Turnabout : Chapter 3 A Boy and Her Toys

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Turnabout : Chapter 3 A Boy and Her Toys

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Turns out she didn’t notice that I’d had an orgasm in my cage while she was throatfucking me with the dildo. So much drool had poured out of my mouth and down my chest to the carpet that the cum was mixed in with it and not obvious at all. She didn’t know I’d cum, and I couldn’t tell her. In a way, it was worse. I’d lost a bit of my horny edge, was suddenly a little less submissive, but still having a dildo rammed down my throat by my power-tripping wife and keyholder.

When she finally pulled the dildo out and stepped back, I was gasping for breath, covered in slobber, and barely able to keep myself upright on my knees in front of her.

“Table Position,” she ordered.

I quickly dropped onto all fours, adjusting my arms and legs to hopefully make my back level. I held my head straight out from my body, level with and looking at the floor. Drool continued to pour out of my mouth, since the ring-gag mean I couldn’t close it.

I felt her set the dildo down on my back. It too was covered in drool, which I now felt slowly running across my back and down my sides. Her feet disappeared from my view, and I heard the bedroom door open and close.

I waited like that, hands and knees, naked except for the chastity cage and ring gag. Gradually I got my breathing back under control. My throat didn’t exactly hurt, but I definitely could feel the effects of what she’d been doing. I don’t know how long she left me alone like that in the bedroom. Maybe ten minutes. It was enough time for me to take stock of this new turn in our relationship. Despite the fact that I’d just had an (unauthorized) orgasm, I was become turned on again, thinking about what my beautiful, unpredictable, newly frightening, wife was doing.

I heard the door open and close again. Then I felt something very cold in the middle of my back.

“Don’t you dare spill my drink, table,” she said. “You’ll be in big trouble if you do.”

The shock of the cold almost did make me spill it, but I managed to stay still. Though I had used her as my drink table many times in the pre-chastity days of our marriage, I wanted to remind her that I’d never put a cold glass directly on her back. I’d always used a coaster at least.

But the gag meant I couldn’t really say anything intelligible, which was probably just as well. I didn’t think she’d put up with any back talk from her new piece of furniture.

“What’s that joke you used to make when you had me like that?” she asked, rhetorically. “Oh, yes. ‘Honey, I don’t always use you as a table, so I guess that makes you an Occasional Table!’ Hardy-har.”

I heard the toy drawer open up again and she was rummaging around in it. I heard some clinks and then the drawer closed. I didn’t dare try to look, I might topple the drink. Besides not wanting to earn whatever punishment she might inflict for that, I didn’t want the cold liquid spilling on my bare back.

She picked the drink up. Then put it back down again, in a slightly different spot. One that wasn’t used to the cold. I sucked in a sharp breath. After a minute or so, she picked it up again, and the dildo also.

“Humble,” she said. I stretched out my arms and lowered my chest towards the floor, keeping my knees under my hips, which meant my ass was up in the air. My cock twitched a bit in its cage as I thought about how amazing she had looked in that position.

She didn’t keep me there long though.

“Kneeling Position.”

I rose back up to my knees. As I did, I saw that she was now wearing a strap-on harness with the new, larger dildo buckled into it.

“Do you like my new harness?” she asked. “I decided to get my own with a nice little pouch for something special.” She showed me a small bullet vibrator tucked into the harness and held up against her clit. She turned it on and I heard the muffled buzz.

“Inspection Position.”

I stood, a little unsteady, and spread my legs into position. My fingers locked behind my head and I pulled my elbows back.

“Kneel,” she said. I did.

“Inspection Position.” I stood. She repeated that a few times, making me stand and kneel, getting some more exercise for my already tired legs.
Finally she had me in Inspection Position and walked over to the bed.

“This vibrator isn’t very powerful, it’ll probably take a while to make me cum,” she said. “But afterwards, I think I’ll want to be fucked.” She held up my strap-on harness with the small dildo she liked. As I stood there in position, she walked over to me, knelt, and buckled the harness on just above my caged cock. She patted my balls and gave them a squeeze.

She stood back up and said “Kneel.”

I knelt again. She walked up to me, the new, larger dildo waving ominously in front of me. On paper, or at least the text on the website, it didn’t sound that much larger than the other one, but now that I was face to face with it, so to speak, it looked huge.

She took another sip of her drink – a rum and coke I think – then set it down behind me, the fake cock grazing the side of my face as she leaned over me to reach the dresser.

“I didn’t check to see if this one fit through the ring gag,” she said taking a firm hold on the sides of my head. “I do hope it does.”

She aimed it at the middle of the gag and held my head in place as she slowly pushed it through. It fit. I could tell as I felt the tip of the dildo hit and then slide over my tongue.

“Lube it up,” she ordered.

I did so as best I could. It was bigger and took up more room in my mouth, but I was able to work my tongue over and around the head. After a while, she said “Well, let’s see if you can get it down,” and slowly pushed it to the back of my throat.

And down.

It was bigger, I felt it filling my throat completely, but it went in. All the way in. It wasn’t just bigger around, it was a couple of inches longer too. The feeling was far more intense. And there was no breathing at all. My airway was completely plugged. No amount of relaxation or careful breathing was going to move any air in or out. I could feel my eyes growing very, very wide.

“Look at me,” she said. I lifted my eyes up to meet hers. As I did, I felt a brief gag reflex, but I got it under control quickly. She looked down at me and smiled. I think she could see a little bit of fear in my eyes.

“Oh, does this monster make you nervous?” she asked playfully. “I can imagine it would. But you’re doing so well. You swallowed it all on the first try! I could never do that, and you always said I gave a great blow job. Oh, I really do wish I could feel what it’s like. I’ll just have to enjoy my vibrator, I suppose.”

She pushed against my face a little harder, pressing the base of the dildo against the vibrator and the vibrator harder against her clit. “Mmmmm, that does feel good,” she said. “But it’s going to take a while. Can you breathe?”

I shook my head as best I could with nine inches of thick dildo down my throat. My eyes pleaded.

“You said that before, but you ended up able to breathe okay.”

I shook my head again. My eyes pleaded more earnestly. I hoped she noticed.

“Not even a little bit?”

No, I tried to say in every way I could without words.

She pulled it out of my throat. Not all the way out of my mouth, but out of my throat.

I gasped for air.

She pushed it back in and ended that mid-gasp. I made a strange “urk” sound as it closed my throat off.

“Well, I suppose I’ll have to be more careful with this one.”

I tried to nod, to agree, to encourage her to do just that. She began fucking my throat. More carefully, I guess, but more deeply and more thoroughly than ever before.
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