each other until they each felt the other’s penis stiffen even more and begin to pulsate. Alan reached over and pinched Steve’s nipple. They came explosively, simultaneously spurting hot cum all over. Their women hugged them, and they hugged each other.

Afterwards Steve felt shaky about what he and Alan had done. Was he gay now? He didn’t feel any different from before, but still he felt like he was on thin ice. He voiced his concern to the group. The two women and Alan reassured him that he was the same man as before, maybe just with broader horizons. He still felt the same passion as before for Marie and Susan, but now there was a new person who got his juices flowing. Not that he or Alan would have much opportunity for messing around; they would still be under lock and key most of the time!

Two weeks later Susan received a small package containing what she had been waiting for: two matching tubular locks, keyed alike. They were ready for their ceremony!

The next evening after dinner, the four gathered in the living room. The lights were dimmed and candles lit. Marie took the lead and asked Steve and Alan to stand. She and Susan stood next to each other, facing the two men. Marie instructed the men to remove their pants, then for good measure to take everything else off as well. She and Susan each had one of the new matching locks as well as the keys to the old locks. Marie unlocked Steve, sliding the lock out of its hole and replaced it with the new one. Susan did the same with Alan’s lock and also slid in the new one.

In a solemn voice Susan announced to Alan and Steve that she and Marie intended to share them and use them both however and whenever they wished. But before it was finalized, they required Alan and Steve to agree to the new arrangement. For the two men this was the realization of their fondest dreams.

They both said “Yes” without hesitation.

Susan and Marie each produced a collar that they ceremoniously attached to the men’s necks. Each collar had two leashes attached. Each woman took one leash from each man’s collar, completing the ceremony. Their lives together had just turned a major corner and nobody could imagine where the journey would take them next!

Chapter 3

Though their two homes were near each other, Susan and Alan’s house was larger and, more importantly, had two complete master suites. It was a little ways out of town and had a lot of privacy. So without much discussion, Steve and Marie began spending more and more of their time there. The two couples had such a remarkably close relationship that it was almost incorrect to describe them as two couples. It would be more accurate to say they were two women sharing two men.

It had taken some time to reach this point, but Susan and Marie were not possessive about their men at all. They loved each other and were confident that there was more than enough love and affection to go around. The two men delighted in being shared by the two lovely women! Their fondest desires had been to be possessed by one woman, so being possessed by two was a continually amazing experience. The best way to explain this is that the personal chemistry between each and all of them was remarkably close. Susan and Marie’s menstrual cycles became synchronized and they would often stroke each other sensually or sexually. If either man was around, they delighted in letting him watch. Alan and Steve sometimes touched each other in an erotic way but generally their touching was only a sign of affection.

Sex being what it is, the most natural thing is for jealousies to develop. But not within this family! Each of the four understood the treasure that their relationships together was. What kept the treasure intact was that each of them worked hard at protecting the feelings of the others. They were each very aware of the others’ emotional states and if one of them started to feel neglected someone would be there to give them attention. They very intentionally ate most dinners together and shared what was going on in their lives. Not limited to the factual information, but also what was going on emotionally. They encouraged each other to give voice to thoughts that they might be ashamed of, because they understood that openness erases shame.

Not long after they had started living together Susan became annoyed at one of Steve’s habits. He often left his dirty dishes in the den. She asked him to pick up after himself several times, but even though he agreed he continued to leave them on the coffee table. Eventually, Susan had enough.

“Steve” she ordered, “get the discipline paddle from the shelf over there.”

Steve’s mind was immediately filled with several thoughts at once. He knew what Susan intended, and why. He also knew he was guilty. But he didn’t want to submit to punishment, and knew he didn’t have to. After all, he was bigger and stronger than Susan; she couldn’t make him! But he also understood that this was an important moment--a watershed. If he defied her, the foursome could begin to unravel. If he submitted he would be accepting her authority over him in a very real way.
He got the paddle.

“Strip” she said, “And bend over.” She was pissed.

Susan began smacking him hard with the paddle. The shock of pain startled Steve, and he gasped.
Marie heard the commotion and came to see what was going on. This was another watershed moment. She saw Susan disciplining “her man,” but she didn’t ask what Steve had done. Marie was content to let events unfold. She assumed that Susan had her reasons and that was good enough for her!

Susan struck ten times.

“Repeat after me,” she said. “I. Will. Pick. Up. After. Myself!”

Steve repeated her words. She smacked him with the paddle ten more times and instructed him to say it again. He did.

Susan ordered him to straighten up.

Steve was breathing heavily, the paddling had hurt!

“Is there anything you want to say to me?” she asked.

“Yes,” Steve replied. “I’m really sorry you had to do this and I appreciate that you cared enough to put in the effort instead of staying angry with me and distancing yourself!”

Susan smiled broadly, hugging him. Gently and sensuously, she ran her fingers over his red behind.

“You’re welcome,” she said.

The combination of the paddling and Susan’s sensuous stroking got Steve very excited. His cock struggled to push out of its cage. Seeing this, Susan reached down and cupped his balls in her hand, bobbled them and said sternly

“No rewards for bad behavior. Put your clothes back on.”

When Alan heard what had gone on between Susan and Steve he felt a twinge of jealousy. Up until that point he had been the only one Susan had disciplined. It was painful for Alan to express this, but he respected his feelings enough to bring it up that evening at dinner. This was the first time that jealousy had been expressed in the group! Susan responded first, saying

“Honey, thank you for saying that. I know it must have been difficult.”

Alan nodded, wondering if he had lost his place as Susan’s special guy.

Susan said to Alan

“You’re right that my disciplining Steve was an act of love. But the thing is, I have an unlimited amount of love for you three. I love you with all my heart. I also love Steve, and Marie!”

This was intense. Married folks didn’t usually speak so openly about loving other people but there it was, right there on the table next to the mashed potatoes.

Marie spoke next, primarily to Alan.

“For what it’s worth, it was also hard for me to watch Susan spanking Steve. It felt even more intimate than our sexual activities. I was afraid that I was losing something with Steve. You all know that I’ve been reluctant to participate in BDSM, but maybe I’m ready to change that!”

Marie rose from the table and motioned for Steve to join her as she walked into the living room. She sat on the edge of the couch, undid Steve’s pants and briefs as he stood in front of her, and held his caged cock and balls in her hand.

She said to him “I’m going to spank you now.”

“Why,” he complained. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Because I want to. Is that a problem?”

Steve hesitated “I guess not.”
Marie pulled him down across her lap and spanked him in a lingering, sensual manner. As he was over her lap, Steve realized that the spanking he was receiving was something he had been wanting from Marie for a long time. He relished every slap and relaxed on Marie’s lap, taking comfort from her left hand on the small of his back and her legs looped over his, holding him in place. When she was finished she asked Alan to come to her and did the same for him. After the last swat she stood him up, saw how he was bulging in his cage, and teased him through the bars.

She said to Alan and Steve “I love you both very much!”

This was sort of a rite of passage for Marie. It was intimate like sex, but in a different way. She liked it.

Susan loved using the bondage equipment that Alan made. He got tremendous pleasure from designing and crafting fine pieces that he knew would be used on himself and Steve. He didn’t mind sharing his creations – it added to his enjoyment. Marie, who was initially reluctant to be involved with equipment, grew to enjoy using it as well. Sometimes she and Susan would discuss how and what they wanted to do with one or both of the men next. They compared the various qualities and characteristics of Alan’s implements and often offered creative suggestions to him for pieces he was working on. Alan absolutely loved this open discussion of his craft, as there really weren’t any other people with whom he could talk to about it.

One Saturday afternoon while they were enjoying a cup of tea Marie asked Susan if she could put into words what she got out of male chastity and bondage. Susan paused to think and then explained
“I can’t force a man to be in chastity. We both know that. He has to willingly participate, at least to put it on. Once he’s wearing a device I love the effect it has on him. I love how his focus becomes ME and what I want. Bondage is different. It’s more an exercise in raw power and control. He may think he wants me to have that control but once he’s bound he’s literally in my power. I love that power. I love that he’s willing to surrender himself to me. When I’m tightening those straps he’s MINE. When he’s tied spread eagle on the cross, exposed and vulnerable, the only thing that protects him from me is my good will. I can do whatever I want. Sometimes what I want to do is to inflict pain. There’s an intensity to pain that brings a focus we don’t normally have. And of course, there are the different kinds of pain that you get from different implements. For example, I know that when I whip Steve across his thighs it hurts him. When I release him and he falls down on his knees to kiss my feet I understand that he is both grateful for my whipping him and grateful for my stopping. The next day when he feels the welts he remembers who put them there. I like that!”

Marie listened to her friend talking. She had watched Susan put both Steve and Alan into different forms of bondage and subject them to different forms of painful discipline, and was still on the fence about it. At times it seemed… brutal. Listening to Susan though, she appreciated the combination of brutality and sensuality that was involved. In fact, as she listened she felt herself getting wet as she visualized herself in that position of power.

Susan watched Marie as she unconsciously touched herself between her legs, and completely understood the feelings Marie was having. She took Marie’s hand, walked with her over to a couch in light of the afternoon sun, and gently touched her breast. Marie’s body responded immediately, her nipple swelling to Susan’s touch. Susan peeled back her blouse and began licking and kissing both breasts. Marie moaned and pushed back into the couch, pulling Susan with her. Susan pulled off Marie’s pants and began fingering her. Just then Alan walked in with a bondage harness, a new creation of his that he wanted to show off. The women stopped themselves mid–fondle. Susan ordered him to strip, then she and Marie worked together to get him into the harness. It was a beautifully made creation of smooth, strong leather and fine brass fittings. When the final strap was fastened and tightened, he could barely move a finger.

“You can watch,” Susan told him. “But don’t touch” she said with a smile.

Marie and Susan resumed their passionate play. Binding Alan had only added to their pleasure. He was truly powerless and at their mercy! This time their mercy was to let him watch as they gave each other intense pleasure. The next time he was bound and helpless they might have something else in mind for him!

Susan focused her attention on Marie, using her hands, fingers, mouth and tongue to stimulate her everywhere she could reach. Marie’s passion climaxed, her whole body tensing as she came. Susan hugged her tightly, then gently released her. The warm sunlight washed over them.

“Wow,” Marie said when she recovered “That was great! How was it for you?” Susan smiled happily in response.

Susan and Marie kissed each other gently, then turned their attention back to Alan. He laughed, saying that he had just wanted to show them the new harness and to get help with a fitting--but it seemed to fit just fine! Alan said that watching them, bound as he was, was incredibly hot. It was like being in chastity but ten times more. He was in chastity so his penis couldn’t do anything but swell helplessly in its cage. But not being able to move any part of his body made his feeling of helplessness and submission that much more powerful! As they undid the straps that bound him they held him in a loving way. Alan relaxed into their arms and softly said that the bondage was so perfect because he knew that they loved him, and that they would protect him from real harm.

Susan was Steve’s supervisor at work. They tried their best to keep their new relationship secret, but it was difficult. Sometimes their hands would stray and touch each other. People did begin to notice the intimacy between them and started talking, as people will do in offices. Some co-workers knew that they were both married, and soon came to the conclusion that Susan and Steve were having an affair. One woman let her belief about this slip out when chatting with Susan. Susan didn’t deny the hint that she was cheating on her husband. The truth would have been more awkward to explain than the fiction!

Back home, Steve did most of the cooking for the household. He was a skilled amateur chef and enjoyed the work. One evening, while waiting for dinner to be ready, Marie and Susan were joking that since it seemed like Steve was already ‘chained to the stove,’ maybe they should really chain him there! When he heard this he slowly shook his head.

“Nope. Not gonna happen. When I’m cooking, I move. Did you ever notice how when I’m cooking there’s very little wasted motion? It’s like a dance, and you don’t chain a dancer!”

With that he handed them a plate of delicious warm hors d’oeuvre to snack on until the main entrée of stir fried vegetables with chicken, steamed broccoli with garlic, and brown rice with quinoa that he was preparing was ready. Nothing more was said about chaining him to the stove.

Please continue directly to Part 2
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Re: The Four-some Part 1

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Liked the shared lock idea. Of course another variation would be for the devices to have two locks, needing two keys to unlock the device, and Marie and Susan to have one key each. Another story perhaps..........
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Re: The Four-some Part 1

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Wow! I’m not a huge fan of spanking. But that was still awesome!
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