Love gone wrong. (I need a good title)

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Love gone wrong. (I need a good title)

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Dan had met Fay at a trail runners’ meetup group. After his divorce, friends had told him he needed to get out there. He wasn’t in the same condition as when he ran in school but he was still in pretty good shape. He found running with company was actually quite fun.

Fay was slim and attractive, with long black hair and a perpetual tan. They had both divorced young, in their late 30’s. She didn’t talk much about it. Water under the bridge, she said. She had asked Dan about his ex but didn’t pry. She seemed more to be checking to be sure he didn’t want her back.

Dan hadn’t flirted in many years but Fay was so warm and friendly it seemed they’d known each other forever. Having drinks after a group run, they laughed and drank until the bartender had to throw them out. Dan couldn’t figure how someone so attractive and fun was still single.

Fay had mentioned she’d dated some after her divorce but nothing had panned out. She seemed so kind and nonjudgmental, Dan couldn’t help but wonder what had happened. But then he decided maybe it was just fate or luck and he shouldn’t question his good fortune.

After a few legitimate dates they’d gone back to his place. She was amazing in bed, doing things he’d only heard about and certainly never tried with his ex-wife. In two nights of sex he’d done more different positions than his coworkers had dirty jokes about!

The next date they went back to her place. It was a well designed contemporary on a secluded lot. After some wine and flirting she told him to wait for her in the kitchen while she changed.

She dimmed the lights as she walked out. She was wearing a tight leather skirt with a white blouse and looked completely spectacular right now. He couldn’t imagine it getting better.

When Fay emerged she was wearing some sort of shiny corset top and matching booty shorts, thigh high boots, and long leather gloves. She was carrying a riding crop, a collar and what appeared to be a chain then he realized it was a leash. She had her hair up which revealed a slender choker which accented her neck beautifully.

She looked incredible; Dan assumed it was some sort of Halloween costume. Although they had started to talk about their fantasies Dan never remembered anything so radically kinky.

“You like it?” She asked, turning this way and that. Her waist was tiny and her breasts looked stunning. She’d transformed into some sort of sexy fetish model.

Dan was now rock hard. “It’s amazing, you’re amazing. I might have chosen Batgirl or something if I got to pick, but you look great.”

Fay stopped preening and looked at him for a bit with an unreadable expression. She held up the collar. “If you want to come into my bedroom you have to wear this collar and be my slave. Do you agree?” She flounced a bit, which was irresistible normally but nearly made him drool now.

“How could I possibly resist you looking like that?!” His voice was thick with desire.

She put her hands on her hips. “Hmph. I’ll take that as a yes.”

She stepped forward in a commanding sort of way and buckled the collar around him. She did it quickly and without fuss then clipped on the leash. Without preamble she yanked him towards the bedroom.

The room was dim. It was dominated by a dark wooden four poster bed with black sheets. As Fay led him closer he saw what looked like cuffs attached to each post.

“Fay, wait, what are you thinking here? What’s all this?” He stammered.

Fay jerked the leash forward, a little more firmly than he liked. Her tone was dead serious. “You said you’d be my slave. You have to obey me. Now get undressed.”

Fay dropped the leash and sat on the bed watching him. He was a little embarrassed to be scrutinized so openly. However he complied and as he finally dropped his boxers it was impossible to hide his straining erection.

Fay smiled. “Not so reluctant now, are we? Come here and kneel in front of me.” She spread her legs wide and beckoned him.

Dan was unsure but did as he was told. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head between her legs. She whispered into his ear, “as my slave I’ll show you things you never dreamed of. But you must be mine, only mine.” She stood up and pulled him onto the bed with the lead.

She fastened the leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles. The buckles made musical clinking noises. Before he could gather his thoughts to object he was helplessly spread eagled on the bed.

He pulled experimentally at his restraints, then tried in earnest to free himself. They didn’t budge. He briefly panicked, thrashing about on the bed.

Fay watched him with amusement then slapped him hard on the belly with the crop. It stung.

“Hey, that hurt, Fay!” Dan didn’t like how whiny his voice sounded but it had surprised him.

She responded by smacking him hard on the inside of the thigh. He tried to pull away but he was helpless. He said, “Fay, stop, that hurts!”

Fay made a grumpy noise and went to the bed stand and rummaged around. From his angle it was a little hard to see what she had. She sinuously climbed onto the bed and straddled his stomach. She put her hands on his chest and fingered his nipples.

As he groaned with pleasure she jammed something deep in his mouth and buckled it behind his head. He shook his head angrily but Fay had already finished her task. It felt like some sort of rubber ball and he realized he was now gagged.

“Mmm Hmm Rrrrr!!” He was trying to complain but couldn’t form words. He could make noise but that was it. He tried to push the gag out with his tongue to no avail.

Fay legitimately purred, “mmm, that’s better now. No more whining. I didn’t want to gag you. We could have used your mouth for much better things”. She slid slightly back on his stomach, reached around behind her and grabbed his cock.

Dan almost lost it right there. She stroked him briefly then pushed herself up, turned so her crotch was in his face and started sucking him off. Dan wanted nothing more than to lick her in return. He moaned and tried to stretch forward.

Fay sat up and laughed. “See, if you’d been a good boy you could play too. But now I get to do anything. I. want.” She got off him and strutted across the room.

Right now Dan would have found it sexy if she came back with a carful of evil clowns, he was so horny. She walked up to the top of the bed so he could see her. She’d discarded just the corset and shorts. My god, she looked incredible.

Fay ran her hands up her waist and fingered her nipples. “Oh sweetie, I wish I could take out the gag and let you pleasure me. But not tonight. You forfeited that right. And you’re mine to do with what I want.”

She slid onto the bed, squeezed his nipples till there were hard and clamped then with something that hurt! Dan moaned through the gag but managed to stay fairly calm. God knows what Fay would do to him if he complained again.

Fay gave a little “mmm” of assent and slid down to his rock hard penis, engulfing it in her wet pussy. She sat down hard on his manhood, putting all her weight on him. She then grabbed the chain on his nipples and pulled hard.

Dan groaned and came, thrashing around and trying to buck his hips. Fay said “shhh” and leaned back, allowing him to finish. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “that was fine, but I’ll expect better next time. Stay put, okay?” She smirked and slid off him towards the bathroom. Dan couldn’t help but watch her walk off.

Dan then realized he was still bound and gagged with clamps on his nipples. He was tired but still tried to free himself, twisting his wrists and pulling. So far no good. He sighed in frustration.

After a bit Fay returned, naked and barefoot now. She must have showered as she looked steamy and softer. She sat on the bed, smiled at him and idly caressed his dick. Although he’d just come he was very soon hard again.

She seemed more like her gentle self now. She again straddled him, leaning forward and unbuckling the gag. She put a finger on his lips and said “shhh” as she slid forward, grabbed the headboard and presented her womanhood to his mouth.

Dan greedily licked until she moaned with pleasure then she again slid herself down to his cock. He lasted a lot longer this time, holding out until she was she was digging her nails into his chest. She screamed in relief and collapsed onto his chest.

After a moment or two Fay straightened up. She stroked him on the cheek and got off. Dan kinda wiggled his arms as if to say, “hey remember this?”

Fay looked down at him and shook her head slightly. Dan wiggled again and said quietly “I have to pee, can you untie me?”

Fay turned and strode off. When she came back she was carrying some sort of pan. A bedpan? This was a little weird. Fay placed it in the appropriate spot, raised an eyebrow and looked at him expectantly.

Dan was completely embarrassed but had to go. As he did so Fay nodded at him, like a nurse to a good patient. She’d also brought a towel and dried him off.

After she dumped his urine Fay returned and curled up next to him. He took up some room all splayed out like he was but she snuggled up next to him and stroked his chest. Between her warm presence and the prior exertions he fell asleep, despite the bonds.

Dan awoke and had a very weird moment, trying to figure out where he was and what had happened. It appeared to be daylight. He didn’t think he could have slept that long tied up. His limbs felt cramped and sore. He tried to move some and stretch.

Fay emerged from the bathroom. She was dressed in a tight but not overtly sexy skirt and blouse which seemed odd. It was Saturday. She was wearing heels and tripped daintily to the bed. She leaned down and kissed him. “Good morning sleepyhead,” she purred. Her hand lingered on his stomach, as if she wanted to grab his cock again. She smiled wryly.

“I’m going to release your arms but you’re still my slave.” As she said this she passed a chain around his stomach and padlocked it shut, tight enough he knew he couldn’t slide it off. She clipped one wrist in a shiny chrome handcuff and locked it to the chain at his waist. She unstrapped his other hand and had him lean forward and deftly locked his other wrist in the cuff behind his back.

Dan was at least up but his legs were still tied to the bed. He was just about to tell Fay enough was enough when he looked down at his cock. It wasn’t there! Well, he assumed it was there but all he could see was a shiny chrome tube with some sort of ring around around his balls. His package had felt a little heavy before but he didn’t think too much of it.

“Fay, what the hell is that!?” He struggled but the cuffs held him fast. “C’mon. Get that off of me and let me go!”

Fay replied by getting on the bed behind him, pulling him to lean into her and caressing his body from behind. She spoke seductively into his ear, “It’s okay honey. it’s just a toy. Something to make you think of me when you’re alone.”

Dan felt himself getting hard but nothing happened. Or, something happened but he couldn’t feel anything except a stretching on his ball sack. His penis seemed almost like it wasn’t there, trapped in its steel tube. It was a very disconcerting sensation.

Fay got up and untied one of his ankles. She had a longer chain with larger cuffs on it. She fastened it to his loose leg, slid it over to the other then freed his remaining ankle. Dan wondered how she had come up with all this, at no point had he been free to move she was so careful.

He was still wearing the collar and she led him into the bathroom. The towel rack doubled as a kind of hitching post that she hooked the leash to. Dan was uncomfortably bent at the waist plus it was hard to balance with the short chain on his ankles. Fay gave him a smack on his ass and said “wait right here honey, I have to go change and clean you up.”

Since he was bent over anyway Dan took a look at the contraption around his manhood. It looked like a shiny chrome, bent piece of pipe with some kind of locking mechanism on top. There was a ring that went around and below his balls that (he guessed) kept everything in place. It was strange and disturbing.

Fay returned wearing a black bikini. She unhooked his leash and led him into the shower stall. Fortunately the sill was low and he shuffled in. Fay winked and took off his collar commenting “not waterproof...”.

The shower had a detachable head and once she got him situated she thoroughly washed up up and down. Dan might have enjoyed it if his penis wasn’t trapped in a steel cage! He was currently unable to effectively resist so he was stuck until Fay finish up.

Fay led him back into the bedroom and brought him to the bed. There was a ring high on the bedpost that she locked his collar onto. All he could do was stand there and wait. Fay grabbed her clothes off the bed and got dressed.

Dan had just about had enough. “”Fay, its time to end this craziness. How about you unlock me now? I mean it was fun for a little bit but now I’m getting upset.”

Fay basically ignored him and continued with her girl processes.

Dan was frustrated. He struggled briefly against his bonds. With the metal cage on his penis he felt completed unmanned. He’d never felt so helpless.

Fay finished up and walked to him, caressing his chest, stomach and thighs. She gave his cock cage an experimental pull to check it’s security, which seemed to satisfy her. Finally she spoke.

“I have to go away for the weekend. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in advance, it was a surprise. You can stay here at my place if you like. I’ll be back Tuesday. What I’m going to do is use a time lock and chain you to the bed until my car arrives. The lock will release and I’ll leave the handcuff keys out for you. Maybe I’ll make them a little hard for you to find.” she said with a wink.

Dan said, “wait, what about this thing on my dick!?”

Fay smiled. “Like I said, that’s my way of making sure you don’t fool around on me.” She cocked her head. “I guess you could perform oral sex on a woman. I’m sure it would be tough to explain the device.”

Dan started to protest again.

She help up a hand. “Listen. The case is hardened steel and I have the only two keys. I don't know if you noticed but the lock is recessed. You could try to cut the device around the lock. Might work I suppose. But you’ll be using various cutters and grinders against your cock. Your call on that.”

Dan was horrified. “Fay, I can’t spend the weekend with this thing on me! What if something happens? How do pee or get dressed?”

Fay smiled, “Stop being such a whiner. You can pee out the end. It’ll fit under most of your pants. Like I said, it’s just a toy.”

Dan didn’t feel toys were generally made of hardened steel and locked around other peoples’ sex organs so he tried again. “Fay, what if it gets twisted up or something? It could cut off blood to my penis and you’d call me stumpy. You can’t leave me like this for days!”

Fay looked at him and sighed. “Fine. If you’re going to be like this I’ll leave you the keys and you can unlock it later. My god, you act as if it’s some kind of miniature guillotine. “

Fay’s phone beeped, she glanced at it, nodded and unclipped his collar. She made him kneel at the foot of the bed and hooked the collar onto something again. He was pretty uncomfortable where he was but again, complaining seemed unwise.

Fay looked him over and checked his cuffs. ”If only you could be there waiting for me like this.” She sighed. “I’ll miss you. Text me. It’s a busy weekend but I’ll get back to you.” She bent down and kissed him deeply on the mouth, taking his breath away.

Fay hesitated, as if wanting to stay, then shook her head and strode off. She stopped at the doorway and called back, “the lock on your collar is an ice lock. It can’t fail and at most takes an hour to unlock. Take care sweetie!”

Dan didn’t reply. All he wanted to say was his unhappiness with the current situation and that seemed to make her angry. He also had another issue, Fay’s kiss had aroused him and his dick was trying to escape its tiny prison. His balls were starting to ache from the strain.

After a few minutes he calmed down, partially due to his uncomfortable predicament. He managed to settle down and control his breathing which seemed to help. He leaned forward to shift positions and suddenly his collar popped free.

Dan wasn’t sure how long he’d been there. He got up, staggered a little due to stiffness and the fact he was still bound hand and foot. He looked around the bedroom and didn’t see any keys. Shit. With a sense of foreboding he thought Fay might have kept her word about hiding the keys.

Thinking dark thoughts he moved into the kitchen and found Fay had been kind (sort of). There were keys and a note. Dan ignored the note and found the handcuff key. After some fiddling he had his wrists loose. Turned out the same key fit the ankle cuffs which was convenient. There were two other keys, one of which fit the waist chain.

He looked more closely at the thing around his junk. There was a keyhole on the side that looked a lot smaller than the remaining key. He tried them anyway but neither key fit into the hole. Dammit Fay!

He inspected the device again. It wasn’t chromed but stainless steel. There was a tube for his penis that locked into a loop around his balls. It was pretty tight around his scrotum but maybe he could slip out of it?

After a few half assed attempts he gave up. Right now it was annoying and ridiculous but didn’t seem to hurt. He was afraid he’d damage himself if he tried too hard. Again he cursed the evil Fay. He seriously considered breaking up with her right now, then realized he should probably wait until he had the key for his dick back.

Dan found his clothes and got dressed. While in the bedroom he snooped around. The closet was locked as were some of the dresser drawers. That was odd, he’d never really seen a locking closet. Huh. The bed upon further inspection had a number of hooks, loops, and attachment points. Just what you need for a good night sleep!

He prowled around the house a little. The other bedrooms were typical spare bedroom decor, leftover blankets and such. Nothing else weird or kinky.

Dan kept adjusting the device on his dick. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it bounced around a little as he walked. He did have to pee and didn’t think anything of it when he stood at the toilet. Suddenly urine was spraying everywhere from the tip of the thing! Fortunately only some went on his pants and he was able to clean the rest up. He should leave it for Fay to deal with.

He really needed to address his feelings there. He liked her, and up until things got really weird the sex had been great. But he didn’t know if he wanted this level of kink in his life. And where had she gotten this thing on his dick? It wasn’t a “toy” as she described it but a pretty serious piece of gear.

Dan decided to text her. “Hey. Sorry to disappoint, no longer chained to your bed haha. Oh you forgot the key for the other thing. Hope you left a spare in the house somewhere? See you when you get back.”

Fay wrote back right away. “Waiting for my flight, boarding baby geese and Rascal scooters first, lol. Sorry, I ‘forgot’ <smiley face> the other key. Hope you forgive me sweetie! I didn’t want you to miss me and fool around with yourself.”

Dan humphed, grabbed his car keys and left. He didn’t see any reason to hang around her place. On the drive home he kept having to adjust his seating. The device wasn’t terribly uncomfortable but it did put pressure on his scrotum when seated.

Once Dan got home and changed into clean clothes he did some research. The thing on his cock was one of many types of male chastity devices. There was a impressive variety of material and designs catering to the fetish.

Based on the sheer variety there had to be a lot of people interested in all this. Dan guessed he could see the fun in it, unless you were unexpectedly and suddenly locked into one of the things. He still couldn’t quite believe Fay had done this to him.

Dan did some household stuff, ate, read, and decided to go to bed early. Taking a shower with the thing on turned out to be easy enough. He noticed the device was a little more comfortable when all slippery and decided to use some sort of cream around it when he was dry.

Dan had difficulty falling asleep, he was typically a side sleeper but the device made that uncomfortable. He finally dozed off. Not much later he awoke feeling like his balls were either on fire or going to be ripped off his body! What the hell?

He couldn’t see his cock in the tube but felt like he had an erection. The whole device felt really tight and he decided an erection made things really uncomfortable here. Unfortunately he knew he typically got a few bouts of morning wood. Oh shit.

Dan got himself calmed down and the pressure and pain relaxed. Maybe a cold shower would help. As he got out of bed he picked up his cell to fire off an angry message to Fay. If he couldn’t sleep neither should she! He then thought better of it, again deciding to stay in the good graces of the keyholder of his manhood.

Sunday went by uneventfully if uncomfortably and he decided to work from home Monday. It was very weird to not have access to his cock. Even though he knew it was still there, of course, he felt less manly like he was lacking something. My god, this was only a couple days locked in the thing.

Fay texted him to see if he would pick her up from the airport tomorrow. Her text apologized for locking him up without warning and promised to make it up to him. He wasn’t so sure about that but needed the key to get his dick free so he agreed.

Tuesday rolled around with another rough night. Morning wood was horrible and he couldn’t wait to end this stupidity. He vowed to never let this happen again!

Dan dressed up a little, it couldn’t hurt. Just a few days ago he’d have been thrilled to meet Fay but with the previous events he wasn’t sure how he felt. Still, he did like her so why not try?

Fay finally emerged from the concrete building. She looked ravishing. A tight fitting long sleeved blouse, a tight knee length skirt of some silky material and she had her hair up. She looked gorgeous and exotic. Dan wondered if she’d dressed up for him. He hoped so!

As Dan loaded her bags she was suddenly in his arms. She pulled his head down for a ferocious, breathless kiss. As he put his hands on her waist she reached down and felt his package, encumbered as it was.

This seemed to make her more excited and she kissed him with unrelenting lust. Dan was instantly erect, or would have been if he wasn’t locked into a steel tube! He groaned a little in frustration which made Fay giggle. “Soon, darling. Soon.”

The ride home was quiet while Fay kept her hand on his thigh the whole ride. Dan wanted to complain about his little prison but it now seemed petty. Fay was here, she was stunning and she was his to have. In the house they entered the kitchen. Dan had picked up a good wine and ingredients for dinner.

Fay told him to open the wine while she showered but skip the food for now. Dan happily bent to the task. He’d set out two glasses and a little cheese and crackers to nibble. Fay entered the room and he almost dropped his glass. She was wearing a wickedly sexy shiny black bra and thong set along with a pair of strappy heels.

She twisted a little to show off and said, “I missed you. I hope you missed me too.”

Dan’s cock was in full fight with its little cage. My god he’d never felt this frustrated. Fay drank a little wine and nibbled at the cheese. She ran her hands along her waist and ass, knowing it drove him crazy. She came to him and pulled his head down to her, kissing him hard, putting her hands all over him.

Fay disengaged with a gasp, took his hand and led him to the bedroom. She undressed him and inspected his trapped package while touching anything that wasn’t locked up down there. The pressure was ridiculous and Dan moaned.

“Poor baby.” She cooed. “So frustrated. Trying so hard to get out but you can’t.” She led him to the bed and had him lie down. She climbed on top of him and straddled his waist, leaning down to kiss him hard again.

Fay then scooted forward and Dan was ready for her to sit on his face. Quick as a snake she locked his wrists to cuffs she had waiting, each tethered to the bed. Dan shouted in anger, “Fay, stop, not again!”

Fay ignored him and grabbed his leg and strapped a leather cuff to it. Dan decided to fight her for the last leg and kicked it around so she couldn’t hang onto it. Fay ignored him and moved back up to the headboard.

She now buckled supple leather cuffs around his wrists and attached those to the posts, pulling it pretty tight. She then tightened the other leg and even though he had one leg free he’d lost a lot of leverage. Fay grabbed his ankle again and this time secured it.

Fay unlocked the metal cuffs from his wrists and tossed them aside. She made some adjustments and now he couldn’t move an inch, again spread eagled helplessly to her bed. “Fay, what the fuck? Why are you doing all this? What’s wrong with you? Let me out of this!”

Fay didn’t reply but moved where he could see her. She was holding a key. “Let you out? I can, but not if you keep acting like a child. Do you want me to release your dick or not?”

“Of course! But how about untying me too!?” Dan pulled at his bonds in futility.

Fay shook her head. “ I’ve been thinking about you like this all weekend. Don’t you want me in charge? You’re helpless and I can do anything I like. Starting with unlocking your cock.”

Fay fiddled with the device for a second and sudden was free. He was immediately rock hard. Fay murmured, “mmm, that’s my boy” and started stroking his cock. Dan was ready to explode.

After hours of play Fay finally gave them both a rest. She had never untied him but she had performed virtually every sex act he’d heard of and a few that he never imagined. He’d fallen asleep at one point, woken up hard and found Fay riding him.

She’d said “why waste it?” between moans. Although he wasn’t thrilled about how crazy kinky Fay had become he didn’t have any complaints.

Dan realized he’d been awake for a while, reminiscing all this. He was still bound securely but didn’t mind so much, thinking about what had happened. His shoulders were starting to ache though. Fay was nowhere to be seen. He called out for her.

Fay appeared from the bathroom. She’d showered and looked ivory girl clean. She was wearing a silky red robe that didn’t quite hide everything and was making no attempt to cover up. He was amazed he had anything left but he felt himself getting hard again, only to feel his cock get tight in the cage. She’d trapped him again!

“Fay!!! He snarled.

She sat on the bed and idly caressed him. “Hi honey. Don’t tell me you want more. I don’t know if I can take it, lover.”

Dan was livid and had no patience for flirting. “Jesus. No! What the hell do you think you’re doing putting that contraption back on me! Get it off right now!” He was thrashing about on the bed, at least as far as the cuffs would let him. Which wasn’t far.

Fay was surprised. “Oh darling no, I didn’t put the device back on. That thing was a joke. I got you a custom new one! That’s where I went. Normally the manufacturer, or I should really say artist, wouldn’t make one without taking measurements personally and never on such short notice. But he’s a friend and would do anything for me. And it fits perfectly!”

Dan could barely form words. “Fay, stop it, I don’t care! Get it off me, let me loose, and I’m done with all this bullshit!”

Fay stopped touching him and looked shocked. Her voice was trembling. “Dan, what do you mean?”

Dan was still pissed and probably should have paid more attention. “Just like I said Fay, I’m done with all this, with you, with everything!”

Fay started crying. “You’re breaking up with me? Oh god Dan, no! I thought we really cared about each other! I thought you loved the sex, the kink, everything. Now what do I do!?” She got up and hugged herself, backing away from him and walking out of the room.

Dan realized he’d just accidentally broken up with an unstable person who not only had him inescapably bound but also had a device locked around his most valuable bits. He swallowed hard and called out. “Fay, honey I’m so sorry. I was just upset. Can you come back so we can talk?”

Fay swiftly re-entered the room with the ball gag. She roughly jammed it into his mouth, buckling it painfully tight. She paused and looked down him with contempt. “Shut up. I don’t want to hear any more from you.”

She left, entered with two large suitcases and started flinging items angrily into them. Dan was terrified. He tried to plead with her but the gag kept him from saying anything coherent. Dear god. He pulled at his bonds in futility.

Fay was in tears. “I thought this time it’d be different. I thought YOU were different! But you’re all the same. You don’t appreciate anything. Fine. You can appreciate being alone, you jerk.”

Fay appeared to finish her packing. She looked around the room for anything else, deliberately avoiding Dan.

Dan was horrified she was going to leave him to starve on the bed. He tried to say “let me go, please!” But of course it came out all garbled. Fay glared at him with a terrifying look on her face.

“I don’t give a shit what happens to you.” She spat. Her voice was cold. But she did come over and do something to his right cuff. “There. I loosened it. You should be able to work yourself free eventually. More than you deserve. Goodbye, Daniel.”

Fay grabbed her suitcases and walked out of the room. Holy shit, Dan thought. Maybe I better figure out how to get free. Dan noticed the wrist she’d messed with was a little bit looser. That’s what she’d left him to free himself with!?

It took him a while but eventually he freed his wrist. He then undid all the other bonds and the gag. Now he could look at what the hell he was wearing. Dan was shocked to see a metal...bikini?

It went around his waist and between his legs. It was surprisingly comfortable and fit well. But his cock and balls were INSIDE the thing! Nothing external like the other device.

He tried various ideas, sliding it down his waist, trying to pull it apart or loose, nothing mattered. It fit like a glove. He couldn’t even see a keyhole, just a small drain for probably his urine. The metal strap between his butt cheeks had a hole to poop. Ugh.

There weren’t any visible seams and he couldn’t figure out how it even went together. Holy. Shit. He’d better call Fay and see where the key was. He texted her then tried calling. An automated voice answered, “the number you have dialed is no longer in service. Goodbye.”

Oh my god. Dan suddenly realized how little he really knew Fay. He had an address she’d just abandoned and a cell she’d just shut off. He honestly had no idea what to do. He googled the current address and discovered this house was for rent and had been on the market for a while. Weird.

He went around looking for any piece of mail, a bill, something that would show her identity. He’d noted how sparse the place was but figured it was due to the divorce. Now he was thinking she’d just moved in. But who would leave like that?

She’d left behind some pots and pans, the big ass bed and one sock. All the locked dressers and closets were open and empty. Okay, no big deal. The thing could be cut off, right? It was just metal. He’d have to be careful but it wasn’t the end of the world.

He took one last look around before dressing and leaving. The cage fit neatly under his pants. It was actually an amazingly sleek piece of work which he would have admired if it wasn’t locked on him. Time to go home and deal with that.

Dan had a Dremel kit he’d used to cut all kinds of stuff, padlocks, bolts, etc. he’d try that first. He got home, put a fresh cutting disk on it and tried an experimental cut. Towards the left, in case it went right through! He watched in shock as the cutting disk went from its usual inch or so diameter to nothing.

It hadn’t left a mark, not even a scratch. He did notice his whole groin area had gotten slightly warm though. Maybe that disk was bad. Dan tried again. Nothing. He then tried every viable bit in the Dremel kit to no avail, getting more desperate each time. What the heck?

Maybe a drill. He picked an unused bit and fired it up. It was as if the drill bit wasn’t even sharp, it just spun and spun. It took a little gymnastics on his part but he decided to drill the pee hole larger. He had to be careful of course but figured there was already a hole to start.

The first time it had no effect. The second time he used a smaller bit and tried to hog out the hole. The bit caught and snapped, almost stabbing his thigh with the drill.

Wouldn’t that be fun, bleed out through his femoral artery and be found like this! He felt the pee hole and it seemed completely undamaged. Jesus. What was he up against here? Dan was getting seriously worried.

He called a buddy, Jim, who did construction and had tons of tools. Dan didn’t give specifics but said he had something on his body that needed to be removed. Jim was a phlegmatic guy, didn’t ask a lot of questions and agreed to meet him at his shop after work.

Dan changed into loose fitting sweats and headed over. When Jim got glimpse of the thing he was floored. “Whoa. I thought it was a stuck ring or something. You let a gal put this thing on you?”

Dan had left out some details of the story. “No. She snuck it on while I was sleeping!”

“Okay. Sorry buddy. Let’s try bolt cutters first. Fast and nasty.” Jim rummaged around and found the desired tool. There was a narrower part of the waist that Jim attacked. Jim pushed and cursed but didn’t sound happy. He held up the cutter, where Dan’s belt had cut into the jaws instead of the other way around.

Jim looked awed. “Holy crap.”

Dan was starting to panic. “Dude, I gotta get this off me!”

Jim tried to calm him down. “No big deal. We’ll use something else. No problem. Okay pal?” Dan nodded.

Jim next tried an air cut off tool, like Dan’s Dremel but larger. He used a fresh bit and cautiously picked a spot. After a couple seconds Dan again noticed the whole belt was getting warm. He tapped Jim on the shoulder.

Jim was looking at the spot he’d just tried to cut. It wasn’t harmed. “Wow. How about that?” Jim whistled in admiration.

Dan said, “the whole thing gets warm when we try to cut it. What does that mean? Could we be getting somewhere?”

Jim thought for a second and wandered off to get something. He came back with a grill lighter and a bottle of cold water. He handed Dan the water and clicked the lighter. Dan grasped the idea and readied the water.

Jim applied the lighter to a off center section of the device. Dan quickly noticed the whole thing getting warmer and hollered to stop. Jim touched the spot he’d applied heat to. It was warm to the touch but not hot.

Jim shook his head. “Interesting. Whatever this is transfers heat amazingly fast. Maybe to make it more comfortable in different temperatures, or just a characteristic of the metal used? Unfortunately it means you can’t use a torch to cut it. Unless you wanna melt your dick.”

Dan was not happy. “That’s...terrible news. So if we used cold, like friggin’ liquid nitrogen to shatter it, my dick would freeze off.”

Jim frowned. “Pretty much.”

Dan said, “well, shit.”

Jim said with some hope, “let’s see if we can rig the drill press somehow. It’s worth a shot.”

After some amusing positions were attempted they figured out a way to get the belt (and Dan) under the press. Jim cautiously applied pressure. Dan could feel the force but it wasn’t cutting. Jim tried different bits, speeds and pressure.

Dan extracted himself from the machine. Jim looked sad. “I feel like I let you down man.”

Dan grabbed him by the shoulder. “Hey, you tried everything. Thank you. I owe you one. Maybe just don’t tell your wife, okay?”

Jim snorted. “Deal. If I think of something I’ll let you know.”

Dan nodded. “Appreciate it.”

Dan went home in a depressed state, wondering what life would like trapped in this thing. He was surprisingly also worried about Fay. She was clearly unstable but also sweet and sensitive. He wished he could talk to her.

Dan did some research and found a chastity belt very similar to his. He eventually contacted the maker, hopeful it was the same. The gentleman admired the design when Dan sent photos but sadly admitted it wasn’t his.

He went down another path and talked to a ballistics expert at a local military base. There was ongoing research into ceramic coatings that were essentially impossible to cut. Dan arranged a meeting with the guy who admitted the belt looked and felt similar to these top secret materials.

How someone off the street had access to such material yet chose to use it for a niche market baffled everyone. Maybe it was a side gig for fun?
The military guy noticed the belt appeared to have a biometric sensor (aka fingerprint reader) which would presumably allow access. The sensor was under the impenetrable coating but at least he had an idea how it worked now.

Dan finally just had to live with it. He still had erections at night but the design of the device was well thought out and it wasn’t uncomfortable. Dan learned to use a small syringe to clean out the pee hole.

The online chastity forums had a lot of information on long term wear. Dan didn’t post his situation as is was so outlandish it read more like fan fiction than reality. He did learn about prostate health and milking which he could perform via the poop hole.

Otherwise the device never smelled or chafed. Dan did have to watch his weight as things got tight if he gained a few pounds. He dated a few times but his heart wasn’t in it as he knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. It really didn’t bother him as it gave him time for his own pursuits and hobbies.

About five years after Fay had locked him up the touch sensor started flashing red. Dan wondered at this new development and stared at the device that was now part of him. The small touch pad was flashing “batt low” over and over.

Suddenly there was a click and both sides of the device popped open! The belt ends apparently locked into the main front piece and all Dan had to do was stretch it out a little and slide it off. Holy. Shit. He was free!

Dan inspected himself for damage. Amazingly everything looked fine, no worse for wear. Wow. He inspected the device carefully, finally locating two sets of battery compartments that took typical watch batteries. So no matter what, it would open when the batteries died. That was clever.

Dan took the device off and took a shower. It was amazing to wash properly down there. Dan put the device aside and did everyday stuff, enjoying his freedom. A few weeks later he noticed watch batteries at the hardware store and absent-mindedly recalled he needed them for something and bought them.

Dan got home and dug out the belt. He admired the fit and craftsmanship as he swapped the batteries. The belt had been made specifically for him by a gorgeous woman who had loved him, however misguided she might have been. Once the batteries were installed the light briefly flashed green. It was ready again.

He took a good long shower, enjoying the luxury of reaching everywhere and everything. He decided not to jerk off although he had once or twice since being freed. He dried himself throughly and picked up the belt.

Dan stepped into the belt and slid it up his waist. He seated his cock and balls properly in their housing and made sure the butt cheek belt was correctly positioned. Without another thought he pulled both ends of the belt into the center and locked them in place.

In another five years or so, he would think about it again.
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Re: Love gone wrong. (I need a good title)

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WifeIsVanilla wrote: Sun Aug 16, 2020 4:19 pm Outstanding!!!
Thank you! If anyone has any constructive criticism or sequel ideas let me know.
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