The boudoir photo session.

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The boudoir photo session.

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The pandemic is to blame for my predicament. I have been locked in a chastity device for a month now and I don't know when I will be free.

Let me go back to the beginning of the story. I have been a wedding photgrapher for ten years. However, once the pandemic started, my contracts were all cancelled. Customers were cancelling their weddings and their was nothing I could do. I received some business interuption insurance, but that only lasted six months. I was then able to get some support from various government programs for another six months, however this did not cover all my expenses, including my studio. I had to find a way to reduce my expenses and make some money. Due to this, I negotiated a rent reduction with my landlord and had to layoff my assistant, Brenda. Not having an assistant, partially led to my current situation.

My predicament started about a month ago when I received a call from a potential customer. Her name was Jennifer Johnson. The phone rang and I said "Hello, Photography by Steven, how can I help you?".

She blurted out, "Hi Steven, do you do boudoir photograhy?".

This question caught me by surprise. Usually people say hello and introduce themselves. She got right to the point. While I had done some boudoir photography a few times, I did not specialize in it. It requires investing in costumes, sets, and hiring a hair and makeup artist for the session. It also requires a calm photographer who can keep his excitement level under control in order to create beautiful portraits and not make the subject feel self concious or threatened.

I responded, "I have done some in the past, but it has not been my main area of expertise. It requires an investment in costumes and sets. Why do you ask?"

She said, "I'm sorry if I surprised you with my request. I have been stuck living as a hermit for almost a year now, and I want to surprise my husband with sexy, tasteful photos of me. However, every photographer who does it, has closed down due to the pandemic. When I called you, I expected that I would not reach you, so I came straight to the point due to my frustration and anxiety."

I said, "It's no problem. The pandemic has caused all of us to become anxious and frustrated. Can you tell me your name?"

She said, "Oh sorry. My name is Jennifer Johnson. As I said, I am looking for a photographer to do some boudoir photos of me to give to my husband as a gift. Can you do this type of photography?"

I said, "I can do this, however, I don't have the costumes and sets, or the funds to purchase them right now. Also I don't know any hair and makeup artists who do this kind of work and who are even working now due to the pandemic."

She said, "I can supply my own costumes, so that is not a problem. As for sets, a chair and plain backdrop is sufficient. I don't need a fancy set for the first session. If I do another session, we can do it in my home. It is beautifully decorated. Also, I used to be a makeup artist, so I can do my own makeup for photography. I will have to do my own hair, since the hair salons are closed now due to the pandemic. Do you have a standard rate or an estimate of what you charge for a session?"

She said "first session". That means she was considering more than one. This could be a carriage trade customer. Photographers are always on the lookout for high income customers, since that is where most of the money is. Yes, I was thinking with my money brain and thinking how I can milk a customer for as much as possible. I had to be careful to get the rate just right. Too high and it would scare her away, but too low, would not indicate confidence in my abilities and also might scare her away if she thought I was a cheap photographer, and not very good. There is a fine balance in any negotiation.

I responded carefully, "My rate is $500 per hour for a studio session. That includes unretouched jpegs up to 600 pixels. Larger retouched images are extra". I felt that this rate was fair and not too high and not too low. I hoped she would agree.

She said, "That sounds reasonable. Since this is the pandemic, will you be able to keep your distance and wear a mask during the session? Also is your studio well ventilated? I don't want to take an unreasonable risk."

I was happy to hear that she wanted to remain safe. I also wanted to keep safe and did not risk getting covid.

I responded, "My studio is 15 by 20 feet. I use a long lens when photographing people, as it is more flattering. So I will always be a minimun of 10 feet away from you. And I will be double masked to ensure both of our safety."

She said, "That's good. I am glad that you take safety seriously. Will you have a female assistant present for the shoot? I would be hesitant to be alone with you in the studio while I am half undressed and in a vulnerable position."

I felt like I had just been hit in the gut. Here was the first customer to enquire about hiring me in almost and year, and I was about to lose the job because I had to layoff my assistant. What dumb luck.

I said, "Unfortunately, I had to layoff my assistant since business has been slow due to the pandemic. I assure you that I am very professional and would not abuse my position of trust with you."

She said doubtfully, "I hear what you are promising, however, I have heard that before from men, only to later regret giving them my trust. It has taken me many years to trust people in private situations and I don't want to risk my well being with a stranger. I'm afraid I will have to look for another photographer unless you might consider and safety device."

I was confused. What kind of safety device could she propose that would protect her from me if I were to do anything to overpower her?

I said, "What kind of device are you suggesting?"

She asked hesitantly, "Are you familiar with chastity devices?".

I was floored. Here was the first potential customer I had in a year and she was asking if I would consider wearing a chastity device for her photo shoot. I had seen chastity devices in porn on the internet. They had intrigued me, but I was not interested in being submissive. I was unsure how to answer her, but I said, "I have seen photos of them. What are you proposing?" I figured I could hear her out and maybe try to convince her that it was unnecesary.

She said, "Well, when I arrive, before I get changed into my costume, I will hand you a chastity device and an open lock. You will go put it on. Then you will come back and show me that it is on. I don't need you to take your pants off, just lower your pants and underwear enough that I see the top of the device. Then I will close lock to ensure that it is locked. I will wear the key on a chain around my neck for the photo session. When the photo session is done and I have changed back into my regular clothes and I am ready to leave, I will use the key to unlock the lock. You can then go to the washroom and take off the device. You will put it in a bag and give it back to me. That way, I will be protected from any sexual advances you might try. If you do try something, it will take you too much time to try to unlock and give me a chance to get away."

I was dumbfounded. I wasn't sure I wanted to give up control of my penis. However, I did need the business and felt I did not have much choice since it would only be locked for the time of the session, about one hour.

I answered her. "This is the most unusual request I have ever had. However, considering the times we are in, I accept your terms. When would you like to book the session?"

She said, "I am thrilled that you accept my condition. Are you available tomorrow at 1pm?"

I said, "I am. I will be ready for you then."

She said, "Okay, great. I look forward to seeing you then. I am sure this will turn out to be beneficial for both of us. I do have one other small personal request to add. You don't have to follow it and frankly I wouldn't know if you didn't follow it. Would it possible for you to refrain from masturbating between now and the session tomorrow? I know this is an extremely personal request, but if I know that you have refrained, it will make the session better for me. It will put me in the right frame of mind."

I was shocked. I was tempted to cancel the session right then and hang up. However, I really needed the work and the money. I answered her tentatively, "I think your request is too personal. I am not going to answer your request. However, I would still like to photograph you tomorrow regardless of the request, if you are still interested."

She answered. "I was worried the request was too personal. You don't have to answer. It is just something to keep in mind. I would still like to do the session tomorrow as planned. I will see you then."

I said. "Okay, see you then".

That night, I googled chastity devices and found a lot of results that included different devices and scenarios for use. I was amazed that there was such a vibrant community of users on various sites. I was getting turned on and was surprised by the thought of being locked up by a keyholder. I was so excited, that I started to take matters into my own hands. I got very excited and was edging. Then I remembered Jennifer's request, to not masturbate. I was conflicted about whether to finsh myself off since how would she know, or wait as she had requested. I had not masterbated in a few days, so I was due. However, I decided to stop jerking off, since I figured I could jerk off tomorrow after the session when she unlocked the device and left the studio. I would be even more excited after the session tomorrow, so it was like edging for a whole day. I then went to bed and had a fitful sleep due to my over excited condition. Images of keyholders, chastity devices, locked penises and scenarios kept drifting into my head.

I woke up the next day, feeling exhausted. I had triple espresso at breakfast in order to wake myself up. I went to the studio and started prepping for the shoot, setting up lights, backdrop, camera and lens.

Jennifer arrived at 1:00 pm, just as we agreed. She was about five foot two and average sized. She had dark wavy hair, about shoulder length. Her face was covered with a mask so I couldn't see her features or her mouth. Her eyes were expertly made up with liner, eye shadow and mascarra. She said, "Hi Steven. How are you today?"

I said, "I'm good. I am looking forward to your session today. I hope you're not nervous?"

She said, "I'm a little anxious, but I'm sure I will calm down once we get started".

She then handed me a bag and said, "Here is the chastity device. It's a generic size with a few adjustments. It may take you a little while to install it. I can fix my makeup while you put it on.".

I opened the bag a found a CB6000. It was just like I had seen on the internet. In the research I had done last night, I had seen how it was used so I had an idea of how to put it on. I said, "I'll go put it on. I researched it last night, so hopefully it won't take too long."

She giggled and said, "I hope not, however, it might take longer than you think. You might want to have some ice with you in order to shrink your package long enough to get the device closed. Here is the lock, already opened and here is the key on a chain on my neck." She showed me the key. "Make sure to put the lock in the slot, but don't close it all the way. I need to do that to ensure you are locked."

I blushed behind my mask and said, "Okay, I will do as you ask". I got a little shiver and my cock started growing when I said it.

I went to the studio fridge and got some ice in a glass, just in case. I then went into the bathroom to put on the CB6000. I dropped my pants and underwear and my cock sprang to life. I realized this may take longer than I thought. I opened the CB6000 box and started to take out the parts and put them together. It's a good thing I watched a video last night, since there were a lot of parts and it could be confusing. I managed to select the correct spacers and assembled all the parts. Now I just needed my penis to cooperate. It didn't help that I was still horny from last night. I grabbed a towel and put the ice into it. I then held the towel with ice against my balls to try and calm down. I took out my phone and pulled up a news web site, to distract me from my thoughts. I read about the economic conditions caused by the pandemic and the variuos stimulus packages that governments around the world were passing to help their economies. That certainly helped distract my penis. I was able to get the chastity device assembled on my penis and threaded the lock in the hole. I then put on my underwear, pants and shoes and came out of the bathroom. I removed the ice from towel and put it in the sink and put the towel in a laundry bin.

I came into the reception area to find Jennifer waiting for me. She asked, "Is everythink ok?" in a soft sweet voice.

I replied, "It's a little strange, but it doesn't hurt. I did some research last night and some people say that they wear these things for up to a month at a time! I can't imagine doing that!"

"You'd be surprised what men will do when they're excited or are pressured. I know some men who wear chasity devices for extended periods of time", Jennifer said knowingly.

"You know men who do this? Are you a keyholder for men?", I asked increduously.

She replied, "I hold some keys..., but those are private arrangements that I am not at liberty to discuss. Have you threaded the lock? Are you ready for me to close it?"

"Yes the lock is ready, but I am not sure I am", I replied hesitantly.

"It will be alright. You will be okay. Just let me know if you feel any pain. There should not be any pain. Discomfort is okay, but pain means there is a problem that must be dealt with by removing the device", she said reasuringly.

I lowered the top of my pants and underwear in order to expose the lock. She reached out to touch the lock, while trying to maintain a safe distance, even though we were both double masked still. Her two fingers held each side the lock and she jiggled is a bit to ensure the device was secure. Then she closed the lock and I felt a rush a feelings and emotions as my penis tried to get hard in the cage almost immediately. The pressure felt a little uncomfortable and nice at the same time as a rush of horniness took over my body.

Then she said, "By the way, did you masterbate last night after I asked you not to?"

I turned beet red. You could see my whole face was red, even above the mask.

I stuttered, "uh, uh..., I am not sure I should tell you."

"I already know the answer, from your response to the lock closing and your reaction to the question", she said knowingly, as her eyes showed a smug expression under her mask.

I composed myself as quickly as a could and told her that she could use the washroom to change and finish her makeup for the shoot. She thanked me and took her bag into the washroom.

I was happy that I was alone now, so I could re-compose myself and focus on the photo session. I started testing the lighting with my flash meter and prefocusing the camera on the chair that would be used as a prop. Moving around the studio while wearing a chastiy device was a new experience. I had to be careful bending down, as my balls, were hanging lower, and they would get pinched between my pants and the device. The prep work helped me calm down and my erection subsided.

It took Jennifer about 20 minutes to get herself ready in the washroom. When she was ready, she opened the door a bit and called out to find out where I was in the studio. She wanted to make sure that I was at a safe distance, since she was not wearing her mask. I told her that I was at the camera, so she would have a clear path to the shooting area. She came out of the washroom, and walked to the chair on the background.

I was blown away by her look. While she looked average in full clothing, in her costume, she was phenominal. She had a beautiful, warm friendly smile with perfectly straight teeth. Her makeup and hair were perfect for the shoot. Makeup for photography needs to use more powder and accentuate the eyes and facial structure so that the lights won't wash out a person's features. She obviously knew how to do her makeup for photography.

Her costume was exquisite. It consisted of a full length boned corset with black lace bodice and red lace cups for her breasts. Her breasts were just the right size, about the size of a C cup. The corset had six garters attached, which were holding up fully fashioned, seemed silk stockings. She wore four inch Christian Louboutin black patent leather pumps with red soles. She had on a lace thong that barely covered her mound, which I could see was shaved. She wore a see through short fine mesh skirt, which barely covered her behind.

My penis tried to jump to attention, but was denied by the chastity device. While, I have always tried to be a polite gentleman and would never have harrased her, I can understand why she asked me to wear a chastity device. I am sure many other men, may have tried to take liberties with a woman dressed as enticingly as she was now.

Jennifer asked, "Do you like my outfit? Do you think it will photograph well?"

I was speechless with desire, but had to control myself. My engorging penis brought me back to reality, as the pressure built in my balls from the pulling. I took a deep breath and answered her in a scratchy voice, "You look gourgeous. I am sure the pictures will be amazing!"

"Really? You think so? Your not just saying that to be nice I hope?" she queried.

"I am blown away by how great you look. Let's get started. Let's start with some head shots and then move to mid length and then full body. That way, you can get comfortable in your costume, before we actually start showing it off."

I started with a 150mm lens, to photograph her closeup. I had her angle and tilt towards the light, and then the other way, and then and an over the shoulder look. Concentrating on the photography helped me focus on the task at hand, and my penis started to relax. This helped me relax and enjoy the session.

We then moved on to the mid lengh shots, composing her from her thighs to her head. Then I asked her to turn her back to me and look over her should at the camera. She gave a soft smile, and then a pouty lip look. I asked her to bend over a little to show me her ass. Her thong peaked out from under her skirt. My penis started to rise again and the chastity device started to tighten. I groaned a little.

"Are you alright?", Jennifer asked concerned.

"Yes, but I bent the wrong way and the cage got a little tight.", I stammered.

"Do you want to take a break? Do you need some time to relax?", she asked.

"No, it's ok, I think we should continue. I don't think time will make it better. I will just have to grit my teeth through it."

"Okay, just let me know if it gets painful. I don't want you to be in pain."

"Thanks, I think I'll be okay. Let's keep going. Let's try some full length shots."

Jennifer then posed with her hands on her waist and her feet spread apart. Then she crossed her legs and stood with one in front of the other. Then she turned and leaned forward and lifted her skirt, stuck out her ass, and arched her back while twisting her head to look straight at the camera with a sexy stare and slightly parted pouty lips.

This pose caused my penis to swell in its prison and pull really hard on my balls. I groaned and almost doubled over in pain, but not before taking the shot.

"Are you ok? Are you sure we should keep going? Or do you think we have enough good shots?", Jennifer asked again.

"Why don't we take a break and I'll show you the what I have taken so far on the studio tv", I answered.

"That's a good idea", Jennifer agreed.

I rolled the studio monitor into the shooting area and sat at the keyboard. We were able to keep our distance since the monitor is large and the keyboard is wireless. I went through the shots, and Jennifer was impressed with the variety. I was calming down and looking forward to removing the chastity device.

She said, "I think you captured the look I was going for. Are you happy with the shots or are there any other angles you would still like to shoot?"

"I think these are good. I can't think of anything to add. I think we're done, unless you want something else", I answered.

"I think these are fine. I will go get changed now and put on my mask. Thanks for the great work". She said.

Jennifer went to get changed, while I cleaned up the studio. Putting away the equipment allowed my penis to relax and give my balls some relief. I thought about how men who wear chastity devices all the time, managed to deal with the constant erection attempts and tightness in their balls. I never realized how often I might get erections throughout my work until I wore this device.

Jennifer came out of the washroom fully dressed and masked. We went into the reception area to finish our transaction. I copied her photos to a USB key. I did not want to email them, to prevent them from being stolen if one of our email accounts gets hacked.

"How should I pay you? Credit card or etransfer?", she asked.

"Etransfer is better for me so I don't have to pay credit card fees", I answered.

"I am very happy with the photos. How much would you charge to come to my home for another session? The furniture and backgrounds in my home would help create more of a storytelling atmosphere. What do you think?" she asked.

"I think that would be a wonderful idea. The charge would be $1000 for a location session. When would you like to schedule the session?", I asked.

"How about tomorrow afternoon? My husband will be out, so it will be a nice surprise to add to this session. Are you avaialble"?

"Considering its the pandemic, I am available", I joked.

"Great, it's a date. Let's do 1:00 pm again", she said.

"Ok. I'll put it on my schedule. Now about the chastity device, can I get the key to unlock it now?" I asked.

"Oh... Since you're coming to my house tomorrow, and I will be alone there too, I don't feel safe letting you in my house without you wearing the chastity device. How about you wear it until after tomorrow's session, and then I can give you the key to take home and remove the device at your home?" she asked.

I was taken aback. I was concerned about being in the device all night. I wasn't sure that I could handle it considering the discomfort I had experienced during the photo shoot. On the other hand, I needed the money and the work. It was good work, Jennifer was attractive and fun and the work was creative.

"I am not sure I can stay in this device all night. I experienced some discomfort during the shoot.", I answered.

"Were you in pain or just discomfort? Why were you in discomfort? Did you try to get hard during the shoot because I turned you on?" she asked accusingly.

I was a little shocked at her question, but really shouldn't have been, since she had been softly playing the domme all along. While I did not want to be submissive, I felt ashamed.

I looked down and said softly, "yes I was a little turned on by how you looked during the shoot and how you posed. I am concerned that I won't be able to handle a night of the device."

"Why won't you be able to handle it? Are you going to look at my photos again after I leave and masterbate to them? Are you going to look at porn tonight and masterbate to that? Are you a weak man who has to masterbate every night?" she asked angrily.

"No! " I snapped at her.

"Don't use that tone with me! If you want to remove the device, I will give you the key now and you can remove it. Then we'll cancel tomorrow's session and I won't hire you again." she snapped back.

I realized that if I didn't want to lose a high paying client, then I better agree to her wishes as uncomfortable as they may be. I could put up with a little discomfort for one night in order to earn another $1000. What was my problem anyway! I was being childish and cutting off my nose to spite my face. One night of discomfort and no masterbation in order to earn a living. That can't be so bad.

I responded meekly, "I'm sorry I snapped at you. I don't want to cancel tomorrow's session. I will wear the device until after tomorrow's session."

"I'm not sure you are being sincere. If you want to still have tomorrow's session, then ask me nicely to keep you locked in your chastity device until I am willing to release you." she said sternly.

I was confused, torn and desperate. Part of me wanted to be done with her so I could masterbate since it had been at least four days since my last orgasm. The other part of me needed the work and the money. I also felt that I needed to be accepted by her, even though I had just met her. She seemed to have a hold on me. I decided to accept her conditions.

"Please keep me locked in the chastity device until after tomorrow's photo session." I said softly, accepting my fate. I suddenly felt relieved and good about myself.

"Ok", she said, "was that so hard? Now we can move forward with our professional relationship. I will see you tomorrow".

With that, she turned around and left the studio. I stood there, dumbfounded as to what just happened. I just finished a boudoir photo shoot, and was left locked in a chasity device with no possible release until tomorrow.

I guess I will have to learn to cope with this thing.

The story will continue hopefully.
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Re: The boudoir photo session.

Post by BrokeTheMold »

Well done. Well written and rare originality in the concept of how she got him into chastity, and that is one of the things that I find most interesting and enticing. My only criticism is the use of the very insecure plastic CB6000. Knowing how insecure they are, I had to pretend that a different device was used to maintain any interest in the story. I recommend either changing to a more serious secure real device, or making one up. You can even fudge the details on an imaginary one, much better than specifying one known to be insecure.
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Re: The boudoir photo session.

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I agree with @BrokeTheMold with the story being well written and original. I like how Jennifer manipulated Steven into initially wearing the cage and then making him stay in it for a while longer. The fact that he did it 'somewhat willingly' and accepted his fate is promising for future instalments.

Your descriptions of Jennifer in her outfit and posing certainly made the story more interesting. She seemed quite confident with her body and wasn't ashamed to show it off.

I can't comment on the security of the CB6000. Jennifer is already a keyholder and I'm sure she has experience with other chastity devices that could come into play at a later date.

Overall I enjoyed the read. I'm looking forward to Part 2.
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