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Never too old to learn a new trick.

Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2022 7:02 am
by gamesignora

Don't worry I am not going crazy and no I have not won the lottery,
Sitting here on my bathroom floor covered in squishy stuff, lube, cum and paper towels.
What you done I hear you all muttering yes even you at the back!

Well it started six weeks ago, I set about proving my partner wrong. He had been telling me men can't orgasm hands free.
I knew I was right and he was wrong due in a large part to having experienced it myself in my late teens. Just for clarity I am a gay man and my ex partner is also male.
He claims to be versatile but I have never known him be anything other than bottom.
Before we met
To be cont :

Re: Never too old to learn a new trick.

Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2022 8:27 am
by gamesignora
Part ll
Now all relationships go through patches some very good some not so.
One thing certain to put a strain on a gay relationship is sexual roles.
I was 80% bottom 20% top my partner claimed to be versatile but never ever managed to get around to being top.
For me this was frustrating. I decided after much thought to go into chastity. I bought an HT V4 and locked myself in. Sending the key to a KH in Scotland.

This did not go down well, I was fed up of being put into a role that I didn't want, at least not all the time. The lack of response to my needs forced me to take drastic action.
Holy Orders perm chastity until he became more reasonable.
To be cont:

Re: Never too old to learn a new trick.

Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2022 8:11 am
by gamesignora
Part lll
Needless to say the crossroad reached he went one way I continued into a chastity future.
KH 500 miles away only reachable by text or email.
Back in part l I set the scene and left you to fill in some background. I hope you were not too bored!
So back to my abandoned state in the bathroom.
Sweaty and a wee tear in both eyes, I was overcome with relief and a sense of achievement. I had managed something I had not done in nearly 30. Years. Yes prostate orgasm using a new aid bought from eBay, reasonably priced and eye wateringly big.
It took many attempts and a few moments I nearly gave up.
Six weeks of perseverance and perspiration finally mission completed, just the clean and a rest in the bed before dinner.
There you go lesson learned don't ever give up and chastity is not just for sissy's and authoritarian women !!!
Thanks and back with another almost true story another day

Re: Never too old to learn a new trick.

Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2022 12:57 pm
by gamesignora
Woke up this morning feeling like a child on Christmas day waiting for a special delivery.
7.30 checking the post nothing
7.35 still nothing
7.40 nope!
Fast forward
10.25 UPS van pulls up outside. Very handsome young man walks up the drive and knocks on the door.
Almost falling over the abandoned umbrella in the hall I open the door swoon a little and sign for a small brown package.
It feels very light and nothing more than a fancy wrapped letter.
I open the sealed end and remove some bubble wrap and there it was.
All the way from the Isle of Mull in Scotland my key!
The key holder had sent me the key I requested to my chastity device.
I had set myself a time limit of 3 months or 92 days to be precise, I was now able to be free!

Putting the key on the table in the kitchen I sat with my warm coffee half drunk staring at the key and then opened my dressing gown to reveal my cage with its limp contents. Shall I do it now or later I thought to myself, later, yes after my shower. Perhaps now and enjoy a shower in freedom !!!
I decided to wait.
The shower was hot and I shaved everything as usual, never could stand hair anywhere on me other than my head. So legs chest arms back bum everything shaved that I could reach. Some hairs poking out of the cage prompted me to go and get the key.
Oh no it had gone, not on the table where I put it at all. panick omg where is it, what did I do with it, eek real panick !!!
Checking everywhere to see if it had fallen on the floor or maybe I put it back in the package, nope nothing it had vanished.
Mad frenzy blind panick omg I was going to be stuck forever.
I went back to the shower turned the water off and put on my bathrobe. Tied the belt and put my hands in the pockets and low&behold the key.
Stupid idiot I felt relieved but also foolish. Is my memory really on the wane.
Ok key in hand unlocks the cylinder lock and off comes the cage, the saddest looking penis I had ever seen looking up at me.
A wiggle a rub and a bit of a shake some life returned. It got harder and then some more OMG it was extracting all the blood from my body and gorging on it. The biggest monster hard on ever in 10 years at least.
I did the decent thing and ignored it however 10 minutes and it still had not given up.
Cold shower that should do the trick. Cold shower tried but I hate them and could not bear it more than 30 seconds.
I confess I did the only honourable thing and enjoyed every minute of the three it took.
Now that was the first time for, quickly gets the calendar out ... Two years bloody hell !!!
Ok so plan for the day! Shopping and a light lunch in the pub then a walk.
It was all a huge disaster, everywhere I went my penis errupted at every dude that came within 6 feet. I had turned into a sex starved maniac !!!!
I could hardly walk around the shop, the ICBM in my pants doing it's level best to escape and ravage the poor unsuspecting customers.
Forget the light lunch and the walk it's straight home to get my little fella back in his cage.
After a tremdous fight I got him back under lock and key.
I sat looking out the window into the garden knowing what I had to do, it's for the best, popped the key in the return envelope and off to the postbox. Key on its way back to Scotland.
For another 3 months 😀