[skip] The (for now) semi-solo experience restarts

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[skip] The (for now) semi-solo experience restarts

Post by Skip » Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:07 pm

I've always been dominant. A high-powered job, lots of responsibility and authority, it just fits, right? Deciding over hundreds of thousands of Euros and basically managing several people's fates, at least when it comes to employment. Disciplining them (in safe, regulatory ways of course) occasionally. Encouraging them to aim for higher places. I guess now, reading more about people's experience, it was nigh time that this changed in the bedroom and all other places related or unrelated to sexuality. I've met someone who apparently read some cues and figured that actually, while I like tying people up, I like to be tied up, too. I enjoy foregoing all the control I have over the rest of my life, and doing so completely and entirely to "compensate" for all the power I exercise professionally and personally in other aspects.

We started experimenting and while reading up on some completely different stump, I think I ran into Thumper's or the Lion's blog completely at random and gotten into reading about chastity. I've seen it before, in porn, and never gotten the appeal, but now it was relevant. I was masturbating basically every day, once in the morning, again in the evening, it became an event. I was mostly turned on by the thought of seeing the lady on the weekend or something, but still, it had gotten out of control and I ended up not performing some weekends because - largely, at least - I was all spent from a work week spent jerking off twice a day. I had some spare cash, bought a cheap silicone cage, and wore it for a business trip to a country where I would usually get some "side action" previously. I told the lady about this, and locked myself in the plastic, breakable lock and said I would keep "faithful", even though our relationship was really a no strings attached one.

She was worried on one hand, but on the other, turned on. She liked sending me naughty messages, having me do anal play etc, and I enjoyed it very much myself.

I got back, got off and ordered a new (better) cage (CB6000S knock-off), we didn't talk about it much, but for unrelated reasons the lady was starting to move on (she wanted to go steady with one of her other subjects). She stayed involved, most of the time minimally, so I opted to remain self-locked simply because I enjoyed it, and I also wanted to develop some self-control (I noticed I would sometimes jerk off out of habit or boredom, nothing else). The "going steady" thing didn't work out for her, so she kept in touch, we'd meet when we had the time, with me wearing the cage.

Until I broke it.

She turned me on so much it split in half. Fortunately, no pinching happened. So there was a few days of a lull, I got back into my old habits, before a new one, this time a knockoff HT3 arrived just today. after 5 days out of chastity. It's already much more comfortable, actually prevents erections instead of inhibiting them (and making them painful), eliminates chafing, etc... And she stays involved to a degree. I'm locked in voluntarily, but get verbal instructions and the occasional teasing and she has one copy of the key so even if I don't have time to defrost the ice cube in which my key is frozen in, she can unlock me if she wants the toy.

That's basically today. To be continued...
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Re: [skip] The (for now) semi-solo experience restarts

Post by Chastityat60 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:43 am

That split happened to me too.. scared the mess out of me.. dropped the whole chastity thing for a while over it.. starting over at 60 , liking it so far with my HT V3.
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