Camping (3) Diving into the deep.

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Camping (3) Diving into the deep.

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Diving into the deep.

Scattered in the small river the rocks were shining in the sun. The current wasn’t too strong, but strong enough to make a ditch were you could swim. How lovely, how refreshing. The real fun was a big rock in the middle of the river. You could dive from it, into the cold water, float with the stream under water. Freezing cold, but so refreshing.
Only a few people were laying on the small pebble beach. The stones were too hot. So after a while they returned to the caravan. He looked again into the pitches where the same men and the same women had their caravans and tents. And the same men bore their devices. It seemed as if they were accustomed to it. They gave him just a glance or a smile as a greeting.

‘I got a present for you’, she said. ‘oh dear’, he thought, ‘what could that be’. She picked up a small package and handed it over to him. He was curious and fearful at the same time. When he unwrapped the paper their was a map inside. A roadmap of the region. ‘It’s for your biking’, she said, ‘You couldn’t order one in advance, because you didn’t know where we were going. So I did.’ He was touched by her attention. They had had quite a fight about it. He being so angry that she had refused to tell where they were going. Being so angry that he could not plan one trip in advance. So angry, because it gave so much joy to make plans like that. ‘Thank you’, he said, ‘thank you.’ He managed to keep back his tears. He was touched to much in the last few hours. The confrontation with the men in chastity, the realization that this holiday would be so different, the fear what might come. And now the release. He would go biking. ‘Is it all right for you to wait for one day, the day after tomorrow would be much finer. she said. ‘Sure, sure.’ he mumbled.

For the next hour he was busy orienting on the map where he could go. Finding the nice tracks, de steep climbs he loved so much.
‘It’s time to make dinner. It’s one of your core-business for the next three weeks. ‘ she said. ‘Back to reality’, he answered with a smile. He loved to cook, so that was no problem.

In the evening he became more curious what was going on on the campsite but his suggestion to look around was neglected. ‘You have seen the men around here?’ She asked.
‘Yeah’, he answered shortly.
‘What do you think about it’.
‘You know, I made a reservation for this campsite for the next three weeks. That was fine. But there is one condition for us to stay here. Otherwise we have to leave tomorrow. ‘
‘Which is’. He already knew the answer.
‘Well, I want you to think about it very seriously. I want you to go inside the caravan and think about it and decide. If you want to stay here you have to accommodate. You will have to be like them. ‘
‘You mean walk around naked and the device? ‘
‘Yes, and the what follows from it’.
‘Which is’.
‘Submission, servitude, obedience.’
‘You know I can’t withstand you.’
‘Still I want you to go inside the caravan and decide. It’s not for a day, it’s for the next three weeks. It’s not only the ‘we two’. It’s on the campsite. I want you to go inside and make your decision. If you want to stay you know what to wear and what not. ‘
The way she looked at him silenced him. He stepped into the caravan. He already knew how he would step out of the caravan. He couldn’t resist her appeal. Not if his was in his device. His brain got wild. ‘Three weeks, submission, servitude, obedience. Not private, but public.‘
What did she intend? What would come.
He felt helpless, powerless. He shrugged his shoulders, stepped out of his trousers, put down his shirt and stepped out of the caravan.
There he stood, naked, just like the other men he had seen.
He wasn’t shocked. He was just, well just that. Naked, vulnerable, wanting, waiting
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Re: Camping (3) Diving into the deep.

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Wonderful set up - a remote location where a woman can 'exercise' her man as she chooses. And where many others do too! If only...
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Re: Camping (3) Diving into the deep.

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I am hoping for a Chapter 4.
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Re: Camping (3) Diving into the deep.

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Good story so far, different. I would love to see some additional progress.
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