… what you wish for …

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… what you wish for …

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“You told me that you wanted to try real chastity, for a year, and it’s only been six months.”

“I know, but please, it’s so much more difficult than I thought it would be…”

“You told me that you would have moments of weakness, and that you really needed me to be strong for you. I’ve always prided myself on being a strong woman, and I’m happy to gift that to you when you need it the most. I will be strong for you.”

“Oh, but please, I was wrong. I can’t take this.”

“But you can. You’ve taken it for six months. And you’ve become so attentive, and passionate, it’s like having back the man that courted and wooed me so many years ago. I’m not just doing this for you anymore. I want you to take this for me, too now. I’m being strong for you; I need you to find some strength for me. Think back to why you asked for this in the first place. Remember what you were after.”

“I … I’m not sure I can do this…”

“I’m sure you can. You do it for me; I’ll do it for you.”

“Okay. I’m sorry. You’re right. I’ll be stronger.”

“Thank you, my love. One other thing … you said you wanted to try real chastity for a year. You also told me that real chastity doesn’t start until you want out. I guess that makes today a milestone. Day one, right? I will be very strong for you…”
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Re: … what you wish for …

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Oooo! Love it!
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Re: … what you wish for …

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Oh my!! His year begins now?!! That is so evil of her, and also so damn hot. Wonderful!
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