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Chris sister Sara gets her revenge

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:35 pm
by Jtinybottomboy03

I find myself naked and handcuffed. Sara and Tracy are taking
there revenge on me, their muscular friend Eric is here to make
sure I'm compliant. I'm taken to the shower, my body covered
from the neck down with hair removing lotion. Ten minutes later
I'm as smooth as a 12 year old girl.

Eric is gay. Under threat of being forcibly raped , I am told
to kneel and give my first blowjob while the girls video tape
me. Quicker Eric says as I work his head with my lips and
tongue. "Squeeze my balls," he moans, and I do
he grunts, cums all over my face. "He's got a hard-on,"
Tracy says, panning down from my come spattered face to my
stiff cock. "He loves sucking dick."

Still taping, they take me to the bedroom, remove the handcuffs,
and dress me in a padded bra, a cheerleader's skirt and sweater,
thigh high f stockings, and high heels. I watch in the
mirror as Sara applies heavy makeup to my face. Gradually, my
features are softened and soon I look like a semi-attractive
woman. The finishing touch is a long blond wig. "There," says
Tracy, "pretty as a picture."
Sara warns me that if I'm disobedient my coworkers will
receive a copy of my "Dirty tape." I resign myself to whatever
fate the girls have in store for me. I'm still dressed like a
cheerleading hooker as the four of us go out to the car. I have
to keep my hands at my sides, to keep my skirt from blowing up
and revealing my bare ass and crotch. In the car, Tracy tells
me to "talk like an air head." She has me say "I'm a slut," in
several different high pitched voices until I sound

They drive me to my friend Steves apartment. Inside, my friends
Steve Mike, and Tony are sitting around watching TV. Sara
introduces me as Christina , and to my surprise they don't seem to recognize me. Sara says I'm a friend of Eric's and that I
need to practice my blowjob's.
Next thing I know I'm sucking the cocks, fondling the balls, and
swallowing the come of my three best friends, who all think I'm
some slut named Christina Of course Tracy is video taping the
whole thing. When I'm done, Steve suggests that maybe I'd like to practice some other stuff Sara quickly says we have other plans for now but maybe later .
Your getting pretty good as sucking cock there Christina " Sara
says when we get back to the car.. We drive to my apartment.
where we watch the video tape of me sucking off Eric being cross dressed, and sucking of my three best friends. After that, the girls take me to the bathroom and give me a hot soapy enema. They repeat the treatment several times, until I'm "Squeaky Clean."

"The guys will be here soon," Eric tells us when we return to the
living room. "Well we better get Christina ready then," Sara says, producing a tube of ky-jelly and a small vibrator. Sara
positions me on my back on the floor and has me pull my knees to my chest, while Tracy turns the video recorder back on. The
slick vibrator stings a bit when it pierces my ass. But, it's
only about an inch thick so Sara can easily push the whole thing into my hairless asshole. It is uncomfortable, but not painful. Sara twists the base of the vibrator, turning it. The
sensation is incredible and my dick swells quickly. Tracy
moves in for a close up of my ass and crotch. "He loves getting
it in the ass ... Good thing!"
The guys turned out to be Steve Mike, and Tony. While Tracy
explained to them that Christina wanted to "practice" taking it up the ass, Sara takes me to the bedroom. "Lay face down and
keep your legs together, unless you want your friends to know
it's you." Then Sara brings the guys, and the video camera,
into the room.
Mike goes first. He lubricates his cock with KY, straddles my
thighs, and lifts my skirt exposing the tops of my stockings and
my bare ass. His slick warm head slides down my crack to my
anus. Then he begins to push. I grit my teeth as his thick
cock stretches my virgin asshole open wide. After a short
series of stabbing thrusts I feel his warm wet wad filling my ass Seconds after Mike pulls his softening cock from my ass it is
replaced by Steves fully hard member. Steves balls slap against my ass with each of his long strokes. Fifteen minutes later, with a grunt and a final jab, Steve shoots his hot spunk into my aching stretched Tony slips into my well fucked asshole He pumps into me faster and faster. Suddenly he's coming hard, my ass, stomach, and dick pulse in unison with his throbbing cock before exiting my well fuck ass Tony whispers into my ear. How did you like that Christina or should I say CHRIS
The guys leave the bedroom. Sara has me roll over to see if I
have a hard-on. "He really loves getting ass fucked!" she says,
while she gets a close up of my spent cock and the large puddle of my cum
The next.dsy Tony is sitting couch when I wake up. We need I have a price to keep your secret Christina. I resign to the fate of being Tony's personal cummdump
You can start by taking those pants down and getting me hard. I suck Tony to full mast then he bends me over the Bach of the couch and proceeds to bang my alrwady sore ass. Just before he is about to shoot his load in my ass we hear a knock at the door. Tony says better stall them I yell be there in a minute 2 minutes later as Tony is firing his load in my ass I hear the door open . After Tony is done I quickly pull my pants up just as Mike is turning the corner. Steve yell come on hurry up tee time is in 30 minutes. I don't have time to clean my ass I just have to leave Tony's seed drip out my ass. Hopefully Mike and Steve don't see the wet spot on my ass when we got to the golf course Tony told me meet me in the bathroom. I have a surprise for you get in the stall . Tony pull out a chastity cage and locked my cock up he said as my cum dump you don't get to use your cock. I stood there dumb founded and ask why are you doing this and he response was cause I can.. Tony said now get your ass out on the course..Tony said I will make you a deal you get par in the course you will be released in 6 months and under par you get out in 1 month but fir every stroke over par add 3 months. And if you don't agree we will go with 1 year min in the cage. I had no choice but to agree

Will Chris get out or how long will he be in

Re: Chris sister Sara gets her revenge

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 11:58 am
by Gfatboyy68
Hopefully he stays locked up and more discover his secret

Re: Chris sister Sara gets her revenge

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 7:30 pm
by Jtinybottomboy03