Gently Towards Domination

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Gently Towards Domination

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Part 1

As the dawn light crept through the crack between the curtains she rolled towards him and snuggled her half-asleep head on his chest.

She had let him sleep unlocked, and as they both slowly woke together and he enjoyed the feeling of her smooth flesh naked next to his, he soon became aroused. She could sense his feelings, and her hands lazily caressed him, naturally finding their way his cock, her cock now she reminded herself.

"I want you to lock yourself this morning and give me the key", she told him. "Prepare yourself for a long lock-up." she gently but firmly added, with no further explanation.

"Can I play with myself for a moment before I lock please miss?", he asked hopefully. She stopped caressing her cock, and instead squeezed it, hard enough for his "Ohh" to include an element of "Ow!". "Don't. You. Remember?" she said sharply, firmly stoking her cock on each syllable, "the mess you made last time? You didn't even last thirty seconds". She continued to stroke and squeeze her cock as she reprimanded him. "You couldn't control yourself, and I ended up with your mess on my body. Next time that happens, you're cleaning it up. In fact," her stroking became faster and harder, "next time that happens you're licking it up".

With that, she felt him tense and twitch, and his hot cum splashed on her. She put her hand on his head and pushed him under the duvet. "You know what to do", she said. "Yes miss, thank you miss, thank you so much" he sighed with pleasure and excitement as he kissed his way down her body.
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