Sex slaves for hire.

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Sex slaves for hire.

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I mentioned to my husband several times as to how bored I was in this huge house with so little to do as the servants ran the place beautifully. We had guests like my sister but that was only in the evening, his reply was "I will see what I can do"

It was around five o``clock the next evening when my husband said to me "We are two servants short, as two have left and moved on in life. Maybe we should go to the house where certain people auction off servants?"

I smiled "Yes, good idea, I love watching them parade back and forth whilst the girls inspect them"

An hour later we were ready to leave, chauffeur driven it was a two hour drive, when we arrived a woman was there to greet us and show us in.

We were not the first in the huge mansion, around seventy other men with their partners were sat down drinking, we joined them.

Many more turned up before the first girl was brought onto the stage, she was dressed in a collar bra and a short skirt, with her hands handcuffed behind her neck to the collar. Her eyes seemed to only look at the ground in-front of her.

The auctioneer walked in, as tall lady dressed in leather outfit, skin tight. She ordered the girl to turn round and bend forward so the audience could get a good look at what they were buying. She had a nice butt and I could see her pussy, the auctioneer, spun her around pulled her bra down, her tits flopped out.

"Who will give me five hundred for her?"

Lots of hands went up, the auction continued, my husband bought her for eight thousand pounds.

The auctioning went on for around three hours, husband bought his two girls and seemed happy.

Once over the woman on stage said.

"We have several men here who for one reason or another are no longer interested or just unhappy with their lady partners. The ladies in question will now be taken away and either trained into being better wives/partners or sold at auction"

Via the back of the stage in came sixty or so girls, they stepped off the stage and surrounded thirty women, my heart sank when two women walked up and stood behind me.

I looked at husband.

He smiled "I have not been happy with you for ages, feckless lazy do nothing, moody and undisciplined"

I started to cry.

The two girls grabbed my arms, I fought back, but it was of no use they were far stronger than I.

I started to beg my husband for mercy, he ignored my pleas. One of the girls placed a collar round my neck and attached a lead, I was handcuffed, I looked at my partner as I was led away kicking and screaming along with many other girls.

All of us were led downstairs to individual cells, I was shoved into my cell, hands uncuffed, the door slammed closed locked behind me.

A short while later my husband was at the door, a small flap opened he looked in, I begged him to stop fooling around and get me out.

He said "Once you are trained I will make up my mind whether to keep you or sell you off. Do not forget girl you have two things going for you, those lovely tits and gorgeous butt, look after them. It takes them a minimum of two years to train a slave, for those two years I will be having sex with my two new servants. The film footage I receive from this place of you being trained will help me fuck harder"

Up went the flap, I was left alone. Moments later the door was unlocked in came two girls in uniform of black leathers, both had tool belts with whips hanging off one side and.

"Strip bitch"

I did not move.

"One last chance, strip!"

I started to get undressed, my skirt first, they watched on, off came my shoes I stood bare feet covering my breasts.

"Off with the bra and panties"

I did as requested.

With one hand covering my breasts one hand over my pussy I waited, one of them picked up my clothing the other grabbed my arms pulled them aside.

"You are never to cover up, sex-slaves never will"

I grew infuriated with the words "Sex-slaves"

"I am no slave to anyone!!"

They both laughed.

"What do you think you are doing here? Your husband thinks you are no good at home so tricked you into coming here. By now he will be at home pounding on his new slaves, you are out his way for at least two years and depending on you maybe longer. You are going to learn how to be a good wife or in other words a good sex-slave to husband or indeed anyone else he wishes you to have sex with. There is one other option, when you are ready he will sign papers in order to sell you to the highest bidder. It is the way we make money, we either grab girls off of the streets, or we sell the girls who turn up willingly and then tricked into a life of servitude The girls off the streets we watch for a couple of months, see who they go out with, are they clean of drugs and alcohol, do they have nice bodies on them. Around two hundred girls go missing each year from the UK many end up here"

One of the girls grabbed my hands tied them to a rope hanging from the rafters above my head and pulled me up. The other girl went to lay down on the bed.

Out came a whip, the first whip on my back stung, the second made me cry, the third I was screaming. As I tried to get away from her by spinning round I noticed the girl on the bed toying with her pussy getting off on the pain being brought down on me. Twenty whippings or so later out came her flogger, she forced my legs apart, from my rear and making sure I could see the masturbating girl she with upward strokes flogged my pussy and butt, she only stopped once the girl had orgasmed.

She looked up at me grinning "The best part and what really got me going was seeing your butt flogged, we will want to see a lot more of that, the film footage will be sent to your house"

The ropes around my wrists were the only thing holding me up, my legs had given way whilst I wept.

"We will clean you up now, then start your preparations into bondage.

One girl left whilst the other toyed with my nipples then helped me down keeping me steady as she held onto me wrapping one arm under my armpits she returned accompanied with a baby bath, a sponge, a bottle of oil, a bottle of liquid soap and a bucket of water. I was rinsed down, whilst one girl tipped water on me using both hands the other tipped soap onto the sponge, I was lathed up they took special care between my legs and over my butt, more care taken over my tits.

Rinsed off they used two towels that had been laying on my bed to dry me off.

"We now test how far down the ladder of servitude you are, this is done by cupping your pussy, the longer you can maintain yourself without movement the shorter your tutoring. Each three minutes you last is one month off starting from two years, you cannot go below one year and this only starts after forty minutes"

One girl left the other knelt in-front of me started to oil my pussy and anal area.

IF you try and escape just take a look at the left of my tool belt you will see a knife, I am happy to cut you with it"

I looked, I saw I stayed very still.

The girl returned with a foot stool sat down and stared at me pussy, facing the bed the other girl lay down began to masturbate whilst my pussy was being gently massaged, she slapped each of my inner thighs to get me to open a little wider then placed her right hand on my pussy cupping it.

"Any movement, any sound"

I watched the other girl jerk off, my pussy began to get irritated, I felt wetness seep out, I looked down, she looked up at me gave me a huge grin.

"Your pussy is in so much trouble, I promise I will never leave it in peace. You will never orgasm here, I want you to beg for sex, it will not make any difference"

My hips started to gyrate.

"Oooo Am I getting to you? Do you need help cumming? As a sex-slave you must ask to cum, without permission you get put into a dungeon forever, never to see daylight again, we will slowly poison you till you die"

She ran two fingers over my pussy lips, my eyes closed, when they reopened it was only to see the other girl cumming, my hands shifted to my breasts, I held them there for a few minutes. The other girl got off the bed came over to my rear started to kiss my buttocks, I arched my back. The girl in front poked a finger into my pussy, I shook my head.

"Such a naughty pussy, so wanton, forced to stay with us and be abused, I think this naughty pussy wants a spanking"

The girl behind me opened up butt wider and lick my asshole, my jaw dropped, my right leg almost gave way, this was ecstasy, a second finger entered my pussy, she found my clit, I shook my head "NO" she grinned.

She spoke to the other girl....

We have her for the full two years, I have her clit, I can roll it around between my fingers"

As she said it she did so, I let out a loud moan.

"Anyone can see she is a slut who only thinks about her precious pussy"

I ran my hands down my sides and under my buttocks, raised them slightly allowing the girl behind me to get easy access to me, she withdrew my hands continued to lick my anal area, then together they suddenly let go, I sobbed I was so close to orgasm, but they denied me that. I thought to myself I will get sleep soon I will jerk off then"

One girl left and returned shortly after with a chastity-belt dildo attached, my heart sank again.

Pussy wiped, a quick oiling on the dildo, and pressure on my pussy as it was slipped into me, metal straps placed round my waist and between my legs, I was padlocked into place.

"How does that feel?"

I cannot close my pussy I sobbed"

She laughed, "Of course not, I want your pussy to stay open and oiled that is what I get. I will keep you turned on, and keep your orgasm closed off, just think about it slut, we own your pussy, I can use it anytime, I can ask others to use it like men you have never met"

"But" That is all I got out

"You dear may not talk without permission"

My pussy raced, I felt fluid exiting from me.

"Now you get spanked before bedtime, as you have such a gorgeous butt we both will be spanking you, for most it is one or other of us"

I was hauled over her knee she toyed with my bottom, I tried to grind my pussy into her legs, she pinched my lower back, "Stop it!" her spanking started, both buttocks received twenty of the best, the second girl made that forty.

With a smarting bum I was ordered into the cage, inside a loo a bidet, a sink with toothpaste and brush and a bed, the gate closing made me sob and sent a shiver down my spine, they both watched me holding onto the bars of the cage whilst looking out across the room.

One girl left shortly returned with food and water that she slid under the door, I was about to pick it up.....

"What are you doing, you will eat off of the plate like a dog would"

I had to get on my hands and knees in order to eat from the plate to my mouth, whilst trying to lick up a bowl of soup I was told....

"Tomorrow you will be staying down here and possibly for a week or two as your training will be different than the other prisoners, most of them can orgasm when permission is granted, you may never cum, your chastity-belt is for life"

With that I was almost finished , I pushed the tray to the gate, sat on the bed.

"On all fours!"

I got up went back on my hands and knees.

"You will now thank this fine lady for the food, if this does not happen automatically in future you will miss out on the next meal"

I lowered my head to the floor "I thank you for bringing me food that was very tasty, most kind of you to serve me in this way, I am most grateful!"

"You may now get up and get into bed, we expect the bed sheets to be neatly folded when we come in in the morning, your blanket folded under your pillow"

The lights were switched off I was left to sob myself to sleep.

An alarm call from somewhere, seemed I had slept rather well, I got up, stretched out and started to cry when I realised where I was. Through the tears I brushed my teeth, sat on the loo peeing was manageable but not easy, washed my butt and hands, folded my sheets, placed my blanket put my pillow on top of it sat and waited.

The two girls arrived with breakfast, I went on my hands and knees and thanked them both for the food before lapping it up, a straw helped me empty the glass of orange juice.

"Stand by the gate, get ready to exit your prison"

I did as told.

Through the gate bars one of them unlocked my belt, which fell away to the floor after the dildo had slid out of me.

"Turn round"

I did so, one of them placed a dick shaped four inch dildo into my mouth that was attached to straps, she lifted my hair as the buckle on the straps was tightened.

"You can chew on that all day, you will need to learn to suck cock among many other things"

"Hands by your sides, do not move, we have work to do, your first day of tuition"

She sat in-front of me ran the back of her hand over my pubic hair "We will be shaving you sooner or later, sluts do not get to have hair"

I tried to ignore her.

She blew gently over my lower regions, the other girl took up a stool behind me rested her hands on my bottom, I stood very still, the other girl leaned forward kissed my pubic area pulled away a little ran the back of her hand over the same part, the other girl opened up my buttocks, then let go, my eyes closed. The girl below me ran her hand over my pussy and held it in place.

"Tomorrow another girl will be looking after you, listen and do as you are told"

On these two went, never once entering me with their fingers, just toying around my holes, the two short dildos they used only to tease my holes further, I was at the point of despair, my nails dug into my thighs, my eyes closed, my body gyrating to their motion, my head rolled round several times, my knees trembled, in the end my right knee gave way she caught me as I fell forwards.

Ten minutes rest and they were back to work, the only interruptions were the girls wiping my inner thighs and around my mouth for drool was aplenty. Twelve hours they persisted, I was exhausted, in went the dildo, the belt placed back on me I was lifted by my hands and feet thrown onto my bed, I curled up feeling so used. I did have to get up to brush teeth, eat, make my bed, fell sound asleep sobbing.

Next morning as promised a twenty-ish year old girl was standing by the cage.

"Up you get slut!" Said the girl.

"Stand by the cage door"

I did as told looked at her through the bars, a good looking young one, thank goodness she cannot harm me.

She opened the cage door I stepped out.

"I bet you are thinking that you can take me anytime maybe make a run for it, I assure you any sign of disobedience help will come very quickly and you will be dealt with. I can also assure you the punishment for not taking me seriously is very harsh"

With that she took out the key to my belt and unlocked it, watched my dildo slide out.

She smiled up at me, led me over to the baby bath she must have brought in whilst I slept, I hesitated,

"You are not bathing me, far to young to be going anywhere near me"

"Two things, first I will be bathing you, second, talk again I will be whipping you"

I stepped into the bath, she took up the glass floating in a bucket of warm water, tipped it over my pussy area then my butt, with the help of the sponge she soaped up my lower regions, she seemed to enjoy washing my pussy, she kept grinning at me.

"Seems I have your pussy at my mercy, not much you can do about it, as for your bottom, it goes over my knees soon, I will spank it, then I will use a dildo to fuck it"

Rinsed off, dried me, picked up oil.

I wanted to say "Do not dare touch me with that oil" But dared not say a word.

"Legs apart, butt out, chest out" She slapped my inner-thighs to get my legs open wider. I moved my right leg aside, she held onto my left leg and kissed it, ran her cheek over it, up came the oil which she placed directly on my pussy, I tried to ignore her, she started to rub it into my pubic area, I took a deep breath.

"You will submit to me sooner or later, fight it all you like I can assure you this pussy will be mine, you will beg me to orgasm, I have total control over it.

With that she cupped my pussy "Move within an hour you are mine!"

I looked down at her sitting on a stool, her hand firmly clasping my pussy, after twenty minutes my eyes had closed as she was getting to me, she made certain of this by running her middle finger between my lips, her hand felt so warm and comforting, right now I did not wish it to leave me even though I knew this was wrong, I had no say in the matter.

"Ooops your little clit showing through, I guess you are horny"

I went bright red, mostly with anger.

"If you want this over just move a little in that way you have proven to me you are mine and I can do with your pussy what I wish to. You know full well it needs a gentle massage but I can only do that after you have given yourself to me. Just think about my fingers rubbing your clit"

My eyes closed, my hands turned into fists squeezing them closed, she ran the back of her hand over my clit, my hips started to gyrate, my back arched, she knew I was hers.

"You have moved, you obviously have little will power so I am going to have to teach you. You will jump through hoops in order to show your willingness to learn. Obviously I am not going to be easing the throbbing in your pussy, that will never go away. Now that you are mine and have given yourself to me we move on.

First you will call me Mistress, as I now own you, and just like any toy I can play with as I see fit. I command respect at all times especially from a slut like you! Secondly you are to learn how to come to attention when I demand it.

I say "Attention" you stand, feet one foot apart, chest out, butt out, eyes looking straight ahead, head held straight, hands by your sides, let us begin"


I jumped to her idea of how I am supposed to stand.

Hands by my sides, chest out, butt out, legs one foot apart approx, head straight, eyes looking dead ahead.

She looked me up and down smiling, she opened her tool belt that rested around her waist, she pulled out a narrow wooden paddle.

"I am not entirely happy, let us see.

Firstly your butt, that beautiful item, it is not poking out far enough, arch your back harder"

I did my best.

She looked on as I struggled.

"No, sorry, not good enough"

She took up the stool stood on it in front of me, looked me straight in my eyes, the paddle she placed between my legs. She started with small smacks "I want to see that pussy tucked in, ass out, I desperately tried to arch my back further, but she was having none of it, her paddling became harsher, I started crying, soon it was smacks that resounded round the room. When she was satisfied I was doing my best she stopped, she got off the stool went round my rear in order to examine it.

"Hmmm Not bad, now get that chest out as far as possible"

I put my shoulders back pushed my breasts outwards.

"Yes, not bad at all"

She ran her hands over my hips then my tummy, you have good child-bearing hips. When we sell you to the highest bidder this will be a huge plus"

"That comment made me wince.

Her hands roamed my bottom "This butt is defiantly a plus, there will be a lot of men who would love to fuck that bottom"

I squeezed my buttock cheeks together, I had no wish to be screwed in the butt.

She reached between my legs and held my pussy in her hands.

"Your very wet slut arn`t you!" I thought best say nothing "Hmmm how many times has your butt been fucked bitch?"

I was far to embarrassed to tell her and this was a private matter.

She took a hold of my clit and squeezed down hard between her finger nails, I screamed "I asked you a question bitch!!"

"Three times" I stuttered out.

"Did you enjoy it? Did it make you horny?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Yes, I thought so, dirty girl, allowing someones cock up there, and it`s no use crying, over the years you have enjoyed being a slut. How many different dicks has your butt taken?"

"Two Mistress"

She released my clit that now smarted, she came round to my front, I still stood to attention not daring to move.

"I was going to release you for today but I think further tuition is needed"

She went into a side room came out with a heavy tripod about two feet tall attached to it a eight inch or so steel strip, and a six inch dildo, she placed it on the floor behind me.

She went back to the room only to return with a mat, collar and leash.

"Step aside"!"

I did so, she lay the mat on the floor where I had been standing.

Next lesson, on occasion men or women will want to fuck your butt, you will have to know the correct position to be in now go get on all fours in front of my tripod"

I hurried to do so.

She placed the collar round my neck.

"Your mine now bitch"

She attached the leash went round my rear.

"Butt in the air as high as possible making for easy assess to your asshole"

I arched my back and forced my bottom upwards, the spoon was out again, she gave my pussy five of the best "Higher" I tried to get higher but it made my back hurt. "You will stay in this position for one hour, and this magical device will aid you"

The steel strip was maneuvered under my pussy, the dildo was pushed gently into my bottom.

"The strip contains tiny needles, if your lower your butt those needles will dig into your pussy lips and draw blood"

I sobbed as she arranged things, she got up came round to my face tugged on my leash. "You had better stay very still!"

She left me to it.

At first keeping my butt that high in the air was uncomfortable, but after a while it began to hurt then on occasion my body let itself down I felt the pins on my pubic hair that made me jolt up, with around ten minutes to go I could go on no longer, my hips lowered, my pussy scraped on the strip of steel, i screamed as the pain hit me, from then on I kept my body up as high as possible.

She returned "Oh a bloody pussy, how many men you had up there slut?"

"Three Mistress" I shouted through the tears.

"You are disgusting"

As promised she let me down, pulled the dildo out.


I jumped up my pussy raging, she took a few hankies from her pocket and dabbed at my pussy, she looked up at me "You really are a wanton slut, is your precious pussy all you think about"

Of course I did not reply, she looked me up and down "You have been through enough today, food then a wash and bed. Remain in place till I get back, keep that butt stuck out!"

She left for a couple of minutes, I so wanted to touch myself but dare I.

She returned with a baby bath inside that was a towel and small cup a bucket of warm water and soap. "Into the bath" I stepped in,she tipped warm water over my shoulders, more on my breasts , lifted the soap lathed her hands up and began my wash "Arm up" I raised them she soaped me under them, she spent a good period of time washing my breasts and even longer between my legs, when satisfied she washed me down using the cup dried me off. Some oil between my legs and over my breasts, she went to my cage took holed of the belt, oiled up the dildo sat down on the stool.

She showed me the dildo, it was not the same shaped one I had before this was shaped as a cock, it had indentations and bumps along it, the head even had a small hole. I shook my head as the dildo pressed against my pussy, she looked up and grinned Have you a problem with dick now? You never have in the past, I am certain you have used this pussy many times with many men, how many men have been up this pussy?"

"Three Mistress"

"I take that is three then, so three cocks have been inside you pounding this pussy and I bet you wanted more. Now from the look on your face you have a problem with number four dick. Just so that you know the hole that runs through the center of the cock is so that I can push in cum if I wish to in that way you get all the benefits of a mans dicks without the orgasm. She rested the belt on her lap out of her pocket a small butt plug which she oiled up, she got up went round my rear, opened my buttocks with one hand, let the plug toy with my anal area for a while, then slowly pushed it into me, the little bump as the wider part entered me made me arch my back to it`s fullest extent, then it lowered, she came back round , I squeezed down on the intrusive plug but it was not going anywhere. She raised the belt once again.

"This time it is going in, you can fight it all you like but that will only hurt more"

Tears streamed down my face as the pressure of the dildo pushed against my pussy hole, the tip went in...

"Got your hole open haven't I"

I let out a huge breath of air.

She smiled up at me "Your pussy in my hands" "No" I muttered under my breath, she heard me "Oh yes, just try closing your pussy, you can`t" I did try, but it was being forced to stay open, she pushed on the dildo slid into me deeper, the bumps in the dildo made sure I could feel it being inserted, once fully inserted she held it there with her right palm, grabbed the straps and quickly locked the belt into place, when happy with her work she spun me around to look at my bottom, she gave it a good spanking "That needs fucking"

A knock at the door and someone entered with a tray of food, she placed it on the floor inside the cage and left.

"You may now eat, I took a step towards the cage....

"What are you doing?"

"Mistress said I may eat"

"Yes but you are a sex slave, down on your hands and knees to my right, your head in line with my legs"

I quickly did as I was commanded to, she picked up my leash "You will now crawl forward as I walk"

I did so, when she stopped I stopped, all this made me want to orgasm even more than ever, she took me round the room several times, on the way round we passed a high shelf, she reached up took off of it a crop, with it she gave my ass a smack, butt up, head straight, eyes diverted to the ground..

I was walked at least forty times round that room every so often I received a wack on my butt, finally went to the cage, before I could eat she said....

"You are to thank me for the food"

"Please Mistress thank you for feeding me"

She smiled, "You can now eat, make certain the plates are clean , you have twenty minutes, if not completed in time you get cum for food for forty eight hours"

I lapped up the soup as quickly as I could, got on with the fish and potatoes, I completed the task with one minute to spare.

"Does your pussy need a spanking?"

"No Mistress I have behaved" came my worried reply, I had no wish for her to play with my private bits any further than need be.

"You are going to need a lot more lessons, what you should have said was "If Mistress thinks I am not behaving then yes Mistress should teach me how to behave and if that means twenty or more on my pussy I will happily accept it. But you prefer to protect yourself from my crop, all you think about is your pussy, you will soon learn that this pussy between your legs belongs to me. Tomorrow we continue with your lessons, get a good nights rest you have ten hours before back to work"

She brushed my teeth, then "Into bed" I clambered in, she tucked in my sheets, she leaned over me kissed me on the lips, I kissed her back, we spent twenty or minutes like this till she pulled away, left the cage and locked it, the lights turned out I was left in pitch black, getting my mind off my pounding pussy was not easy but soon fell asleep.

Next day, I am assuming it was day as there was still no light, I climbed out of bed, all was silent, I fumbled about in the dark found the cage door gave it a pull it did not budge,I needed the loo,I had to move round the cage slowly waving my hands around in order to find the toilet pee came out but in different directions, I sat on the bidet dried myself as best as I could with the loo paper.

A small light came on in a distant corner of the room, I then noticed a piece of paper taped to the bars to my right, I read it.....

"Dear slut, just out of your site is a spanking machine with a large wooden box you are to get onto it, on the sides of the box are handcuffs, place your wrists into them they are spring loaded so will snap shut, the are cuffs too just below where your knees will be placed put your ankles inside the cuffs they will close around you too. Once you are in the machine will start automatically. You will do this as soon as the door is unlocked.

I held my bottom, giving it a gently rub, after a few minutes the gate did indeed unlock, just a click. I walked round the bend in the wall and there it was, a huge wooden box with a padded shelf for my legs and the top for my tummy upwards. I maneuvered myself round the machine with its belt dangling from it climbed onto the box shaking in fear. Legs in the cuffs that seem to be attached from inside somewhere, those locked into place as did the cuffs at the sides.

Fastened in place the machine started up, I watched it wiz round the strap getting faster and faster, the hand of the machine extended the belt smacked my ass, I let out a scream, it was harsh and fast, this repeated over two hundred times, the machine arm moved up and down so that my full bottom received punishment, all I could do was sob.

In came the girl, she checked out my bottom "That must have hurt" She laughed, she squeezed each buttock, I moaned out loud, a slap on my already burning butt.

She proceeded to unlock me from the wooden box then my belt the cool air hitting my lower areas came as a relief, she stopped short of relieving me of the dildo, she watched it hang half inside half outside my pussy. "Is the dildo rubbing on your clit?"

"Yes Mistress" Saying the word "Mistress" to her made me squirm, she leaned forward kissed my tummy, then released the belt, the dildo slid out.

"Go to the loo and empty out, the plug goes with the rest of your waste"

I walked quickly back to me cell, was excused, and returned she was waiting with the baby bath again.

She washed me as per usual, took her sweet time on my pussy and butt, then oiled me up.

"On with your lessons, first we revise what you learnt yesterday.


I jumped to attention, no chance i wished to upset her in anyway.

She laughed "Seems you obey my instructions I told you that pussy will be mine, she went round my rear opened my buttocks and licked my anal area, that made me arch my back further than I liked.

"Walk over the the second tear of the wooden box and lean over it, legs together, hands where your knees were during your spanking"

I quickly did as told.

She started with blowing warm air on my pussy, I tried to look round, but the swivel of my head was no where near far enough in order to see anything.

"Face forwards, do not move"

Her blowing caught my asshole.

"You slut are very wet"

She ran the back of her hand over my pussy, my eyes closed, she started to kiss and lick her way down my upper inner then outer thighs and up again to my bottom, I shifted my weight from one leg to the other.

"Slut did I say you can move?"

A gentle slap to my right buttock.

"Move again I will hurt your nipples, I am trying to train you to become a good or at least an acceptable sex-slave and you fidget"

She continued kissing me, throw a few licks in my head dropped between my arms. Her hand then moved and hovered over my pussy, she ran it back and forth between my lips, I was now drooling. "WOW slut you are wet, I bet you were far drier when your husbands dick slid in and out of your wanton pussy" she wiped her wet fingers on my lower buttocks.

From her tool belt a small dildo which she twirled round on my pussy in order to get it slippery, she pointed it at my asshole then poked on it, my butt rose to greet it.

"I see, still want a mans dick inside your anal area"

My eyes were crossed I could hardly make out what she was saying, my breasts were shoved up tight against the board below me squeezing down on my nipples, the feeling shot towards my pussy.

I moaned out "Please Mistress may I cum?"

I never wanted to be forced to ask in order to orgasm but she had left me with no choice.

"Certainly not you sexual deviant, if you cum you can never see the light of day again, you will be imprisoned in here forever only a chastity belt for company. The good news is you are now asking me what you can and cannot do with your precious pussy, I can see you are slowly handing over control to me" Those words made me feel ill. "Soon you will be physically and mentally mine, your only purpose in life will be my happiness. That would be great for both of us, I will have my first sex-slave, you will have a roof over your head as your husband no longer wants you back. You have now only three choices, choices that you will not make. One, I keep you, you will do as I say till forty years old then you will be placed in prison till you die. Two You just give up now and go to prison. Three, we sell you to highest bidder"

Right now I did not care, she had my clit in her fingers and was gently rolling it clockwise, stopped, then anti-clockwise. my right arm swung round in order to hold my bottom, she brushed it away.

"Do not do that again, how dare you get in the way of my work, filthy slut"

She brushed her face cheek over my buttocks, a tender moment indeed.

Several hours later I was completely lost in another world when a sharp smack to my pussy brought me back to reality. It is fair to say this young girl had me in her palm and I could do nothing about it bar accepting it. I had got so close to orgasm but she never allowed it.

Back to the baby bath my lower regions were washed.

Whilst I was being washed I put my right hand up.

"Yes slut?"

May I ask Mistress something?"

"Yes slut you may, make it quick"

"I wish to ask Mistress if I may help her orgasm and be her sex-slave for as long as Mistress wants me as I am obviously yours and my fate is in Mistress hands?"

She laughed "You do not need to ask, of course you cannot touch me you are beneath the likes of me, my pussy is precious and can only be toyed with by my girlfriend, but I am happy that you now know you are mine to do with as I please, now you just wish to do me favors in a few weeks you will be worshiping me"

With that she cupped my pussy.

"You will never orgasm slut I promise you, now you will be spanked and onto next lesson, the lesson of what we did over passed three hours will continue tomorrow"

Soon enough I was over her knees, she checked on my pussy, landed twenty sharp smacks on my bottom, she let me go I was dropped to the carpet feeling very used.

"Now slut on your knees, butt on the rear of your feet"

I knelt, placed my butt down.

"Legs apart so I can see your slutty pussy"

I opened my legs wide.

"Place your hands on your thighs palms facing upwards showing me total submission. As for being mine, yes you are, but you are only feeling this way because you are horny, if I allowed orgasm you will no longer be interested in me"

My hands placed on my thighs palms facing upwards, this made me feel rather vulnerable in a strange way, she left me kneeling for two hours.

"Butt inspection, you may get up, crawl over to the bars on the cage stand up, bend forward, butt out"

I did as instructed, my pussy raging I waited in place, she brought over her stool sat behind me. First she kissed my bottom then pushed a finger into my butt hole and swiveled it around, I held onto the bars as tightly as I could I knew that if she went for my pussy I might collapse, she spent a long time molesting my lower half.

"Get on your knees and kiss my shoes"

My head still spinning I did what was asked I kept my eyes lowered as soon as I had a glimpse of her white knickers.

"So you like looking at pussy do you"

She moved forward on the stool, kiss my knickers on my pussy area, show me how much you love my pussy and how you will do anything to keep it happy"

My head raised I moved in gave her knickers a gentle but firm kiss, she raised my head by pulling on my hair.

"See bitch I have a honorable pussy, covered up, not for a low slut like you to see"

She released my hair, led me over to the bars on the cage.

"Wait here!"

I waited on all fours, she returned with a cock shaped dildo attached to a strapon, she placed the strapon round the bars and tied it on. Higher up the same bars a large saline bag with a see through tube that went into the rear of the dildo.

"You will now learn to suck cock, the harder you suck the quicker the weetabix inside the bag will empty, we have mashed the breakfast food with milk and a little sugar, you have one hour to empty the bag or there will be titty trouble.

I placed my mouth around the dick I made certain my butt was as high in the air as I could manage I started to suck on the cock, the brown goo dribbled down and shortly I was swallowing.

A short while later she was over "Twenty minutes gone and not yet half way, you had better suck harder, it is the way men want it if not emptied I will hurt your nipples"

I did suck harder the weetabix entered my mouth faster than I could swallow, I had to stop several times in order to keep up, she meanwhile sat on her stool behind me toying with my bum.

"I can see you are enjoying this, how many men`s cocks have you sucked I wonder, I can also see you are good at sucking dick"

She ran a finger over my pussy lips "Seems this is making you wet too, does everything make you wet, is this all you think about, how to be horny, where my next orgasm will come from, I bet you spend time looking at yourself in a mirror then masturbating"

"Never happened" I thought to myself whilst taking a huge gulp of weetabix "A bit more sugar in the cereal would have been nice" I finished up, I continued sucking then running my tongue around the dick, I wrapped my cheeks around it whilst behind me she toyed with my anal area. Hour was up.........

"You can stop now, the lady who runs the place will be down shortly, you may not speak whilst she is here, do you have anything to say before she comes in?"

"Yes Mistress"

"What is it?"

"Please don`t send her down, I know her we have been friends for many years, I much prefer she not see me like this"

"She knows who you are, she is looking forward to seeing you as a sex-slave, it was her idea to get you down here, I think she is jealous that you had it all, money, beauty, happy married life, she coaxed your husband into sending you here. What she wants she gets, and she wants you to have a life of a sex-slave, for you to fall in love with a girl , for you to have to beg for orgasm and not be fulfilled. She has told all your former friends, lots of them are willing to pay in order to fuck you"

My pussy drooled juice, I really wanted to get up and run, but her hand covering my pussy prevented me moving, she gave my pussy a little squeeze, my eyes closed.

"You will be a wonderful slave to someone one day, ATTENTION!"

That "Attention" bit came as a shock, I scrambled to get up and get into position.

She looked me up and down "Butt out further!" I stuck it out as far as I could, she measured the distance between my ankles, she seemed pleased with that.

She went round my rear made sure my fingers were interlocked well above my butt.

"OK, Madam should be here at any moment, she wants to see your progress if she is not happy you get no sleep till she is"

A knock on the door, "please come in"

The woman did, I could see her with a gloating smile on her face, she strolled over to me looked me in the eyes.

"I have been waiting this moment for several years, I have hated you but admired your body I knew one day I will get to see you in a submissive situation, I am going to make certain your minimum of two years with us is going to be painful and humiliating. My dream is to sell you to a harem where you get to be fucked by many men especially that butt of yours. I did in the past make advances to you but you declined making me feel very small"

She took a grab for my pussy held onto it, I took a deep breath, tears in my eyes." We will see who is the little one now. Look at you, forced to stand to attention by this girl, having to accept all manner of lessons hoping at the end of it you can orgasm, unfortunately for you orgasm is in our hands"

My whole body shook, I knew I was getting wet why was my body reacting this way.

"Further more I will make certain that all your friends will get a piece of that ass, once we are done, we sell you off"

She knelt down inspected my tits first grabbing them both in her hands and squeezing down hard "Does this make you horny bitch?"

I sobbed as her fingernails dug in, she twisted each nipple hard "Love to see you crying, no sympathy here"

Onto my butt, she molested each butt cheek, took a lick of my asshole, ran her right hand through my legs over my pussy where she took a handful, wet, always wet, only thoughts you have is how can I get dick into this pussy that has now become our pussy, good news is you will soon have plenty and we have a spray to prevent you cumming. Now over to the bars and get that butt out"

I hurried to get the orders done, she took from her belt a flogger, she knew how to use it, twirling it round using my back and butt as a target, the stinging pain made me scream and yet get turned on. The girl went into the cage held my hands and grinned, she kissed me on the lips.

She whispered to me "Love to see your ass getting a beating, from the last I saw it was bright red" She left me for a moment and returned "Your ass colour is getting a darker shade of red, She ran her hand over my face pulled my hair back, the other hand went between my legs "Soaking wet, you are a nasty slut" I continued crying as the flogger reached between my legs, upward swings made me scream, my nipples were given many harsh pinches before it came to the end of this session.

They spoke with each other whilst I stood to attention, I could over hear them

Madam was telling Mistress "She is having it to ease down here she should be joining the others"

Mistress agreed. "When do you think her husband should see her?"

"That will wait till she has had a taste of the hard life"

Madam left, the girl picked up my belt in slid the dildo which was pleasant for a moment, on came the belt, she took up my leash we left the room. Outside the room a long tunnel stretched in front of us to my right a chair sitting on it knee protectors and a set of leg irons, first the protection was placed round my knees and stuck on with Velcro, on came the cuffs around my ankles locked them into place, we walked to the next chair, I clanked now as I walked and could only take short steps as my first step nearly tripped me up plus they were not light in weight. Sitting on this piece of furniture handcuffs with a two foot chain between them she placed those around my wrists, on we traveled, g-d I was horny. The pathway now had train tracks I desperately tried to avoid the rails due to tripping on them.

I was forced to follow her along many corridors we seem to be walking continuously down hill, we finally reached a wider area.


I stood and waited, down one of the tunnels a tall girl.

"Your next victim, treat her badly, make sure her butt is well looked after"

The new girl smiled took up my leash led me onward.

"Your name now is Sex-slave 504, when called you had best remember that"

Those words made my pussy weep, it seems my old name Kimberly was no longer in use.

We finally came to the end of the pathway, I was given a small axe instructed to start work on what seemed to be coal mining, as I chipped away at the face of the wall, the woman behind me used her short flogger continuously on my back and butt, her order's were simple "Get a move on, lazy f-ck" There were screams of pain coming from everywhere I could only imagine lots of other girls being beaten in the same manner. I worked as hard as I could, only interruption was water once an hour, my pussy was raging at this treatment, three different girls came along to mistreat me, it was a long day, I was led away for a cold shower as I was told "Slaves do not get warm water" They did take off my belt but as soon as I was dried I was oiled and belt replaced. I was fed led off to a huge cage fifty or so girls lay in there most moaning some beds still empty.

I was told to stand to attention by the base of the bed and wait, I did as told, sooner or later some lady came in unbuckled my cuffs helped me into bed chained and locked my leash to the head of the bed. It was very warm in this place we were not given covers, I slept very well.

I was woken according to our overseers it was five in the morning so I was told, a quick wash, a good breakfast and back to work. One of the girls placed a notice on my back "This sex-slave has a dildo in pussy, not allowed orgasm!" During the day whilst being flogged many of my friends arrived, they stood watching laughing, passing nasty comments, mostly how much I deserved all I was getting, not one stuck up for me, everyone one of them was prepared to pay my tormentor a few quid to watch my butt getting flogged.

One of my former friends asked "When will she be ready for sale? As I have wanted to stick my dick in that ass for years"

The reply was, not sure yet she is being trained.

One of them asked "May I?"


He came over, he being a good friend of my family, slapped me several times on my butt, he leant over and whispered "I am going to buy you then fuck you many times over before selling you on" I looked round at him, he laughed, I could have orgasmed on the spot in turn they came round and gave my ass a spanking, this was all to much for me, I clamped down hard on the dildo tucked inside me, I screamed for mercy, but they all left laughing.

"Back to work bitch" That came with her leather strap across my butt.

After many hours and lots of water later, I raised my arm.


"Need the loo Madam"

"No one is stopping you, there is a bucket over in that corner" She pointed.

Whilst being excused which seemed to come out everywhere she said "The coal you have dug must be placed in those carriages, they will be taken away by rail"

I started to pick the coal up and sling it into the freight vehicles as I went I was taking a regular beating.

Before my day had ended that carriage had to be filled, I worked hard she enjoyed beating me. Just before I finished two girls brought down a bed the lady of the house followed shortly after clambered onto it. My torturer got on the bed with her they watched me work and take a beating by the two girls whilst they made love, this in itself was torture as I saw them both one after the other orgasm. They had both enjoyed my pain, the lady left with the two girls the bed remained. I finished up my days work was stripped naked, given a cold shower, she brushed my teeth, left me food to eat up from the floor, led me off to the large cage. To see that many girls all naked all forced into bondage made my heart race, at least I was not alone. From what I heard later this was one of five sleeping areas for sex-slaves, they must have had some business running here.

The girl in charge yelled at the top of her voice "INSPECTION!!"

We all got to the base of our beds and stood waiting for instructions. I made certain my legs were apart, my hands tucked well above my butt and that sticking out. She went round the room checking each asshole and pussy for any contraband like weapons or tools to break the locks with. She seemed to take extra few minutes checking my butt, she ran her fingers several times over my pussy and between my lips, I was so embarrassed considering how many were looking on. She continued round the room, when done "BELTS ON!!" She only knew how to shout orders out.

Each girl had a keeper mine pushed the dildo in after oiling it up then wrapped the belt around me and locked tightly into position.

"From when I am finished speeching you will have twenty minutes before lights out. Some of you slaves are costing us to much money, mostly by not pulling your weight. Those girls will now be named brought to the center off the room and have their pussy's spanked with a wooden spoon by their keepers, the keepers turned out to be a higher level of slave, they were allowed orgasm but with permission. The slaves will each get ten of the best their keepers two but not in-front of the sex-slaves"

We all trembled not knowing who`s name she is going to read out. I prayed it was not going to be Sex-slave 504. She read out ten names none of which were mine, the ten girls were forced by their keepers to step forward and stand to attention, legs apart, and all in unison the paddles were swung upwards, the crack that resounded round the cave made the rest of us shudder, the screaming was far worse. The ten up they went back to their places sobbing.

"Two slaves have worked exceptionally hard today they get five seconds with a vibrating handheld massage, their keepers may orgasm tonight"

Not sure if this was good news for the girls in question or not, "Five seconds is only just enough to know something happened unlikely that it could help orgasm.

One of the two was me, I stepped forward as did the other girl four beds away from me, my keeper smiled up at me she was handed a massager pressed it against my belt right between my legs, switched it on.

G-d that felt good, I ignored her counting and just enjoyed the vibrations it was switched off soon enough. I was very disappointed all that had done was turn me on further if that were possible.


We were all led by our leashes to our beds they in turn were padlocked to the head-rail

"You may chat amougst yourselves, if anything is said that undermines or in anyway might offend the rules of this place you will be thrown into a cell for two weeks, no lights, little food, no heating so be-careful what you say and how you say it"

I do not think this prison was a democracy more of a police state with harsh punishment to enforce their laws.

I turned to the pretty girl on my right "Have I any marks from the whipping I received today?"

She looked me over "None that I can see m,maybe a little red on the butt but that will be gone by tomorrow, they are very good at not marking skin up, if you get badly ripped up you will be sold for less money"

I looked her over, "I cannot see any marks on you either"

She smiled.

"How did you get here?" I asked.

"I am not sure, I was working in the fields on a farm three people came towards me next thing I know I was here, I think I was chloroformed. How about you?"

"My husband gave me up for two slaves, he wants me trained as a slave then sold off"

"I hope you do not mind me saying this but you seem to get turned on by the treatment you receive, am I right?"

I grinned "For some odd reason you are right, but I do not know why"

"You are a submissive, I can only speculate but in your former life you never came across this, I have seen many like you here. Most are not, just average girls though none look average, in fact most are gorgeous, they have been forced into servitude and much prefer not to be here. But I am sure they are delighted working for the bosses of this place as no one would say anything different, the only problems one can have here are physical, any other complaints is dealt with harshly and I best add quite rightly too. All the girls who sleep here and in other caves have one thing on their minds "When is my next orgasm?" I do not know about you but my pussy aches for sex"

"As does mine, I just need to be touched but all I get is teased not that I do not enjoy it I do, but I still refuse to be trained and each refusal or even if I obey I get punished oddly and though it hurts my pussy gets wet"

"You are a submissive but just do not know it, but no matter what you will submit to these people, you will work hard, become a sex-slave and be used for their pleasure"

"Thank you for information, I think the lights will go out any second, speak tomorrow I hope"

"Goodnight, I doubt we speak tomorrow they always change our bed order so we cannot get to friendly, just by the way your butt it is so nice keep it clean, keep it flawless it is your greatest asset, your tits are nothing to sneeze at either, if I could I would"

I smiled at her "You too are gorgeous, goodnight"

Moments later the lights went out, no one spoke any further, there was a little moaning and crying from girls who felt they should not be there but I fell asleep quickly, my eyes had been half closed whilst chatting with the girl next to me.

I slept very well, they gave us seven hour so they told us later, once awake my keeper unchained me from the bed post and helped me up, by my bedside was a bowl with toothbrush and paste.

"Open mouth sex-slave 504"

I did so, she brushed my teeth, gave me water to rinse it all out, next she planted a kiss on my mouth "That is what you get for working hard yesterday, I got sex last night"

"Lucky her" I thought "All I get is a kiss from a stranger"

She put on a mask from under the bed.

The head lady came in "Time for slaves to go to loo, we were all lined up, led into another large cave. Fifty girls, fifty buckets, fifty compartments so we had a little privacy except for our keepers keeping a watchful eye that we do not touch yourselves. They had to wipe our bottoms, could not be a pleasant job hence the mask. One thing I must complain about, the g-d awful smell, we were given twenty minutes.

"As soon as you are done step forward, I was not the first out but not last either, one girl kept everyone waiting when she did arrive she was told....

"I understand you were having problems but that is no excuse, twenty on pussy after your wash, keeper gets none, I heard her urging you on to finish"

The girl wept, but like all of us we were taken to the base of our bed, my keeper unmasked, waiting at the base of the bed a baby bath with two buckets of water by it`s sides. One full of soapy water one clear water.

Time to wash your slaves, belts off make sure all pussy, butt under arms, tits are spotless, take collars off for less than two minutes do not want these slaves thinking they are free. You have ten minutes to wash and dry them, treat them harshly whilst washing, make certain they are clean we do not want any disease here. When done bend them over the bath wash their hair, in your tool belts you should have anti flea hair wash, rub it in leave for two minutes wash it out"

"To all sex-slaves stand in your baths"

We all stepped in.


We stood with our legs as far apart as possible, hands behind our backs, butts and chests out.

Inside the soapy water a sponge, she started on my legs, I glanced over at my neighbor I had spoken to last night, she looked back, we knew each others thoughts "We were both horny"

My keeper continued to my pussy and between my legs, onto my tummy and my tits, each tit she washed once with the sponge then with her hand, my back and butt were next taking great care of my anal area. After that using a cup I was rinsed off, she helped me out of the bath dabbed me dry.


I jumped to attention as did all the other girls. The lady came round to each girl to inspect us using tissue paper she rubbed on our anal areas, as she did mine she said in a low voice "Clean" then moved on.

One girl here is unclean, Sex-slave 404, ten on the pussy, two for her keeper, do not forget Keepers ten on your pussy means you end up back in here. Seven slaves watched other slaves whilst being washed, these are they".....

She called out the seven names mine 504 and the girl next to me included. Sex slaves ten on pussy, keepers none"

My heart sank I knew this was going to hurt, my keeper brought me forward she was handed a long brown wooden spoon, I stood to attention, with upward swings she smacked my pussy, I sobbed as the ten were delivered without any mercy, I was led back to my bed.

"No slave is allowed to watch another getting bathed smiling at each other as if we are having a sex party, you had all best take this seriously, you are here to be trained not for your enjoyment"

I did notice the girl next to me still in tears if her pussy hurt half as much as mine I could see why.

"Oil pussy's get dildos ready for insertion"

My keeper oiled my pussy tenderly but made sure she got two fingers into my hole, I knew any sign I was enjoying it there would be punishment, I clasped my hands tight, she kept her fingers inside me for the one minute making sure my clit received oil then pulled out, belts at the ready, the good news was the belts looked like they had been washed whilst we were gone.

She oiled the dildo up and waited.

"Dildo in"

The pressure of the tip of dildo I felt on my pussy, then it slid in which felt very comforting, strapped into place and locked.
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Re: Sex slaves for hire.

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Breakfast was served, I was famished. Eggs, baked beans, two slices of bacon we had ten minutes to get on our knees and suck or lick the plates clean as were finishing we were each given a glass of orange juice with a straw, I left a spotless plate, the three girls who did not ended up in front of us, each received twenty on the pussy, their screams must have been heard miles down the caves.

"Do not waste food! Keeper of sex-slave 504 bring her here"

My heart raced, what did I do?"

Less than a minute later I was standing in front of the main lady.

"Take her belt off"

The keeper unlocked me out came my dildo, she motioned to one of her aids, a bed was brought over. I was pushed onto the bed.

Facing skywards I was told to bend my knees back and hold onto my legs just below them exposing my privates to everyone.

"Everyone crowd round"

The whole room stepped forward to get a closer look, I didn`t know where to turn, she massaged my pussy then took a hold of my hard clit from it`s base rolled it around in her fingers, out of her tool belt a clothes peg which she promptly snapped onto my clit, I screamed, she left it in place for a moment whilst she spoke.

"I have no idea if this slave thinks that this is all a game or not but I choose her anyway to show you all, we are not playing games here, you will all be trained as sex-slaves, you have two years, if not fully trained and past many tests then we cannot sell you, that means our time, energy, and money have been wasted for that you will spend the rest of your lives in a damp dark, cold cell with one other girl and a locked in dildo to keep your company, when you die we bury you in an unmarked grave"

I think I have all her words right hard to tell over my screaming,the peg being released was equally as painful, whilst still in a lot of pain my dildo was replaced and I was stood up had my belt locked.

My pussy throbbed big time the head bitch called out "Off to work"

I was led back to the same area I was worked yesterday. Only difference today was I had two bottles placed on each side of my head so I could sip water through a straw whilst working. I was whipped most of the day only stopped twice once for the loo second time to eat.

Someone came round handed my keeper a note, it seems I was to work an extra eight hours or untill I had filled two carraiges, I managed six hours longer before I collapsed, she gave me a belting and forced me to continue saying "I need sex tonight and you are going to win it for me" I had no choice but by the time I was done I could hardly move.

Back to the cage. I was washed ate dinner told to get on all fours on my bed, new neighbors around me, butt in the air, head on my pillow supported by my arms.

Once the room was in position the head woman came round, she stuck a piece of paper on my butt after examining my pussy, then continued doing this to several girls, my keeper took the paper and pocketed it, we were allowed our twenty minute chat, turned out the girl to my left was sent here by her parents, but she never said one bad word about the place she had learnt, we checked out each others bodies for signs of mistreatment but none really to see, we went to sleep before lights went out.

Next morning I was still exhausted from the previous days endeavors, we were washed and fed, my keeper was once again having sex that night and I was given a five seconds with vibrator for working so hard. I was led away to a different area of the caves.

Ordered into a glass cubicle, to my right a large computer console, to my left twelve other cubicles which were now filling up with other girls, once all the glass prisons were full our keepers stepped forward with Vaseline one keeper yelled "INSPECTION!!" we all opened our legs wide, our anal areas were greased up, the doors were closed by the computer our keepers watched on from a distance. Inside each prison were glass shelves which meant that our hands could not reach our lower areas as the glass stuck out and around us just above the waist.

"Each slave is to maneuver their bodies so the pipe inside your cubicle is to enter your butt hole"

I looked down could not see any pipes.

A few moments later I did, out of a small hole from under me, it was a clear softish plastic tube that rose upwards, as it reached my buttocks like all the girls we moved about trying to get our holes onto it, I was on tip toes before I caught it right, the narrow end entered me continued to climb till my anal area was fully open.

Each keeper brought us a mirror placed them on a chair so we could watch ourselves. I was so turned on I could feel wetness dribble down my inner thighs, I need to scratch it but my hands could not get down there, like all the girls I held onto the glass looking for a way out. The main lady came in....

"All you slaves must learn to accept cum, at some point you will get fucked there" She came over to me "Sex-slave your butt stands no chance I am betting you will be fucked many times a day up your butt"

I sobbed and used my hands to search for an escape, I kept repeating "Please my bottom, please my bottom" I tried to get on tiptoes to get away from the tubing, but it was in to far.

"You will now all have one litter of cum pumped into you, once done your keepers will push in a butt plug to keep it in"

We all cried, the computer started up, it got the pump moving, we could see the twelve tubes laying on the floor slowly fill creeping ever closer, I squeezed down hard on the tube hoping to keep out what was inevitably . My pussy raced I was so desperate for sex right now, I tried rubbing my legs together but alas no help there. The edge of the juice flow crept under the cubicle, I held my breasts and watched the mirror the top of the cum flow came into view, I put my legs together, butt out trying in desperation to stay away but it kept climbing, I could not take anymore I trembled then screamed much like all the other girls, the next time I looked into the mirror the tip of it was an inch from my bottom, I squeezed down hard, got on my tip toes, my hands ran all over the glass prison, the cum edge entered me, I could not feel it yet but it was inside the top end of the tube, I stood motionless, a spurt of cum shot into my insides I sobbed, and sobbed more when the second shot hit me. The bubbles in the tube told me more was flowing in not only that but I could feel the sudden surges, all I could do was cling to the glass searching for a way out. through the tears I could see my keeper smiling

Finally the end was in site, the reminance forced into me, tubing withdrew from my butt, the door was opened I stepped out my keeper had a butt plug ready oiled up, she went round my rear bent me forward slipped the plug into my butt which was not so easy as it was a tight fit mostly due to the width of the plug. Belt placed on, dildo tucked inside me, I was locked up.

The twelve of us were chained together by the collars, and ankle cuffs, I was seventh in the queue of girls each girl separated by two feet. Our hands to hold onto the shoulders of the girl in front of us.

The top lady came in.

"You have all had a rough morning, you will go through this again several times. You will all get acquainted with cum in your butts so that when sold you will be prepared for your new master or mistress, just part of your training. As you have had such a tough morning your tasks today shall be easier, each girl will be branded with your number and the word "Slave" There is no shame in screaming or crying this will hurt, off you go"

In unison we were forced to walk along the cave passageways, I held the girl before me tightly not wishing to lose my footing, this situation got my pussy throbbing again and I could feel leakage from my bottom. We arrived in a largish room twelve box with holes in the top chairs in front awaiting us.

"Each girl now needs to kneel on the chairs"

We arranged ourselves to line up then move forward to our fate, we moved forward and knelt.

"Place your heads inside the holes of the box, hands by it`s sides.

In went my head and held there by I am guessing my keeper, it was dark and I was getting breathless from the anticipation of pain.

I heard the screams from the first girl, I tensed up, my belt was partially removed the dildo stayed in, my hands held onto the box as tight as it could, soon the girl to my right let out a g-d awful cry for help, I sobbed as I knew now it was my turn, the stinging pain on my lower back just above my butt made me shout as loud as I could, it only lasted a few seconds but bloody hell it hurt, my keeper pulled my head out someone else dabbed cream on my wound. We were shown what had been done to us with help of a mirror. Branded on me was Slave-504. We were led out the room and up the long passageways we kept climbing till we came to the bottom of a staircase we were stopped, the clanging of the irons went silent.

"Due to the day you have had you now get to spend one hour in the gardens, you will stand to attention in line looking only to the ground beneath your feet. If anyone touches you do not react, whilst there you will fed and watered"

Outside in the rain we stood, fed by spoon by our keepers, several took an interest in us my butt and tits were touched up many times all I had was a throbbing pussy.

Led back inside it was back to work, this time however I was to pull the carts that were filled up by other girls, it was very hard on the legs I strained to drag the carts behind me my keeper kept whipping me urging me onward, once our destination reached which was a large metal bin with four long arms poking out was not sure what was inside. I was to tip the coal into the container then go back for the next lot, the return journey as you can imagine was a lot easier. I did this journey eighteen times before my day was done.

Absolutely knackered it was back to sleeping quarters. I was relieved of my butt plug and allowed to the loo, washed oiled, chastity belt, stood to attention at the ends of our beds.

The head lady entered.

"We have rushed jobs on for twenty six girls, these girls that shall be named shortly must be ready within three months, when your name is called step forward. This means that these slaves will be sold tomorrow at auction, specially chosen as so many wish to bid on them and we do not want to keep our customers waiting"

She started calling out the names of slaves, my name included, my heart raced, my pussy went into overdrive as I stepped forward when she was done calling out the slaves she continued......

"You slaves will be separated off, you will get a harsh training regime any sign of disobedience will be severally punished. If any of you are married, you will be forced to sign divorce papers, all ties with your past will be cut off. Once your new owners are finished with you they will return you here. As most if not all will be used up and no further help to our cause you will be locked away till the day you die. Keepers, chain them up lead them to Prison camp three"

The twenty six of us were chained together by our collars, my keeper placed the chastity belt, ankle and handcuffs on, our keepers stood by our sides.

"All slaves will hold onto the waist of the girl in front, if any keeper needs to whip her charge get the slave behind to lower her hands, any slave caught crying due to her feelings being hurt rather than physical pain will be whipped. Any slave caught talking without permission will be whipped"

The first girl in the long line of girls stepped forward, slowly but surely we shuffled out of that cave, the head lady continued as we walked....

"Any slave that shows emotions shall be whipped, any slave caught touching their tits, butts or pussy shall be whipped, any slave that cannot keep up with these walks shall be whipped. All slaves here shall from now on wear blinkers and straps round their mouths with a dick shaped dildo to chew on"

We stopped I could not yet see what was going on at the head of the queue but soon found out. Blinkers that a racehorse wears were placed over and around our heads, this made sure we could only see what was directly in front of us. My keeper forced open my mouth in went a penis shaped dildo it went in so far I almost gagged, that was strapped into place after raising my hair so that would not get caught up.

The march along the narrow pathways continued, the girl behind me kept slipping her hands down to my butt, we entered yet another large cave most of which was taken up by beds inside a cage surrounding them. We were unchained from each other.

"Sex-slaves you will now be placed into four categories. First category, slaves with good child bearing hips as some of you will be used as a baby making machine"

Six girls were called out to join that group, they all looked like they wanted to weep two of them did.

"Second category, Slaves with extra large tits, Thirty six double d`s and up"

Only three girls left to move that time.

"Third category, slaves with vital stasistics of thirty four, twenty two, twenty four or smaller"

That was seven further girls, the rest ended up in group four.

"Forth group, slaves with statics of thirty six, twenty four, thirty four or over"

That was my group.

We were separated off, four groups, we stood around holding each other terrified of what might come next. Good news was nothing came next, a quick wash, no food, straight to bed with only one minor problem there were half the number of beds then there were girls.

I lay next to a girl, the bed was none to wide so we were forced to cuddle up with each other, to make certain we did get close as possible our collars were chained together, our legs interlocked our breasts pressed up to each others, my hand round her waist hers on my butt, we were so tired we soon fell asleep.

We were allowed to sleep in the following morning when we were ready to arise our collars unlocked, relieved of our collars, mouth guards, belts but not our blinkers. Our keepers washed us this time however we had a wash in warm water, our pussy's were oiled gently and lasted almost thirty minutes, we had to stand watching our neighbors getting the same treatment.

My keeper remarked "You are very wet, you will be taught how to remain dry no matter the circumstances, you still seem to think that we are here for your pleasure"

Collars replaced, breakfast eaten we were each led to different rooms. My keeper led me away by my leash, we arrived in a small cave where that horrific girl from a few days ago sat waiting.

She smiled at me, my keeper left.

"I told you sooner or later I will have that butt of yours for now ATTENTION!"

I jumped to opening my legs, butt and chest out, hands behind my back.

She watched grinning "They have taught you well"

She sat on a chair facing me, another girl with her keeper entered, she stood to attention six or so feet in front, her keeper sat on another chair back to back with my latest keeper.

My keeper kissed my tummy She took several tissues out of her pocket wiped my pussy dry.

"You will now be trained not to get wet when being touched down here, you will learn to control your filthy urges, the only time you may get wet is when you are told that you are to have sex, wetness will come on in order to help ease in a mans dick or indeed for a girls strapon. We know you are very horny but this is not our problem. How would it look if you stood on stage being auctioned with a wet pussy, you must learn to control it"

With that she planted her hand over my pussy cupping it, I desperately tried to think of other things like how was my house right now will I ever see my husband again. I think though the girl having the same problems opposite me was put there to make sure I get turned on. Her soft hand gently massaging my lower regions, running the palm of her hand over my pubic area I was soon wet again, she dried me off gave me a glass of water before continuing.

"I have given you one chance, get wet again I have a leather strap that will sting pussy area"

I watched the other girl whilst having my privates molested, she fared no better, she was given her chance before warned about her wetness and punishment. It did not take more than twenty minutes before the girl showed me her hand, dripping in juice, plus she was not happy with all my fidgeting.

"You are to remain still whilst I work, you are not to leak from pussy, you still think at some point you get to orgasm, not going to happen, INSPECTION!"

I jumped a little before widening the space between my legs, out of her tool belt a brown leather strap, she stood up, placed her chin on my right shoulder, with upward swings she gave my pussy a stinging smack, tears welled in my eyes, the second smack was not far behind.

"She whispered in my ear "You have no idea how much this is turning me on, I am going to fuck your butt shortly"

With that another smack.

"I am so turned on right now, my pussy is soaking, I really want that gorgeous butt of yours, I groaned out loud, I ached so much.

"Now I hear sounds from you, your future owner will not wish for any noise"

With that another crack of her strap I sobbed , the girl opposite me was now going through the same torment. They both then stopped, dragged the two of us together.

"You will now hold each other legs apart whilst you take your punishment"

Legs apart I held her round her collar as she did mine, our pussy were severally punished, we cried on each other shoulders. Thirty beatings or so later we were back in position all dried off.

My tutor sat back down continued gently massaging my pussy, to be fair there was no way I was going to remain dry, but I did for a little longer. We had seven hours of this till my keeper told me you managed thirty minutes without getting wet, she seemed proud of me.

"You must do better tomorrow I need one hour"

The other girl did not fair so well she was led away with her keeper using her strap across that lovely butt of hers.

"Little slut, bend over my chair, hold onto the seat, put your butt out and wait in that position"

I did as ordered whilst she went to a small cupboard withdrew a strapon, as soon as I realised what she was about to do, I bent further forward making sure my butt was as high in the air as possible, she would get easy access and I would not get so much pain, she oiled the dildo up, used my juice to oil my butt hole, her dildo slid in very smoothly, whilst she slowly fucked my ass she spanked my bottom, she stood me up straight so her tits could rub up against my back, my pussy spewed out juice, her hands grabbed my tits and squeezed on them hard, when she orgasmed she threw me forward over the chair, once done she laughed out loud, "I hope your butt is sore from that" She pulled out of me gave my butt a harsh smack and left me over the chair gasping for air.

Returning a short while later she attached my leash led me away to a small cave with twelve more cubicles, but it was not the same as I had been in before and this time I was alone.

I cried when I saw this similar room.

"No need to cry just got to get used to cum, we have a huge supply we pay for, lots of men come in to watch the girls getting their tuition they jerk off into condoms we preserve it"

I was placed in the cubicle closest to the computer and pump, there was no separation between my lower and upper half. The door though was split in two. She closed and locked the top partition went to the computer and pressed a couple of buttons, out of the floor a tube with a wide flat piece of toughened plastic three to four inches from the top of it. Above the computer a saline bag of I could only assume was sperm.


I opened my legs she helped guide the tube towards my pussy, she eased the tube into me till it reached the wider part. The plastic bit covered my pussy area, she tried to push her fingers between me and the tubing but it was on far to tight, she closed and locked the lower door.

I grabbed at the glass walls, she switched on the pump, the computer did the rest, short spurts of cum dropped from the bag down the tube, I squeezed down on my pussy in my vain attempt to prevent the cum getting any closer, more dribbled down the tube started creating a small puddle on the tubing that ran across the floor. My breaths were short and fast, my pussy was so hot I wept, she placed a mirror in-front of me so I could watch the cum rise upwards slowly. Legs tight together I arched my back, she stood with her head right up against the glass smiling, I shook me head "No" , she started jerking off.

The cum was now inches away from me, I held onto my tummy as the head of the cum flow vanished from sight she orgasmed, I now felt the pressure inside me, I held onto my butt tight with one hand my tummy with the other, I got up on tip toes hoping the bag would empty before the flow reached me. The first spurt of cum hit my insides, I banged on the glass is sheer desperation as the second drops flowed in, I was forced to give up the fight. My hands slipped to the base of my buttocks I held on to them.

As the cubicle was sound proof she typed something on her phone swung the phone round and showed me what she had written.

Dear sex-slave you have many more years of this, get used to it, when this bag is finished I will attach a second one, when that one is done a hollowed out dildo will be placed in your mouth, you must get used to swirling cum around your mouth and swallowing it too"

Her phone rang, she looked at me and smiled. she typed out....

"I have just been informed you broke all records here, over two hundred men and women orgasmed when the cum entered you, they are watching on cam"

You have no idea how proud I was, what a wonderful record to break, and what a silly bitch for telling me this, all I could do was cry.

She left me laughing, I wanted to collapse but the toughened tube would not let me, it just slipped in further.

She returned for a moment "ATTENTION!"

I could not hear her but I could see her mouthing it. I did not want to stand there and obey instructions right now but what choice did I have, I stood to attention.

She typed on her phone.....
"You will remain like that till all three bags are empty, and stick that butt out further. You must learn to be a proud sex-slave, stand up straight , get your chest out and accept the cum"

She left I did as instructed watching the little bubbles in the tube slowly work their way upwards, it took a while till the cum started to ooze back down my inner thighs, I had to ignore the tickling, she must have been watching as soon as the first bag emptied she returned and replaced it, opened the top partition of the cabinet shoved a dick shaped dildo in my mouth with tube attached strapped it around my head.

"Start sucking bitch, you have one hour to complete"

I did start sucking, the faint aroma of bleach hit my nose, I knew this was not weetabix, about half way through the bag the door opened in walked my husband, my expectations rose upwards, he had come to get me out of here, what a relief.

Turns out it could not be further from the truth.

He opened the lower door placed a phone on loudspeaker close to my feet, closed the door.

"Listen up slave"

That shocked me. "

I am not surprised you were never happy at home as this is what you much prefer, you always said you would like more excitement in your life well you seem to have found it. I found watching you over the past several days so erotic I have had more sex than ever before. One for the books I had no idea your sister fancied me, she does but only twelve times within three days"

I started sobbing.

"If I had known you like sucking dick our marriage would have been far better, instead you walked around showing your butt off to all our staff, barking out orders and getting in my way. I have brought along two sets of papers you will need to sign so that our divorce goes through smoothly and that your bank account can be emptied by me. That set of papers will include all your possessions, I have already given your clothing to a charity"

I jerked forward as another lump of cum hit my insides. He opened the top door handed me the papers plus a pen, showed me where to sign. I sobbed and sucked as I signed in seven different areas of the paperwork. He smiled, smacked each tit, closed and locked the door.

"Just by the way I will be marrying your sister, she has no problem with having other girls in the same bed as us. If you ever get out of here do not bother contacting me, as I will send you back here and pay them to keep you locked away. Do not worry, you made a good wife for three years and if you ever become a wife again make sure you allow them access to your butt, you never allowed me up there"

I thought to myself "That was not true" But with a mouth full of rubber dick I could not argue.

"I wanted to watch you with our head servant, a bit of lesbian action but you failed me there too. Good news is I have had her three times now she is far better in bed than you ever were"

I took a huge gulp of cum down.

He laughed "I hope you are enjoying that, looks tasty not that I would wish to try it, and look at what they have done to your pussy, locked it up and only allowed a narrow tunnel through"

He took the tube out of the bag and let the the cum drain out into me. He then attached it again, he watched the flow move ever nearer my pussy.

"This is so sexy, I will get it on with your sister later"

He left the room for a few minutes I could hear on the phone words being said but could not make out what they were saying. He returned with my keeper.

She opened the lower door, got up and set about placing a tube into my butt, she attached that to a bag then the same pump, locked the door they stood together and watched.

My hands clasped at my butt, now I had two tubes to watch.

"ATTENTION" I heard over the telephone, I tried to get to the "Attention" position but just could not. They both went round my rear to watch the cum rise into me, I squeezed my buttocks together, clung to the walls, into my butt it went, my ex-husband came back round.

"Looks like they are looking after you, farewell, enjoy the rest of your days"

He left with my keeper, the cum session ended a while later, she returned opened the lower of the two doors. She washed me down took up a leather strap ordered me into the "Inspection" position and gave my pussy a beating, once she was too tired I was allowed out, I was washed, oiled, chastity belt on and led to bed, I cried myself to sleep.

Next morning, I was washed, ate, led off by my leash to yet another room, I was lay down on a mat in the center of the place she went to the far wall and using a winch lowered a rope with cuffs close to my feet, she returned placed the cuffs one each ankle used the winch to slowly lift me upside down into the air. My mind was confused seeing the world the wrong way round.

"Yesterday whilst husband was here you were not on your best behavior, you will now regret that"

In her right hand a bull whip, the first hit made me scream, I lost count after the tenth, my hands all over the place trying to protect myself, my screaming only stopped when I was about to faint, she lowered me down. In a very caring manner she dabbed cream onto my wounds, helped me up placed my belt on.

"So much money has been offered for you we are putting you on the auction block in one week, you still have much to learn

My heart sank again, with an aching pussy I was led upstairs, lots of people standing around watching slaves come and go, I wandered which one of these people were going to buy me.

Into a cloak room we went, several girls being dressed up in there, my keeper placed then adjusted a harness on me, lots of straps to tighten, round my head, between my tits, round the top of my thighs. A bit placed in my mouth tied up and tightened behind my neck, that felt awful strange.

I was led to the outside gardens along with three other girls all dressed in the same outfit, a carriage awaited us, we were lined up, me closest to the carriage and each of us hooked to the transport via several leather straps, on with visors, now I could only see what was in front of me, the butt of another poor girl.

Out from the house came several women and one man, one of the ladies came round to see me, it was my sister, tears welled in my eyes, she placed her hand on my chin gave my face a smack, she took my right tit in one hand and and slapped it hard with the other, she did the same to my left breast, I sobbed as she vanished round my rear, she took my left buttock in one hand slapped it many times with the other hand, my right buttock was given the same treatment shortly afterwards. She came back into view.

"Found your calling at last sis" Sarcastic bitch. "I have spoken at length to your former husband, once we get married we will need a slave, you know, someone to get hubbies dick going, then I make love to him, if your good I may even let you watch us. We can set up a cage in the basement for you to live in and we can be sure you never orgasm again. We chatted about how you would spend the rest of your days, gardening, helping other workers getting turned on. I can see you being used by our many servants, fucking them, or sucking them off. Maybe transporting you back here over the weekends to work in their coalmines. I will be your new keeper, I look forward to give you a daily whipping. From what I understand they allow you to keep your pubic hair, if you come to my house, I say "My" as it will no longer be yours I will shave it all off"

I could have orgasmed there and then, this fucking cow was turning me on with words.

"You had better giddy up, I along with four others will be onboard and guess who has the whip. Others will be watching, others who may well buy you"

I could feel the movement of people getting onto the transport when they were ready my sister yelled out "LETS GO!"

All four of us strained to get the carriage moving, I received several lashes on the butt in order to make me work harder, we started to make progress, once we got moving it was a lot easier, thank goodness they took to the grass because the drive way was hard on the feet.

My butt caught many whippings as we made our way around their gardens we were at it for some time before we came to a brook, there they exited the carriage we were tied by our leashes to a fence one next to each other, watching on was next doors goats.

My keeper came over.

"Sex-slaves You will soon be fed and watered, you will not talk, you will all stand to attention"

She left us to look at the scenery far nicer than being stuck indoors, we were given to eat out of a bowls with two handles tied precariously to the fence.

"If you spill or waste any food you will be whipped, it started raining I thought "We would be heading back" They put up a large umbrella to sit under we were left out in pouring rain, the rain on my body was exhilarating, at times it tickled as the droplets formed into streams and ran down between my legs, we were there for a long while till they decided to return to the house. The only problem was they walked back leaving us outside as night came in. Once dark we could not see a thing and every sound scared us, one girl started to cry but there was nothing we could do to console her. Night became dawn and we were relieved of our duties, hooked to the carriage back home we went.

We were washed oiled and fed, soon back to bed, lights out, complete and utter darkness prevailed, another girl was helped into my bed by a keeper no doubt with the aid of a tiny torch light, good news was our mouths were not plugged up, the girl laying next to me was in tears she wanted a kiss and cuddle, I did not respond to her request. She whispered so low I could only just make out what she was saying, I made out...

"If you do not cuddle me the girls to our left they are my friends, we will all tell the authorities that you were bad mouthing them. Once they have the evidence you go to jail forever, now kiss me"

I glanced over to my left, I could not see the girls, but I heard one of their whisper "Yes we will", they both giggled, I got down and started to kiss the girl, better that then getting jailed or punished in some other way.

This little bitch had her hands all over me, we had no chance of orgasm but she did her best, forcing me onto my front by holding my nipples and squeezing till I did what was asked of me, her top half now lay between my legs she began by kissing my bottom and upper thighs, then my lower back, my pussy began to throb, her hands were now running back and forth milometers away from my pussy, I arched my back to give her ease of access, my hips began to gyrate to the rhythm of her hand movement. I have no idea where she had been hiding a small dildo, but that ended up toying with my anal area, I held my breasts, looked round trying to see who was doing this to me, not that I could see her or she see me, far to dark, she started to lick my anal area, I tried to pull myself up the bed, she smacked my bottom "Don`t move bitch" I tried my best not to, problem was she kept licking me at the same time trying to get her fingers between the belt and myself. In the end I could take no more, I turned around hauled her up the bed we spent a long time kissing a playing with each others tits till we finally fell asleep.

When I awoke the girl was gone so no idea who tried to have me. I looked round the room no one was giving anything away, my keeper came in, belt off, a quick wash and eat whilst on or near my bed.

Next it was the turn of the head lady.

"Slaves kneel on the lower end of your beds, your knees should be by the edge, feet hanging over. backs arched, butts out"

I had it easy only me on the bed, the other girls struggled a little but once settled...

"This position is called Dogie style, you assholes and pussy's ready to be fucked"

She came round to inspect each girl whilst she checked our private areas she continued....

"One girl is missing, she was sold last night to some rich fellow with a harem she will be used till she is to old then returned here to work in the mines for her remaining days. Of course the proviso for this is she never orgasms whilst not here, you all will be under the same conditions"

Just then a lot of people entered I could hear them clearly shuffling along, one ended up behind me, I was very worried as to why.

"Your assholes are now to be tested, the man behind you will enter you, you will squeeze down on their cocks, they have been trained not to orgasm, each man will give you a score of one to ten, if you do not exceed seven you anal areas will go for training. The man behind you will move slowly back and forth in order to keep his dick straight, you best bet is to squeeze down as hard as possible, if they do cum just suck it up put it down to experience. Once fully in you will make polite conversation, this will show us that you are not doing this for your benefit"

My pussy was running again as I was greased up, his dick pressed up against my anal area I tried to keep him out but he was far to hard in he slipped, my head went up and only lowered once he was fully inside me.

When my mind cleared I squeezed my asshole closed around his cock, he slapped my bottom, I groaned, then thought "Best start a conversation up.

"My name is Sex-slave 504, I hope you are well?"

"Yes I am good thank you my name is Steve"

"Are you happy inside me, is it comforting?"

"I love your ass and my dick inside you feels wonderful"

"Is working here your living or do you have another job?"

"I work here usually in the kitchens but once in a while they ask us to help out with sex-slaves. I take it you are to be sold off soon"

"Yes, I am"

"Does this turn you on, or is it forced?"

"To be fair a bit of both really, when so many are playing with ones bits it is hard not to get turned on"

He reached round between my legs.

"You are very wet"

"Yes, I know and I cannot prevent it"

I gave his dick a long hard squeeze.

"I felt that, you may need to try a little harder, that was at best a four out of ten"

I tried again, lowed my shoulders and squeezed for all I was worth.

"That was five at best, I think some training in your asshole will be of some use"

He held onto my hips whilst he slid out then back into me.

"Are you going to cum inside me?"

"I will not answer that, it is of no concern to you. in the very near future you will be fucked every day many times over up the ass, and you will have to pretend you enjoyed it"

His dick felt strange, an extra piece as if he had a larger than normal vain running along the shaft.

He gave me another two bangs whilst hitting my bottom with his hand. I squeezed down with everything I had, he moaned slightly "That was a good six but you will need to do more"

I tried over and over again, but could not get passed the "Six"

The head lady announced "You have five minutes left"

He banged me again several times.

"Sorry this butt of your has driven me crazy, and so smooth inside I am going to have to cum"

"Please, please"

He started to fuck me faster he shot his load into me, I tried not to cry but tears were abound, more and more poured in when he was done he pulled out, gave my bottom a harsh smack then wrote something on the base of my back, he left without a word of "Thanks"

The head lady came round writing in her notebook.

"These slaves will now stand to attention"....

Eighteen names were called out before "504" only five girls had passed the test, chained together by the collars we were frog-marched off to a room that looked like a small hospital.

I was second in line but what I watched happening to the first girl made me shudder. The two nurses who worked on the poor woman had her legs on tied in stirrups and busy sliding a small tube into her pussy. Poor girl was sobbing as the tube went in further and further till it reached her bladder, the other end of the tube was placed in a saline bag and tied round her waist, I could see she needed the loo. She was untied "Off you go" She joined the back of the line her collar chained up sobbing, my turn..

"Up I popped onto the chair, my legs placed then tied down in the stirrups, one nurse toyed with my pussy for a moment whilst the other pulled from a plastic bag a tube, the tube slipped in with no pain just felt peculiar, once it reached my bladder urine started to pour through the tube, a bag was quickly fitted and tied to my waist, I was released from the chair, my keeper locked me to the rear of the queue., we waited till the procedure was done to all the girls.

The next large room had a lot of fucking machines in front of each, one cage, five foot long three feet high in the rear and two feet in front, with an open cage door on top.

Unlocked from the chains, we were forced to climb inside, due to the length only kneeling room, my hands were handcuffed behind me, a small stool placed under my head when the cage door was closed it forced my head down onto the stool my butt upward.

My bottom was greased up, my pussy very throbbing, the fucking machine was brought forward, pushed through the cage bars, a little help on my butt hole and in it went.

Once all girls had been sorted out, the machines were started up.

The machine started banging my asshole, there was a lot of noise from the girls me included.

The head lady came in.

"Sex-slaves, no noise, press down on the dildos that are working to get your anal areas stronger. Each dildo has a pressure gauge on the end, the harder you press the higher the gauge goes, reach seventy two on the gauge for three minutes you are done here. All dildos are hollow and your butts will have cum inserted into them, you have twenty four hours before sleep then retested. For those who are still not ready you will have a further forty eight hours if still not done you will be put in prison for the remainder of your lives. My advice to all sex-slaves, press down on those dildos, do not allow them in to easily, fight for your butts, your keepers will insert cum when they think you are not trying hard enough. You may chat with your keepers when you wish to"

She left us to it, my keeper showed me a syringe filled with the dreaded light liquid, I pressed down hard on the dildo.

"Are you trying hard enough to keep the dildo out?"

"Yes Madam, I am giving it all I got"

"Want this pushed into you"

"No Madam"

"I will do it anyway"

I kept muttering "No, No" but she insisted.

Her arm must have entered where the dildo was fucking me, she rested the tip of the syringe on my pussy....

"No, that is my pussy, please no"

She slipped into me, I begged her for mercy.

"You can have mercy if you get the gauge to seventy two in the next two minutes"

I could not argue, I gave the dildo the hardest squeeze I possibly could, for a moment I thought I had torn a muscle, I kept my anal in that position for a full minute before she said "Sixty seven"

I sobbed, she pushed the syringe in further, I arched my back awaiting an explosion of cum, she half withdrew the syringe left it hanging .

She came round to me "I know you tried really hard there, we give it thirty minutes and try again"

I breathed a sigh of relief, my pussy ached so much I half wish she had just dumped the cum inside me meanwhile the machine continued to fuck my butt.

She fed me by hand, I drank via straw, a little tinkle to my right as the bag filled a little more.

"I will be sold soon but as a servant, I volunteered to come here and learn, for my stay here I help out, unlike you I can orgasm when I wish up to a point, you however cannot orgasm I bet your pussy aches?"

"Yes, very much so"

"Each time I tease you makes it worse?"

"Yes Madam it does"

"Good then I shall tease you more. Are you looking forward to be fucked by many strangers?"

"No madam"

"Does it turn you on thinking about it?"

"Yes madam"

I was getting very embarrassed by this line of questioning, she stuck her hand through the bares and ran it over my bottom.

"Who was the first person to tell you what a lovely butt you have?"

"My first boyfriend"

"According to my records your butt has been taken three times before you came here, did your first man take it?"

"Yes madam"

"I bet you enjoyed that"

"I was very nervous about it madam"

"I can see the dildo running back and forth is making you very horny"

"Yes madam"

"Time for your next bit of pressure on the dildo"

I got all my resources together and squeezed down as hard as I could, I kept it there for as long as possible.

"Not bad but not good enough, you are still four short, I think you will be in here for the second round, once this twenty four hours are up I get to whip your ass, I want to see you cry for wasting my time. Anyway I am off soon and I will be having sex, watching your butt getting fucked is a real turn on, plus I too have to wear a belt with dildo all day whilst I am here I only get unlocked at night, and that only happens if I have worked on you as hard as I can. The folks here are always watching. Now about this syringe in your pussy, time for the contents to be inserted into you"

"Please no"

"Oh yes, this is going to be such a turn on, as you have been told before this pussy is here to help others not for your pleasure"

I arched my back the moment I felt the syringe being tampered with, she pushed it in as far as possible, then pressed on the top I felt the flow of cum enter me, I moaned...

"Now now, I felt a rush of juice when filling you up, I feel like having my girlfriend tonight, I was going to go to my own house and have it away with husband, but my girl will lick me dry. You on the other-hand can have your machine to keep you company"

She got up placed a bottle with a straw on to of the cage over my head, the straw dangled downwards in-front of my face.

"You can have a drink when you wish to, the bottle full of cum make sure by the time I am back the bottle is empty, have a goodnight"

She left, seems most of the other keepers went at more or less the same time, the lights went out, all that was left were a lot of girls moaning and the drone noise coming from the machines. Every so often a drop of what I can only assume was oil hit the top of my butt and dribbled downwards onto the dildo, I took a sip from the bottle but my mind was mostly on my bottom, many times I squeezed down hard on it but I had no way of telling how well I was doing, my asshole grew so tired in the end I was forced to stop working on it, I tried to sleep but the dildo was not smooth the indentations on it made my bottom open and close differently in each part of of it. After several what seemed like hours something squirted in, my eyes opened wide, I quickly drank down the rest of the bottle then rested.

Hours became a day, one lot of food was handed to me then back to darkness, the machine continued to pound my butt hole.

Finally, my keeper came in, cage unlocked, the dildo was taken out, I taken to the bathroom on shaky legs, given a wash, breakfast, the tube into pussy stayed in. I was put to bed, I slept very well.

Many hours later I awoke, I tried to get up found my leash was tied to the top of the bed frame.

My keeper stood over me "Up you get sleepy head, first off to the shower then breakfast. Your butt hole is to be left in piece for twenty four hours after that you will be tested"

Up I got after she had untied me, she enjoyed washing me down, whilst doing so she told me of her night of passion with her girlfriend and how wonderful and fulfilled she felt. My heart went out to her.

She spent ages oiling my pussy and anal area "I bet this turns you on, someone massaging your pussy and you can do nothing about it, see, I can even take your clit in my fingers and gently rub on it, all you can do is stand, watch me with those pleading eyes"

My head rolled back.

She laughed. "Am I getting to you" Her right arm ran over my butt. "G-d that is gorgeous, you are turning me on all over again"

From her bag a short dildo she wiped it over my pussy getting plenty of juice on it then a gentle push on my hole and in it slid, she held it in place whilst she kissed my pubic area, my back arched, my hips began to gyrate, she pushed me over the bathroom sink, with one hand holding the dildo in place her other hand opened my butt wider, she licked my anal area long slow licks, my eyes closed.

"Do not move, keep your butt out, eyes open, do not clamp down on the dildo this is not for your benefit, soon you will take a mans dick and allow him to cum without any pleasure to yourself, that is the test of a true sex-slave. I want to work on you soon for twelve hours without any movement from you"

She kissed my bottom, my eyes crossed, a little push then pull on the dildo, I looked down at my breasts my nipples rock hard, they needed attention desperately. She pushed the dildo in and waited for it to slide out, back in it went, I held onto the taps as tight as I could, she then gave my butt one long lick that made me moan out loud.

"I am not happy with your progress, first breakfast then more tuition"

Breakfast was licked up off a cave floor, the same cave as I was to get further lessons, finished eating my wrists were tied together then to a ring in the wall just above my head.

Out came her flogger and spreader bar, my ankles tied a foot or so apart she started flogging my back and butt, a lot of screaming but no sign of mercy, when she was done with my butt it was time to turn me around, my breasts received far more attention than I wish for flipping the flogger round she caught the underside of my tits every-time lots of tears streamed down my face, when they were red she turned to my tummy, my pussy was then lined up for a whipping, round and round that flogger went hitting my privates over and over again. Once satisfied she went to cupboard brought out a hair curling tongs with small added plastic pins.

The pins pressed against me did not hurt, but once she had plugged the hair curlers into a wall socket and started to press it up against me the heat did hurt. She had the setting just high enough that if left on my skin for more than a couple of seconds it would get very uncomfortable.

She started under my right breasts, I screamed as the tongs were pressed against me, when that area had turned red it was onto my left breasts, on it round it, she then smacked each breasts continued her way pressing into every inch of my tummy, then between my legs.

She looked up at me "How about inside pussy?"

I shook my head "No"

She spun me around ran the hot curlers down the sides of my body and under my butt, she spent a little extra on my butt, my screams must have been heard for miles.

Keep pussy open do not clamp down and this will not hurt to much. Into my pussy it went all I could do was scream though once she took it out is was not as painful as I expected it to be.

"See you did not clamp down on this, it shows me the only reason you do squeeze on the dildo is for your own pleasure"

I listened still sobbing, she got a wet sponge and dabbed my wounds.

"In several hours you will be put to the test again, obviously you will fail I shall see to that as I want you for forty eight further hours. Then if I can wangle it you will fail the final test that shall imprison you, I shall be whipping you for the remainder of your days"

That was not the first threat I have had in the past weeks towards enslaving me forever, probably not the last, problem is one of them will be right!

"Now little sex-slave 504, slaves....." She took a grab of my pubic area.. "Do not have a bush, yours will be gone within the hour, plus as my slave I do not want it"

I was released on with my leash, led to the mini hospital, placed on a long trolley, feet placed in stirrups, she brought out from the small first aid cupboard shaving foam, a razor and a cloth.

She tied my legs to the stirrups proceeded to spray the can of foam on my pussy on came the razor.

"Please no madam"

She laughed "Your a sex-slave anyone who wants you will want a clean pussy"

I cried as she started shaving my lower regions she did this with great proficiency using the running tap to rinse the razor after every second swipe, she worked her way round my tube when she was nearly done she wiped my pussy down, a little more foam for the areas missed. Wiped that away too, onto my anal area a little squirt of foam, a quick shave then a mirror to show me her handiwork, I sobbed, she grinned.

After that I was given twenty four hours rest with my belt on permission was given to wonder about chained to three other girls, four beds placed together so we could sleep then came the test.

Led back to our cage, we were all washed, oiled up taken to our beds and forced to remain on all fours, feet dangling over the end of the bed. Much like the fifty or so hours ago a men came up behind us, with a slow push my man entered me.

The head lady entered.

"Now all you sex-slaves press down hard on the mans dick"

With everything I had I squeezed my asshole closed, the man behind me yelled out "G-d that is good", I continued to keep my anal area wrapped up tight around him for a full two minutes before he pulled out.

My keeper seemed very disappointed, when the head lady came round she was told nine point five out of ten.

She looked at my keeper "She is ready to be auctioned, get her prepared, you have three hours"

Off the bed and to the showers I went, once dried, she sat me down on a stool and combed my hair.

"Looks like your off to a new adventure, I do not think you are ready for it but those in power need the money in order to expand the place"

Once my hair was shining she oiled then cupped my pussy "I am going to miss teasing you, but within thirty minutes you will have a new owner"

I was dressed in only a white thong and a collar, led upstairs to the banquet room where they had a stage, I was stood just out of sight of the audience along with eighteen other girls, I was second in line, the first girl in tears was led onto the stage she went for two hundred and thirty thousand pounds.

I was up next, taken forward onto the stage by my leash, once on stage I could not see the people that sat watching me as it was far to dark down below, and the spotlights were aimed at me.

My keeper pressed on each of my tits in order to show the audience how big and firm they were, she placed her hand under my knickers pulled them aside, lots of sounds coming from below, I was spun around so all could see my butt, she slapped each cheek, the people were enjoying this.

The head lady started the bidding at three hundred thousand, I was praying no one would bid on me, but they did, the numbers kept climbing till it reached one point five million.

"Gone for one point five million", I was led off the stage and blindfolded, I have no idea where I was going all I do know there was a bed and I was to be on all fours butt high and outwards.

Someone came up behind me and stuck their dick into my pussy, the girl holding my chain pressed my head towards the bed as the man pounded my pussy, I muttered "I am going to cum" "Do not dare" came the reply "But I cannot stop he has got to me"

"You had better not cum bitch"

I tried my utmost to stop it, but it was of no use I orgasmed more or less the same time he shot his load into my pussy, my body went wild, I knew I was in serious trouble but this just felt to good, my hands shot out, I fell sideways , my body was shaking, the girl held me down tight so I could not move far and hurt myself, it took me near on ten minutes to calm down, I collapsed on the bed, someone lay down next to me and took my blindfold off, there he was my former husband, I sort of smiled, glad to see him, no matter what I had been through I still loved him.

"Well girl you did say you wanted more spice in your life, how was the passed few weeks?"

I was very confused.

He kissed me on the forehead.

The others left us to it.

"A few weeks back you seemed very bored so I set this up for you"

I grinned, and kissed him.

"To allay your concerns, no cum except mine has entered you, it was all finely ground porridge, when you drank the stuff they put in a little bleach just to get the right aroma, you were never going to be sold off to anyone accept me. Whatever papers you signed have been long shredded. I think you signed handing over your telly to one of the girls that works for us, maybe you should have read what you put your signature too, and by the way I have no intention of marrying your sister, she is not that likable plus her ass is not as nice as yours" That made me grin. One final item, I did not buy two servants from here, that was for your benefit only. The man who orgasmed inside you, he had on a condom, the large vain you felt was a tube full of porridge""

You have to admit that was the best orgasm of your life"

My hand wondered down between my legs, a huge smile on my face "It most certainly was!!"

We kissed and cuddled for a while.

He ran his hand over my branding "I am afraid that is stuck there for life"

"Something to remember my time here" I chuckled.

My former keeper brought in my clothes and laid them out on the bed next to ours.

"It was a pleasure working with you ma`am, g-d you are one sexy woman!"

She left the room, I got up got dressed. We were shown to the head ladies office. My husband settled up the bill, near on two million pounds, the auction was sort of real, they just stopped it when my husbands had asked them too, the remainder was for my stay here. I did not ask about the many other girls here.

We reached home all our staff were standing by the road side that led to the house, all were applauding me.

In bed that night with husband I showed him a lot of what I had learnt, let me put it this way, he went to sleep with a huge soppy grin on his face.

Dear readers, this story has been placed in "Fiction" but not all of it is, I leave you to work out which parts I lived through which I created. Thank you for spending your time reading.
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Re: Sex slaves for hire.

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Thank you for spending your time reading.
Sorry, I couldn't get even a quarter of the way through the first part of it. The spelling errors, run-on sentences, improper grammar and lack of punctuation made it far too tedious to read.

You've a lot of editing yet to do.
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Re: Sex slaves for hire.

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Well, I left my editor's hat with my pants on the bed, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. <3
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Re: Sex slaves for hire.

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A good story, and one can get past all the grammatical errors is a little effort. Thanks!
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Re: Sex slaves for hire.

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Great story thanks. I enjoyed reading it.
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