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trying the chastity cage and then...

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2022 2:19 pm
by krikke82
My story starts in the neighborhood where I live. We regularly held activities such as walks, theater performances, games evenings, etc. They always took place in small halls.
I always swore to use the urinals. A man must be able to pee standing up. If you don't do this, you're not a man. That was my starting point. Maybe not everyone was happy with those statements, but that's just how I was.
One day I was intrigued by an article I came across about penis cages. Since I always want to be able to test everything, I occasionally wore this at home. At a certain moment I also had it on during such an evening in a hall to try it out in that way. Unfortunately for me I couldn't use the urinal so had to sit down. No problem because of course I could also do something else in the toilet for which a man does not stand.
On a subsequent occasion I had the idea of wearing this again that evening. I liked that last time so why not I thought.
At a certain moment I had to go to the toilet again and again went for the sitting toilet. Only there was only 1 toilet within the men's toilets and the lock didn't work. Not a problem in itself, I thought, because we are not that many people there and that doesn't take long. Now it succeeds that someone else also decides to go to the sitting toilet and opens the door. He saw me immediately and immediately turned back but had the impression that he had seen something I hoped no one saw. He didn't ask any questions about this that night and we just went home.
The next time I was very dubious about whether I was going to put it on because of that one incident. It was stronger than myself and I put it on again. I thought that lock would have been made because we are already a month later.
So at the next toilet I sat down again and luckily for me the lock worked. I did get out of the toilets and the person who turned back last time wondered why I didn't stand like a man like I always said. Had something changed, he asked. I told him I'd read that sitting down to pee is just healthier and also involves less cleaning for the person cleaning the toilets. Then he said that last time he saw something metal around my penis and whether this had anything to do with it. Then I felt caught and for a moment I didn't know what to say. I told him I was going to say something about it later that evening when we went home. That way I bought myself some time to explain what it was. He agreed.
So when we continued, he asked me to linger. Then I explained that this was a penis cage that I was wearing, that I had read about it, wanted to try it and was basically a sex toy of sorts. Since he didn't know it himself, he said it was OK and we went home.
The next time they reunited, he was the first and I was the second. He asked if I was wearing it again and that he had read about it in the meantime. I told him I was indeed wearing it. He was curious who had the key since he had read that this works with a lock and a key. I told him that the key was just at my house. I didn't have him with me. He asked if he could take a closer look at the lock along with that key. Since it was someone from the circle of friends, I agreed to go to my house after we went there where I could show it.
He asked if he could keep the key for a few days because it was Friday evening and then it was the weekend. Since I knew him and was also willing to try that idea, I gave him the key. The agreement was that he would bring the key in on Sunday. He was then allowed to determine the hour himself. I was curious when he was going to do that.
It was the very first time for me that I also had this on at night and couldn't get out either.
In the beginning it took some getting used to to fall asleep with it. In the end it worked, but after a few hours I woke up with the feeling that my penis wanted to grow but couldn't. I also had the feeling that I had to pee so I went to the toilet. Then try to fall asleep again. Slept again for a few hours with the same feeling and the same ritual again. At 6 o'clock in the morning it was no longer possible to do so and I went for a walk. Not really nice to wake up so early on the weekend if you planned to sleep in. I had agreed so that was my problem. I was hoping the 2nd night went better than the 1st night.
Fortunately, during the day I did not suffer so much from wearing it. Evening had come again and was already looking forward to Sunday. Then I went to see that key again and I could free myself.
The night was just as problematic as the first and felt like I was even waking up every hour. Really not nice. So I longed to have that key as soon as possible.
Asking for the key earlier was pointless, he said because he was not home on Saturday.
Woke up again at 6am on a Sunday. Really wasn't happy to be up so early on a Sunday as I usually slept until 9am. Then just do the same. Back for a walk to get rid of my frustration and to stop at the bakery for bread.
I did keep an eye on the mailbox quite a lot on Sunday. I wanted to make sure I could get out as fast as I could and then get some sleep without interruption. The key finally fell on my bus around 7pm or maybe a little earlier. I couldn't wait to free myself. The first thing I thought about then was sleeping. I didn't care that it was quite early but needed it.

My apologies for the bad English. This is not my native language. Have used the help of Google