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The Good Boy Diary - Chapter 1, Friday Morning

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2023 12:50 am
by lockedforfun
Friday Morning

6:00 am
David is awakened by a series of mild shocks delivered to his balls by the chastity cage his wife Angela has locked on him. She much prefers this to an audible alarm, since the shocks are silent and don’t disturb her own sleep. Plus, they are very effective at getting David out of bed.

The cage itself is a custom creation David made for himself, or rather, for the two of them. He began by disassembling a remote-controlled dog shock collar and 3D printing an enclosure for the guts of the collar that would snap around the base ring of a custom Mature Metal Queen’s Keep cage. David had ordered the MM cage just slightly bigger than he would have needed so that there was room for the modifications. It made the ring quite a bit fatter on the top, but still sat close to his body, with no particular additional discomfort. The electrodes were along the bottom of the ring so the shocks – which could vary greatly in intensity, from 1 to 99 – were delivered to the rear of his balls as they sat trapped in the device.

The ring adapter was entirely water-proof, with a small cover for the charging port, so he could wear it 24/7 including showering and even swimming. And 24/7 was exactly what Angela had insisted on since May.

He had also disassembled the remote itself and re-wired it to be controlled by a small Raspberry Pi computer instead of by the keypad. The small computer was housed in another custom 3D printed case that looked something like a key fob but has no buttons on it, simply “Good Boy” in embossed letters on one side. His wife’s phone and computer were both connected to it by WiFi and Bluetooth, and she could control it by special apps David had written for her.

One of them is his alarm clock. She set it for 6am every weekday. She has it start out at level 5. At 6am, it will start delivering a pair of level 5 shocks to his balls every three seconds until he gets up and makes his way to the kitchen where the Good Boy is plugged in and charging (the remote range works all through the house and even across the very large yard). David has to pick the Good Boy up and shake it to turn off the alarm.

If he hasn’t done that by 6:01, the shocks jump up to level 10. At 6:02, they go to 15. If he hasn’t turned the alarm off by 6:05, the shocks go to 50 and zap him twice a second until he turns it off. 50 is quite painful, just short of the level that drops him to his knees, so that’s the maximum Angela has the alarm go, since it would be awfully unfair to have him unable to make his way to the Good Boy and turn it off.

6:02 am
David picks up the Good Boy and shakes it, just before the shocks go to 15. 10 he doesn’t mind, actually finds it enjoyable. But 15 is where it starts to really hurt. His wife determined this through a series of experiments over the first month he was wearing his new cage. He’s naked in the kitchen, he’s always naked in the house now, unless his wife specifically orders him to get dressed. That only happens when friends are coming over. Angela is still mostly private about their sex life, and likes the fact her friends all admire the big, strong, Alpha husband she landed. No need for any of them to know he is actually her loving, willing, adorable slave. So she has him wear clothes when they’re over, but the rest of the time, he’s completely naked in the house (and back yard).

Well, not completely. He is of course wearing his chastity cage, but he’s also wearing a tubular stainless steel collar around his neck, locked and Angela has the key. He’s also wearing leather cuffs locked by padlocks on his wrists and ankles, with convenient D-rings if his wife needs to secure him somewhere. He sleeps that way each night.

David unplugs the Good Boy from the charging cable and holds it close to the top of his cage. Small, powerful magnets grab it and hold it to the top of the cage with a little click. He’ll wear it there most of the rest of the day, but it’s very important he wear it right now. You see, the alarm that woke him up, it doesn’t have a snooze feature. It doesn’t permit a snooze feature. If the Good Boy doesn’t keep moving until 7am, it will assume David went back to sleep and zap him awake.

6:15 am
David has finished putting away the clean dishes in the dishwasher which he started last night just before going to bed. He checks the kitchen garbage. It’s almost full, so he takes the bag out to the garbage can on the side of the house. Still naked of course, his bare feet feeling the cool flagstone path. They’ve only been serious about his slavery since May, and it’s now late August. He wonders if she’ll still have him taking the garbage out nude when there’s snow on the ground. He also assumes things will change when they finally have kids, but he hasn’t cum at all for months, let alone cum inside of his wife, so children are very much a hypothetical prospect at the moment.

The side of the house is protected by a large fence and a thick hedge, so there’s no chance of him being seen. Neither is there a chance of him being seen taking the kitchen compost can out to the compost bins on the other side of the yard. The grass is cool too, but no hint of dew on it. The weather has just been too warm lately. Again he wonders about winter.

6:40 am
The back deck is now swept and cushions put on the outdoor sofa. The morning sun slants under the giant Japanese Maple in the courtyard at the bottom of the steps. It feels nice and warm on David’s cage, the stainless steel still visible on the cage part glinting. He take a brief moment to admire the cage, both his workmanship and that of Mature Metal. He also admires his situation. He wasn’t sure his wife would really go for the Lifestyle FLR thing, but she has.

Not a Level 4 or whatever some of the “official” FLRers talk about. He’s still expected to be a man, to take responsibility for big decisions. It’s one of the things that attracted Angela to him in the first place, his decisiveness and assertiveness with other people.

He interrupted his reverie and got moving again before the Good Boy decides he is slacking off. He started a pot of coffee and put four cinnamon raisin English muffins in the toaster. He was still expected to be decisive and all that, but she was now in complete control of their household and their sex lives. And she seemed to be growing more comfortable with that every day. David knew he was, and he loved it.

6:55 am
The coffee pot gurgles and the last few drips percolate into the carafe as David finishes buttering the muffins. He pours two cups of coffee, puts cream and a dollop of honey in Angela’s, then takes the coffee and muffins out onto the deck, putting them on the coffee table by the outdoor couch with a cover over them. He then pads back down the hallway to the bedroom and wakes his Goddess with a kiss on her forehead.

She opens her eyes and smiles at him.

“Good morning, Goddess,” he says

“Good morning, Slave,” she replies.

He kneels near the foot of the bed with his hands behind his back as Angela pushes the covers off and gets up. She’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt, her preferred sleepwear. She stands, stretches, then walks over to stand in front of her kneeling husband, her legs slightly apart. David leans forward and kisses her pubic mound through her shorts. She smiles again, tousles his hair, and says “you may rise” as she walks to the bathroom.

David stands and quickly makes the bed. Not in a perfect-crease army drill sergeant sort of way, just neat but loose. He’s done by the time Angela comes out of the bathroom and the two of them walk out to the deck.

7:15 am
Angela and David are sitting on the outdoor couch, drinking their coffee and crunching the English muffins. It’s past 7am, so David can safely sit and relax without the Good Boy zapping him. The sun is warm on David’s nude flesh. Angela has a silk robe over her shorts and T-shirt, just a little protection against any morning chill.

She looks down and realizes her coffee cup is empty. She pokes a finger at her phone, pops open another of David’s apps, and taps a button marked “Call.”

David startles mildly as a level 10 shock hits his balls.

“Yes, Goddess,” he says quickly, kneeling on the deck next to her.

She holds out her cup and says “I could use a refill, please.”

“Right away, Goddess,” he says and takes the cup, hurrying into the kitchen. She didn’t need to use the zapper “Call” function, he was sitting right next to her. He’d created it so she could summon him from somewhere else in the house if she needed him. Or, more wickedly, if they were in public and he had the Good Boy underneath his street clothes. But one night when she asked for her wine to be refilled, David had playfully said “what if I say no?”

She looked confused, but then smiled knowingly when David nodded his head towards her phone. She picked it up and zapped him, then said once again that she needed her wine refilled. Since then, she’d adopted a habit of frequently zapping him first, then giving him a command. Her commands were always phrased very politely, and someone overhearing them would never guess they were anything but.

Idle chatter passes between them when he returns with her refill. A perfectly ordinary married couple enjoying morning coffee together. Just one is nude, collared, cuffed and in chastity while the other is dressed normally. And one hasn’t cum for months while the other had a dozen orgasms the night before. They discuss their plans for the day, and David mentions he needs to stop at the hardware store on the way home from work for his weekend project supplies. Angela smiles playfully.

“That’s okay, but you’ll get a one swat with the hair brush for every minute my 5pm Friday cocktail is late.”

He gulps and says “Well, maybe I can go at lunch and get stuff. That way we can still leave work on time.”

Angela and David work together at an engineering firm that specializes in prototyping new gadgets. That’s why David is so good at building things like his custom cage. Angela is a project manager, which makes it fairly easy for her to organize David’s “slave duties.” She smiles a secret little smile. Everyone at work thinks David is a brilliant engineer and does amazing work, but Angela knows his most creative work is something none of them ever see.

8:00 am
Angela has unlocked the leather cuffs, so David is now just locked in the collar and chastity cage. He detaches the Good Boy and sets it on the sink as he showers. It snaps back in place before he shaves and brushes his teeth. Then he’s dressed and ready for work. The cage, even with the Good Boy, is invisible beneath his clothes. The collar is also hidden by his buttoned shirt and neck tie. He didn’t used to wear ties to work, but started this year as a way to hide the collar. At first it felt strange, but then several of his coworkers adapted the look. They were an engineering group after all, and a bunch of men in ties and shirtsleeves gave the place a cool, retro vibe. He smiles at the idea his need to hide a kink has had such an interesting impact on office culture as he kneels in the middle of the bedroom and waits for Angela to get dressed and do her makeup.

8:45 am
Angela walks out of the bathroom and fetches her shoes for the day from her walk-in closet. Snapping her fingers, she points at the ground and says “Bench.” David moves from the kneeling position he has been waiting in to being on all fours. Angela sits on his back and puts her moderate heels on, using him as a bench. Standing up, she says “Rise, my favorite beautiful piece of furniture” and she kisses him before the two of them head off to work.