My last erection.

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My last erection.

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One morning, me and the wife are having sex. Normal sex, shes on her back in full orgasm and I'm on top pumping her pussy full of cum. After I cum inside her, I lay there still in side her for a moment and she looks at me. The look of, "I want to try something ". I said what's on your mind.  She said how would you like to go to a nudist/swingers party?  I was not expecting that. I pull out and lay on the bed staring at the ceiling.  After some thought, I said sure. She said great, put this on. It's a penis cage. I'm like, what, why?  She said all the men in the party have to wear these. I said ok. Could be fun I guess. I had a cock ring on that has an anal ball attached to it. She said leave that on. I said ok, and I put the penis cage on. She locked it and put the key on a necklace and put it around her neck. She then said the party is at 6:00 this evening. 

So we show up to this house. Theres a couple at the door. We walk up behind them. They turn and introduce themselves.  Ask us if this is our first time here. We say yes it is. They said, well I'm sure you'll have a good time. Looking at my wife. The door opens and the owner of the house greets us fully nude. But no penis cage. I look at my wife, she says the couple hosting the party can be free. I noticed the couple that was in front were getting undressed.  So we got naked to. He put his name on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl. She put a key in another bowl. I said what the heck and did the same. My wife put the key to my penis in the bowl with all the other keys. We then proceed to the living room.

"J", the guy in front of us, stopped. There was a nude women tied to a bench in the crab position. She was quivering, sweating, and moaning. Her pussy was so wet, there was a small puddle on the floor. "J" began to finger her pussy and she jump in ecstacy.  I couldn't help but join in. My penis was getting hard. It filled the wired cage and was trying to get out. I wanted to put it in that pussy so bad. But my wife didnt have the key and the bowl was gone. "J" had went to the next room. That pussy is all mine now. I sucked on her clit and she started moaning louder and louder. Next thing I now, she squirts and let's out the loudest moan I've ever heard. Her husband comes over and un ties her. She can hardly stand from all the orgasms she had. We then move into the other room and just mingle for awhile.

I talked to most everyone. They seem to come every weekend to these parties. Lots of beautiful women. Some of the guys I noticed had the same cage as me. But I was the only one that had a cock ring with an anal ball. Nobody really said anything about it. But it pretty much kept me hard all night. It felt great.  The hosts then announced that it's time.

The wives lined up and bent over the couch. My wife joined them. "G" then went and felt all the wives pussies and then put his hard penis in all of them. Then said I'll take this one. It was "J's" wife. The rest then went to the bowl with the paper. They pulled out two names. Those two guys then went to the dining room where there was two sex machines. The women then got the bowl with the keys. They then started pulling out keys one by one. "J's" wife picked mine.

She came over to me and started playing with mine hard locked up penis. I started dripping pre cum. She then put the key in the lock, but stopped.  She took the key out and said I cant. You have an anal ball. I said so, what does that mean. She then took me to the bench where the hosts wife was tied up. She tied me to it with my butt in the air. She said, it means your wife says you have to stay locked up. But your butt if free for penetration.  And smiled. She took the ball out and removed it from the cock ring. She then put a strap on on and she began pegging me. It felt so good. I got so hard. My penis was dripping. She stopped pegging but left the 6 inch dildo in me and pushed it in till it couldn't be seen. Then she started sucking on my caged penis. Im about to cum I said. She stopped for a second and let it drip some. My penis filled the cage, it was pulsating. She then put a tube in my penis. It felt weird but so good. And she moved it back and forth.  Never touching my penis. Then, I came so hard. And she was sucking on the tube. She moaned,  mmm, that tastes good. It's nice to taste someone new.  She had a mouth full of my cum. She took a picture of it. She then swallowed it and then un-tied me. My penis was still hard. I ask if I could be let out now. She said that's up to your wife. So I went to look for her. As I was looking for my wife, i walked by the dining room with the two sex machines.

I was in awe.  They were milking machines.  The two guys were being milked. They've been in there for probly 30min. Moaning in agony over the none stop stroking. They came twice as I watched the two women tease them. I got hard again. The two women looked at me. Said  Your next. I said maybe next time. And went looking for my wife.

I found her in a 3 way with another woman. The guy was still caged. And he was fingering my wife and sucking the other woman. They both looked like they had just had an orgasm.  The guy asked if he could be let out. They said he had to give them 2 more orgasms first. I was like damn. And left them to do there thing and went to the living room. There was two other guys without there cages on and two girls there. Just talking. So I joined them. I still was caged.

My wife comes out. Looking like she had a good time. And the guy she was with was still caged and dripping cum. He looked satisfied. We all talked for a bit. Then said our goodbyes and got dressed. 

We get home and she took the key off her neck and put it in small tube thing. She took off her clothes. She put the tube deep in her pussy. And said if you want out of your cage, you have to get it out with your mouth. I got hard, got naked and dove into that still wet pussy. As I'm trying to get it out she has an orgasm.  But I could not get that tube out. She said to bad honey. Maybe next time. She takes the tube out and hides it from me. This was 5 years ago. We've been to 27 parties since then and I still havint had an erection. And probly wont for the rest of my life. We've hosted 3 parties, but my wife says I have to stay caged till I can get the tube out of her pussy.
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