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Re: Traveling Light

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I know it's not the same. I don't wear a chastity device. But I do tuck. And I travel. I try to wear something basic black to hold me tucked. If I did get inspected, let them figure it out.

The body scatter scan can't look normal. No normal bulge on a normal guy. And I am definitely hiding something. But I've never had a problem at the security gate. Except when I miss pocket change. I got a quick pat down and wasn't told what he was feeling for. And even then. Quick and matter of fact. Not even a comment to be more careful to empty my pockets next time. No Crocodile Dundee moments.

When I was in college I worked for an 800 call center. We were told we would get test calls and we were told to handle them the same. Someone calls to send flowers to Boy George with a surprise message. Take the message and process the order.

Dev got it right. Maybe the agent was written chattier than mine was. Just move the passengers through. Check for threats and follow procedures. Handle everything according to the rules.
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Re: Traveling Light

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Love the story

With my work I regually need to go through metal detectors however normally know when and where I will need to. Have often throught what happens if I get cought out and how would I explain the fact that I cant get rid of the metal to stop the machine beeping. Have a vision of being taken behind a screen and made to strip

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Re: Traveling Light

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Yes, TSA are the ones we love to hate! And Dev, that was a great story with a wonderful surprise ending! We have some very talented people on this Forum.
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Re: Traveling Light

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Crafty wife. Nice story!
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